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Kareoke day

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Well hello there. Long time no see, it's Satashi and me working together again ^^

Kareoke day

A waitress walked down a hallway holding a tray of drinks, trying her best to ignore the building headache of all the rooms she had to go in with different people singing a wide variety of songs. The room she was about to go in was one of the ones she actually liked, as the girls in it came be fairly often to get their karaoke fix. Opening the door, the woman smiled at the girls on the small stage singing and then at the other group sitting on the couch. "Drinks," she greeted them happily.

"Thank you, Titi," Nanoha beamed at her while taking the offered glasses and passing them around.

"Welcome," the woman smiled at them. "You have thirty minutes left on your time, please enjoy ourselves."

"Thank you!" Fate called over the music, her soft voice almost not heard.

On the stage, Suzuka was singing a song with Arisa. The two were laughing almost as much as they were singing, the country song picked from Suzuka being one of her favorites. She wore tight blue jeans and boots as it was, and the karaoke bar had several different types of hats and other accessories for them to mess around with while singing. Suzuka had on a white 'cowgirl' vest with a matching hat. One hand held the mic while her other had just her thumb in her pocket. Her hips were moving with the beat in a way that the other girls couldn't even begin imitate.

Arisa was on stage next to her purple haired friend, trying to keep up with the song as well as the dance that the girl was doing. After failing several times to do the proper step, she instead wrapped her arms around the girl and tried to hold her still. The song was mostly forgotten and they struggled on stage while giggling and trying to dance. Once the song ended, the onlookers burst into a loud applause.

Nanoha stood up next and went to the stage, eagerly poking at the monitor to get to the song she was going to sing. "There's one thing I really want," she spoke aloud, her voice coming through the speakers.

"What's that?" Hayate asked back, grinning as the music started.

"I want to be the very best!" Nanoha began while walking to center of the stage. "Like no one ever was!" She did a small dance move with the music. "To catch them is my real task, to train them is my caussssssse!"

"Pokémon!" The listeners yelled out for her.

Nanoha spun around on stage, pointing at Fate. "It's you and me! I know it's my destiny! I'll teach you, and you'll teach meeee" Again the girls called out the word, laughing as the song ended. "Fate-chan, come sing this one with me!"

"Oh?" The blonde went up to the stage and was handed a mic. "What are we sing-" before she could finish, the music started and Nanoha began to sing.

"All the things she said, All the things she said. Running through my head,Running through my head!" Fate picked up, struggling to catch up to the beat and keep the lyrics, repeating what Nanoha said. "This is not enooooooooough~"

Nanoha placed her finger on Fate's chest, looking up at her while singing the next part slowly. "I'm in serious shit, I feel totally lost. If I'm asking for help, it's only because, Being with you has opened my eyes. Could I ever believe, such a perfect surprise?"

Fate blushed, but picked up the next verse, smiling down at Nanoha. "I keep asking myself, wondering how, I keep closing my eyes, but I can't block you out. Wanna fly to a place, where it's just you and me.Nobody else so we can be free."

"Nobody else, so we can be free," Nanoha agreed in her song, taking Fate's hand as they both broke out into the chorus again. Nanoha beamed up at Fate and walked toward her, maknig Fate back up a little until she no longer could. Seeing the chance, Nanoha got so close their fronts were touching and gently sang up at her. "And I'm all mixed up, feeling cornered and rushed. They say it's my fault but I want you so much. Wanna fly you away, where the sun and rain, come in over my face, wash away all the shame."

Fate caught the slip in the lyric, and tried to keep the song flowing. going with what was said, She asked a silent question while singing back down to her. "When they stop and stare - don't worry me, 'Cause I'm feeling for you what you're feeling for me. I can try to pretend, I can try to forget, But it's driving me mad, going out of my head." The music picked back up again loudly, but the words weren't said. Instead, Nanoha hugged Fate closely, resting her head onto the blonde's shoulder.

"Awwwwwww!" Hayate squealed out happily. "How romantic!"

Arisa rolled her eyes at the girls on stage. "I bet you Nanoha planned this since last week when we made plans."

"Oh shush," Suzuka scolded them. "Let the girls enjoy their moment!"

Fate held Nanoha close, blushing and smiling like a child on Christmas morning. "You could have just asked, you know," she whispered down at Nanoha softly.

"Yes, but then it wouldn't have been so memorable, would it?" She asked back, smiling just before going on her tip toes to peck the girl's lips. "so, is it a yes?"

"It's a yes," Fate laughed.

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It was really CUTE :3

Although I think it's spelled "Karaoke" not "Kareoke"... and maybe double check your lyrics? I saw some minor errors in the Pokemon song and All the things she said(Because I was actually singing along XD)... maybe also double check this for typos... I saw some but... I think I got lazy to point them out... I'm sorry ^^;;

Other than that good job :-bd It was so cute... :3

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I loved it and all I can say right now is, Pokemon!

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Ah, so we finally got the PG version. When are you going to post the Rated R version that you originally ordered? *grins*

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Cute one-shot ! :3

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Cute fic Satashi, and nice pic Titi ^^ (You should add it to your gallery~)

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Hm....How do you get the Pokemon song out of your head? I mean once you hear it, there's no turning back. ^ ^

Love, love, love it! It's cute and adowable all together. Nice pic, Titi-san, was that what you were working on before? It's really good. Satashi-san, nice story, it made me gushy inside > <

BTW I'm also wondering about what Alicia-san said. R Rated you say? Will we be able to see it? xD

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really cute! but i don't remember the song going like that. hmm

anyway, nice confession!!