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This picture makes me blush >///<

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Huh. >_> Hawt.

Courtesy of: ayahdiamon -- --

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With kimonos and yukatas, do you pretty much go nude in them??

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If its "that time of the month" they wear a fundoshi on the bottom- to protect the expensive outfit. Otherwise your supposed to go commando.

Wearing bras or any sort of upper support garment is a no no all the time. Kimono make you look flat to begin with. If the Obi is properly placed and properly tight, you wont be lacking for support.

This is the traditional way mind you. Most modern Japanese girls and women don't even own one. They rent them when needed. The combination of not being used to running around without underwear and nagging thought of "how much do I trust the rental company's cleaning practices" means the probably a lot of girls you see in kimono today ARE probably wearing some sort of modern underwear.

Somewhere on here is a two frame drawing of a Jr High Nanoha getting all happy and practicly undressing Fate because Fate was wearing a yukata "properly".

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O_O Uwah... Wow, thank you, that was extremely informative! ^_^

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Indeed I would imagine the same thing that Nanoha is getting to "unwrap" her present...

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Man, Nanoha sure is lucky to have suck a sexy woman

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id where kimonos if nanoha did that to me >.>

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Oh god..I'm melting..*-*'