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Koi wo Shiyou

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After a pair of months without releasing new scanlations from part of our staff, we come back with another sweet doujin made by Tokoharu (the author of Sweetest love, our previous release). We hope you enjoy of this artist's work as much as we do, and if you can get more raws of this artist please tell us.

Special thanks to Misuzu from Yamibo for proving us the raws, and to Winterbraid from Wings of Yuri for helping with the translation.

Raws: Misuzu
Translator: dokupan
Corrections: Anon2111, xYuki
Proofreader: Satashi
Editor: raizoo

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Torrent: NyaaTorrents
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Joined: 08/20/2009
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this is a really sweet and gentle doujin, nice story too.

thanks for the hard work, and to winterbriad from wing of yuri.

hope to see more in the near future.

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Joined: 09/11/2009
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Whoa, thank you guys for releasing this awesome doujin. I always wanted to know what was happening in this story. Thanks again and keep up the good work. NanoFate Love :)

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\o/ !! nu doujinz
thanks for the translation and hardwork... :3

p.s damn i feel like i wanna slap both of nano n fate when i finish this doujin XD

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A new release! I'll read it first thing in the morning! \o/

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It's a really sweet doujin, thanks at everyone for the work put in the translation and the editing :3

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Fate-chan is so cool. Nanoha is so cute.

Nanofate Bunzai~~

Thanks you guy for scanlation.

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Joined: 08/18/2009
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Thanks for the scalation ^^, since I saw this doujin I want to know what´s going on it; and it´s really really sweet :)

I like the work of this author, the art and the script.

And, yeah, Fate is so cool in this one xD.

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damn too epic I ended up yelling that too xD;;
guess I'll have a nice dream about NanoFate tonight

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Need more doujin like this.. XD
Too sweet... *grin

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:3 sweet NanoFate forever~! :3

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Joined: 08/26/2009
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Hehe, I wasn't really that much of a help. Anyways, thanks a lot for this nice story!

By the way: I haven't forgotten about ViVid, I hope I will be able to release ch. 6 along with 7 as soon as I have my new PC set up completely...


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Oh wow! So sweet~
Thanks a lot :3

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I really liked this one! Thanks a bunch!

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--Mai-hime fanfiction...I cannot remember the name of :P

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oh...great!!! im going to love this doujin!!!!!!

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oh gosh! Tokoharu!!! >_< thanks for this so much! ^_^

I just want to change my avatar... ^_^

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this is my fave!!! Tokoharu is definitely my favorite! thank you so much for posting it and thank heaven for those translators! I don't even want to think of what would happen to the world if they didn't exist!

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This is so sweet, I just got a cavity in my tooth after reading it XD I think Tokoharu-sensei is a very skilled artist, and his drawings are simply gorgeous!

A very big THANK YOU to all the scanlators for your hard work and for sharing with us <3

NanoFate fans please don't send me hate mail... I promise to turn back into a ferret and leave Nanoha (and her waifu) alone XD

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Cute nanofate topics are the best, and this Tokoharu person really excells at this topic. As always, we're all greatly indebted to you guys for translating such wonderful doujins.

So many fanfictions, so little time XD

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This one was adorable :) I'm looking forward to the next one :)

Sacred Heart set up~! ^^

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thanks for doujin guys :D
it's really made my day! ^^b
very heart-warming >.<

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Awesome! I didn't think they'd give up the raws. I can't download it now but thanks so much!

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Beautiful doujin. Look forward to see more works from this mangaka.
Thank you so much for translating this!

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This was wonderful! Thank you so much! ^_^

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Holy crap! I'm soooo late for this release. I can't believe I missed it. Well, late is better than never as we say over here and that was such a great release! I can never get enough Tokoharu and this first doujin was overly-cute!
Great job guys!

高町一家. Nuff said.

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Thanks Nina, it's good to see that you're still alive ^^
I hope we can see you around this place more often. Especially if you have some pics to share xD

Take care.

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I read this doujin in Thai Language

I"M FROG OTAKUlet's go to my blog
(PS. This Thai Language -_-")

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Thanks for translating this! It was so sweet and cute and Tokoharu's art just makes everything <33

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That was quite the nice doujin. I really enjoyed it.

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A very cute and heart warming doujinshi.

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This is one of my favorite nanofate's Doujinshi!!!!
thank youuuuu <3