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Labores Solis Nanofate Fanfic

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So . . . I published this story at but decided to post it here too. Where else could I get great advice on a Nanofate fic? So please enjoy and review. I appreciate all kinds of criticism!
Summary: Burgundy eyes glared at the face reflected in the mirror. Porcelein skin, golden hair, gentle face. Monster. Au Nanofate. Alludes to slight Hayate and Fate.

Burgundy eyes glared at the face reflected in the mirror. Porcelein skin, golden hair, gentle face. Monster. Fate sighed and hastily washed her face, feeling the cool water sting her skin. Wash all of the memories away. Wash them all away.
. . .
She always began her walk to school alone. It was funny really. It was like she was doing a reenactment of her life. Begin with people, end up alone and then-
“Fate-chan!” A small smile quirked the blonde’s lips. Waving near a grove of sakura trees was the girl who made her not feel alone. Long auburn hair tied up into a side pony tail, expressive slate blue eyes, and a smile that would melt even the toughest heart. Takamachi Nanoha.
“Nanoha.” Just saying her name made her mouth tingle.
“Good morning,” the brunette said cheerily, a grin on her face.
“Good morning.” Shyly Fate waved as she got to Nanoha’s side.
“So what did you think about last night’s homework? Hard huh?”
“Well. . .”
“Mou, I forgot you’re a genius. I shouldn’t have said anything.” One eye winked playfully.
“Hey guys!”
Fate glanced up curiously, greeted by sapphire eyes and short brown hair.
Moonlight stained the black shadows. They circled each other, Fate pressed low to the ground, her eyes trained on the glint of the gun in front of her. A figure clad in black from head to toe followed Fate’s slow pacing with the gun. The steel blue eyes hardened as Fate began to slink toward Nanoha’s house. Hayate tilted the gun to the side. Kill shot.
“Ne, Fate-chan, do you know what my greatest regret will be?”
Fate’s lips pulled up into a snarl as she tensed, pondering where she would run to when the bullet came at her.
“That Nanoha will be sad. Funny isn’t it?” Deftly she pulled the trigger.

“Hayate.” The shorter brunette arched an eyebrow and smiled.
“Hello, Fate-chan.” Burgundy gazed calmly at cool azure.
“Hello, Hayate.”
Nanoha saw the stiff way the two stood. They were always like that. Always.
“Guys!” She desperately clutched at her best friends’ arms.
Both instantly relaxed at her touch.
“Heh, sorry Nanoha. I was just spacing out.” Hayate grinned and scratched her head. Image of innocence. If only Nanoha had seen her last night . . .
“Well we better get going or we’ll be late.” Nanoha hauled her two friends by the arms the rest of the way to their high school, the usual buffer between them.
. . .
Fate sighed and tilted her head back, inhaling the smell of the sky. The roof was definitely the best place to have lunch. Taking another hearty breath she closed her eyes.
“Arisa-chan, will you stop glancing at your watch, Nanoha-chan and Suzuka-chan will be back soon.” Hayate. That girl. Fate frowned and slowly opened an eye.
“Are you tired Fate-chan? It seems like you didn’t get enough sleep,” Hayate commented innocently. The tall blonde gave the girl a withering look. It was all because of her. She had stayed up all night long protecting Nanoha and having someone trying to kill you didn’t make it any easier.
“Hm,” Fate thoughtfully pursed her lips, “I wonder why Hayate-chan. I thought I had plenty of sleep.”
Hayate’s eyebrow twitched and Fate smiled. Arisa cluelessly glanced at the two of them. Even though the conversation was light she sensed an underlying meaning with each word, expression, and silence. She shuddered to think about what happened when the two of them were alone. Of course she would have never imagined that it involved silver bullets and speed.
Arisa swallowed, preparing herself to enter the tense conversation when the cell phone next to her vibrated. Reading the text she sighed, partially with relief and worry.
“Uh guys, Suzuka-chan needs help with delivering some boxes with Nanoha-chan for sensei. Do you mind if I go? I’ll call if we need you two.” The blonde tried to ignore Fate’s face.
“Of course Arisa-chan, I think that should be fine,” smoothly responded Hayate.
“Okay, thanks.” The girl needed no prompting to rush out of the heavy atmosphere but hesitated at the door.
“Don’t kill each other,” she whispered. And then she was gone. The only thing that had kept Fate and Hayate from fighting.
Hayate chuckled roughly and gazed fondly at the sky, fingers laced behind her head.
“I’m sorry if the bullet hurt, Fate-chan.”
The blonde winced at the memory, instinctively touching her side. It still burned.
“I’ve had worse Hayate. I do recall you attacking me in a more . . . fierce manner.” The brunette frowned and glanced at Fate.
“It’s a curse I bear. However I try to repent by doing what I do. As should you. Aren’t you disgusted with what you are? Don’t you want to make up for it somehow?”
Fate flinched.
“You devil’s spawn!” Precia angrily threw a vase at Fate who was cowering in a corner.
“Mother.” Wide burgundy gazed into frenzied amythest. She ducked her head as a knife imbedded itself in the wall behind her.
“It’s your fault she’s dead. All your fault, you-you demon!”
The blonde’s eyes watered and she whimpered.
“I’m sorry mother.”
“Don’t call me mother. You’re not my child. You are a monster.” The woman panted heavily, the heels of her hands resting on the counter, eyes devoid of emotion.
“Get out.” The last words that lingered and were burned into her very being.
The woman turned and locked herself in her room, leaving Fate alone in the kitchen. Tears dribbling down her face she left and never came back.

Fate glared at the girl, her eyes the color of spilled blood.
“Everyday. I wish I wasn’t like this. But I can’t do what you do Hayate. Killing people . . . is not in me.” She sighed and rested her face in her hands.
“You seemed willing to kill those guys that threatened Nanoha without a thought,” Hayate observed.
Fate almost growled but stopped herself.
“She’s innocent. I want to protect that.”
“Then join us. Together we can stop this mess from hurting people like Nanoha.” The blonde gazed into the sincere blue eyes and thought of Nanoha. It was tempting. But. . .
“I can’t Hayate. I’m just protecting Nanoha from this. Besides that I can do nothing. I don’t want to get involved.”
“But we could use you for the greater good, we-”
“Stop it Hayate. Testarossa clearly does not wish to join our cause.” The two stiffened at the sound of the voice. A tall pink-haired woman with a sword casually slung over her back gazed at Fate cooly.
“Long time no see, Testarossa.” A playful gleam was in her steel blue eyes.
“My wound from your sword still hurts Signum. I think it hasn’t been too long.” Fate smiled but she was really watching Hayate and Signum. Her body tensed as she thought of the ways she could out-maneuver them.
“I never thought you were weak, Testarossa. To hear such words from my only equal is disapointing.” The stoic woman frowned.
“Mou, Signum I didn’t need your help! I was handling her fine before you came.” Hayate pouted, crossing her arms sullenly.
“Since she is one of your kind Hayate you are vulnerable to her tricks.”
Hayate glowered. Fate knew she loathed being reminded that she was not human.
“But anyway, Testarossa, since you seem so set against joining us I suppose you should watch yourself tonight.” Hard teal glanced at the faint outline of the moon in the daylight.
“I’m not a trouble maker Signum, I don’t see why you five hunt me so relentlessly.” Fate huffed, feigning exasperation. Oh God, how will I protect Nanoha tonight?!
“Since you are not one of us Testarossa you are a monster. We do not discriminate against you and the others. That would not be fair.”
The blonde chuckled and nodded.
“Well I look forward to seeing you two tonight then. You know where to find me if you truly want a fight.” Fate’s eyes glinted darkly.
The pink-haired woman shrugged.
“A-ah, well that’s for Hayate to decide.” Casually she gestured good-bye with a flick of her hand and left in a blur.
Fate relaxed her tense body and leaned against the railing, eying the city below her.
“Mou, Fate-chan, why aren’t you scared of me? I’ve hurt you plenty of times,” Hayate whined.
Fate’s mouth twitched.
“Have you knocked me out for a week with just one hit, Hayate?”
Accusing silence.
“I didn’t think so.”
Hayate huffed and picked up her finished bento.
“Just remember that I’ll stop by tonight. I want to finish that little battle we had yesterday.”
Fate gave the brunette a sidelong glance.
“I look forward to it.”
. . .
“Fate-chan!” The blonde jerked up in surprise. Accusing slate blue greeted her.
“Mou, Hayate-chan was right! You do need more sleep.” Fate smiled and rubbed her eyes.
“It’s alright Nanoha. I’m fine, really.”
The brunette skeptically frowned. Fate leaned forward and held her hand. That warm hand. . .
“Hey, are you okay?” An angel . . . Broken burgundy stared into curious slate blue.
Fate coughed, feeling blood dribble down her head. She leaned heavily against the fence for support.
“Yeah.” Mother had been very angry that night. So angry . . .
Something soft brush against her face, a hand, a handkerchief?
“Here let me help you.” Fate slowly gazed at the girl. Once she looked at those slate blue eyes she couldn’t stay away.

“Mou, FA-TE-CH-AN!!!” The blonde nodded, blushing from the outburst.
“Sorry, Nanoha, I’m just a little tired.” The brunette sighed and glanced down at Fate’s hand. She tightened her grip and smiled.
“Alright. But you have to take better care of yourself, Fate-chan. It’s not healthy! What if you faint again?” Fate sighed. She hadn’t slept for three nights in a row that week. It was a culmination of exhaustion and lack of sleep.
“Okay, okay. Don’t get angry, Nanoha. The tennis team didn’t nickname you the White Devil for nothing.” Fate winked teasingly.
“Nyahaha, Fate-chan, you know I don’t like that nickname . . . very much.” Smiling the girl glanced at their hands.
“Well you’re not the only one with a nickname. They call me Sonic Demon on the track team.” Nanoha coughed loudly, trying to mask her laughter.
“Like that hedgehog?”
Fate shrugged and the two laughed together, gazing at each other’s happiness.
“Oi, stupid couple! Stop drowning into each other’s eyes,” crowed Arisa. Nanoha blushed, pulling her hand from Fate’s and Fate sighed in disappointment. Was it really that obvious that she wanted Nanoha?
“So are you going to go home alone Fate-chan or can you walk with us to get ice cream?” asked Hayate, one arm fondly slung over Suzuka’s shoulder. Deep in the recesses of those innocent blue eyes was a jeering glint.
“I can’t today. I’m sorry everyone. I’ll see you tomorrow, bye!” Fate gave her best crooked smile and slung her bag over her shoulder.
Everyone seemed a little deflated by her statement. Especially a certain slate-blue eyed brunette. Fate hid a smile behind her hand as she made her way out the classroom and through the school doors. It was getting colder. Her breath came out in wispy puffs of smoke. It was going to be really cold tonight. She shivered and held tightly to the bag in her hands. If Fate didn’t finish her homework fast it would be really fun cramming before all of her classes. Unfortunately that had happened to her before. Nanoha always was there to help.
She smiled and glanced at the sakura grove to her right. Always greeted with a smile and her name.
The blonde brushed back a stray lock of hair as an ominous wind blew her golden tresses. Faintly she could smell a musky sour scent. Could it be him? She had to hurry!
Fate began to sprint home.
. . .
“Huh, I’m done,” she cried in joy, resting her head tiredly against the text books and papers. It was a close call too. The sun had set awhile ago and the moon was beginning to shine in the sky . . . such a beautiful sight really.
Fate shook her head and tried to distract herself as she busily cleaned her small two bedroom apartment. Or what could be called an apartment. It was sparsely furnished, a twin sized bed, an antique wooden dresser, a bookshelf, and a desk with a lamp.
“Done,” she murmured with finality.
“Good, because I was getting tired of waiting. Although it’s pretty funny watching you kill yourself over the language homework, Fate-chan.” A dark figure appeared standing precariously on the window sill. She was dressed in her usual all black attire, the only thing not covered by her head to toe outfit was her sharp blue eyes.
“Oh Hayate, so nice of you to come. Do you want some tea, coffee?” Fate calmly walked to the kitchen, her back turned to the intruder. Casually she rummaged through the refrigerator, pulling out a carrot.
“I was just about to fix myself some soup. Cold weather, you know.” Fate smiled absentmindedly as she pulled a knife from a shelf and idly began to chop at the vegetable. She heard Hayate softly alight from the window and stalk towards her. The blonde smirked as she finished the last piece.
“Oh my. I finshed cutting.” She slowly gazed at Hayate who uncertainly stopped walking toward her. With a flick of her wrist she tossed the knife at the girl’s head. Then she leaped over the kitchen counter and jumped out the window. For a few seconds she felt nothing as her body became airborne in the darkness. Then the change happened. Pins and needles tickled her skin, her body began to stretch and condense. When she landed on the ground strong paws hit the pavement. A large golden wolf glared at the open window, greeted by Hayate’s annoyed glance.
You almost killed me.
I saw that on t.v. I thought I would try the move out. Besides, you’ve done worse. Don’t even get me started on last month-
Shut up!

The wolf grinned and began to run, it’s long legs taking it past the apartment and houses. Midoriya cafe was the destination. It always was when she was like this during a full moon. She had to protect Nanoha.

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Oh mai, you posted the fic here!
I was enjoying it on, although werewolves and/or vampires tend to bug me a bit. (Curse you Stephanie Meyers!)
Hehe, I have no glaring criticisms at the moment, please update soon.

Check out my stories! Tell me what you think!
Just Like Fate

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You post this fic here too ? Nice !

Hayate and Fate interactions are quite funny, and it's interesting idea to make Fate a werewolf.

Looking forward to the next chapter !

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Hm....I wonder if you'll post the rest here? :3 I really love this story. I agree with Jokul-San, but I think this is better then any Stephanie Meyer story any day!

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A good vampire story :D but seriously... it's better than what failboat meyer can accomplish in her LIFE.


Courtesy of: ayahdiamon -- --

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Here's chapter two. I'll countinue posting this here but you can read ten chapters of it on Just go on my user page and click the link.

Sorry about that last one Fate, maybe it was a little bit too harsh.
Fate snarled, canines bared fiercely, ignoring the slight burn of the silver bullet. She glanced from left to right, hunting for Hayate.
So Hayate, are you still taking those pills? Don’t want to face me head on as a wolf?
Che, are you egging me on, Fate-chan?
[/i] The golden wolf’s ear twitched in the darkness. She rolled to her side narrowly escaping a blur of brown fur and bared teeth. The dark brown wolf slowly got to her feet and stared challengingly at Fate, a playful glint in her eye. They circled each other eyes gleaming in the moonlight.
Fate-chan. . . do you want to fight me with claw and fang? Like last time?
Hayate, let me get to Nanoha. Please. She might be in danger right now.
Fate whined pleadingly, slowly straightening from her defensive crouch. A feral snarl stopped her.
Did I tell you to stand? I’m going to finish this tonight!
The brown wolf leaped forward and snapped at Fate’s side. She yelped and the two rolled on the ground, a blur of fur and fangs. She winced as something sharp pierced the scruff of her neck. She ducked and slammed Hayate against a tree, snapping the small sapling in half as the large wolf hit it head first.
Damn . . .
Fate gazed at the wolf whose eyes were glazed with pain. Hayate’s head rocked from side to side in a daze.
The golden wolf turned and continued her journey. Fate felt the pain searing her side, throbbing with each step she took. But it was worth it. Nanoha was only a few minutes away. Suddenly her legs gave out and she collapsed. She shook her head in frustration and glanced at the wound. The scarlet blood gleamed black in the darkness. Tentatively she lapped at the liquid, wrinkling her nose at the bitter taste.
“Nikko?” Fate stiffened.
A brunette with curious slate-blue eyes rushed forward and knelt down beside Fate.
“Nikko, what happened, are you okay?” Nanoha burrowed her face in the wolf’s fur. Ah that familiar warmth . . .
Then she remembered that scent. It was in the air again. Nanoha wasn’t safe. Fate stumbled to her paws, nails scrabbling for a hold on the pavement.
“Mou, Nikko, you bad dog. Did you get in a fight again?” Nanoha fondly rubbed the top of Fate’s head as the two started walking toward Midoriya cafe. Fate weakly wagged her tail in response.
“I was getting worried when you left yesterday Nikko. You didn’t come back. Did you go protect the other neighborhood dogs?” Nanoha’s eyes gleamed with amusement. She always liked to talk to Fate as if she were some great protecter. Really it was nothing like that. She just wanted to make sure Nanoha was safe. That was all.
“I’ll get you some dinner. Only the best for my Nikko.” The brunette grinned and opened the back door for Fate. Light splashed on the matted golden fur. She hobbled inside appraising the interior of the bright cafe. A few chairs, a glass counter with sweets and pastries, a warm atmosphere. She sighed and followed Nanoha protectively toward the kitchen.
“I really should buy some dog food for you but I don’t think you like it very much.” Fate nodded her head rapidly when Nanoha turned her back. Acting as Nanoha’s protective dog had been easy, but there were certain aspects of it that were hard to masquerade. Eating a gooey inedible jello that reeked of liver was one of them.
“Here, enjoy!” Nanoha squatted down and lightly placed a plate of leftover steak and vegetable in front of Fate. The girl shyly smiled as she kissed the wolf’s nose.
“You’re such a good dog, Nikko.” If Fate could have blushed as a wolf she would have been a bright cherry red. Even though she was an animal it was difficult to stop the craving of Nanoha’s touch.
Eagerly she gobbled down the plate’s contents, making content sounds as she finished her meal. She hadn’t had dinner anyway so it was a fair compromise. Giving the saucer a few more licks she glanced over her shoulder at the burnette who leaned against the doorway. She was smiling, a light blush blanketing her cheeks. Her eyes were on her cellphone. Fate ambled toward her “master’s” side, plopping down by her feet.
“Mou, Nikko!”
“Oh so Nikko is here again?” Nanoha’s older sister Miyuki appeared next to her, glasses glinting in the light. She fondly scratched Fate behind the ears.
“Un,” mumbled Nanoha, eyes focused on her fingers that were rapidly texting a message on the cellphone.
“Who is it?” Miyuki inquisitively peered over the younger girl’s shoulder.
“Mou, onee-chan, stop!”
“Is it Yunno-kun? Tell him I said hi,” the dark haired sister winked suggestively.
“Mou!” Nanoha pouted and turned away.
“Nikko let’s go upstairs. We need to have some privacy.” She crossed her arms childishly and stormed up the stairs, Fate obediently following at her heels. But she was only doing so subconsciously. Her mind was still back on the words. Yunno . . . That damn good for nothing perfect, kind, and caring boy who ensnared Nanoha’s heart. Fate growled angrily shaking her head in fury.
Without thinking she bumped into Nanoha’s leg. Stepping back in surprise she became tangled in the brunette’s legs and she fell to the floor.
“Oof!” Instantly Fate jumped to her paws and worriedly nosed Nanoha over. Was she hurt anywhere? A twisted ankle? A broken leg? A nervous whine escaped from Fate’s throat.
“I’m fine, Nikko, I’m fine. You should stop being so protective, you remind me of Fate-chan, nyahaha.” The wolf paused and stepped back. Was she really that protective?
“Since I finished all of my homework I want to give you a bath. I haven’t done that for awhile, right?” Winking she sauntered towards the small white bathroom. Fate sighed and reluctantly followed. She hated baths as a wolf. Some subconscious instinct made her loathe them. They were just too . . . wet. She shook her head and huffed. The soothing sound of water lapping against the platic tub filled her ears. With a resigned sigh she lay down on the tile, eyes listlessly staring ahead. A soft hand absentmindedly stroked her back.
“Have I told you about Yunno-kun yet Nikko?” Fate didn’t even have to look at her. She heard the warmth from her voice. Love. An emotion she had craved since Alicia’s death.
“He’s a boy at school. He’s very kind and nice, and a good person. Sort of like Fate-chan.” Fate wagged her tail, thumping it against the wall.
“Nyahaha, I should introduce you to her some time. You would like her a lot. She’s my best friend. She’s kind, sweet, gentle, beautiful, loving, caring- Oh no the water!” Nanoha jumped toward the bath tub and hastily turned off the knob. The water precariously rested near the edge of the plastic.
“Uh, how much do you weigh Nikko?” Fate just gazed at her skeptically.
“Sorry I just forget that you can’t talk sometimes. Your eyes are just so expressive.” Nanoha rolled up the sleeves of her baggy sweatshirt and let some water flow down the drain. Fate glanced at Nanoha’s room in impatience through the open bathroom door. It was still a pink mess. If only a dog was allowed to clean.
“Alright Nikko, in you go.” Fate whined as she took a tentative step forward.
“Mou Nikko!” Nanoha growled firmly. The wolf sighed and obediently trotted to the bath tub. Giving the brunette an imploring look she jumped in. Instantly she shivered as the hot water hit her skin. Nanoha hastily lathered shampoo into Fate’s fur, sensing her strong dislike of baths. Fate made a soft sound of happiness, leaning into Nanoha’s touch. A soft giggle tickled her ear.
“You’re such a softie Nikko. I bet the other dogs wouldn’t be so scared of you if they saw you like this.” The girl lightly kissed Fate’s tapered ear as she picked up a cup and poured sudsy water over the soapy fur. Fate gazed at the bubbles, nudging a few in interest. The stifling sensation they gave her made her sneeze. Bubble sprayed over her and Nanoha, making the girl look like a half-bearded Santa Clause.
“Nikko! Stop, nyahaha.” She hurriedly wiped the bubbles from the side of her face, giving Fate a playful shove. The wolf whimpered at the touch.
“What’s wrong Nikko?” Nanoha asked in a concerned tone. She didn’t need Fate to answer as she gazed at the bloody wound in her side.
“Bad girl Nikko, I told you not to get in any fights!” Nanoha clicked her tongue in disappointment as she walked toward the wooden cabinet under the sink, looking for antiseptic and white gauze.
I wish I could stop Nanoha. But you need to be safe. And if I get in a scuffle with Hayate or other werewolves I’ll do it gladly because . . . it will be for you.
Fate watched Nanoha as she pulled out a dark brown bottle, a roll of gauze and a leather collar.
“Come here Nikko.” Nanoha gestured with her hand. Fate shook off any excess water hastily and leaped out of the tub.
“Mou!” giggled the girl as she covered her face with her hands.
“I hate it when you do that.” She grinned and lightly stroked the wound causing Fate to wince in pain.
“This will sting a little. Be a good girl, okay?” Tenderly Nanoha wet the gauze with the antiseptic and gently wrapped around the bite. Fate whimpered but stood firm. Warm arms wrapped around the wolf’s neck.
“You’re such a good girl Nikko. Just don’t do that again okay? You make me sad when I see you hurt.” Nanoha gazed deeply into the deep burgundy eyes. For a few seconds she was confused. Why did they look so familiar? Shaking her head she grabbed the collar and quickly put it on Fate’s neck.
“I got this for you today at the mall. It’s real leather. I thought it would look good on you.” Nanoha smiled and massaged Fate’s neck.
“You like this huh?” The wolf responded with a satisfied whine. The warm hands continued scratching and rubbing, making Fate loose track of time and place. All that mattered was she was near Nanoha. And Nanoha was safe.
Get out here.
Fate stiffened and flicked an ear, trying to hear where Hayate was. She was close. She had to be.
The wolf restlessly ran from the comforting arms, down the stairs, and to the front door. Anxiously she pawed the wood.
“You need to go out?” asked an exasperated Nanoha. Hesitantly she touch the cool knob, glancing down at the wolf.
“Promise not to get hurt again, alright?” Fate merely whined in response, burgundy eyes pleading.
“Mou, you know I can’t say no when you give me those eyes!” The brunette sighed and threw open the door. Fate placed one paw out the door but hesitated. She glanced at Nanoha and sighed. She nuzzled the girl’s ankle as a promise. Then she rushed out the door, a blur of gold.
Fate raced down the black street, past a line of generic trees, and across a grassy park. She paced, trying to pick up movement or some indicator of who was attacking first. There was a large group of wolves and they were circling her, trying to surround her. She couldn’t expose her back to them. If she did it would be all over.
The golden wolf stiffened at the familiar voice. It couldn’t be. . .
Somberly a dark red wolf appeared from the darkness, eyes downcast as if in shame. She dragged her paws reluctantly until she was in front of Fate.
Is it true Fate-san? That you are no longer with us?
Fate sighed and felt pain in her heart.
“Fate-san!” cried the little girl, running eagerly into the blonde’s arms.
“It’s true isn’t it? That you’re the strongest and fastest among us?” The innocent child’s eyes widened in curiousity. Fate grinned and lightly tapped her nose.
“Of course. Fate-san is the strongest and fastest wolf. I have to be to protect Tea!” She twirled the child in her arms. Giggles filled the air.

She clenched her teeth and sighed.
It’s true Teana. I’m no longer with you. I’m sorry.
The fiery red wolf yelped as if she had been hurt.
I’m so sorry Tea. But I couldn’t hurt others anymore. Can’t you see that he’s using you? He’s using all of us! We’re his pawns that he uses to play with!
You’re wrong Fate-san. Very wrong.
The wolf’s eyes narrowed in confusion. The way Teana had said it had been far too sure for her liking. Something was wrong.
His ideas are too revolutionary for us to wrap our minds around. You just didn’t understand Fate-san. That's why you left two years ago.
Fate snarled. She was tiring of this! What had he done to Teana? Moonlight splashed Teana’s fur as she took a step too close for Fate’s liking.
I should actually be sorry Fate-san. I know you like that human girl but she’s instrumental to his plans. We need her. I can’t stop this. And neither can you.
Suddenly she felt herself being pinned down by two wolves.
Lutecia?! Caro?!
The uniquely colored magenta and pink wolves glanced away.
Fate howled as she saw a few dark streaks rush toward Midoriya cafe. Nanoha! She flung the two wolves off her back and tensed for the run but was blindsided by Teana. Fate flew through the air, hitting a tree hard with her head. Weakly she wheezed. A broken rib. Damnit! Slowly she rose to be only bombarded by Teana again. Fate dodged and scrabbled for an opening. Unfortunately the clearing was quickly filled. Teana stepped forward again a furious gleam in her eyes.
You have gotten weak Fate-san. You’re that girl’s pet now? Wearing a collar and being inferior to a human? Why are you doing this?!
Fate bared her fangs. This was getting far too difficult for her liking. Those wolves were probably at Nanoha’s house by now.
Please Fate-san. Stop this and come back.
We miss you Fate-san. We really do.
We need you Fate-san.

Fate staggered in shock as the three wolves came to the front of the pack. Those three kids . . . she had protected them and cared for them. Why did she have to fight them? Her ears twitched as she heard paws desperately clawing at wood. The wolves were at her house. Unforgivable. A feral snarl ripped through her teeth. She forgot her humanity. She forgot the memories. The only thing she remembered was the smiling slate blue eyes and the warm hands. Before she realized it she was tearing out throats and clawing out stomachs. The familiar taste of blood was in her mouth. It made her sick.
Heh Fate-chan, you’re having too much fun without me.
A high keening came from a wolf to her far right. So Hayate had arrived. The brown wolf effortlessly tore out one wolf’s throat and scratched another’s eyes.
I won’t let these demons kill you Fate-chan. You’re mine.
Fate’s bloody lips twitched.
Thanks Hayate. Are the rest coming?
Yes but-

So she would have back-up to protect her. Quickly Fate dodged another attack and ran, barreling through any wolf obstructing her path. She was flying. Everything was a blur of darkness and the occasional street light.
You bastards! Fate snarled mentally at the three wolves who were madly trying to break into the house. Instantly they cowered at her fierce voice. Unluckily for them she wasn’t in a very forgiving mood. She leaped at one wolf, pulled his legs from under him and flung him against a brick wall. She rolled to the side as one of the remaining two leaped at her and sank her sharp canines into his neck. She heard a crunch and opened her mouth, dropping the now limp wolf from her firm hold. Her burgundy eyes gleaming like the devil she glared at the last wolf. She didn’t have to say anything. He ran and didn’t look back.
Fate gasped in pain and limped toward the front door of Nanoha’s home. Painfully she rubbed her bloody shoulder across the door. That should keep them away for now. Sighing she began her journey home leaving the carnage behind her. If she was later then sunrise there would be trouble.

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Nanoha loves dearly her "dog", Fate is so lucky to have Nanoha washing her.
I feel sorry for Fate, having to attack her former friends to protect the one she love.

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Really do love this story :3 lots of action! I already read the other chapters on F.F but it's mice reading it again :3 thought I find it funny how here Nanoha thinks of Fate-chan as a pet xD I laughed of course. Nice job can't wait for more!