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Lorely [+18] & MGLN A la Carte 1 SubaruTeana story 1

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And finally, here is the first release after our break, and our welcome back gift for you for your patience and your support. You guys are great.

We're releasing this day the H Doujin "Lorely". This is a 34 pages long doujin, about what our favorite couple do in a typical night thanks to the magic of soundproof walls, told in a explicit, tender, and humorous way. We're sure you will like this one.

We're also adding to this release a scanlation made recently by /u/ of a Subaru/Teana story from MGLN A la Carte 1. We hope you like it too.

Comments are welcome as always. And please remember to report any error you see in the site. "Un*requited Love", "Baka Survivor Returns" will be released next week!

Credits: (Lorely)
Raws: 閃光家族大家長
Translator: prime_time
Proofreading: Divine Vengeance
Editor: Motaku
Quality Check: ShiroAka

MSLN A la Carte Raws: ShiroAka
"SubaruTeana story 1" Translation: Kuchibiru


Torrent: NyaaTorrents
Direct Download:

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Thank you guys for Lorely <3
not a TxS fan so I will delete the other one ^^
Looking forward to next sunday releases.

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nice doujins, i read both the TxS was funny, expecting the relase od baka survivor returns, the first was hilarious XD also congratulations for bringing back the site! that's why we democraticly elected you A.! XD

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Yesss! Thank you so much!

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They were both funny, and Lorely was also sweet.

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Joined: 04/06/2010
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Thanks ^^.

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This is so hot, thanks

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Both were great thanks for translating it.

Somehow dog ears fit Fate a bit too well in Lorely.

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download for 2 times....but only found MGLN A la Carte 1 SubaruTeana story 1, can't find "Lorely [+18]"....why??

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I haven't heard this problem for any of our files before. Probably is a problem with your download being incomplete, or the software you're using to extract the zip.
Try downloading the file again from This link, and if that doesn't work, try installing and updated version of the software you use to uncompress the zip, or open it with a program like CDisplay.

"ears..." *-*
Thank you guys for Loreley~ Really cute and hot! *¬*

(and welcome back xD)

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That was soooo cute... and funny X3 thank u so much ^^

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Hi, I forgot to mention about the Editor of SubaTea

Thanks again for sharing this to them, we really appreciate it.

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both of them are great, subaru and tea was really good. And of course nano&fate perfect!!!


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