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Hello everyone! We're releasing a new Vivid era doujin by the circle Moru House this week. We have translated a couple of doujins from them before.

In "Lovey-Dovey!", Nanoha has the idea of getting a matching set of pajamas for Fate and herself, but what should have been a trivial matter easily turns into a problem when the Yagamis are around. This is just one certain day at the Takamachi household.

Please enjoy this scanlation. Comments are appreciated.

Raws: prime_time
Translator: prime_time
Proofreading: Divine Vengeance
Editor: ShiroAka


Torrent: NyaaTorrents
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OH MYYYYYYYYYYYYYY~ *-* Love you guys T^T
Downloadin' already!! <3

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Ahaha, I refreshed the page and surprise! New release! Awesome. Thanks for this. Hayate is such a stalker voyeur good friend.


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That was quite a sweet doujin, with a slight bit of Hayate's crazy antics. :3

Thanks for your hard work as usual, guys !

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Thanks ^^.

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Fluff and frills \o/
Someday I'll steal all of Hayate's recordings... I bet she has a special room for all of those.
Thanks for the release, you guys are great !

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I love it when we have at least one release per week, thx guys

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Thank you for your hard work and sharing with us this doujin.

This is amazingly sweet and fluffy, bring an umbrella its raining hearts in this one.

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Starlight Breaker meet Signum, Signum say hello to Starlight Breaker, it's been nice knowing you Signum and may you rest in peace XP

Thanks for the translation, good work as always

Is anyone here know Hayate's mail address? I'd like to borrow all her recordings :P

BTW Nyamo I don't think stealing from someone who capable to sic a Diabollic Emission and angry Wolkenritters on you is a good idea.

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THANKS!! I have lost my tired nowww : )

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Nanoha going into a fit of uncontrolled rage? And over this?
She's kept her cool under much worse.

Cute story, the art is top notch, it just feels a bit out of character for my taste.