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The Mage's Holiday

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Hello everyone! This Sunday we are releasing a doujin made recently by the circle NELx3NE, it's titled The Mage's Holiday, and it seems to be the first Nanoha doujin made by them.

This is a 26 pages long story that takes place during Vivid, and is about Nanoha and Fate sharing some good time together during their days off. More than anything this date is an over the top experience with some comedy and activities you may not expect from the usual NanoFate doujins, and also some nice looking art.

We're also looking for a translator interested in translating Al-Hazard VI by ahAha, this is the final part of the Al-Hazard saga. We translated and released all previous parts in the past years, but we're still stuck with no translator for this last one. If you want to take part in the project please send us a mail or post a comment in our Website.

We hope you enjoy this release! Comments and feedback are appreciated as always.

Raws: 理子 ◄► Translation: prime_time ◄► Editing: motaku96


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Thank you for the release! Loved the ending with Vivio xD

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Thank you! It like I got a bonus after boring day!

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Nice doujin, it's always amusing to see Fate and Nanoha always going over the top, even in their off time.

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Vivio noo! Great Doujin! XD

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Thank you so much ! XD

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Nice doujin. Thanks for the translations

Let's do it, Durandal !