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Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The MOVIE 1st Drama CDs

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The master of this place contacted me 2 days ago, asking if I would like to help providing news about the serie and (if possible)N/F related content.
I guess fate was with me that day, since appeared online The 1st Movie Drama CDs, which happened to be at the same time official material and is full of Nanoha/Fate + Vivio fluffy moments. Those CDs were released during the last Comicket (C76) and came with an advance ticket for the Movie to be released in January.

The first CD, "Side N" revolves for the most part around Nanoha and Vivio who spend some time together, but Fate quickly join them and then it's just a 20 minutes long Happy Yuri Family feast. With Nanoha taking care of both Fate and Vivio (cooking, preparing their bath)... I was not really one to support the whole "Fate-papa" idea at first, but there it just fit perfectly!

Haru even noticed (good job!) than one of the track, featuring Nanoha, Fate and Vivio, was named : "The Takamachi Family gathering" ;).
And then comes the track where Vivo ask Nanoha what she felt when she first met Fate-mama. I will let you judge, but for me it sounds like love at first sight (I know I'm biased~). But Nanoha clearly states that the first think that came to her mind was how Fate was beautiful, how her barrier jacket contrasted with her silky hair, how her beautiful eyes gave her the feeling that she could drown in them. She also explain that Fate seem so sad back then, like a lost child and that's why she wanted to confort her.

In the "Side F" CD, Fate has to answer to the same question and she also begins by saying how Nanoha was beautiful the first time she met her and that it was her straightforward nature that made Fate like her.
Except for that track there is not so much N/F material in this CD since this one is more about Arf&Elio&Caro&Fate. We see nonetheless that Nanoha takes care (at least a bit) of Elio and Caro, by offering some sweets. It's not much, of course, but it's nice to see that she helps Fate taking care of those two.
But the really important track if the Side F CD is the 4th one, featuring Yuuno and Chrono. I know some of you would prefer to skip it, but that would be a shame for it seems to completely deny any (even possible)romantic relationship between Nanoha and ferret boy.

First (random?) indication at the end of the third track :Nanoha AND Fate chose the frame for Yuuno's glasses.

Now the Chrono/ Yuuno track : "osananajimi dayo" FTW! Yuuno confirms that Nanoha and him are just childhood friends, just like Chrono and Fate. But Chrono is damn persistent >.>". He states that they are siblings, so they are different...
He adds that for Nanoha, Yuuno is not just a "friend", but also a master (in the sense he taught her magic) and the one who led her toward her future and so on and so on... Oh! And Yuuno is a cute ferret! (he deseperatly tries to deny it thought)
Chrono concludes that for Nanoha, Yuuno is a teacher that she respects and... "hon jin"?...literary man? (that sounds so plain... I must be mistaking...), so that even now they are "nakayoshi" = very close friends and childhood friends.

After comes the part about Vivio who ofter comes to visit him at the Infinite Library with her friends. Yuuno says that she is particularly interested in the "Bible" (or whatever it may mean on Mid)... And she looks more and more like Nanoha in various ways he adds.

So, after listening to track 4, the conclusion is clear: there isnothing romantic between Nanoha and ferret-boy :3.

So now, I will let you enjoy those CDs by yourself. Links will appear in the 1st comment below.

p.s : In those CDs, Nanoha and Fate are 22. They are one year younger than in ViVid, but you can feel the same atmosphere than in this manga, especially in the N Side.

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Anyone know what's the name for the song Nanoha is singing at around 28min for the N-side disc?

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I'm not sure if this is the song you are looking for but it's called a small flower. Here I'll put a youtube link to it.

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err...question...i downloaded both of them but nothing appears...and it shows as a zip file ._.

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You need to install winrar to extract the archives.

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Anyone know how i can get the subtitle?
I've tried to find the CD @ some malls but unfortunately i couldn't find it. :(
Is it still haven't been launched for public or what?

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no picture? i only can hear the sounds.. is it really only the sounds or there is sumthing wrong with my comp? help please...

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I don't know about other series, but the Nanoha drama cds are audio only.

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What is nanoha DVD series after the StrikerS?
is it has been released?

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For now, there's no other anime beyond Strikers, only two manga: Force and Vivid.
There's also the movie version of Season 1, the Movie 1st, but there's no release date for it yet.

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Is there anyone who's still searching for the drama cd translation??

I found the complete drama CD translation over at the animesuki forum, so props up to the translator!

A.'s edit: Too bad they went crazy due to this being the most NanoFate/Takamachi-family sound stage, and started making up stuffs about Fate leaving her family and starting living alone, which was supposedly confirmed in this family sound stage -_- And that's why you don't go there, unless you feel some sort of extreme discomfort towards homosexual couples being in a successfull relationship and forming a family together.

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I've heard this before but no one since have come up with a "correct" translation. I have no intention of trolling but it's starting to look that some people just don't want to accept that Fate might have a life away from Nanoha. But AS is filled with a lot of intolerant, closed-minded people so yeah...

Spoiler: A.'s edit
Fate is "The father working away" accoring to the author and the story, of course she does have a life away of her family, and a life when she's at home as we see in this sound stage and in Vivid. The thranslation should be correct, or at least in the most part as should be expected from all the fan translated stuffs. Their translator already apologized for what happened with their people in /u/ a long time ago, so as I said before it’s better to go with their translation than nothing, just ignore all the crazy lesbian-family-hate comments that people spammed in their translation thread.

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sorry but i am confused, so who has the correct translation?

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they have the translations at animesuki..

you can also see this: