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Magical Girl's Sweet Love Panic

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Hello everyone! This weekend we are releasing Magical Girl's Sweet Love Panic, another doujin by the circle MekiMeki Oukoku.

This is a 36 pages long doujin, that as the other works from this circle is also mostly centered in comedy. This time the people close to the Takamachi family notices the sudden gain in weight that Fate and Vivio are getting lately, and probably you are imagining already who we can blame for this.

We hope you enjoy this release!

Raws: ShiroAka ◄► Translator: gr88130, CasablancaC ◄► Proofreading: Crazyla, Divine Vengeance ◄► Editor: depression76


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Seems lovely and the art is awesome, thanks!

its was funny

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I want to eat Nanoha's cooking too ~
Thanks for the release ! :)

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Another great doujin by MekiMeki Oukoku!

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A doujin (literaly) filled with sweetness, even chubby Fate and Vivio are still cute as ever. :3

Thanks for the release, guys !

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If we want to be precise about it, all Fate fat goes into breasts area, which for sure makes Nanoha even more happy and it's her hidden motive behind this delicious cooking ;)
Also chubby Vivio and Einhart relation was really cute too ^^

Thanks translators from Yamibo, proofreaders and editors from our group for this release.
I really love this circle doujins.

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And thanks as always for the awesome raws Shiro :3

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I loved this doujin, so cute.

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Thanks ^^

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thanks for the release~!
awesome doujin from MekiMeki Oukoku, it makes my day d(>__<)b

Thanks to depression76 for the Signature XD

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''Let me guess, someone stole your sweet roll.''

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I didn't get what they were arguing about at first because, to me, it seemed that the text was pretty vague but it was a really cute comic.

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Thank you for the release

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First things first, thanks for the release~!

The thing that interested me in this doujin is an aspect of Fate I've been wondering about for a while now. Also, I'm going to disclaim everything I say after this sentence by saying I haven't seen StrikerS or anything after it so if I'm wrong don't bother to correct me. I'll figure it out.


Anyway, part of Fate's character that interests me the most is her wavering trust. Maybe she got over it when she grew up but as a kid part of her always had a bit of a trust issue with everyone due to Precia's... you know, Precianess.

I mean sure, she trusts Nanoha and the others but part of her always wonders if there's an expiry date to everyone's kindness. From Fate's point of view, Precia loved her very much until one day she suddenly didn't anymore and everything changed forever. I wonder if this sliver of doubt continues to haunt Fate...?

It's an interesting way to try and interpret her character and actions, to say the least. Fate's very kind, isn't she? But if part of her fears suddenly being left alone again...wouldn't ingratiating yourself to everyone keep them interested in you? (It certainly seems to work on her fans ^^;; )

Well, even if Fate got over it I'm sure Precia's shadow continues to loom over her in other ways anyway.

Also, how the hell do you eat 10 plates of cake?! Or rather, can't you use the same plate Vivio? There's no need to use new plates for every serving, you know =_=;; You never see fat people in anime and manga much and when you do, they tend to be very...rotund. It's nice to see someone displayed as somewhat overweight in a normal way for a change >_>;;

They say a change is as good as a rest and seeing chubby Vivio is an interesting change from seeing, as my little brother delightfully puts it, "those skinny, lanky-as Asians" (I should point out that here in New Zealand, when we say "[adjective]-as", we mean "very [adjective]" So what he means is "people in anime are skinny and very lanky", not "they are skinny and lanky like an Asian person.)

No, my little bro hasn't watched anything from CLAMP. He might explode if he did >_>;;

Cardboard box is here!

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Thank you for the release. This was awesome reading; and even Fate and Vivio, they don't look chubby at all. They're so adorable. ^o^

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Vivio is Vivio, no matter what. ^^

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thanks so much ^[ ]^