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Magical Mover

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Hello everyone! This weekend we are releasing a digitally distributed doujin by the author Kohagura: Magical Mover.

This is a 16 pages long doujin in an alternative universe setting, where Nanoha is moving to a new place and meets this particular person with stunning red eyes that wants to make her wishes real. Feel free to share your own interpretations of the story if you feel confused about the open details in this doujin.

We hope you enjoy this release!

Translator: JustMadman ◄► Proofreading: Divine Vengeance, Crazyla ◄► Editor: depression76


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oh my gee, thank you so much *-*
that was... different, hihi. so who you all think the kid is? I thought it's vivio, however, few pages later, I thought it was Fate... but the two of them didn't know each other... eeerm @_@~~

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I do love this artist's art a lot... so pretty. And damn, how can Fate look so good even in a jumpsuit? It's unbelievable, really.

As for the child, I like to think that it really was Fate, but since they were children Nanoha forgot her name, even if she remembers her eyes...
Otherwise I don't know, who else has red eyes? Alicia?

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About the child, I think that maybe they were really young so they may not remember well that they knew each other.
By the way, this doujin apparently has a sequel, but we don't have it.

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the sequel is a short story, not a doujin and it's on the net somewhere xD

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Yeah, they must already knew each other. It is... acceptable xD
Oh, has it? Where's the sequel? Is a web dj? Someone has a link? >.<'

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let me love you, kagu ;v;.
thanks for the trans, seriously guys, i´m so happy... oh kagu ;v;

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Pretty sweet doujin, thanks for the release, guys ! :3
I think the kid was Fate but they forgot each other with the years passing.

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It was a nice piece and it's a shame the sequel isn't available yet, but more than anything I think a prequel would be in order at least for set-up. Something simple like their last meeting before that "child" disappears. Then again a flashback in the sequel would work too.

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Thank you very much

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thank you for the release guys~!

Thanks to depression76 for the Signature XD

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Thank you ^^

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As expected from Kohakura's doujin. The artworks as sweet and cute as always ^^
Though to be honest I'm rather lost with the story >_<
Who exactly the child Nanoha's talking about? I thought it's her pet at first :P then when Nanoha start ramble about kissing and such, Fate crossed my mind but since they seemingly just met so I'm back to guessing. Is there a prequel or sequel for this doujin?
Thanks for the hardwork everyone. Looking forward for next release!

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Thank you for the release. ^-^

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I will register myself to Kohagura's fan. I like her/his (?) works very much. They are extreamly cute, funny and romance in the story.

Thanks for the release.

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Fate chan by just wearing a jumpsuit?
Absolutely handsome!! *-*

I love this artist so much!!! <3
Thanks guys! :3

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Posts: 344 heart melted...

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It's like if this was a doujin based on a fanfiction by Satashi

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Thank you for the release! :3

Ironic how I have to move into a new house, but reality hurts. I saw no girl with red eyes. ;__;