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Mahou Shoujo Fatal Fate

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So there is a new one chapter manga

This time, it focus more on Fate after the Precia Incident

I hope someone will translate this ^o^

found some Chinese scans

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Yeah that was released with the ala carte manga if I rememebr correctly. Fate is super cute when she's all lonely and longing to see Nanoha again. ;-;

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Uhh, is this translated? :c

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Did someone ever found a translation or at least details about the plot? By the mere images one can see Fate was dreaming but i'm curious about the "plot" of her dream xD

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I feel like I'm going crazy because I swear that I once read this in English but I can't find it on my hard drive or on the internet.

So far, I've found it in Spanish here:
And in Japanese:

Hopefully, someone will translate it to English and put it where everyone can find it.

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Uh, if it hasn't been translated, can I help? I know chinese. :)

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We usually translate from Japanese, but if you want to translate it and if your translation skills are good, you can send a script to us and we can try to get someone to proofread it and edit the doujin.

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Alright, thanks. :)

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if i only knew Japanese...

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