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Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha BetrayerS

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I have lost contact with this series. I have the 70 pages "1st chapter" I guess is the best way to put it. I am wondering if there ever was a continuation since I was left with a massive cliffhanger and I just cant leave things hanging with all 3 members of the once incredible family fighting each other! I mean Fate is leading the "Rebellion", Vivio is fighting with the church, and Nanoha is fighting for the *new* TSAB (and single handedly annihilating Fate's forces O.O) So if anyone knows where I can get a continuation of this story I would *really* appreciate it thanks. *bows*

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The artistic quality and the action scenes of Betrayers were great, but plotwise I didn't like it.
That doujin doesn't have a second part, and if I recall correctly the author said in his blog that he wasn't going to continue it either.


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Darn T.T, Yeah plot-wise was kinda difficult to understand at first. The thing that caught me the most was that...why are they all suddenly fighting each other? Why is jail released? How in the heck did the 108th get annihilated? And Nanoha fighting with the "enemy"? hehe. Thanks very much though ^^

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I liked the story. It's not that hard to understand, the confusing part for most people is that you're thrown into a setup. But I for one do not dislike that. I doubt a sequel would add anything real to the plot.

But I would like to see another Nanoha doujin by the artist.

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Yeah it stunned me for a second when I saw a *evil* Nanoha. I was saying to myself at first "That just *cant* be her!" lol. I wish it were being continued, I would have really liked to have seen what happens next T.T

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Haha, isn't the point of it being called, "Nanoha Betrayers" was because they betrayed TSAB? XDD

But the question is, is TSAB trustable?

A lot of angsty fanfictions and doujins on Nanoha that I've read, have their plot being, "TSAB is corrupted, blah, blah, blah..."

In my point of view, the Nanoha series can easily be depicted as really angsty, dark, emo anime if TSAB really were "corrupt" as they say. That would make the whole, "White Devil Nanoha" more real than just suggestive.

It would make the whole series more... interesting.

Corrupt TSAB = WIN.
Nuff said~


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*****Spoiler warning*****

I thought it was because some members of Riot Force 6 (Hayate and Nanoha's group) did a Coup and the other members of Riot force 6 (Fate's forces) wanted to parley with them and got denied. Then all of a sudden Chrono's group (With vivio and the church) decided to make a *new* administration that didnt fall under the current TSAB. So all in all I am confuzzled T.T I cant tell who exactly is *evil* Or if any of them are in indeed evil. Heck I dont even know who if the Resistance is going to ally with the church to fight the Betrayers. And as for why the Betrayers are fighting their former friends...*gaaaah*. Like Agito herself guys (the former Riot Force 6 members) have chosen the most disadvantageous roles in this plan.

I should go spam the author to continue writing the story XD

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The story take place 3years after strikers The world once using physical weapons such as cannons, guns, etc. But after the great war those physical weapons are banned by TSAB [Time and Space Administration Bureau] Laws. Thus the usage of Magic started... And now, an accident occurs in a mission on the 78th Planetary System, where a mage died because of overusage of her own magic. So, at the end of the year, magic was banned and once again the physical weapons are used again. That decision has made Mid-Childa parted in three sides, those who disagree of physical weapons, those who agrees, and those who tried to find another way. Conclusion can't be met between the three and then the war which later known as the "Mage-Hunt Wars" begin... The three sides are as following: 1. TSAB Side Consists of soldiers, Ground, Air, and Navy Forces. Their main weapons are physical weapons such as guns, cannons, tanks, etc. Because those weapons are not enough to fight back the mages, they freed Jail Scaglietti and mass-created the combat cyborg. 2. The Rebels Consist of mostly mages. Some of them are Fate H. Testarossa, Caro, Erio, and Subaru. They take over one of the TSAB Lab as their base, as well as to maintain their devices. people from different world where their very existences are threatened by the new laws. 3. The Divine Church Confederation Consist of "The Divine Church", Chrono Harlawn and co. as well as Vivio, Hayate, Signum, Shamal, Zafeera, and Vita. These are the peoples who didn't want the world to be thrown into war again, thus trying to find another solutions out of this situation, and that is to present a new king to the world. So that the TSAB won't have a total control over the world, but by the King... and that is Vivio, who coronated a year after. After three months of battle, the Rebels are pushed back to their base. Most of the mages have been slaughtered by Combat Cyborg, leaving Fate and the others trying to put the last barricades around. Then suddenly, a flash of light passed and destroy everything in sight, both combat cyborg and mages are annihilated. The land was covered in smokes and then, when the visions are clear a figure appeared... someone who should have died a year ago, someone they knew very well, someone dears to them... Nanoha. //i copy paste this from somewhere but i dont remember where lolz .. //
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Hayate with the church? that doesnt sound right. Hayate is with Jail and Nanoha *looks back through the pages* And I am staring at the one scene where Nanoha just used her Super Axel Shooter to try to stab out Subaru o.o It also states that the combat cyborgs the "new" TSAB is using is under Brigadier General Hayate's command o.o I guess they were planning on betraying the "new" TSAB? Then again why put her uncle in charge of the new TSAB if they were going to turn around and join the Rebellion of Mages? *gaaah* too many un-answered questions. And about Nanoha supposedly being dead...I would like to know where that came from (then again I could just be *completely* blind and not have seen any mention of it) because all vita ever said was if she liked vomiting blood every morning.

*sigh* Sorry if I sound like I am attacking you with all these questions and statements. I'm hitting myself for thinking too much and trying to make sense of the entire thing. Gomen ne~~


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I just read Betrayers a few days ago. I wish there was more of it too. Anyway the sides seem to be like so:

TSAB led by Gil Graham - Jail Scaglietti, Teana Lanster, Nanoha, Hayate, and Wolkeritter

Rebels led by Fate - Subaru, Erio, Caro

Saint Church led by Vivio - Chrono and his fleet, and Carim Gracia's people

Even though there are 3 sides, I had assumed the saint church group was helping the rebels since they had a common enemy in the TSAB. And from what they said, it seemed like all the fighting was set up on purpose. Some plan to divide the world in two, Signum gets cut off before saying more. Then the next line is Chrono saying stuff about unifying all planets of the dimensional plane.

The one that Agito says is taking the most disadvantageous role is Nanoha and Hayate's group.

And as far as TSAB being corrupt, I think it's been corrupt for some time now. The fact that everything was controlled by those 3 brains(I forgot their names) all along. And General Regius' stuff in StrikerS. The development of combat cyborgs was planned by the TSAB from the beginning. They hired Jail to make the cyborgs and provided his funding until he betrayed them. Not to mention as far back as A's when General Graham was trying to destroy the book of darkness by sacrificing Hayate.

Oh and Graham saying they were dancing in the palm of Hayate's hand all along means Hayate is either the master mind behind everything or she had tricked the evil TSAB and will switch forces.

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Something I did due to boredom...

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where can i read Nanoha Betrayers?

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The password is WingRoad

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Thank you Haru!
Gokurosama deshita!

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AWW that was saddening =(
it was like Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Betrayers episode 2!

Then not comming soon...! lol i was excited then saddend =(

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I know this thread is old, but it's one of the first results to pop up on Google, so I want to put down my full summary/analysis here before I pass out and forget everything. I just couldn't sleep until I unloaded my thoughts, I just finished all three seasons and I stumbled across this. My scanlations come directly from Ararara-ra's HQ release, so the pages are according to the JPEG filenames. I didn't read any summaries prior to writing this, but maybe I will later. I'll make it somewhat step-by-step so correct me if I get some parts wrong, it's pretty long:


Page 1
The general introduction of the article that is being debated over in the main plot, basically summed into:

1. Citizens under the Charter (which the article is from) promise never to wield non-magical weapons/devices that can kill people, like guns, knives, etc. nor can they use them in war.
2. This rule is a little contradictory to the first, saying anything other than "small firearms or swords are forbidden" and that "research, creation, or distribution" of weapons is not allowed.
3. When using magic or mages the minimal amount should be used/deployed when preserving "public order"

Pages 2-5
The story opens to Teana Lanster giving a report to the higher ups of the TSAB (Time-Space Administration Bureau), stating that weapon violence cases are increasing, injury rates in the TSAB are high, morale is low, and manpower is decreasing. The leaders give suggestions from different viewpoints, one man saying to arm the forces and build strategies, another saying to make battle androids legal, and another leader proposing to do both. They all turn to the chairman, Gil Graham, who refers to the article, saying he doesn't have the power, but 108th Brigade General Hayate Yagami assures that they'll get rid of the opposition, opening to the scene of a battlefield...

Pages 7-10
Battle androids fighting against rebel opposition (will be referred to as "Rebels"), which includes Fate Testarossa Harlaown, Erio Mondial, and Caro Ru Lushe, fighting together, crying, and drama-ing. 5 air mages go kamikaze on the TSAB and Fate tries to join them but Erio and Caro beg her not to go.

Pages 11-13
Battle androids make way for Nanoha Takamachi [TSAB], who does a massive attack on the Rebels. The attack doesn't hit Fate, Eriol, or Caro, but instead lands right in front of them. The 5 kamikaze air Rebels manage to break through...

Pages 14-15
But the news reaches Hayate Yagami [TSAB], who orders forces to "shoot to kill." She turns around to talk to Jail Scaglietti [TSAB], who explains that battle androids are specialized in skills which is more advantageous than normal mages.

Pages 16-17.5
Jail touches on the subject of Nanoha and how her turn-coating has imbued fear in her allies as well as her enemies, lastly stating that magic is "outdated." Hayate thinks to herself about the capabilities of mages, explaining that powerful mages are also "hated and resented."

Pages 17.5-18
I assume that the comment "to place all the burden on her shoulders" is referring to Nanoha, which changes the scene back to the battlefield with Fate, Nanoha, Eriol, and Caro, revealing by name that the attacking mage is indeed Nanoha.

Page 19
-FLASHBACK to before the schism- The first slide looks ambiguous, so I assume that it is portraying the effect of physical weapons on the public, which raised fear in citizens because physical weapons, unlike magical ones, can kill. This disadvantage made magic useless in the face of guns and the like, which is what the TSAB relied heavily on. A movement is made to allow weapons and battle androids, but the TSAB is directly against that, resulting in a standstill.

Page 20
Eventually a great "disaster" occurs in what seems to be a massacre of the 108th division or something of equal weight, which results in the death of the 108th division leader, Genya Nakajima, father of Subaru and Ginga. This event feeds the movement to legalize battle androids, which is rejected by the high council.

Page 21
On the day of the rejection, it looks like Hayate leads a successful coup and takes over the TSAB, placing her uncle Gil Graham as the council leader. Graham amends the charter at the beginning of the chapter, legalizing the use of battle androids which results in the release of Jail Scaglietti.

Pages 22-23
Looks as if Fate found out about the coup beforehand, gathering former mobile 6th division members (not all, it seems) to take preventative measure, allowing "a fraction" of armed mages to escape the TSAB, turning them into refugees. The escapees ask for the traditional chain of command but instead are labeled as rebels and stripped of their ranks, Fate being the leader.

Page 24-25
Hayate leads a new experimental brigade of mainly battle androids, her division being named after the previously fallen 108th division. They are the namesake of the short, Betrayers.

Pages 26-49
Several battle scenes. (If you've forgotten, Friedrich the dragon is Caro's). Subaru Nakajima [Rebel] joins the fight against Nanoha.

Pages 50-52
Vita [TSAB] stops the fight before Subaro lands a blow, telling Nanoha to retreat, giving some detail to Nanoha's current physical condition. At the top of 52 it is revealed that Subaru and Nanoha were tied, as Subaru had been surrounded by Nanoha's projectile magic. Vita hints to Subaru that a "guest" will arrive for the rebels.

Pages 53-56
Meanwhile, footage of the battle between the TSAB and the Rebels is leaked to the dimensional planes by both the Rebels AND the Saint Church, which was previously unmentioned until this point. Chrono Harlaown [Church/Rebel], Fate's foster brother, narrates the current situation to the public through the leaked signal, also announcing the new administration formed by the Church and the Rebels, separate from the TSAB.

Page 57
The TSAB high council discusses the probability of success for the new administration. Graham suspects that Hayate had been planning this out all along from the very beginning.

Page 58-59.5
Signum [TSAB] further reveals the purpose behind the schism. Agito says they are "taking upon themselves" the most disadvantageous part in the plan (hinting?).

Page 59.5-60
To unify all planets under the new administration, Vivio Takamachi, is to be annointed the queen.

Done. My thoughts come from what Signum said. There may have been a prophecy of a division in the TSAB, which may turn out to be for the greater good (universal unification?), and Hayate took it upon herself to be the one to initiate it. From Hayate's comment of her placing all the burden on Nanoha's shoulders, I'm assuming that Nanoha chose to take on the villain's role as well. Agito also said that they were taking the most disadvantageous position. Doesn't explain Nanoha's ruthlessness or masochism, however. Getting into character? This also doesn't explain what the heck Teana was doing with the TSAB. Also, it looks to me that the Church had been working with the Rebels.

However, since this is just a short dropped by the artist, I doubt there was a conclusion to this, as the artists says something about justice fighting justice in his notes... well, maybe others confused by the plot can come and check out my summary for some clairvoyance, haha. Good night!

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x.x so confusing.

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tell me about it -.-"

but u gotta admit that was one heck of a doujin :3 the art was great and the plot was confusing but interesting.

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it is wrong password : WingRoad
Not true