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The Meaning of Us

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This is something we have had in the oven for some months, but it's finally done and it's our pleasure to present you our scanlation of "The Meaning of Us".

This is a more serious doujin, with a bit of angst and drama accompanied with the obligatory romance, and gorgeous art that we're sure you'll love. The story is about the problems that Fate and Nanoha have in their relationship just after moving together when Riot Force 6 was formed.

Special thanks to Nina for the raws and to Konagami for all her work in our group. Wherever you go we wish you good luck.

For our visitors that like the joys of reading, you may want to take a look at at the latest translated chapter of “The Legend of the Sword of the Day and the Sword of the Night”, posted in this thread.

Please enjoy this release~

Raws: Nina.Wolken
Translator: vitachan
Proofreading: Konagami03, hyarare
Editor: Konagami03
Quality Check: raizoo


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Yaaa~ >///<

Thank you very much for your hard work!! =D

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Thank you!

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Thanks for your hard work!! <3

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Thank you!

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Thank you ^^, this is a doujin that I really wnted to read it. So tender at the end ^^.

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Aww honestly, it was one of the most touching nanofate stories, I've read *sniff*
And the extra pic are so cute :3
Thank you sooo much for this one ^_^

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As usual, thanks to everyone for their hard work on this touching doujin !

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Thank you so much ^^.

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Awesome~ Thanks for this really touchy doujin ;_;
Epic pics are epic btw.. xD Aya-chin made it in there~
Anyway, great job as always!!

I love you, Sweetheart
Since 02/11/2011

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Thanks and also happy chinese new year to everyone.

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This dojin made me wonder something.

What did Fate think about Nanoha not wanting to be close to Caro and Erio?

And was Nanoha also jealous of the kids?

It seems pretty clear from watching S that Nanoha didn't want to become close to a child because of her own near death experience and the memories of what she went through when her father was nearly killed. Although Vivio eventually broke her down;) However, Nanoha is only human, their jobs made it hard to synchronize their days off to begin with and Fate was spending some of that time with other people...

What effect did this have on their relationship for the three odd years just prior to the start of StrikerS? With one wanting to have a family now, and the other being hesitant?

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So good.

thanks for the release