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Megaman N (For Nanoha, Duh)

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Haru found the link first and showed it to me, so I'm relaying it to the rest of you who visit the site.
Disclaimer: I have no idea who created this game (Who is Mend 2008/Ronic-kun? No idea), nor do I claim ownership of it. Megaman belongs to Capcom and Nanoha belongs to Seven Arcs (and more importantly, to Fate. Lol).

Someone basically got Megaman 7 and created a Nanoha 8-bit sprite to replace Megaman. As far as I can tell, (I've only played for ~5 minutes at the time of this post) that is the only change made to the game.

You can find the download link here. (It is MediaFire)

The controls are as follows:
X = Shoot/Select (In Menus)
Z = Jump
Arrow Keys = Move
A/S = Cycle Weapons (Confirm please, I have yet to kill a boss - 5 minutes, remember?)
Q = Open Menu
R = Reset

Give it a play and tell us what you think!

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Thanks for the post Jokulhaup, I guess I'll have to give this game now ^^

The images weren't loading so I attached them to this post.

nanoha7_01.jpg nanoha7_1.jpg

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I played the game and it's great. I see notice what characters that have been replaced in the original megaman 7

Dr. Jail Scaglietti/Dr. Wily

although I not sure about who is Shama Curacion who's supposed to be eddie and I don't see anything similar for reinforce zwei as beat

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We'll need to wait till Nanoman X to see Signum replacing Zero xD

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That is awesome! but why is Fate a bad guy in that game??? D:

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I'm not sure, I can only guess that Jail did something to fate to have her work for him or something, I only wish I can read japanese from the dialogues but I can't