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The Miracle of Being with You & Fate's Misunderstanding

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Hello everybody! Here is the promised released for this Sunday. Today we're releasing two short doujins. The first one is titled "The Miracle of Being with You", which is an extra story of the MASULAO MAXIMUM anthology of the same title. We have scanlated most of the doujins from this book, so you will probably be familiar with some of the images referenced in this extra story/omake that we're translating.

The second doujin that we're releasing today is a four page comedy doujin where Vivio presents Einhart to her mothers. The art is nice and you will at least crack a smile. :)

Thanks for your constant support guys; we love you.

Raws and Edition: ShiroAka
"Fate's Misunderstanding" Translation: DamageDesu (from UMAD scans)
"The Miracle of Being with You" Translation: prime_time
"The Miracle of Being with You" Proofreading: Divine Vengeance


Torrent: NyaaTorrents
Direct Download:

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Nice work, as usual ! I laughed at Fate's perverted mind and Einhart reaction at the end, the other doujin is sweet. :3

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F-Fate's got a dirty mind~


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Well, we can't blame her, she got that conclusion from her own experience with Nanoha xD

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As they say, it's always the quiet ones. :P

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Thanks for the release! Gonna read it soon. :3

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Thank you for ur hard work, we love you too xD

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T-thank you for your hard work~ > ヮ <

F-fate.. Lol you have a green mind~

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Thank you, I love it.

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good job. ill try to seed it as much as possible.

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Do someone know how to open the file 'cause when I download it it ask for a password ?

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It shouldn't ask for password. Maybe your download is corrupted? Try redownloading it. If that doesn't work, try using another program to uncompress the zip, like the free version of Winrar. Or you can also try using CDisplay.

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Thanks !

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the way of extraction can be a cause too. You can either right click and then "Extract Here" or open the rar using "Winrar" and click and drag-drop to where you want to put it. ^^

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<i>We're not you guys</i> >=U LOL! It seems Vivio knows very well what Fate and Nanoha are doing ;D

Awesome 2 new doujin so soon :O
Thank you for your hard work^_^

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What a sweet doujin, as for Fate... yep her experience with Nanoha defiantly made her more perverted.

Anyway she should know that Einhart is like her while Vivio is Nanoha... like daughter like mother