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Nanoha School Days 2010 Trailer

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A couple of days ago Kamio released the trailer of the remake of Nanoha School Days episode 1, in Youtube and in the official blog of this fan made series. In this trailer we can see the new opening sequence along with some introductory scenes to the series.

(video removed by YouTube)

If you like Nanoha School Days you may also want to check the original episode 1, Kamio´s Web, or our thread dedicated to this project.

If you want to download the high quality version, please visit this page.

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Wow, what an improvement.

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Joined: 02/15/2010
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I agree
and i love there eyes! there so cute! XD it acually looks like it was made from the MGLN creators ^ ^

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Joined: 09/22/2009
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Alicia is so cute :)
I love the OP! Great work Kamio :)

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This is AWESOME! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

NanoFate fans please don't send me hate mail... I promise to turn back into a ferret and leave Nanoha (and her waifu) alone XD

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Too bad there isn't a whole season of this.

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Sweet! It even uses one of the insert songs from the movie as the op! ^^

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Cool X3

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Wow Kaijo and I think every magical story I have in which Alicia is alive, its because of a jewel seed. So when I saw that part with the RED jewel seed I was screaming "YES!" lol XD Good job Kaijo. Cant wait to see the full development of this story.

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I don't get it. Did she bite her? Why was she sent to her cage?

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Did anyone save the video? It's not available anymore...

Edit: Nevermind, I jst saw the links to the original are in the post. My bad!

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Hey All, the links i'm clicking are not working, and was wondering if there are any working links so i can view the video? :P Looking forward to seeing it all and was just wondering if anyone has a link or the video itself thats working? :o

Thank You :) x

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I can't find this trailer in my computer. I thing this was for direct download somewhere so probably someone has it.

I would also like to request a download link if someone still has the file in their computer.