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NEVER make Nanoha wait. [Rated M Fic]

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I've been away for a while! 8D And uh.... I'm going right ahead with this story since I do not want to cause any more delays for this fic.

Merry Christmas NanoFate!

Love is an enigma. Especially if you're left alone during this cold winter night in Mid-Childa waiting... and waiting for someone to return. Especially, when you know that the one you love was sent on a mission against a belligerent foe. Nanoha wasn't quite happy that she was worrying over the return of her beloved Fate.

"Nanoha-mama... what time is Fate-mama coming home?" Vivio asks, breaking the ephemeral silence.

"She'll be home soon Vivio and don't worry Nanoha-mama will be sure to scold Fate-mama for going out by herself tonight and not spending christmas with us. Okay?"


Nanoha is raddled because as much as she would like to cross galaxies to chase after her wife and drag her home... Fate had a job as an enforcer.

Nanoha was enfeebled.

And at last... the doorbell rings.

"Fate-mama is here! Fate-mama is here!" Vivio chanted happily.

Nanoha smiles too, knowing that Fate has finally come home safe and sound. Fate must face... a very... tiring night tonight now that she has come home to her family in one piece...... is what Nanoha is thinking. Now that Fate has incurred The White Devil's inner wrath... she must be subject to punishment, yes?

"Sorry for being late." Came the apology to Vivio.

Fate carries Vivio down the hallway and comes into the dining room to greet her wife with hugs and kisses included, of course.... that comes with apologies.

"Mou... You missed the gift giving and fun times!" Nanoha pouted and complained.

"Ahaha... Sorry darling." Fate apologized again.

Truth be told Nanoha couldn't be more relieved and happy that her wife has made it through the mission and is able to come back home to her like this. Besides that, Nanoha can never stay mad at Fate after just calling her darling.

"Nanoha-mama! I'll go to sleep!"

Was Vivio able to read that Nanoha wanted to do some evil things to her wife?

Nanoha checked the time and agreed that her child is already an hour past her sleeping time. The couple walk into Vivio's room and tuck her into bed. After giving forehead kisses to Vivio they both leave the room and Fate settles on one of the chairs at the dining table.

"I'm tired..." Fate says while sighing.

"I don't thing you have the right to be tired just.... yet"

Fate gulps. She fears that ominous voice which Nanoha owns.... Who wouldn't?


It's too late to stop now.

Fate's buttons were being unclasped one by one whilst they are both engaged in a passionate and lustful kiss. Once Fate's blazer was unbuttoned... Nanoha just rips Fate's white polo, revealing Fate's black lacy bra.

"N-Nanoha? You just tore my polo!" A very flustered and tomato red Fate says.

Nanoha couldn't help but grin mischievously. "You made me wait." She says while going for another kiss.

Fate is not going to have an easy night. Since her wife threw down the gauntlet for dominance she was going to try and assert her own as well. Fate T. H. Takamachi will begin retaliating in the most appropriate way possible. Nanoha was going to enjoy seeing Fate struggle in futility... she wasn't about to let her own dominance be taken away.

Fate works her way through Nanoha's instructor uniform by unbuttoning her blazer... while Nanoha successfully unclasps Fate's bra. Nanoha immediately advances by kneading Fate's right boob and pinching her nipple to tease her already aroused boob. Fate moans into the kiss and tries her best to undo the rest of Nanoha's buttons... until the need for oxygen breaks their kiss.

"Haa... haa... we should do this in bed." Nanoha reasoned.

Fate could finally see reason... or whatever was left of it in Nanoha and follows her into the room which was immediately locked.

And so they were in the room... without any obstacles. Nanoha immediately kisses and pushes Fate onto their huge bed resuming her dominance in sex. Fate's skirt comes off in a matter of seconds, revealing her last line defenses her black lacy panty and black stockings. Nanoha likes the fact that her wife seems to have a thing for kinky underwear.

"Fate-chan... you're already wet~" Nanoha whispers seductively to her partner.

Fate flinches, trying to deny that she is already more than turned on by what her partner is doing. Nanoha licks Fate's ear to which Fate moans at reflexively.

"Naughty girl." Nanoha says in a sexy voice.

Fingers begin tracing around Fate's pussy.


Nanoha cuts the moan with the kiss with her left hand doing all the teasing near Fate's womanhood. Nanoha's right hand is gently kneading Fate's left boob. Fate can't stand all the teasing Nanoha was doing around her so she decides to let Nanoha know she was getting impatient by trying to work up Nanoha's skirt.

... Just as Fate was near Nanoha's skirt... Nanoha finally inserts her finger into Fate's pussy to which Fate responds with a high pitched moan. Nanoha's fingers go in and out of Fate, drawing out more liquids from her pussy. Fate moans loudly as her brain was being broken by her wife.

There wasn't any more room for reason. Nanoha begins trailing kisses downwards and eventually makes it to her pussy. She looks at Fate's pussy lovingly before sucking on the hole. Fate replies to this by pushing Nanoha's head downward.

Nanoha makes sure that every part of Fate's pussy is not left untouched... or unlicked in this case. Fate is nearing her climax.

"Nano...haaaaa...." Fate says breathlessly.

Nanoha continues licking her partner's hole. Fate reaches out for Nanoha's hand and holds it tightly.

"You're so close..." Nanoha says. "Cum for me, love."

As if on cue, Fate releases her cum. Nanoha seems to be pleased that her partner came on signal and licks her partner clean.


"You were late Fate-chan." Nanoha complains in Fate's ear.

"Sorry, I'll try not to be next year."

Spoiler: A/N
@_@_@_@_@__@________@ I think my brain ceased to function............. @_@_@_@_@ LALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALA. Haha..... sorry for the people who needed/wanted more. If I wrote any more... I would die.... of both blood loss and brain death. x_x; I'm still recovering. Anyway. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year people :D Also... my brain ceased to go on with the plot... so uh... hahahahahahahaha e____e;; And btw... this is all unedited. Lol. Obviously. I don't have the guts to read this over and over again x_x; But um... I hope you enjoy :D :D :D

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Haha I like it

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I don't think Fate would mind this kind of "scolding" from Nanoha. XD