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Hello everyone! After a short break our translation group is back with a new NanoFate release fresh from the (Midoriya's) oven!

Nom is a 11 page long doujin made by kohagura, it's a fluffy short story about Nanoha and Fate having a walk together in winter and sharing food. You may know this artist from some of the recent doujin pages posted in the galleries, or from the doujin Lorely that we translated a couple of months ago.

We hope you enjoy this release! And for the next weekend, we're planing to release a pack with the four seasonal doujins you see in our projects list, so look forward to it please!

Raws: prime_time
Translator: prime_time
Proofreading: Divine Vengeance
Editor: prime_time


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This author seems to be everywhere, and for good reason !
So cute, thanks a lot for releasing it so fast !

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That's an adorable sweet doujin, thanks for the release guys ! :3

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God, thanks. Seriously, thanks for the doujin, the author is one of my favorites *v*.

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Thank you ^^

OH-MI-GOD! Loreley's doujin-ka?! My body is not ready yet!
But who cares? Neither I do, hahaha. Thank you guys! *---*

looking forward new releases~ ^^

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This was too darn adorable, so adorable that it deserves a million stars for the fluffiness. Thank you very much for the release!

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Thank you for the release it was very sweet! XD

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wow! another release!.. thanks.. :) I'm craving for more NanoFate.. :D

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It is just me or Fate eat like a hamster here? cute hamster though ^^
Thanks for scrumptious dosage of NanoFate, great work :D

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Thanks, this doujin was very short *tears* and sweet :D

Zenryoku Zenkai!

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Thanks~~~ ^^!!