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Perfect Holiday & Snow White

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Merry Christmas and happy new year to everybody!

In this special day we're bringing you a little doujin by MASULAO MAXIMUM titled "Perfect Holiday". This story is only 9 pages long, but is sweet enough to make up for its length. We're sure you will love it!

Also we're taking this chance to share with you the first doujin made by our friend and long time user Sha Yurigami. She made a doujin titled "Snow White", where Nanoha and Fate spend a good time together in a family trip to the mountains. This doujin is pretty sweet, you can't miss it! If you like it, you may also want to check this image and this image for a possible new adult doujin made by this same artist.

So, with this, we wish you the best for 2012, and we hope to keep providing you with many more doujins next year.

Perfect Holiday credits:
Raws: 闪光家族大家长
Translator: NekketsuBonkler
Proofreading: Divine Vengeance
Editor: ShiroAka

Snow White credits:
Art and plot by Sha Yurigami


Torrent: NyaaTorrents
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Thank you and Merry Christmas ^^.

Ayeee~ 2 Xma's gifts! *-*
Thank you very much, guys. With that doujin made by one user, the designer within me is burning, haha! I'll draw some sketches right now >///<

Anyway, merry x-mas and thanks again <3
A lot of doujins and moar Tokoharu-sama next year *-*

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Thanks for the story Sha Yurigami, it's so sweet
although I can't say that for the drawing but great story anyway

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Oh my gosh! These two doujins hyped me up to make a doujin too! Ahaha! I'm extremely inspired by Sha. Thanks so much for the fluffiness of winter! Eheh, not everyone can make doujins on his/her own. I think Sha deserves more than a round of applause. :]

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THank you so much for your sweet words XDDD You know, when I first started this project I was still inexperienced with the G-pen and ink...only at the end of the remaining three pages I realized, that I just have to add water to the ink TT^TT I elt so dumb at that moment, because I made myself even more work than it should have been TT^TT

I thank you for the words, they made my Christmas XD

Merry Christmas XD

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Nice job on your doujin, Sha ! ;3

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AWESOME sha :D ty rly ty :D

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Great gifts for christmas !
Nice start for your first doujin Sha, keep up like that !
Thank you and merry Christmas !

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I'm too lazy to log in so~ yeah ^^" anyways, that doujinshi was great, sha =3 it was really soft and fluffy ^^ Hope u write up soem more ;)

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Thanks for doujinshi, it was very enjoyable!

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