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(Poem): Haunted

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How long has it been since that time?
As I saw you lying in that bed
Peacefully almost without a care in the world
Your breathing shallow, the wounds deep
That battle still fresh in our minds
You tried to show mercy to the enemy
And yet it backfired
I tried to warn you as I tried to shield you was the other way around

How long was it...when we first knew each other?
We were both young, you and I
I was nothing more than a tool to be used
You...just a schoolgirl
And despite what happened you still wanted to reach be my friend

Eventually we grew close, as time went on
Until that one sortie
You overexerted yourself not knowing what was about to happen next
They say that a person's life flashes before their eyes when near death

I was afraid of losing you
I almost felt like I wouldn't be able to breathe
Until I heard that you miraculously made it through that I was happy beyond belief

Yet here I am again in the same situation I feared to find myself in
You lying there, me feeling helpless
Our daughter who worries about whether or not you would make it through.

If only I was there sooner
If only I told you what was on my mind prior to that time
I would have traded everything just to have you back

As I look at your peaceful serene face
The pains that I thought were long gone began to resurface.
Even now I'm still haunted by that exact same fear.
Only now I realize that what was on my mind has been the same thing ever since.

So if you're still listening...I just want you to know...I'll always love you no matter what...because your my friend, my refuge, my lover, and my wife.

Takamachi Nanoha.

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