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Precious Times & Lost Chances

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Hey everyone, just wanted to post up a couple of poems that I had slightly based from the Santa Sangre three part manga.

Enjoy and let me know what ya think.

Lost Chances:

When we first met, we were enemies
Yet despite that, you tried to become friends with me.

You, being a nine year old girl
Who just happened to stumble across magic by accident.

When I was abandoned by who I thought was my mother
You extended out your hand to bring me out of the despair and darkness I was surrounded in

Your hand, which was soft and warm
Your smile and laughter that kept me smiling and happy

Your heart, gentle and kind
Full of sincerity and love.

Before I left we exchanged ribbons
This became proof of our friendship.

A few years later, we became involved in another incident
Involving a very dangerous Lost Logia

Though it proved to be challenging
We gained another friend as a result.

We told each other of our plans to work for the TSAB
Yet we were going in different fields.

Yet during that one cold winter night, on a reconnaissance mission
You were gravely injured, and I thought I lost you.

It occupied my mind so much that I nearly messed up on my Enforcer exams
Just hearing the news and the condition you were in almost put me in a lot of stress

During the time in which you were lying in the hospital bed, barely moving
Thoughts unbidden began to surface in my head.

I felt I had myself to blame for what happened to you
All I wanted was to hear your voice, your laughter, see you smile…once more.

Yet after I heard that you’ve recovered, my heart was filled with happiness
I almost felt like crying for joy.

Time flies so fast that I didn’t notice.
Yet there was so much I wanted to say to you.

I might never get a chance to tell you this ever again
It doesn’t matter what you might think of me after this.

I just wanted to let you know
Before I lose this chance to say…

I love you

Takamachi Nanoha.

Precious Times:

Before I met you, I was just an ordinary young girl who was living happily with my family and friends
And then…by chance I happen to stumble across a ferret and eventually learned magic
Over time, I began to be informed of the situation that led me to being a magus
Until I crossed paths with you.

At first glance, I was curious as to who you were and why you were here
Your eyes seemed to show sadness in them
As if you were longing for something.

As we fought and tried to get ahead in an attempt to obtain the Jewel Seeds
At some point I had to lend a hand in helping you with one particular Jewel Seed
I told you that I wanted to be friends and not fight
Eventually, we each bet on the amount of Jewel Seeds we had and fought, trying to outdo the other

I eventually won the fight, but not before trying to help you
I was worried about your condition and hoped you would be alright
You tried to reassure me that there was nothing wrong
Except you were hit hard by the real truth of your being here.

The shock and disbelief that I had upon learning it was unparalleled from what you felt.
I tried to extend my hand to you as the place began to fall apart, yet you almost were hesitant to do so
I wanted to talk more with you, but I was afraid that I wouldn’t get the chance to.

Eventually I was glad that I was able to head back home to see my friends and family again
But my thoughts drifted to you, with the beautiful red eyes
By the time we got to talk to each other, you asked how we could become friends
I told you the answer was simple, and I told you my name

When you held me I almost didn’t want to let go
Yet…at the same time I was sad to see you leave
However, I knew we would eventually meet again.

Overtime, we eventually sent video mail to each other and became best friends almost instantly
However, another incident eventually occurred and we face new foes
We eventually got stronger and made a new friend
Until we learned the reason for our foes existence

When we faced against the Book of Darkness, we tried our best to have it listen to reason
Eventually we put aside our differences with our foes and went against the real threat
We won the battle but our friend had to face a hard time letting go of another friend.

Its funny how time flies by so fast
You told me of your plans of becoming an Enforcer while I took the path of Instructor
Eventually we had to explain things to our friends while Lindy had to explain the situation to my family
And Hayate decided to continue being a magus.

By the time we moved to Mid-Childa, you promised me that we would live together
Yet as we worked hard toward our goals, I didn’t realize the event that would have almost ended me
You were studying hard for your exam while I was talking to you, yet received an urgent mission and left.

It was supposed to be an easy one
It was just a reconnaissance mission, yet I acted in such a hurry
Not realizing that my body was getting heavy from overexertion
Until I was attacked from behind.

My senses grew faint as Vita called out my name, until I eventually blacked out.
Half a month had passed since the incident and somehow…by a miracle, I was able to pull through
I was still asleep for quite a bit until I heard you crying, calling out my name

I was almost devastated when I heard that I might not be able to fly any longer due to my injuries
Despite the difficulties I faced, I went through rehabilitation
I eventually thought about what Hayate went through
Almost losing all confidence in myself.

Until that one early morning when you came in your Barrier Jacket
Carrying me the same way I held you years before during the Jewel Seed incident
Up towards the morning sky we went until I could see the sun shining over the sky
You eventually reminded me of all the important things that I began to forget.

By the time I was released from the hospital, I was glad to see all our friends greet me
Yet what got me overjoyed was when I realized that we would be living together
As we stood beneath the sky, you held your hand in mine and kissed before taking flight
I’ll never forget our precious times together
Because…I love you, Fate-chan.

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Thanks for sharing your poems, this is not something we see often. It was nice that you wrote both point of views. I think that is a doujin can inspire a poem, it should be really good ^^

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Usually, I'm not the kind of man to enjoy poetry, but I find these two poem very nice. :3

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Thanks, much appreciated.