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A Prince and Sweet...

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Once again, after a long while with no updates in the front page we come with our next release, this time is a C77 doujin made by the great artist Tokoharu (and a second doujin from this artist is going to be scanlated in collaboration with Wings of Yuri soon too!). If you frequent our forum you could have seen the raws here or here.

The title of this very short and very fluffy doujin comes from Mizuki Nana's song "Oujisama to Amai Hoshi" or "A Prince and Sweet Stars".

We hope you enjoy it, and please look forward to our next release.

Raws: HatouKei
Translator: niyaly
Editor: NaYmCo

Torrent: NyaaTorrents
Direct Download:

Also available in Spanish Here.
También disponible en Español Aquí.


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I just noticed that the comments were disabled for this entry >,<

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Yeah, and I was wondering how to post something here xD. Anyways, thanks for this doujin, it´s short but really tender. Tokoharu draws and writes cute little stories for this couple ^^

Oh, and thanks for the Spanish translation (though I read the two versions xD)

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It's short, but really cute, sweet and touching, I love it ! :3

Thanks to all those who worked on it, and to Tokoharu of course !

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cute and sweet, want more, but will wait.

hope you will be doing more doujins like this.

i have already read it three times. nice.

great work!

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Great work~! =3
hope to see more ~

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Like the new doujin. It's short but it's really good

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Another great doujin by Tokoharu. Well done!

“Mayonnaise is the very pinnacle of culinary delights; it enhances everything, tarnishes nothing and is essentially world peace in a handy bottle.”
--Mai-hime fanfiction...I cannot remember the name of :P

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I want more~~ Specially the Yuudachi one. XD It's also a song title by Mizuki Nana. Nyahaha. I can't wait for more releases!! XD

Nanoha just wanted to score at Fate. (oops sounds so wrong :P) XD!

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Tokoharu 831 ne X3

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A little bit short, but really pleasant to read. Thank you very much.

So many fanfictions, so little time XD

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That was so short but sweet. Definitely one of my favorites.

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it's the best! love the drawing...matches the pix in the gallery but didn't have the same sequence...but great! i'm eagerly awaiting the next one!


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thanks! ^_^ that was awesome!

I just want to change my avatar... ^_^

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thanks a lot this was so cute and sweet !!! >.<

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I really love the doujinshi by this author. They are very sweet and cute. I would wait for the next one you translate.