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Proofreader recruitment!

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Hello everyone! This short post is to announce that Started The Breaker, responsible for the latest 3 release in our site, is looking for a proofreader for future NanoFate/Nanoha doujins. It's preferable if you're a native English speaker or otherwise someone that speaks English at a high level. The job of a proofreader is basically to edit the translation script so every line sounds natural and the grammar and orthography are correct, experience is not necessary.

If you think this is something you would like to do you can choose if you want to work or not in a specific doujin, there's a relatively big list of doujins that can potentially be translated to English so I'm sure there's something for everyone.

If you are interested please check this thread and either send a message to saizohhh or leave a comment, otherwise if you don't have an account in this site you can send a mail to admin from the Contact page.

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Hello, this is Lily. I'm not a native English speaker but I'm learning both Japanese and English simultaneously. I'd like to help and see many more Nanofate doujins. Currently, I'm helping saizohh with proofreading.
You can send it to my email address if you need any help:

I'll do my best to help. Have a good day.

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saizohh is the one managing the translations, so you're good lilyweiss.

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Ey guys, I am Saizoh. Thank you in advance for your goodwill.

Lily: I've already started the edition of "Fake Past" and throughout today I'll pass you another comic (of course another Nanofate) je ... Greetings.

A: I already passed you "Master" (version two) through a message on the page, mate. See you later.