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P.S. Dancing [M for rather Mature]

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Okay hope it lives up to your expectations.
Just a disclaimer here: if you are prone to nose bleeds exercise caution
NSFW Mature
in case the name didn't give it away

Porn Star Dancing

Fate snuggled closer to Nanoha as our favorite couple walked down the street on this frosty winter morning.

"It's chilly," Fate said blushing.

"Dont worry Fate it’s just around this corner" Nanoha assured her.

Today Nanoha had pulled Fate from a warm kotatsu out into a wintery date but refused to say where. Fate's mind was running through the places she knew but quickly crossed them out as they passed each one. Nanoha led Fate through double-glass doors and Fate’s curiosity was finally at its peak. Inside they were greeted by a cute waitress in a maid outfit. Fate read her name tag, Shinobu Maehara--she looks so adorable--Fate thought to herself.

"Ah, Shinobu-chan thank you for setting up this reservation on such short notice." Nanoha bowed slightly making the young girl fluster a bit and wave her hands. "Oh no it was nothing, Takamichi-sama. You saved me from those street gangsters, it’s the least I could do." She took a breath, making her regain her composure, "Shall I show you to your room?" Shinobu smiled, bowing slightly with an arm stretched out, "Please this way."

Shinobu led them up an elevator and midway down a velvety hall. "Here it is Takamichi-sama," she said while opening the door. "Just as you requested, the Sheryl Suite. We stocked the mini bar per your preferences and brought in our most comfortable couch," Shinobu proclaimed with pride. "If you need anything just give us a ring and I'll come right up." With that the couple walked in and Shinobu shut the door, "Please enjoy your stay."

Fate surveyed the room aside from the bar on the left and the couch on the far side there was a catwalk stage extending from the right wall with a dancing pole at the end. The room itself was about the size of their living room with a stereo system installed near the bar. "When did you meet Shinobu?" Fate asked.

"Oh, she was the reason I was late getting home last week... some thugs had her cornered in the alley. Needless to say they got what was coming to them." Nanoha smirked, "Fate-chan you sit here ok? I'll be right back."

Nanoha disappeared behind the curtains leaving Fate sitting in front of an empty catwalk stage. Fate was trying to think of what Nanoha had in store for her, why it involved a couch and a dancing pole. Ideas started formed in her head but she dismissed them opting instead to just be surprised. Looking around in the dim light, Fate found herself alone that is until… music started playing. "This sounds star dancing," she thought out loud.

"!!!" Fate's jaw dropped as she realized exactly what Nanoha had set up. She looked up to see Nanoha strutting down the cat walk clad in tight mini skirt, sleeveless button up shirt, and black leather knee high boots, making her flush and just gawk at the sexy figure before her.

Nanoha giggled at the reaction and walked right up and grabbed the pole at the end. Bringing her leg up and around the pole, she twirled twice around it before showing her back and bending over waving her butt around in front of Fate. Just as Fate was about to reach out and touch her, Nanoha stood back up turned with her back on the pole and descended down it spreading her legs revealing her lacy black panties to Fate, she had Fate enthralled by her dance as she ascended the pole flipping over on it spreading her legs wide, hiking up her skirt around her waist giving Fate a full view of her ass. She deftly unbuttoned her shirt and let it fall to the ground, revealing her bare back to an excited Fate-chan. Nanoha spun around down to the ground and on all fours she crawled towards her astonished lover, grabbing her shirt, and pulling her close into a deep kiss. While straddling on Fate’s chair, Nanoha thrusts her tongue into Fate’s mouth, grasping Fate's hand and bringing it to her chest. Fate savagely clutched Nanoha's breast pulling her closer with her free arm around the brunette's back.

Nanoha moaned and broke her kiss, lifting a finger up to Fates succulent lips. "I'm not done yet love," Nanoha whispered as she stood up, unclasping her skirt letting it fall to the floor.

Fate reached out her hand to her sapphire-eyed love. She was rewarded as Nanoha took her hand and placed a foot on the chair between Fate's legs, revealing a moist glistening from under the black lace. Nanoha blushed slightly as she pulled Fate up into an embrace and kicked away the chair. Fate was led by her seductress and was suddenly thrown onto the couch in the room. Nanoha quickly straddled on Fate’s knees. She started shaking her hips, grinding on Fate as her hands began removing the crimson-eyed's over shirt. Nanoha took an extra second to glance at the blonde beneath her before bending down to kiss her neck, sucking for a second then biting down. A light yelp escaped Fate’s lips followed by a pleasurable moan as Nanoha slipped a hand under her pants. Nanoha ceased her attack on Fate's neck, nibbled her ear slightly and whispered "I love you Fate-chan."

Fate arched slightly as Nanoha massaged her pussy, running her hand along Nanoha's back down to her panties pulling them down. Nanoha lifted back up revealing her full beautiful figure to the lustful blonde. "Not yet, I'm not through with you," Nanoha cooed as she removed her hand from Fate's panties licking the honey between her fingers. "Fate-chan you’re so pervy," Nanoha teased. "Nanoha is the same, aaaahh… mmmmm…" Nanoha quickly silenced Fate with a kiss, flipping the blonde's shirt straps over the shoulders and down to her waist; revealing Fate's bountiful breasts. She swiftly unzipped Fate's pants and pulled them off with her shirt and panties.

Fate tried to cover herself using her hands but fell to her lover's touch as Nanoha started an assault on her now exposed flower. Lowering her head Nanoha began licking Fate's treasured spot; she could feel the blonde shudder and a sweet moan escape her lips. Satisfied with the early response she enhanced her assault and began sucking on Fate's clit, massaging around her entrance with one hand and rubbing herself with the other. Fate squirmed with the new stimulation as she grabbed her own breast, kneading it while her other hand started running through Nanoha's hair, pushing her down slightly urging her to do more. Nanoha responded, sucking on her clit and lashing her tongue out on it, inserting her thumb into Fate, pressuring her inner sides, rubbing along her right wall. "Mmmmm… YES! THERE MORE!!" Fate yelled as she pinched her nipples and arched. Extremely pleased Nanoha moved up, removing her fingers from herself and licking them in front of Fate mixing their juices before kissing her wildly, tongues lashing out for each other.

Nanoha continued one kiss after another, only stopping for the need of air. She brought one leg over Fate's then lifted the blonde's other leg bringing her butt up a little as she wrapped her arms around Nanoha; bringing their bare pussies together. Fate instinctively started grinding on Nanoha as she felt the wet contact. Nanoha's eyes glistened as she felt Fate's hunger for her touch and pushed her hips down on Fate, trying to become one with her. They dripped with pleasure, gasps nearly preventing their kiss, hips rocking rougher and stronger, responding to each other’s desires.

"Fate, Fate, FATE!” Nanoha screamed, gasping for air and continuing, “I LOVE YOU," "YES NANOHA! NANOHA! I LOVE YOU!" the two exclaimed before locking their lips together for one final kiss; then wrenched apart as they came, each arching their backs almost screaming in pleasure, "AAAAAAAAAAH!!"

Collapsed on the couch neither truly wanting to get up, a light knock came from the door. From the other side they heard Shinobu shyly say, "Thank you for staying with us but we're almost at closing time. A Ms. Yagami left some clothes at the front counter for you. They're out here by the door when you're ready." Fate looked at Nanoha and giggled, "Hayate.... how does she know us so well."

"I kinda feel for Shinobu though, she seemed so innocent and must be blushing at thoughts of why we need clothes." Nanoha lifted herself up supporting herself on an outstreched arm, looking down at Fate. Fate met her gaze, lifted up and gave her love a small kiss, "I guess we have to go...and it was so warm with you on top." she teased. Nanoha got up smiling, grabbing Fate's shirt and wrapping it around her waist as she walked to the door. She quickly cracked open the door, grabbed the clothes left for them, and promptly shut the door. Walking back to Fate she looked inside and laughed. "What is it darling?" Fate asked.

* * *

Minutes later they walked outside into the crisp winter air. Each cursing yet satisfied with Hayate's choice of clothing as they walked arm in arm down the lit road to their apartment; clad in matching santa girl outfits. "At least she remembered warm panties and stockings," Fate mused.

Author's notes

well my first NanoFate fic, I wouldnt say it was completely out of character for anyone, just more of an amplification of their desires.
this is also the 2nd lemon I've written so please dont attack me mercilessly.
seemed a lot longer while I was typing it up but while editing noticed it really is kinda short.
If any of you noticed, yes I did use Shinobu from Love Hina. She seemed to fit the character type I was going for. enjoyed writing it.
and a further side note i want to say congrats to Nanoha for her mad skills
She got Fate from clothed to naked in 7.3 seconds XD

Thanks goes out to Siggy for the edit and the song 'Porn Star Dancing' by Darkest Days

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Har har XD I seriously hope you guys like this XD See the song that inspired moko here.

PS: >_>;; It's hard editing lemons.... Moko you owe me a shirt XD

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Nice one ! *nosebleed*

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I-it was very nice >///<

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LOL. *thumbs up Hayate*

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