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Ragnarok Online

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Hello everyone, a number of members here started playing Ragnarok Online (RO) specifically a mid-rate private server called Esuna RO(eRO)

A bit about the game:
Ragnarok Online, often referred to as RO, is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game or MMORPG created by GRAVITY Co., Ltd. based on the manhwa Ragnarok by Lee Myung-jin. Player characters interact in a 3D environment but are represented by 2D character sprites for front, back, side and diagonal facings.

Info on the server
Max Level: 150/70
Rates 80x/80x/50x
3rd class implemented
High amounts of custom headgears (important for headgear collectors like myself P: )
Cash items are reasonably balanced with the highest stat boost is +7 to all stats.

RO's character movement is entirely controlled by the mouse. The keyboard is used for chatting, typing manual commands, changing the camera angle, and using skills quickly. Jumping in Ragnarok Online is not possible.

To install the game go to the website click Downloads at the top and click the link under Esuna Ragnarok Renewal Full Client or click here. After it is finished downloading just install run the patcher and you're good to go. They also provided a guide if you're unsure.

There have been people who had trouble downloading it from their side so I split the files and uploaded them on mediafire. Installation is the same, once you downloaded all the parts extract it anywhere (preferably to the desktop) then run the file.

Afterwards don't forget to register on their control panel to make an account. Note that picking your gender during the registration fixes the genders on all the characters on your account and you can't change it without creating another account.

People who are playing now and their IGNs
ManeAstrum: ManeAstrum (Priest)
LyricalReana: RaeSeers (Hunter)
Acecipher: Acecipher1 (Knight)

We haven't created a guild yet, but I'm currently hunting for the item required to make one, the guild of course will be called NanoFate. Haven't made an emblem either so if anyone knows how and will volunteer for it I'll love you forever :D

If it's your first time playing find me in the chat or in game and I'll walk you through the basic controls. Info on each classes can be found here and here. The first link giving a summary of the class and the second link shows the branching. It's kinda confusing at first so let me or another RO veteran know what class you want to be and we'll help you get there.

Otherwise here are some useful tips and tidbits during playing.

Spoiler: Expanding the Hotkey bar and Battlemode

Purpose: By expanding the bar you can set more shortcuts, which includes skills, items, and equipments. While some classes don't really need it, its important for classes that have lots of skills like priests, or switch weapon/ammo a lot like archers, or for people who PVP so they can switch between optimal equipment against each class.

Press F12 a window should pop up that looks like this (it popped into the middle of my screen so feel free to drag it somewhere so doesnt block you while playing).

Go to the bottom right corner of that window click and drag it down to make it look like this:

Viola! You now have more slots for your skills/equips/drugs and you're halfway done.
Next click the option under your HP/SP screen

Or keep clicking ESC until this window pops up

Click shortcut configuration until this window pops up:

Click Enable Battlemode and start assigning keys to your shortcuts, this will determine what keys you press for what skills on the shortcut. So using myself as an example these are the keys I need to press to use the skills and items I assigned on that bar.

Note that enabling battlemode means you need to press enter to open and close the chat box.

Spoiler: Useful Commands

These are useful commands you can type into the chat box that makes gaming a bit easier.

Sets No Control to be on. When you attack a monster you need to click and hold the mouse button to keep attacking. By setting this on you only need to click once and your PC will automatically keep attacking.
Not suggested if you're use skills or spells since it's difficult to stop attacking

Sets No Shift to be on. To heal or buff enemies you need to hold shift. By setting this on you don't need to do so anymore. The only class where this would help are acolyte classes where you can heal undead type monsters to damage them. Otherwise this is generally not used.

This let's your PC sit, pressing the INSERT key does the same thing. Sitting let's your character heal faster. Plus sitting is awesome. (It also let's you play around with your window and not accidentally click on the floor and make your PC wander off, often into a portal)

Holding ALT followed by a certain key is a shortcut to open up other windows which are the following:
alt+Q = equipment window
alt+s = skill window
alt+E = inventory window
alt+Y = command list
alt+H = friend list
alt+L = emoticon lsit
alt+Z = party list
alt+C = chatroom
alt+M = shortcut list

@go #
This allows you to warp from town to town. By typing @go by itself lists all the towns and their corresponding numbers. The main town is 0 (Prontera) our guild town and where we meet is undecided.

This opens up your storage where you can place items that you'd like to keep. You cannot move while accessing storage so be careful opening it where there are lots of monsters.

@aloot rate #
One of the more important features. This makes your PC automatically pick up items after killing a monster. This requires a bit of explaining, so let's look at my favorite monster:

The number next to the item is the percentage at which the monster will drop it when its killed. So if I were to type @aloot rate 100. I will automatically pick up all items that are dropped at 100% or less, which practically means everything.
If I typed @aloot rate 1 instead, I'll pick up items that are dropped at 1% or less meaning I'll only pick up Unripe Apple, Knife[4], or Poring Card IF it drops it.

As you can see this command is useful since you don't need to pick up everything on the floor, or if you're just looking for a particularly rare item.

Anyways sorry if all this info looks daunting and its not necessary for you to read any of them. I'll be happy to help walk you through the game if you're lost or confused, as well as help pick a class and build best for you. All in all the most important thing is having fun.

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For reference, my characters are...

Main: Lusye Ciellenne (Female) - Battle Acolyte -> Baby Support+Emp Breaker Bishop
Secondary: Kudari (Female) - Battle Acolyte -> Battle Arch Bishop
Tertiary: Nobori (Male) - Novice -> Melee Sorcerer

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A guild has been created called NanoFate, there are a number of titles already made, but if you want a unique title just let me know.

Anyways some more tips on playing.

Pressing F12 also extends the hotkey bar, and if it somehow disappears this would bring it back.

Spoiler: Chatting 101

First of all if you're in battlemode you have to press Enter every time you want to chat.

1: These are chat tabs, and helps organize conversations, especially if a lot of different people talk at once. By default you can hear everything in general, only from party chat in party, guild chat in guild, etc etc. You can double click the tab to edit the name.


  • First icon (looks like a tiny keyboard) disables and enables chat, basically what the Enter key does.
  • Second icon (looks like a circle) is the edit options for each chat. For example you get edit the guild tab to show both guild and party conversations. Each tab is configured individually.
  • Third icon ( >> ) separates the tabs into individual windows. In those Windows there would be another arrow icon ( << ) that returns it back to the main chat.
  • Fourth and Fifth (+ & -) adds and subtracts chat tabs.
  • Finally the lock disables editing the tabs.

3: This is the whisper box, if you type in the exact name (capitalization counts) of the person all messages would be privately messaged to that person. The little rectangle next to it shows a list of people you previously whispered to so if the name is a bit difficult to type you can use that after your first PM. The list resets every time you log out.

4: This tiny little button gives you three options:

  • Send to All
  • Send to Party
  • Send to Guild
And as it suggests this is how you would message those only in your party or only in your guild. When sent to all, only those within your screen can hear you, while speaking in party or guild, everyone from that respective group would be able to hear you even if they're in another map.

Spoiler: Shortcuts

Pressing Alt+M opens up the shortcut window. What this does is anything after the Alt+# is what you would automatically type with that command. For example if you typed Hello after Alt+1, every time you press Alt+1 your PC will say Hello. Personally I put @go, @storage, and several @aloot rate #, as well as /nc and /ns in there so I don't have to type them out. Useful for commands you use a lot.

Spoiler: Primary Stats

You can see your stats with the Alt+Q shortcut or pressing the little 'info' button under your status window. Under the equipment to the left lists the six primary stats, the number right next to them is how much you have within that particular stat and any numbers after the + are bonus stats. The number to the right of that is the cost to increase that stat. The cost increases as more points is allocated.

STR directly affects your physical damage, 1 STR adds to melee weapons, while it requires 5 points in STR to add to ranged weapons (bows and guns). It also increases your max weight limit.

AGI Increases your attack speed and flee rate, upon the renewal update, every 5 AGI also adds to defense.

VIT For every 1 VIT you gain 1% HP boost, it also affects your status ailment defense, DEF, and MDEF, increases healing item effectiveness, and natural HP recovery rate.

INT increases MATK, and MDEF. It also increases max SP by 1% for every point, effectiveness of SP recovery items, and natural SP regeneration. And very slightly decreases cast time.

DEX increases the damage of whips, instruments, guns, and bows. Increases hit rate and decreases cast time of spells. For every 5 points it increases the damage of melee weapons, MATK, and MDEF.

LUK adds to critical rate, as well as slightly affecting ATK, MATK, Hit, Flee, and Perfect Dodge.

The command @go 10 brings you to a town called Amatsu which is where I'm usually located.

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I kinda miss RO we should play again sometime in the summer ^o^