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The Reason Why We Are In Love

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Hello everyone! Today we are releasing The Reason Why We Are In Love, a recent doujin made by Astllatte*Sorato.

This is a 28 pages long story about Fate being away from home due to her work, and coming back to Nanoha and Vivio, getting a bit worried about her position as a mother. Expect a sweet doujin with tender NanoFate and Takamachi family moments.

We hope you enjoy this release! Comments are appreciated as always.

Raws: 閃光家族大家長 ◄► Translator: Maleficarum ◄► Proofreading: Divine Vengeance ◄► Editor: ShiroAka


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Thank you guys!

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Fate can't help but be insecure, but fortunately Nanoha and Vivio's love are the best remedy ! X3

A sweet and touching doujin, thanks for the release, guys ! :3

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how come whenever I try downloading doujins they're really small and I can't zoom in to read the print? is it just something with my computer or do I need a premium download, or what?

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If you are downloading the doujin from the links in our site, you should be getting the images in the complete size, so if they seem small to you, probably it's a problem with the program you are using to open the image. For comparison, this is a page from this doujin:

You may want to try opening the doujins using CDisplay or a similar program:

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Thank you kindly ^_^

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thanks for the release~

Thanks to depression76 for the Signature XD

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thanks so much ^[ ]^