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Role Play, Sequel

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Okay here's the first post for the second Role Play (sequel). It will be a sequel of the other RP, so if you haven't already, I would read it. Thank you everyone who will be joining us this time, please have fun, and never be afraid to take the next post. The only rules are, if you do take next post, please say so. Either as a comment after the previous posters post, or post it on the Official Role Play thread. To make things easier on the readers, please don't make to many comments, use the Official RP thread for that, but you can comment. It will be the same rules as the first RP, so please read it, if can. Hope you enjoy this, just as much as I am. Thank you for reading, and hope you have fun.

Now, lets begin...

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Role Play


“Happy birthday!” We all screamed in unison. It’s been two years now since Alicia and Precia came back, bringing Lena with them. They’ve both been identified as “dead”, and no evidence shows that they’d ever come back. About a year and a half ago, we, Fate-Chan and I, adopted Lena as a part of the family. It took us longer then expected but she was now apart of the family, legally. A happy day that was.

We lost some good people along the way, but we also made some new ones as well. Tomorrow we will be having new recruits shipped over from Mid-Childa, to help out Section 6. After the entrance ceremony, we will have a huge party to celebrate. Right now though, we were celebrating for a different reason.

Today is Lena’s birthday, well technically it isn’t. We don’t exactly know when she was born, the one who’d know when she was exactly born would be Alicia, but we can’t exactly ask her can we? So, to celebrate, we decided on making her actual adoption day, her birthday. It’s somewhat like how Fate’s birthday is the day we made that promise on the bridge but in different terms.

Lena blew the candles out, and smiled at everyone. Vivio looked more excited next to her then Lena actually did. She kept cheering for Lena to make a wish. We don’t exactly know how old Lena really is, but Shamal made an approximate guess, saying she was roughly 10 years old. Same age as Vivio back then. Now she just turned 12, same age as Vivio.

I heard a camera shot, and looked next to me, as Fate took many pictures. I smiled at the image, and looked around me at everyone who came. Nicolas Reo stood near the door, a crooked smile on his face, as he talked to Subaru, who just so happened to make it tonight. They seem to be getting along very nicely. It would be her first time meeting Lena today. Next to Subaru was Teana, who was talking to Yuuno, and Arf, even Caro and Erio took a day off from there job to make it today. Everyone was excited in meeting Lena, since everyone was busy with their jobs, most of them haven’t even met, let alone knew, about Lena for the longest time.

To the other side of the room, we had Moni, who I met just after the incident. She had amnesia so most of her memories are still a blur. I’ve spent sometime trying to find some of them, but still nothing has come up yet. Around the table, near Lena and Vivio, were their friends, Einhart, Lio, and Corona, laughing and smiling as they cut the cake. One big happy family. I thought.

“Big happy family…” I heard Fate whisper. I took her hand and felt her hand entwine in mine, squeezing gently.

“Yeah, one big happy family.” I agreed, smiling.

“Mama! Let’s open presents!” I heard Vivio yell from across the room. I looked at Fate and she nodded, making me nod back at Vivio, who squealed in response. I squeezed Fate’s hand, and let go, walking towards my two excited daughters.


I thought it would be fun to have a party :D Claim now for an easy post! ;)

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I'm gonna call dibs for the next post team. Sooo, I'm gonna think of somethin' later.

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A dime a dozen, that's all they ever are, the new recruits these days. Sure, from what the commander has said and from what I have gathered, we may get the best hand picked lot of warriors this side of the galaxy, but all those determined young able bodied men and women we get, as far as I know, are all shipped off to the air force and naval branches of Section VI. And I may seem like I'm ranting or complaining, but the rest of the boys down here on the ground are lucky to get even a handful of strong fighters, nothing close to S or SS, but we do find ourselves with a double, or maybe even a triple A from time to time, and that's if we're lucky! Though it hardly counts in the long run. Right around this time I normally wonder how many of the young boys and girls I am training are going to survive their first week of combat? How may are going to wash out? How many are, are never going to be seen or heard from again? Though they are sad thoughts they are all the determination I need to give my all in training them to be the best they can be. Let's just hope they have the same kind of determination I have at the moment.

Though the entrance ceremony was rather long and uneventful, (Just like every year) it didn't take a fraction of the time used during and after those opening speeches for the young men, women, boys, and girls to break up and shift into their respective branches. Most of the people who joined the assembly have signed up for the units they felt fit for before hand, but there were some remaining who didn’t know what branch they’d fit in. A number of them are probably taking their chances with one division, and if that didn’t work out, they’d attempt a transfer somewhere in the beginning of this years initial start up or come back next year and try another division. Sad part is though, most of those unsure new recruits normally end up on my front door step. Now I’m not saying that that is a bad thing, it’s just that I have seen over the past couple of years some of the best fighting men and women I have ever served with wash out of the ground forces because they felt they didn’t belong with the ground. And even though I wish it wasn’t like that, I guess I’m just glad to get the extra few men in my hands.
Waiting for Colonel to wrap up his speech on how proud he is of the men and women who signed up for the ground forces, and how much he appreciates the dedication that they will give in the future, has to be one of the most tedious, borderline boring things I have ever done. Sure, it is an excellent speech to hear for the first time, but after a couple of years it tends to get annoying. I honestly think he should change it up every other year, keep the basic principle behind the words but make up a new speech, but that’s just my opinion. After the colonel said his final words of approval the process of breaking up the masses began. With so many men and women, not one man or woman could train them all so the TSAB finds it easier to break all of them up into companies, I think it’s around 100-150 men per company. Each company is also made up of men that are divided up into either numerical or alpha numerical order. Those companies are than split again into platoons of men, 3 or 4 platoons of 50, depends on how many men are in the company. And than there are squads of 8-16 men that those platoons can be broken down into, and than those squads can be broken down into fire teams of 4-5, but only in certain circumstances. After the colonels final words were finished and the young men and women were broken up into their respective companies, I walked over to my company of soldiers and began to make a speech of my own. It began like this, “Good morning.”
“Good morning,” Was the half hearted reply I got back from not even half of the group, clearing my throat I began again. “I said, good morning!”
Taking the hint all of the young men and women jumped at my slightly raised aggressive voice, and effectively bellowed back to me, “Good morning, sir!”
“That’s bettar,” I said. Starting to pace back and forth I began my speech, speaking both clearly and strongly. “’Ello, my name is 1st Ground Captain Reo, Nicholas Brogan Reo, and I will be your combat instructor for the next six months that you are stationed ‘ere, at Mobile Division Section VI.
“I will not lie to you, I am not ‘ere to be your friend, I am not ‘ere to be a sort of fatherly figure, I am not ‘ere to be an acquaintance, role model, comforter, or anything else you might think of to see me as. I am ‘ere for one sole purpose boys and girls, and that is tah make your lives ‘ere a living, miserable fuckin’ ‘ell. I offer no words of kindness or comfort such as the commander’s or the colonel‘s that was just offered to you, I offer you know praise for signing up for the TSAB and the Ground Forces, the only thing I have to offer to you is the truth. To me, all of you, evary last lot of yah, you’re all worthless! You contain no sense of sentimental worth or value to me or anybody else in the entire damn sector of Section Six. You have no skill, no prowess, no, no nothing. The only thing you ‘ave tah me is a body that I can work the shit out of, that I can bend and break into many possible outcomes so that I can finally build up onto you your skill, your strength, your stamina and prowess. I will work you to the bone so I can make you into a fighting soldier worthy of the TSAB, I will break you so you are a worthy fighting soldier of the TSAB, not some pussy who just takes orders and sits around all day behind a desk, but a real fighting man! I will, I will make you all fighting men and women! So you can do the duty you have signed up to do!

“’Elle, you are not only ‘ere to build up and improve upon your magic, but you are also ‘ere to build up and improve upon yourselves. The mind boys and girls can be a deadly thing, a very, very deadly thing, for it can make you do things, terrible things that you nevar thought, or saw, yourself doing before in your entire life. Combat can really mess with your head, and that very exact part of your mind that would make you do those unthinkable things, can come to surface. The mental reality of seeing your best friend…your girlfriend…your boyfriend or brother in arms dead in some fox hole or ditch on the side of the road can really bring that part in you out. I’m not saying that is a bad thing, evary person has emotion, what I am saying is that I am‘ere tah help you cope with your emotions on the battlefield. I have seen way too many of my friends and brothers dead before me than any of you will probably see in your entire lives. I was a young boy once, standing, basically, in the same place as you right now. I knew nothing of the magic potential and skill I possessed, or the world of combat. The only reason I got ‘ere, to the place I am standing in right now, was for working and training my ass off evary single Dea damn day of my basic career!
“Now I know all of you are ‘ere now, but most of you I will nevar see again. Some of you will wash out, some will get transferred, and others will get killed over the years. The rest of you, depends on where you want to end up in Section Six. I am only your trainer, your drill sergeant for the next six, six months, the only things I expect from you is plenty of hard work and dedication, determination. We will be working with not only magical, but also physical weaponry that could help you save your lives when you get into a pinch. But I know one things for certain, evan after your training is over. You all picked the Ground Corps, you are training with, the Ground Corps, not the Air Corps, or the Sea Corps, but the Ground Corps. Evan after you are transferred out of ‘ere, you will always be a part of, the Ground Corps, the first into the fight, and the last out, I will make sure that all of you, if not most of you, will make it into and out of those fights. Now, on my orders you are dismissed to go about setting up your things in your barracks, and when you return tomorrow you are to refer to me only as Captain, do I make myself clear.”
“Yes Captain!” They all yelled back to my question that was more of a statement.
“Good, now. Company! Diii-smissed!”
With that all the young enlisted men women, boys and girls broke apart and began looking for their bunks and barracks. Taking one last look at the scene, Reo took in a deep breath before letting it out sighing, saying, “This is gonna be one ‘ell of a half year.” Before making an about face spin and walking back towards his office.

Though I feel I could write a lot more I’ll leave it at that so some others can get themselves introduced for the RP. ‘Till than team, *salutes* see you on the battlefield!

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Did it skip a couple days? I'm trying to figure out how it went from the middle of a birthday party to a graduation ceremony for new recruits

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(.o.)b I'm about as puzzled about this as you are Alicia...

but... I guess it did skip a few days >.>

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Think of it like a scene from a movie luvs, I felt the birthday was covered and it served its opening purpose, so I skipped ahead a day or so making the birthday scene fade out and cut into a new scene. 'Till than it's anyones game so, have at it.

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Although it had been only a few months since Shiro and Mizuki had been serving in the Ground Forces division in a different battalion, Mizuki's father suggested that they take a break prior to enrolling for Section Six.

Shiro's Familiar, Zelphie kept scanning the skies searching for her master but had no luck so far.

"Geez...after all we've been through he still goes off on his own," sighed the feathery Familar. "I told him to take me along but who does he go with instead...that partner of his."

After several more minutes of searching, Zelphie finally spotted the two at the park.

"Finally...I thought I'd never find them. Oh...what's this?" she wondered, looking down.

" are things with your grandparents?" asked Mizuki, as she & Shiro were looking over the ocean at the park.

"It's going alright. I'm still a bit bothered that I wasn't told sooner about..." began Shiro, but stopped short.

"I know it's difficult, but...I'll help with your know that right?" asked Mizuki.

"Yeah...thanks, Mizuki," replied Shiro. "At least my place isn't too far from where my grandfather is."

"At least you'll be able to write to him," said Mizuki. "You DO know that when we start that most of the time it's training, right?"

"Of course," he replied.

"By the still have enough fuel in your motorcycle tank, right?" inquired Mizuki.

"Yeah...there's still enough...even to head to Section 6's HQ," replied Shiro.

"Just curious but...isn't there a gas station near that your twin cousin works at?" inquired Mizuki.

"Please...don't even try and bring that up," said Shiro.

"Why not?" she asked.

"That cousin of mine gives me too many suggestive ideas that I don't want to even think about," said Shiro.

"Oh come on're a young guy. I thought most would probably get their minds stuck in that stuff," said Mizuki.

"Yeah...well...I'm trying to steer away from that direction," said Shiro.

"Mm-hmm...right," joked Mizuki.

Shiro then heard the flapping of wings and turned around and spotted his feathery Familiar.

"You were following us?" asked Shiro.

"I was looking everywhere for you guys," said Zelphie.

"I told you to just wait at home," he replied.

"But it's sooo boring. I need to head out at least once in a while," she whined.

Shiro sighed and shook his head. "Alright...fine."

"Oh...I found a good music shop along the way as I was trying to find you guys," said Zelphie.

"Seriously? That's great. Where is it?" asked Shiro.

"I didn't know you were into music," said Mizuki.

"He's a pretty good violinist," replied Zelphie, smiling. "It's sooo relaxing at times."

"Hey now...quit putting the pressure on me," said Shiro.

"The shop is near a pub a couple of blocks down the street," she replied.

"Alright...let's go," said Shiro. He then walked over to his motorcycle and opened the back part of the seat which stored another helmet, and handed it to his partner.

The second one had blue stripes on the sides. Shiro's helmet was black with blue flames on the side.

His motorcycle had twin exhaust pipes at the back, the skeleton of the engine was showing on both sides, at least…the form of the skeleton; the frame had two separate colors divided in the middle, blue on one side and black on the other. On the blue side there was white flame streaks while on the black side there were streaks of lightning while on the front were two headlights.

As the three of them were heading to the music shop, along the way Mizuki got into a telepathic chat with Zelphie regarding Shiro's talent with the violin.

Once they got there, Shiro then told Zelphie to stay with his bike while they went inside. The feathery Familiar was reluctant at first but then sighed and stayed behind.

'Hey you remember that time when during training my older sister came up and thought we were an item?' asked Mizuki, telepathically.

Shiro groaned in annoyance and rubbed his forehead. 'Don't remind me,' he replied.

It only took the two of them a few minutes to get what they needed and then headed back to Mizuki's place. Shiro then asked her parents if they would be able to watch over his bike while they headed over to Section Six headquarters. Mizuki's father offered to drive them and the two of them accepted. Zelphie sat next to Shiro as the three of them headed over to the train station.

After arriving and purchasing their tickets, Mizuki gave one last farewell hug to her father and Shiro gave him a firm handshake.


After looking over Reo's post, I figured that eventually I'll have them explain a bit regarding their backgrounds at some point.

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Well here goes my guts... this will be the first time being the Main antagonist so good luck to me.


"I want you to kill the woman who took everything from me."

These were the final words my previous administrator told me. Who was I? I have no actual name. All I knew was that I was created to serve one individual: Alicia Testarossa. However, that would now be impossible due to her death. Right now my greatest concern would be Lena, now Nanoha Takamachi's daughter. My orders are: Bring as much torment and a cruel death to Nanoha Takamachi.

I strode through the peaceful halls of this division... bored to death by how normal things were... but that will change very soon.

"Hayate-san, did you call for me?" I asked, fixing up a smile.

"Sigurd-san I want you to help Nanoha-chan with our forwards today." Hayate said, in an apologetic tone.

"Sure thing. It has something to do with her daughter doesn't it?" I narrowed, keeping a light tone for the conversation.

She nodded in silence. After that I saluted and took my leave.


I went hard on them as usual on the 6 against one mock battle. These children wouldn't have survived the training I went through with Alicia. They wouldn't even make it through the first day.

"That's all for today. I want all of you to review on your tactics and formulate a plan of attack that will not fail." I announced, deactivating my barrier jacket and giving them a nod to dismiss them.

Here you go Alicia... you can continue from here I guess... I hope it isn't that much of a bother though. I also realize how short this is... hopefully it'll get longer soon... >.>;;

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Continuation of Sigurd's post via request

Spoiler: Continuation
"Your defenses have too many holes..." Alicia stated as she charged her student and landed a punch square in the other girl's chest, causing the
girl to double over and gasp for air

"Guh!" Sigurd coughed out as she felt her body rise high into the air. She felt as if she had broken 3 of her ribs from that shot alone.

Alicia jumped up and leveled with the flying girl, raising her Katars into the air and summoning a bolt of lightning from the sky

"Shin...Raikoken!" the blond screamed out as the bolt landed on her weapons. She slashed her Katars downward on the defenseless girl in front of her and followed her to the ground.

Sigurd felt her body being torn into many pieces as she was pushed all the way down to the ground before being slammed hard against the floor and bouncing several feet away. The lightning energy formed a cross shape on the ground, originating from the position she landed on and scarring the earth before vanishing

"Get up..." Alicia ordered before running over and thrusting her katar
at the other's stomach

"...!" Sigurd rolled away just in time to have her life saved. She was breathing rapidly, trying her best to catch her breath before she was attacked once again.

"You have to recover quickly at ALL times." she pulled her weapon out of the ground "Your enemies will never allow you to regain your footing." she pointed the katar "Remember that"

"H...hai" the other girl did everything she could to recover, even if it meant stalling for a few more seconds.

"You know how to fight six men. I will teach you engage six hundred." she began to circle slowly "You know how to disappear" she used her speed to phase out "I can teach you to become...truly invisible" she reappeared behind Sigurd and kicked the girl in the side

Sigurd rolled and recovered bringing her weapon up to bear. She fired several projectiles in a large hope that her instructor would take some kind of damage. Alicia stood there, not even trying to dodge the oncoming projectiles. Instead she heaved a deep sigh and closed her eyes. She raised her katar over her left shoulder and then sliced horizontally and dispelling the attack in a single sweep. Sigurd's eyes opened wider in shock as she realized what had just happened.

"What is wrong with you..." It was more of a statement than a question. She stepped forward as Sigurd stepped back almost in fear, maintaining their distance. "Are you telling me you can defeat me with low level tricks and cheap attacks?" her fury now emanating from her body "If you aren't willing to risk your life, then you stand no chance against me."

Sigurd mustered her energy and transformed into Zwei. Her remaining power now on overload as she charged at Alicia, making the blond pause her actions momentarily at the sudden change in battle tactics. The desperate girl struck high, then low, from left and from right. She did everything she could with all her power to land a single strike...but it was no use. Her body was too beaten while her opponent was completely unscathed.

"Argh...gah!" she screamed in pain as the blond's counter attack missed her vital organs, the shock-wave of the strike sending terrible vibrations throughout her body. She survived...what a stroke of luck for her. Had she been even a centimeter closer, her insides would have probably been splattered all over the field.

"..." Alicia waited patiently and looked at her student in wonder " survived."

"That shot was supposed to kill me?!" Sigurd couldn't help but speak aloud at the sudden revelation

"I told you when we started" she shifted her stance "Come at me as if you are going to kill me, if will die" she charged again

Sigurd stepped back and prepared to intercept the attack, her senses heightening. She knew that this move was risky, even for her instructor. A straight frontal attack against someone with a longer ranged weapon was dangerous. So what is she thinking?

"...!" She gasped as her question was finally answered. From the corner of her eye, she noticed a blurred image coming from both sides of her vision. "A diversion!" she gasped to herself and quickly ascended from her previous position.

"Too slow..." Alicia muttered as the other girl caught on too late.

Sigurd managed to escape as the energy copies of Alicia passed through each other in her former location. She was about to breathe a sigh of relief when she noticed a presence behind her

"You need to beware of traps..." Alicia whispered into the frightened girl's ear

"Arghh!!!" Sigurd screamed as her left arm was twisted painfully behind her. She looked over her shoulder and could have sworn that she saw a demonic figure smiling.

"Or else this might happen to you..." she finished her sentence by stabbing her right Katar through Sigurd's arm and into her back, all the way till it protruded out the shocked girl's chest.

"Gu..ah...uh..." she tried to breathe but her body wouldn't let her. She tried to scream, but her voice wouldn't respond. She tried to move, but her body just couldn't take it anymore.

"Learn this lesson well..." the blond whispered into the other girl's ear before removing the Katar and letting her student plummet to the ground.

Sigurd landed with a dull thud. Her body not even registering the pain coming from her now broken arm or the impact of the fall. All she could see was the red liquid that was slowly seeping from her body from the wound she had received.

"So you are still alive..." Alicia spoke as she landed on the ground several feet away before walking slowly towards the broken girl "Then I guess I should congratulate you but showing you my greatest technique..." A cold black aura began to form around her and encompassed her every being to the point where only her shining red eyes were visible. It drew closer and closer and...

"AHHHHHHH!!" Sigurd screamed as she woke from her afternoon nap. She held her head and stood up slowly, her body covered in sweat. Whether it was from the training earlier or the dream, she didn't know.

"Sigurd-san" a knock came to her door moments later "Commander Yagami wants to talk to you about today's training session."

"Hai, I'll be right out!" she called back before turning and looking at herself in the mirror "That was one hell of a dream..."

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I feel bad for Sigurd, to say the least.

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Don't. Actually I'd prefer Alicia's training style more than the others xD I prefer having the drill demon from hell that actually makes you learn... than the angel that teaches you nothing at all.

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Hay, I may have not had a drill deamon from hell but I had a drill deamon all the same. I got the shit beat out of me evary day, those angel 'instructors' I have been told from my very first day are pussies scared of a fight...
Out of character now: Actually, I can't wait to see whare this is heading for you Sigurd, and I have to give you a pat on the back and a cheer for taking on the bad guy role. Good luck to you luv, hell, you may evan find more than one twist in the story to come. Well, 'till than. *tips hat*

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Spoiler: Story
As I watched her train the recruits, I couldn’t help but disagree with her methods. She wasn’t even going easy on them. She was landing blow after blow against them, not even caring if they got hurt. Yet I just watched from the side lines. It hurt just watching. There was something about her that was somewhat familiar, yet not at the same time. I don’t know why, but she gave me this strange feeling, a feeling that just screamed “back off, or she’ll kill you”.

When the recruit were sent how, they gave me strange look, as if saying “why didn’t you stop this?”. I just gave them a apologetic look back, after all, she did ask for me not to interfere. I wouldn’t let that happen tomorrow. Its only been a couple day, and their probably already thinking of quitting. I need to tell her to restraint some of her magic more.

I walked up to Sigurd and waited patiently for her to close her screens. “Is there something you need, Captain?” Sigurd said, her full attention on the screens still.

Straightening my shoulders a bit, I started. “Sigurd-san, I don’t know where you use to work, but here we have a little restraint in how we train.” Her hand twitched, but she kept on typing.

“Tell me Captain…Are people here really that weak? I mean, I wasn’t even going all out, besides you would’ve gone easy on them. They need to learn how to properly fight, and that can’t happen if you go “easy” on them.” Just the way she said it made shivers crawl up my spin. “And you’re right…” She shut off the screens to look at me, her eyes showing me something between pity, and anger. “You don’t know where.” She started to walk off, but I quickly got in her way, training still in my mind.

“It may be a way to make someone stronger, but at the moment, that’s not what we’re trying to do. We’re trying to train them so they don’t die on their first mission.” I narrowed my eyes a bit. “I don’t want them dieing before that.” She smiled, actually smiled, and waved her hand in the air.

“Die you say? Ha! You should’ve seen what I went through, dieing is the least of their worries.” She saw the look on my face and her smile turned into a smirk. “You see, I’m just showing them how to survive in the real word, if you want me to stop I’ll stop, but tell me Captain, how far will you go if someone you loved, died?”

“I…I don’t understand.”

“Exactly, you wouldn’t because you haven’t lost someone before, but trust me you will, and when that day comes, you’d know the answer.” She tried to side step me, but again, I blocked her path. “Please get out of my way, Takamachi-san, I have work to do.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, but promise me you will have limits to you’re training.”

“I can’t promise anything, if I did, they will surely die in the future.”

“Sigurd-san, at this rate, you will kill them before they even get the chance to fight. So I’m telling you again, limit yourself.”

“Is that an order?” She leaned closer, her eyes flashing dangerously.

“Yes…that’s an order.”

An explosion rang out, throwing me against the wall, my shoulder searing in pain. I looked in front of me, and noticed I went through the wall and into some offices. Stumbling up, I looked around me to see if anyone was hurt. Seeing no one was hurt, I stumbled out of the hole I made when I flew against the wall, and looked for my attacker.

“No one orders me…” I heard to my side. I turned around and she was back in her barrier jacket, a white gold trimmed polo, with black pants, and black men’s boots. It was actually a attire I’ve never seen before. Well there’s a first for everything…especially this.

Taking my time to stand up, I glared at her. “What the hell was that for? Hitting you’re superior is not something you should do.” She tilted her head to the side, her short black hair moving with her head.

“Oh, really? I thought you actually deserved it. You should be glad you didn’t die. Well that would be expecting from one of the aces.” She lowered her device, Pier, and slowly circled me.

My eyes narrowed, as I followed her. Circling each other I had to ask. “Why, why did I deserve it? Why did you strike at me? I was only looking for what’s best for I my forwards.”

“You have no reason to know, lets just say that I really, really wanted to hit you.” I stiffened and she smirked. “Are you surprised? That that’s really why I hit you?” She flicked her wrist. “There are other reasons, but right now, that’s all I’m saying.”

“Stop while you can…” I warned.

“I’m sorry, but I can not…no...I will not stop…” She disappeared in front of me, and I could feel her breath behind me, lingering on the nape of my neck. Flinging my elbow up, I flung it towards her exposed face, only to watch in amazement as she disappeared. I twisted my body around, wondering where she went.

“Above you now…” I dove to the side, feeling her attack weigh down on me. Rolling myself up right, I looked at the newly changed girl. She had one big sword formed at her left side, her eyes flashing dangerously cold. She looked different, not just her new outfit, but her personality too. Her hair was now silver, her eyes red and to top it off, her whole attire changed. It was the complete opposite of what her jacket looked like before. She wore a beige cape with an insignia I’ve never seen before, a beige vest, beige polo, and beige leather boots, the complete opposite of the black attire she wore before.

Unclipping Raising Heart, I switched to my barrier jacket feeling a fight about to take place. Runes formed beneath her, making me ready my stance. Looking around me, I noticed the alarms weren’t on. If I could just hold her off, I’m sure back up will come. I thought to myself. I just need to make sure they hear us. I looked back at her and noticed she was staring at me intently.

“Who….who exactly are you?” She smirked and started walking towards me.

“That, Takamachi Nanoha, is something you do not wish to know.” I widened my eyes as, yet again, she disappeared. I turned around, ready to strike.


An explosion rang out in Section 6, making all it’s employees look towards the training field, wondering what Nanoha Takamachi was doing this time. Another explosion came soon after, but different, it wasn’t in the training field, but in the buildings next to it. Something was wrong, terribly. The alarms came next, alerting all the employees to quickly evacuate the premises, and wait till it’s all over.

People scrambled out of the building quickly, not wanting to get in what ever was happening. Some went straight towards the fight, wanting to help out. What ever the case was, Section 6 was ready for it. However, they did not know what they were getting into.

Spoiler: Note's
There. Now on to someone next. This would be a perfect opportunity for people to start introducing their OC(s) into the story. A battle scene is just the perfect way to show off new powers, new friends, enemies and such. Have fun~

BTW if you haven't noticed already, I'm not much for writing the fighting scenes ^ ^;

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"Hey Shiro...hasn't it been a while since you two sparred with each other?" asked Zelphie.

"Come to think of has. Considering the fact that she whooped my butt three times in a row," said Shiro.

His feathery Familiar laughed. "You went too easy on her," she joked.

"That was on purpose," he defended.

"Yeah right," replied Zelphie.

"I'm serious," said Shiro. Suddenly, Shiro's head cocked up and he immediately began looking around.

"What is it?" asked Mizuki.

"Something appears to be going on near Section Six," said Shiro.

"What...where?" asked Mizuki.

"I'll go check from above," said Zelphie, heading outside.

Shiro and Mizuki followed her outside of the train terminal. Nearby, there were bystanders who were murmuring to themselves as they too wonder what was going on.

"It appears to be near the training grounds," said Zelphie from above.

Shiro sighed for a brief moment before taking out his device.

"Let's go," said Shiro.

"I'm with ya," said Mizuki.



"Set up!" they shouted.

"Drive Ignition," replied the devices.

Mizuki’s barrier jacket had a small white shirt that had an “X” design in the middle on the inside followed by blue lines in the middle of her shoes, a white jacket with silver lining at the edges, a small skirt that had blue lining near the edges as well as yellow ribbons in her hair creating ponytails.

Shiro's consisted of having on his left arm a metal gauntlet while his right arm remained bare, a jacket with black linings at the bottom end of the jacket, a sheathe behind his belt for the dagger form of his device and a sheathe for his sword form on both his left and right side, light blue shorts, and metal shoes.

His Familiar carried Mizuki on her arms as he followed Zelphie to where the fight seemed to be taking place.

"Something tells me we're going to be in for an ugly fight," said Zelphie.

"No arguments there. However...we should try and help out any way we can," replied Shiro. His device was in twin sword mode while Mizuki's was in crossbow mode.

"Um...Shiro...not to be rude or anything but...since we're taking to the skies...won't it seem a bit awkward for others to see us like this?" asked Mizuki.

"It depends," he replied. "I've already called your father to send my motorcycle to our current location. It should be here within a few minutes."

"You what?!" exclaimed Mizuki.

"I guess there are some things that I have to explain a bit latter," said Shiro.

" do," she replied.

About five minutes later, Shiro's ears picked up the sound of his motorcycle engine purring. He then thanked Mizuki's father. He explained about what was currently going on back at headquarters to Shiro.

"That's not good...we better get moving," said Shiro. Looking at his comrades, he then said, "Let's ride."

Gunning the engines on his motorcycle, the two of them were surprised when the front suddenly changed to that of a phoenix head and the back to its wings. The three of them then headed out towards Section Six unaware of what was waiting for them at the other end.

By the time they got to the scene, there were a couple of fires blazing wildly, sirens blaring as Shiro saw some people running out of the building.

"What's going on?" he asked one of the employees.

"We're not sure. Some explosion just struck headquarters and then all of a sudden a fight appeared to have broken out," he replied.

"Between who?" asked Mizuki.

"It was between two instructors...I think," he answered.

"Do you happen to know at least one of them?" asked Shiro.

"Takamachi Nanoha," he answered.

Shiro's eyes widened upon hearing the Ace of Aces name then turned to Mizuki and Zelphie.

"Mizuki...check for any other survivors, Zelphie...I need you to tend to the wounded," ordered Shiro.

"What about you?" asked Mizuki.

"I'm going in to see what's going on and engage any hostiles if necessary," he answered. "Defend yourself when necessary and don't hesitate to use force."

Mizuki looked into his eyes for a brief moment before giving him a quick embrace.

"Be careful," she said.

"You as well," said Shiro, as he went ahead.

"Timaeus...what's the current situation?" he asked.

"There appears to be an unknown enemy within the vicinity and is currently engaging Instructor Takamachi," replied the device.

"Can you try and locate them?" asked Shiro.

"Negative, sir," it replied. "There appears to be too much interference at the moment. However, I can let you know if there are any nearby enemies within the vicinity."

"Keep me posted," said Shiro.

With regards to what happened with Shiro's motorcycle...I'll get to the explanation of his skills eventually as well as my magic type.

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Stumbling out of one of the flaming buildings, I activated my device Bris before getting my bearings on which way up and down seemed to be, and where the explosions that hit my building originated from. Taking a deep breath and grasping the rifle form of Bris tightly into my hands, I went with my gut feeling and decided to head in the direction the training field was, sure it was a gut feeling, but a lot of battle ready soldiers were running that way so it seemed the appropriate idea. Just as I turned away from the building I exited and took a few steps away from it, I heard one of the worst sounds I have ever heard in my entire life. The sound of metal falling on metal, concrete disintegrating, support beams collapsing, windows bending against fare amounts of pressure and then smashing, and worst of all, the terrible creaking a building makes when it is coming down on top of itself. Turning around fully I looked at the massive 38 story building for a few seconds before registering in my mind what exactly was happening. Turning back around and running as fast as I could away from the building I yelled, “Everybody move! Thare’s a buildin’ comin’ down! Move-move-move-move-move-move-move!” Still running as fast and as far as I possibly could away from the collapsing tower of fire, running and pushing past every man and woman in my way, it wasn’t long before the blazing inferno of rock and steel hit the ground, making a shockwave explode out from under it and picking me up, flinging me farther away from the collapsed mess, but farther into the air than initially intended. Hitting the ground roughly I immediately threw up a shield on top of myself in an attempt to keep any stray debris from the building, now pile of rubble, from hitting me.
After laying on the ground for a few minutes I took the shield down and slowly stood up. Bringing Bris’ rifle form up to bare, I stared down the iron sites on the rifle barrel and flung him around back and forth, looking into the mess of dust and fire to see if there were any enemy hostiles nearby enough to blast, if there were any that is. Taking slow but cautious steps, I carefully started to make my way back towards the destroyed building that once held my quarters and office. Stepping over the unmoving body of a soldier I probably didn’t know, I took a quick glance downward at it before putting my eye back into view of my devices iron sites and kept moving on. I hated it. Hated seeing someone dead like that, and it was a kid for Dea’s sake! A kid who only wanted to do what he felt was right for his world and people. I guess life is just not, fucking, fair sometimes. Moving ahead a few more meters before stopping, I decided to take cover behind a large piece of ruble for safeties sake before yelling out, “Is anyone still alive!” Getting no reply I tried again, “I said, is anyone still alive!”
Getting a few groans in reply this time, I looked in the direction the closest groan was coming from and took a few hurried steps towards the down man. Helping him onto his feet I carried him over to the pile of rubble I was ducking behind before saying, “It’s alright son, the worst of it is over now. Can you walk?” Getting a yes sir in reply I let him stand before telling him to go help out any other person that needs it and to lead all non combat personnel out of here, I also told him to tell all the men fit and ready to fight to start moving back the way he came from. After sending him on his way I started to hurry my actions a bit more intended, figuring that if there was going to be an invasion of enemy troops they would have done it by now. I also heard the noises of battle pick up again as I drew nearer and nearer to the fallen building. Moving at a foxtrot pace I halted my movements when I spotted a small band of men gathered together, looking like they were seemingly making a plan of action. Jogging up to them I addressed the man in charge, a First Sergeant Riley Farris, asking how the situation was going.
“Things are as fucked up as they can get sir,” He told me. “Just about all communication we have with the outside is blocked out, and we can’t tell up from down in all this haze and smoke. Out of reports we have from the men gathered here right now, we have an estimated number of up to 30-50 casualties, and are expecting more if this battle keeps progressing. We were just formulating an attack strategy before you got here, sir.”
Letting the sergeants words sink in for a moment, I turned back to him and said, “Alright sergeant, what do you have for me so far.”
“Well sir,” He began. “The battle we do believe has originated from around this area here,” he said pointing to an area just outside the training fields. “Judging a lot from what we have gathered the battle has raged from that point there, and has moved its position over a few hundred meters this way.” This time he pointed an area nearer to our sector and drew a large circle around it with his finger. “Though we have no idea who started this battle, we do know that one of the fighters is 1st Air Captain Takamachi. Some of the men that actually did get a good look at the challenger we believe, think it could possibly be the new instructor 1st Lieutenant Sigurd who started this fight.
“Now from the combat patterns we have observed from the fighting, we believe that this battle is still under a maintained ground combat level. Though combat styles may suggest things have gotten a bit more sporadic than initially intended. Several fires have broken out in buildings 3, 17, 8, 9, and 25 and we had two collapses so far with buildings 14, and 32. With those details in pla-”
Cutting him off I said, “Son, I asked for an attack strategy, not a status report on what the ‘ell is goin’ on right now.”
“Sorry sir,” he said. “But if you let me finish I can explain all that.” Giving him a nod I let him continue. “Alright, with the details of those collapsed building in mind, as well as the fires, we believe that our two fighters are trying to keep any other personnel from interfering in their brawl. If you notice both roadways here, and here, are now effectively blocked due to the destruction of both buildings 14 and 32, as well as the fires and smoke seem to be doing a hell of a job in confusing the air boys and any other personnel on their way over here.”
“Dear Dea,” I said as soon as his words of explanation seemed to sink in. “They’re trying to keep us out of the fight.”
“Exactly,” he said. “Which’s why we need to get our asses in gear sir, there is only one other roadway into that area, and if we don’t hurry it won’t be there anymore.”
Nodding my head in agreement I turned to the gathered men, noticing the numbers have increased quite a bit since I joined the fun, and offered my words of faith and luck to them before leading them off into combat.
Nearing the interval of the roadway all the men gathered started to pour down the open road, running as fast as they could to clear the area so they wouldn’t be stuck there if things did go wrong. Moving down the length of an overhang, a bunch of the more ranged soldiers took cover and prepared to fire, while those with swords and other close range weaponry just stood by and watched the battle, watching and waiting to jump into the fight eagerly. Once all the ranged men were in their positions, I gave the signal for all our sword teams to move in. I watched as they charged at the fighters, screaming at the top of their lungs a battle cry that would send shivers down any normal mans spine, but this was no normal man, or woman for that mater. I also watched all of those men drop to the ground, they fell so fast that if you blinked your eye right at that moment you would have missed it. Looking on in wonder, I stared at our foe for a moment before giving the order to open fire. The magical bullets flung at her seemed to pass right threw her, as if they didn’t even exist. She just stared at me, she continued to stare at me with those cold, heartless eyes of hers like she knew who I was, that she has seen me before not only here on base, but from some other part of the galaxy and from some other time…that’s when it hit me. “…Zwei…” I said to myself before raising my rifle up and resting it on the crook of my shoulder. Before I could even fire off a round she had grabbed me by the neck and flung me clear threw a building. Before I blacked out, the only things I could hear were the screams and shouts of the rest of the fighting men, and more magical bullets being discharged at an unbeatable foe.

Yeah, I had too, enjoy the moment and good luck whomevar posts next. Oh and just so you know, this is when I start tyin' Sig into my past.

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We stand alone, together

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This is the "Curve ball" I was going to throw in. I call it...

Spoiler: The Jericho
"At long last..." a voice muttered "I have found what I needed in order to extract my revenge" the person opened what seemed to be a dark portal. A small object reflecting an eerie light in their hand. "After two years things will finally go my way. Fu fu fu~"


"...!" the girl awoke from her rest with a start as the alarms started going off. She got up and shook the cobwebs from her mind and only one word left her lips "Master..." the girl bolted out of her room and ran down the hall. She checked the entire house but there was no sign of anyone. She racked her brain and thought about what her master's plans were. She knew Vivio would be around the area somewhere...maybe shopping...maybe visiting her parents at the training field...or maybe...

The girl bolted out the door and didn't even bother to lock it. She took to the air despite the many many times Hayate had told her that flying within city limits was prohibited. Her eyes scanning all the areas that her master could possibly be in. She looked down at the gem around her neck, the very gem her mother provided for her over two years ago, in sort of a sullen reminder of what happened. The gem began to react and the girl descended towards the area around the medical wing

"She cant be..." her eyes widened as she increased her dive speed almost to the point of creating a crater to stop her momentum. She charged through the doorway and finally landed on her feet while racing through the halls all the way to the reception desk where she found her objective sitting with Einhart Stratos. "Master..." she said between heavy breathing

"Ah, Lena-chan" Vivio waved as the brown-eyed girl came over "what happened to you?" she looked sternly "you weren't breaking the rules and flying again were you?"

"The alarms were going off" the Servant responded "I had to get here no matter what."

"You broke the rules again..." Vivio's eyes narrowed


"No! I don't want to hear it!" she snapped "I am perfectly fine! You don't have to worry about me all the time you know?" she sighed "You are still under watch from the TSAB itself, you cant keep doing things like this! Do you know how much trouble it causes Nanoha-mama and Fate-mama every time you act selfishly like that?!" she paused a few moments while sitting back down "You are a walking physical weapon, your existence alone is against the TSAB charter. If they didn't decide to adopt you..." she looked down "the TSAB might have had you killed..."

"But what if--"

"If I were in any kind of danger, I could easily call for you." she rolled up her right sleeve and showed a symbol on the back of her arm "The command spell will bring you to me, isn't that what you said?"

The Servant nodded

"Then why are you causing problems for everyone taking off and flying here?" her voice now one of a deep sigh "How am I going to explain this now?" she shook her head.


Vivio turned to Einhart "I'm so sorry..." she bowed "I know I was supposed to spend the day with you, but this came up." she smiled sadly "I'll see you tomorrow ok?"

"That wont be necessary..." Lena answered, making the two girls look back at her. "I'll head back on my own...all I seem to do is cause problems anyway..." she bowed and took off running before the others could react.


Lena sat by herself on the top of a hill. She leaned back on a tree and stared off into the distance.

"You don't have to worry about me all the time you know?"

"Why are you causing problems for everyone?"

"You are a walking physical weapon, your existence alone is against the TSAB charter"

Vivio's voice filled her mind.

"I don't know how else to act..." she spoke aloud as if to answer for the thoughts "I'm just a weapon my mother created" she looked at her hands "created to kill her..." she felt her eyes beginning to sting. "Why...?" she took the talisman from her neck and spoke to it "Why did you create me only for the purpose of killing you?" her vision began to blur "What do I do now?" her voice began to get rasp "All I was ever taught from you was to learn and to fight..." she wiped her eyes "aside from that...I have no purpose..."

"Then I shall give you purpose..." a voice came from her side, startling her

A shadowy figure began to materialize a small distance away. The girl's eyes widened as the figure became manifested

"Obaa-san...(Grandmother)" the girl breathed out "'re alive..." she remained stunned as the woman walked up to her "how?"

"Thanks to you, fu fu fu~" the woman took the chance and pulled out an object from under her cloak and stabbed the little girl in the chest with it

"Argh!" Lena grit her teeth as the item struck her linker core

"You like this?" her grandmother asked "This is a new item I found. I believe it is called the 'Rule Breaker' fu fu fu." she looked at the dagger

"Wh..what?" Lena looked as her energy began to dispel and it seemed like her body was being torn to pieces

"You said before you were a servant right?" the woman smiled as the girl's power began to flow into the dagger while her own power flowed into the girl "Now you shall"

"ahh...aahhh....AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" she screamed at the top of her lungs as a bright light blinded her vision.


"Ow!" Vivio gripped her wrist

"Are you ok Vivio-san?" Einhart came to the girl's side

"I'm ok but..." she rolled her sleeve up and her eyes widened "Something is wrong..."

"What do you mean?" the other heterochromia-eyed girl asked

"My Command spells are gone..." she looked almost desperate "that only happens when I've used them all up...or my servant is dead."


"This is really nice..." the woman looked at her arm "this is very nice indeed" she turned her attention to the girl standing before her. The child's eyes were now empty, almost as if she had no will of her own. "You will serve me well..."


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Well... here goes nothing...

Before I could continue with my next plan of attack a holographic screen blocked my path, preventing me to go any further. It was Hayate and she looks really upset about what just happened. I stopped at my tracks and simply looked around if my opponent halted as well.

“You two need to knock it off!” Hayate commanded sternly, applying her authority on both of us.

“Pier… deactivate.” I said, sighing and recognizing the authority that was presented to me.

I cannot afford to risk blowing my cover at such a crucial point. No… I will not let that happen, not today.

I looked around to see what happened to my opponent only to meet by a face full of sadness and regret. However, what’s done is done. I’ll just leave it at that. By my unofficial count I’d say we have involved more than thirty men… and left a lot of destruction in our wake.

“Now you two… I want you to head to my office and explain yourselves.” Hayate sighed and placed a hand on her head.

This is going to be so much paperwork… all because she wouldn’t let me through. It amuses me to no end that all of this simply happened because of her stubbornness…

“Now then Captain. Would you like to come with me and report to the commander as to why all of this happened?” I said, trying to be diplomatic.

She just gave a slight nod and we went on our way. Before we left I noticed that if we went any further someone could have intervened… whether this guy was on their side or not… I didn’t know.


“Would you two please tell me why I now owe the higher-ups an explanation for all this commotion on base?” Hayate asked, sighing and placing her chin on her interlaced fingers.

Nanoha raised her hand, signaling for her permission to talk. Hayate simply nodded. She explained the entire thing and apologized for the commotion which I predicted would happen.

“I apologize for the racket. Next time I won’t lose my temper easily. Speaking of which captain… it’s stated in one of the reports that there was a device implanted on your daughter, captain.” I said, crossing my arms.

“It’s none of your business lieutenant.” She replied coldly.

I couldn’t help but be amused at her expression once I brought this up… which means there are still some things that my mistress left intact after her death. Whether it is intentional or not I will never know. However, that leaves me something to work with in planning my attack against Takamachi.

Upon entering my room I immediately crashed onto my bed because of exhaustion. I don’t know which was more exhausting having to confront her or having a real battle against her.

One thing is for sure though… once this all over… Takamachi will die.

Before you guys hit me for being cheezy with the ending let me just say one thing... it was needed xD

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As Shiro got close to the main building, his device began beeping.

"Sir...I've currently got a lock on Instructor Takamachi," said Timaeus.

"Good job...where is she?" asked Shiro.

"Northwest side of where you currently are right now," it replied.

"In simpler terms..." inquired Shiro.

"She's in the second floor of the main building on your left side," answered the device.

"Thanks," he replied. Once Shiro was inside, he then noticed a small column of smoke coming from the direction his device mentioned.

'Oh great...this'll complicate things a bit,' he thought.

As he followed the column, he could hear the crackle of flames as well as voices.

"Anyone in here?" he called out. Looking around carefully, his eyes then spotted a figure that appeared to be in a defensive stance currently scanning the area for any enemies.

"If anyone is alive in here, please respond," continued Shiro.

Taking out his twin swords, he loaded a couple of cartridges which then caused the swords to be engulfed in flames.

He then closed his eyes and stood almost completely still as he listened in on the enemy that appeared to be hidden.

'Something is different, that's for sure,' thought Shiro. 'Where are you?'

"This isn't feels empty...yet it's not," said Shiro.

"Sir...I've found a few faint signals within the area," replied Timaeus.

"Lead me to the closest one," answered Shiro.

"Sir...there's one enemy near the faint signal," it replied.

"Fine...I'll deal with it," said Shiro.

''s me, Zelphie,' called out the Familiar.

' are things outside?' asked Shiro.

'Several medical teams came in to tend to those that are wounded. Where are you right now?' asked Zelphie.

'I'm currently on the first floor. There appears to be a few faint signals within as well as a couple of enemies,' he explained.

'I'll join you in a bit,' said Zelphie.

' careful though,' replied Shiro.

'You as well,' answered the Familiar.

As Shiro continued looking around the building, he heard several explosions from above as well as some screams.

He then ran up the wall on the left before leaping off and onto a nearby pillar before reaching the second floor.

As he headed towards the source of the screams another explosion shook the building and debris began to fall.

'Shit!' he mentally cursed. Thinking quick, he loaded a couple of cartridges, reverted the swords to gun form and began shooting at the incoming debris. The rest of it became small bits of rubble.

"That was too close," said Shiro.

"I agree sir," replied Timaeus.

Shiro then heard some commotion from one of the nearby hallways and realized that a couple of people were getting scolded by someone higher up.

"Somehow I get the feeling that there's more to this problem than meets the eye," said Shiro.

"I agree sir. Shall we go check it out?" asked Timaeus.

" would be best to explain ourselves and ask about the current situation," he replied.

'Zelphie...go check and see if anyone needs anymore help,' said Shiro, telepathically.

'Are you sure everything is OK?' asked the Familiar.

'For the moment...anyway,' he answered.

Shiro's head shot up quickly and he blinked for a few seconds.

'Somehow I get the feeling that there's a rat within the ranks somewhere and they might not know it. Either that...or they didn't realize they could have let a spy in,' thought Shiro.

"Anything wrong sir?" asked Timaeus.

" at all," he replied.

I've already read the current post as of this moment and I'll just have to wait until I bring in my other characters at a certain point.

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Spoiler: Story
When Sigurd left Hayate’s office, I quickly turned to her. “Hayate-Chan you have got believe me when I tell you that I have no idea what the hell went down back there. One minute I was telling her to go easy on the recruit and then next I find myself thrown through a building. I didn’t even see her land a blow on me.” Hayate leaned forward and clasped her hands together.

“I believe you Nanoha-Chan…Really I do.” She said to my surprise. “I knew something was up about her to begin with, that’s why I let her help you with the recruits, to learn more about her.”

“What?!” I flailed my arms. “Why didn’t you tell me? I could’ve helped!”

“That’s why! You would’ve helped. If you helped the plan wouldn’t have gone well. You wouldn’t have said the things you said before. It could’ve been different. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you, but I knew this would work. Besides, I got everything on tape, I will have our top mages watch over her at all times. They will tell me when she makes one movement against us.” She stared at me with those blue eyes of hers and I slumped my shoulders and sighed out. She smiled in victory. “Don’t worry Nanoha-Chan, she wont do anything without us knowing. I’m still very interested in why she’s here to begin with, for now we shall watch.”

I went to sit on the couch and she followed, sitting next to me. “Nanoha-Chan, before we go on, can you tell me more about her? Not just her personality, but also Sigurd-San’s attack methods and so on?” I thought hard about it, and I started to tell her from the beginning. How we argued on fighting methods, on her personality switch and also on how she reminded me of someone, but I couldn’t figure out who. “I see…anything more to add?” Hayate added, while writing what I said down.

“No, nothing. It was like Sigurd-san was a different person. I swear that girl confused me so, and her punches hurt…” I thought hard about that sentence. “Actually…she reminds me of a “Gurr-Chan”. I feel like she’s going to bite me every second…” Hayate chuckled. “You know what? When I was coming up here, I felt her eyes on me…like she was a watch dog or something, and any minute she was going to bit me, and growl.”

“You’re imagination goes wild…”

“Of course it does…that means I’ve been hanging around with you to much.” I said, getting a hit in the back of my head. “Ow…you know I’m still hurting from that battle right?”

“Sorry Nanoha-Chan, but you saw that coming.” She replied. “Now back on topic. How strong would you say she is?”

“Um…about S…maybe more? I couldn’t tell, her powers kept changing. One minute she was Gurr-Chan, and the next…someone new. Like I said, she had a split personality.”

“Hm…I see…” She clapped her hands and laid back against the couch. “We’ll get more information from them later, so right now you should rest. Thank you for helping, and sorry about screaming.”

“Okay…I will, but on one condition though.” Hayate tilted her head to the side. “You’re going to count me in this operation no matter what.”

“Nanoha-Chan…you’re not invo-”

“Don’t you dare say that…I am involved now, and I want to help. She might overpower you’re mages with a sudden move. I can help.”

Hayate glared at me for a few minute, while I stared back. She shrunk back in her seat, and sighed in defeat, knowing I wasn’t going to give up. “Fine…but there are conditions.”

“Name ‘em.”

“First you have to follow my instructions, and not go against her when you feel like it…”

“Pssht, I do that no-”

“AND you have to do all the paperwork for what you two did out on the field. That is all.”

I could feel my face drain blood when I heard that. I thought she would at least drop it, or at least forget about that…but now I have to do ALL of it? That just wasn’t fair! I had to get in though, something about Sigurd, brought me uneasiness. She reminded me of someone, but I just couldn’t remember who. Closing my eyes, I nodded.


Spoiler: Note's
Hellz yeah! Five post in a day! xD Oh...I Reo-san's right, it does fit you're name in this story "Gurr-Chan." =P Good luck Ein-chan!

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~*General POV*~

''Such a dull place this is so far, I had expected much more of a place like this.. well, at least there was that battle earlier..'' said a young silver haired woman with a disapproving tone as she looked down upon the area she was in, wearing a simple combination of jeans, a shirt and knee high black boots with her intelligent device, a sword, sheathed on her belt, her name, nobody, not even she herself knows, but she usually goes by the name of Luciana.

The wind blew her hair to the right of her as she jumped down from the building, landing on the sidewalk, ''I guess I'll need to find something to do until I can get a new contractor..'' her gaze slowly fell upon a pub at the end of the street, ''Excellent, may as well get myself a drink or two..'' the woman said as she walked towards the pub.

~*Personal POV*~

As I entered the pub I already noticed filthy drunkards looking at me as if they would rape me the first chance they'd get, ''They are welcome to try, that is, if they want to end up in the morgue.'' I thought as I sat down at the bar, ''I guess that wherever I go.. pubs will always be the same, filthy men that fail to make anything of their life, drinking their problems away..''
my mind wandered off

The bartender, a woman that looks only a few years older then myself walked over to me.

''Anything I can get you, or are you just going to stare ahead like a zombie..?'' She asked with quite the annoyed tone in her voice,

''I'll take a whisky, and for the record, I was just lost in thoughts'' Was my simple reply.

I really had no intention of staying here very long, I'd prefer not to get half these drunkards killed, would be very bad for business in this dump of a city, I guess you wouldn't expect a woman of my age and posture to be in a rough pub like this, I guess it's a good thing I'm not a helpless damsel, if anyone wants trouble, they'll get it, I still have quite a bit of money to waste from previous contractors so I will probably be getting a hotel room after I'm done here, also hoping I manage to gain a new contractor today, things didn't go quite well with the last one, guess he really preferred death over paying me for his dirty work.

I looked over as a fight between two of the drunk men was starting up, apparently one of the guys didn't take to kindly to the other one taking his drink,

''Now this might be amusing to watch'' I thought as they started brawling, ''Quite sad though, alcohol makes the weak minded do the most foolish of things..''

As the bartender spoke up again, even more annoyed now, I looked over to her again, ''Oh god.. those two are at it again, don't they ever learn.. they'll kill each other if they keep going like this..'' she said as she looked like she wanted to storm over to them and kick them out.

I couldn't help but let out a grin at that, ''Fighting over such petty reasons, they wouldn't last a second on a true battlefield..''

The bartender nodded as she looked over at the sword at my side, ''Is that.. an intelligent device..?''

''Yes it is, what about it?'' I asked, I usually didn't appreciate people openly talking about my device, sure, sometimes it results in the interest of a possible contractor, but usually it ends up causing me to attract unwanted attention.

''Emm, it's nothing, I assume your with the TSAB then..-'', ''No, I am not..'' I cut her off, several heads turned in my direction, as I said, unwanted attention, ''What, did I just grow a second head or something'' I snapped, very annoyed by now, I looked over at the pubs entrance as a man, looking around his thirties, with a military appearance entered the pub with several other people

''and who might they be..?'' I wondered

A tad short, but I think a first post shouldn't be that long anyway, I don't think it's really good, from here on I hand the stick to Reo to do the bar scene. :V

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Walking down to Poundy Qurphy’s Pub was a welcome relief for me, as well as the other boys I was with today out of all days. It being the end of the week, we figured we’d go get a drink to celebrate a reunion of sorts, as well as celebrate the victory over my near fatal death yet again. Walking through the doors, I moved my team of old friends through a zigzag of tables and chairs ‘till we came to a stop at a booth not to far from the bar counter. Sitting down, I let my friends fill in first before taking my hat off, placing it on a hook, and joining them.
It has been three years since I’ve seen my old comrades and I couldn’t be happier. When my old buddy 1st Lieutenant Ryan Church stopped by the training fields, or what’s left of them, I knew I had to find some time to sit down with him, and the rest of my old friends while they were here in Cranagan. Besides, I needed a drink in the long run due to yesterdays adventure so I figured why the hell not come down to Poundy’s pub. Greeting Lauren, our bartender, when she came over to take our orders I told her to give me the usual and to put whatever the other guys were getting down on my tab before turning back to them. Ryan, Mark, Daniel, David, and myself were all sitting in the U shaped booth we piled in all wondering how to start things off. After we got our drinks though, it didn’t seem like that was a problem, for we talked about a range of things. Mainly we talked of what was going on with our lives at the moment, seeing that only three of the original group stayed together, about a year after my departure, before we started getting down to the more reminiscent stuff.
It started off with a, “Ah, this reminds me of the times back on Glanchek, little to nothing to do, but all the liquor you could ask for.”
“Heh, you said it Sparky,” I said back to Mark. “Hay, do you guys remember that time when we had tah go on that patrol near the Lithurn river?”
“Oh! And when Daniel fell in that ditch!”
“Hey, you know I didn’t mean too do that,” Daniel said in a meek attempt to guard his dignity.
“Suuuure you didn’t Squiggs, But still, it was a fine time,” Said Ryan in reply to Daniels weak defense.
“How ‘bout that time when Michael and Sar’ drove down to the front for a spell. Went missing for three days ‘till they showed up one morning with five prisoners and a cart full wood.” David said giving a half hearted chuckle.
After hearing that nobody wanted to say anything. It may have been a funny thing to talk about five years ago, but now, it really wasn’t anymore. Michael and Saraven have been dead for the better part three years now, along with another good friend of ours named Brea. Whenever they happened to pop up in a conversation the five of us would normally go silent. Sure, a lot of people knew those guys but they didn’t really know them, know them. It was kind of a different story with us since we were their friends, and it was normally a sore topic to approach when around us, especially when it came down to Brea around me. Breaking the silence, one of us raised their glass up in the air and said, “How ‘bout a toast?”
With that, everyone else in the group raised up their glasses and we all looked at Mark for a speech. He was always the best speaker out of all of us for some reason. Clearing his throat, he thought his words out for a moment before saying, “To our fallen comrades, they may not be with us today, but they were the best of friends we could have ever asked for.”
Everyone said an, “Amen” to that before taking a drink and setting down their glasses.

About an hour had passed since we have entered the bar and I still haven’t gotten drunk. I don’t know if I should take that as a good sign or a bad one, but hey, I’m not really complaining. A few of the other boys have already gotten tipsy from what I could tell, and I think Daniel, my skinny looking friend, is already drunk to be honest with you. He could never really handle alcohol well for some reason, it might be because he is a light weight, I’m not really sure.
Taking another sip of his beer, my buddy Ryan turned to me and said, “Seriously man, you should start looking for a girl again before you get to old.” For what seemed to be the hundredth time that night. Actually all of them have been egging me on to find a new girl tonight. It seems to be their personal goal for the time being, ‘Find Nick a girl and get him out of his bubble!’ is the personal motto they have developed for themselves since we have been here. Girls have been a touchy subject with me for the past three years now, since the last one I had kinda, sorta, actually blew up on me. Which is why I can’t thank Commander Hayate Yagami (though I think she secretly hates me) enough for putting me in her division. A unit full of lesbians for the most part is one of the coolest things that has happened to me in my life. Sure it may seem strange if your from Earth and not Mid, but I have always been a supporter of gays. If you love someone you should love them no mater their gender, has always been one of my mottos, but I’m getting off topic now.
So far, in between talks of the past and present tonight, my friends have been pushing me to go find a girl, mostly the one with the silver hair sitting not to far away from us right now. I’m actually considering going over to talk to her just to get these guys off my back, I mean it is really, really starting to piss me off. Finally giving into their demands I stood up and said, “Fine! If it makes you guys happy I will.”
Walking over towards the girl sitting at the bar, I stood there for a moments wondering if I should say anything. From what I could tell she was radiating off an aura of pure hatred and I would honestly hate to be on the receiving end of that myself. Taking a deep breath, and after mulling it about in my head for a few moments I finally decided to say, “Uhm, excuse me miss but, uh… You know what, I honestly just came over ‘ere tah ge-” Before I could even finish my sentence I found a fist connecting with my face and myself staggering back a bit from the force of the blow. Throwing my hands up to cover up my face I started to yell out a bunch of cuss words and phrases in Irish before calming down enough to address the woman in front of me again. “Miss,” I said.” If I may ask, what the ‘ell was that for?”
Not even turning to address me, she just flat out said, “I don’t like you.”
Knowing I wouldn’t get anywhere relationship wise with this girl by now, even though I wasn’t trying to in the first place, I decided to change my tactic and try and get to her in a different way.
Wanting to stress my apology for what just happened, I offered to buy the girl a drink. Though she didn’t open up her mouth to object or anything, I knew she was probably hoping I would leave her alone. I mean, it must have seemed like I was trying to hit on her or something. I’m sure any normal guy would have walked away after they were told no just like I was but for the most part, I’m no normal guy.
After asking the bartender what the unknown girl was drinking, I ordered her another whiskey on me before climbing up next to her. Ordering a beer for myself I waited ‘till after I had a few sips before trying to talk to her again.
“I honestly wasn’t tryin’ tah hit on you or anything,” I started. “It’s just, a few friends of mine were pissin’ me off and I figured if I came over ‘ere and talked to yah for a spell they’d shut up.” Pausing to let those words sink in, I waited for any sort of reply before continuing.
“So luv, whare you frum?” Again I got no reply. “Me, I’m from Belfast, Ireland back on Non-Administrated planet #97.”
“Say luv, can I ask you a question?” Getting no reply again I pushed on, not knowing if what I would say would right now would get me knocked flat on my back or not. “Do you ‘ave a pro’lem with just me, or most guys ‘ere at the moment. You see, the reason I ask is because you ‘ave this dangerous air about yah and I’m not sure if that’s because of me, or something else that happened today that got under yer skin.”
Again getting no reply, I started to wonder if she thought ignoring me would make me leave. Well, whether she thought that or not, I kept pushing on. “Now this may seem personal but it will clear up a few things for me. Do you happen to be a lesbian by any chance?”
Watching her for a few moments, I thought I noticed her give me a slight nod of confirmation, if it was a nod or not, that nod was enough to make me want to go on even more than before. “It’s funny actually, two of my commanding officers are lesbians, along with about 32 of my co-workers and maybe a little less than half of my new recruits. I don’t mind though, I think it’s sweet tah be honest. Wasn‘t really much love going around whare I was for about fifteen years of me life.
“Hell, sometimes I wonder why I evan joined the bloody TSAB. It might have been the flare they were throwin’ about back home, but than again it could have been what they promised me. Yah see, I came from a place that doesn’t really know magic, being a non-administrated world and all, and I didn’t evan know how to use it. It took me two years to finally get some sort of ground with it but by than the TSAB found out about me one way or another. They promised to teach me how to utilize my magical ability if I did one simple thing, and that was to join their ranks. I went threw fifteen years of ‘ell on earth serving with the bastards, I don’t evan know why I’m still with them sometimes.” Pausing I took a swig of my beer.
“Speaking of, it looks like you’ve seen hard times around yourself. Judging on the way you seem to carry yourself and how you don’t look afraid in a place like this, but I guess that’s natural for you by now. Only question I would have to offar is why you would evan come in ‘ere if you hate guys so much but I won’t ask that, I’m not that rude. Anyways, I guess I stayed with the TSAB because I’ve found a sense of belonging and security, but I’m not evan sure about that anymore…”
“I really, really want to punch you again,” she said. Finally saying something to me during this entire one person conversation for the most part.
“Than why don’t you luv?” I asked her.
“Because,” she said turning to me. “Because I don’t have a quarrel with you,” Looking at my name tag she continued, “Reo, and I don’t plan on having one with you any time soon today or any other day.”
With that, she finished off her glass of whiskey and called the bartender over to pay off her tab, but I waved that off for her, saying that I’d buy her drinks for her tonight as an apology and as a way of thanks for listening to what I had to say.
As she got up to leave I stopped her one more time, getting a death glare that screamed murder, but I just waved that off myself and ignored it. Handing her a card with my personal number on it I told her, “If you evar need someone to talk to luv, just give me a call.”
“Why don’t you just give up,” she said back to me coldly.
“Because I don’t want to lose a chance at a new friend, and from the looks of it, you could really use one yourself.” I said back simply.
Walking back to my old group of friends, I explained to them what happened before diving back into our old conversation and sharing some more of the memories of the old times we had yet again.

Yeah, not sure whare I'm heading just yet but the next post is all yours Kana. 'Till than, *tips hat* cheers.

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We stand alone, together

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'Shiro...are you alright?' asked Mizuki, telepathically.

'Yeah...I'm fine, why?' he inquired.

'Zelphie told me that you spotted an enemy nearby. Are you sure you're OK?' asked Mizuki.

'I'm fine, Mizuki...really,' he answered. 'I'll join you guys in a bit.'

' careful,' she said.

'You too,' said Shiro.

"She really cares a lot about you sir," chirped Timaeus.

"You really need to bring that up at an unnecessary time?" asked Shiro.

"Just stating the obvious sir," it replied.

"Shut up," he shot back.

Meanwhile...back outside...

"Ixia...any sign of enemy activity?" asked Mizuki.

"There are currently none within the vicinity m'lday," chirped the device.

' goes things?' she asked.

"Medical crews are currently tending to those that are wounded. Where are you?" replied the feathery Familiar.

'Currently over at the training grounds trying to assess the situation,' replied Mizuki. 'You?'

"I'm currently near the main building just east of where you are right now," answered Zelphie.

'Alright...I'll join you in a bit,' she replied.

"Roger that," said Zelphie.

Shiro sighed and jumped down from the second floor and managed to land lightly so as to try and not attract any attention.

Looking around he realized that wherever the scuffle occured was within the vicinity, yet it didn't surprise him as to the amount of damage that was caused from it.

As he headed back outside, the sounds of blaring sirens from medical amublances as well as fire fighting trucks filled his ears.

"Boy...for such a scuffle...I didn't realize that it would cause this much commotion," said Shiro.

'I couldn't agree more sir,' chirped the device.

Walking back to his motorcycle, Shiro carefully checked all around before taking out a couple of water bottles and heading over to where his partner was.

'I wonder who could have caused all this mess?' thought Shiro as he found Mizuki and Zelphie over at the training grounds.

"Hey Shiro," called out Mizuki.

"How are things so far?" inquired Shiro.

"So far...most of the personnel are being tended to...but I think there's still some that might be trapped inside a building somewhere near the main building," she replied.

"Here...brought you some water in case you were thirsty," said Shiro, handing her a water bottle.

"Thanks...I needed that," said Mizuki, quickly uncapping the bottle and downing the water to almost half.

"You OK?" asked Zelphie.

"I'm fine," he replied. "I'll continue checking around for any survivors. I'll let you know if anything comes up."

"Be careful," said Mizuki, giving her partner a quick embrace, not caring if the feathery Familiar saw them like that.

"OK you two lovebirds...we should probably get going," joked Zelphie.

"You didn't have to put it that way Zelphie," said Shiro.

"I was just kidding Shi-chan," said the feathery Familiar, calling Shiro by his pet name.

"Wha--...I thought I told you to stop calling me that," he whined.

"Shi-chan? That's what she calls you?" asked Mizuki.

"Don'" began Shiro.

"What? I think it's a cute name," replied Mizuki, smiling.

'Oh dear,' thought Shiro, as he heaved a heavy sigh, shaking his head before heading back.

"Timaeus...detect any signals?" asked Shiro.

"There's a faint magic signal from one of the collapsed buildings, sir," replied Shiro.

' still there?' asked Shiro.

'Yeah...what is it?' inquired Mizuki.

'Take Zelphie and go inspect any of the destroyed buildings for any survivors. Let me know if there are any,' ordered Shiro.

'Alright...what about you?' she asked.

'I suspect there's still something around here. I'm going to take a look into what it could be,' he replied.

"Sir...there appears to be a nearby enemy, yet the location is hard to pinpoint," said Timaeus.

"Try your best," said Shiro.

As Shiro loaded a cartridge to revert his swords to gun form, he kept going forward in a circle while scanning for any enemies that could be nearby.

Mizuki and Zelphie went over to a few ruined buildings near the main headquarters of Section Six as Mizuki's device scanned the ruins for any survivors.

Several minutes passed before the device began beeping.

"Looks like it found something," said Zelphie.

"Let's hope so," said Mizuki. "Is anyone alive over there?"

'Hopefully Shiro's having better luck than we are,' thought Zelphie.

Back inside...

Shiro had already scanned about three corridors and so far...nothing came up. However, as he turned a corner, Shiro heard a few faint footsteps. Backing into a wall and slowly peering his head out, he saw a couple of young girls walking around as if looking for someone.

Stepping out of the corner and placing one gun in his pocket, he tried to get their attention.

"Excuse you need any help? It looks like you're looking for someone?" asked Shiro.


A young man covered with a dark brown robe was sitting in a corner inside a bar and appeared to be waiting for someone. A few minutes passed before a young Investigator with long purple hair and light brown eyes and was wearing a gray suit with a white formal shirt and red tie entered the bar.

He looked around until he spotted the robed figure and went over to him.

"Sorry I'm late," he said.

"It's still haven't told him the truth about his mother's whereabouts?" asked the hooded figure.

"I don't think it's a good time to tell him yet," replied the Investigator.

"You shouldn't keep him waiting long Rio," he answered.

"If I were to tell him now, I'd be adding more on his plate than what's needed Andrix," said Rio.

"Have you got any information regarding the current situation?" asked Andrix.

"I thought that was usually your job," said Rio.

A nearby bartender came up to them and asked for their orders. Rio gave the bartender a long description on how he wanted his drink while Andrix stared at him in surprise and then ordered a dirty martini.

" about complex. I didn't know you were into those types of drinks," said Andrix.

"I have my tastes. This is one of them," replied Rio. "I've heard from one of my subordinates that one of them possess a gem fragment."

"True...except that there are several others," said Andrix.

"The four elements I presume," guessed Rio.

"You're not wrong," answered Andrix.

The little bar segment I put in is somewhat of a little background regarding some information with Shiro and his lost past.

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As I walked out of the bar I took another look at the card,

''May as well keep this for now, I might actually be able to get some work from him, he didn't seem to be very fond of the TSAB after all, well, at least that's one thing I cannot disagree with'' I thought as I pocketed the card.

Once I found myself outside I looked at my device, ''Excalibur, how far away is the nearest hotel?'' I asked.

''There is a hotel about 800 meters to the east of our current location, my lady.'' my device Excalibur answered.

''Very well then, that's close enough I guess..'' I said as I started walking towards the hotel.

It would seem that I had been less successful in finding a contractor then I had hoped, it didn't matter all that much, since I still had a decent amount of money, but knowing myself, I can never stay away from the action for a very long time,

''Guess I'll have to bide my time for now, sooner or later there will be something to do here, I just know things are about to go down in this dump and I'll be damned to sit at the sideline when it does go down..''

I looked to the left as I thought I heard a faint explosion, ''..probably nothing of to much interest, although I am curious as to who was involved in that rather big battle earlier..'' I thought aloud as I continued towards the hotel.

Even shorter this time, but oh well. :V

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I was on my way back from Hayate’s office when I thought I should at least start on my paperwork, that was now, stacked up high. I was thinking of going to the cafeteria or maybe just a quiet room to relax, but in the end I decided to just head straight home. I wasn’t sure if Fate was home yet, nor Vivio, but at least it was quiet. Section 6 has been busy since the mayhem that happened not to long ago. I thought I should help out, but the best thing now would be to get the paperwork finished, then help. I don’t want to be tired then have to work on the paperwork.

Just as I got to the gate to my house, I heard footsteps to my right. Turning to face that sound, I came face to face in a brutal hug. Stumbling backwards, I tried to steadied us so we wouldn’t fall. I frowned down at Vivio, and put a hand on her head.

“Vivio, you know that was dangerous. We both nearly fell.” I said, pulling her in a hug. “Is something the matter?” I looked behind her and realized that Einhart was there too, a stricken frown on her face. Something inside me knew something was wrong.

“M-Mama…” My daughter started. I stroked her hair in a calming manner, making her grip tighten. “I-It’s Lena.” Hearing my other daughters name called like that, made my heart beat faster. I looked around and pulled her and Einhart towards the gate.

“Shhh…it’s alright Vivio, lets go in the house and you can tell me what happened.” As we walked toward the house, I had a funny feeling that, what ever she was going to tell me, I was not going to like. I put my palm to the scanner and the door immediately open. I walked straight to the couch and sat Vivio down, making Einhart sit down next to her. I sat on the other side of her and saw, for the first time, Vivio’s face. It made my heart break.

“Now…can you tell me what happened?”

Spoiler: Note's
Sorry for the shortness ^ ^; Good luck again Ein-chan! =P I did not edit it or proof read later no one, Gurr-chan, correct me. I'll check it later.

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Spoiler: for Vivio's death
It was about that time that Fate-mama had returned home.

"I'm back~" she called from the doorway "Boy am I tired, the crazy things that have been happening today and--" she stopped when she looked over at us. "What is wrong?"

"Fate-mama!" I stood up and ran over to her, jumping into her and gripping her clothes tightly.

"What is going on?" Fate mouthed to Nanoha, who was sitting no the couch with a rather gloomy expression.


"Vivio" Fate gently stroked my hair "tell me what is wrong?"

"It...its all my fault!!" I managed to scream out between sobs "I killed her!"

"What do you mean?" I felt her hands slightly tighten on my shoulders before she pushed me back to arm's length and knelt down "Vivio" she looked me in the eyes "that is not a funny joke, and how do you know?"

"I'm sorry...I'm sorry...I'm sorry..." was all I could say between sobs

"Ok, ok" she patted my head and led me to the couch where Ein-chan and Nanoha-mama were sitting "Start over, what happened?"

I sighed heavily and tried to calm myself. "Its all my fault...I shouldn't have yelled at her..."

"What do you mean?" Fate-mama asked patiently

"When the alarms sounded" I began slowly "she broke the rules again and flew all the way to the hospital where Ein-chan and myself were..."

"Go on" she nodded

"I...I just got angry when I found out." my eyes started to sting once more "I was being selfish and said some horrible things to her..." I bean to sob once more

"What did you say to her?" she patted my head gently

"I said things like 'Why are you always causing problems for everyone?' Do you know how much trouble it causes Nanoha-mama and Fate-mama every time you act selfishly like that?' I even said that her very existence was against the TSAB's regulations..." I tightly closed my eyes in a futile attempt to keep my tears in check

"Vivio..." Nanoha-mama hugged me

"In the end..." I continued "I was the one being selfish." I balled my hands and gripped so tightly my entire body started shaking "I just didn't want her to be all over me like she was before, I just wanted to be my own person, I wanted to be independent without the need of someone always watching over look what happened."

"So where is she?" Fate-mama finally asked the question I had been dreading

"She...shes gone."

"Then let's go find her" she smiled at me

"No..." I shook my head slowly before raising it and looking at her in the eyes "She's dead Fate-mama..." I raised my arm and showed her where the Command Spells should have been "Its gone..." my voice began to crack one more "Its gone and its all my fault!"

Fate's red eyes widened incredibly as realization had settled in, her mind started to race at all the possibilities.

"She cant break the contract on her own right?" Fate-mama asked me to make sure

I shook my head in response

"The only way to break the contract" I wiped my eyes "Is for me to dissolve it by using all the Command Spells" I paused for a few moments, trying to make my voice utter the very words I don't want to say "...or she dies."

"Let's go find her" Nanoha-mama suggested with a wry smile

"We cant!" I raised my voice "She's dead and I killed her after-" I felt a stinging sensation on my cheek

"Vivio! That's enough!" Fate-mama's voice filled the room "You didn't kill her..." her voice calmed down once more "she is not that type of person who would just kill herself because she felt like you didn't need her anymore."

"I am not so sure..." Nanoha-mama voiced her opinion, making the rest of us turn to her "Remember Fate-chan, two years ago she did ignore all your attacks when it was her mission to protect you." the thought back "Also..." she looked down at her hands as if remembering what happened "even if it was only a projection then...she killed herself to land that one single strike in order to win that mock battle."

Fate-mama opened her mouth to protest, but no words left her mouth. We all knew the girl's personality who was always strong-wiled, obedient, and loyal...and after two years she hasn't changed at all. Silence filled the room in what seemed to be a rather eerie and unwanted end to the conversation. Judging that it was now over, I slowly got up and went to the stairs and walked up slowly towards my room. I could hear Nanoha-mama apologizing to Ein-chan and thanking her for bringing me home.

I walked into my room and locked the door before walking over to my bed and collapsing onto it. I felt so tired both physically and mentally. I just wanted to crawl into a hole somewhere and die. I had killed someone...intentional or not, I might as well have stabbed them through the heart. Tears formed again as I clutched my arm where the Command Spells used to be. The harder I gripped it, the more tears fell, eventually my body became so exhausted that I had practically cried myself to sleep.

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'Sir...are you feeling OK?' asked Timaeus.

"Huh...oh...sorry," he replied.

A few seconds later, Shiro's device began beeping and he eventually received a notice from Investigator Rio Kuria.

Sighing, Shiro reluctantly checked on the notice and groaned in annoyance.

Setting his back on the corridor wall he rubbed his forehead and then notified Mizuki and Zelphie telepathically.

'Guys...I've got another notice from Investigator Kuria,' he said.

'So...what are we to do?' asked Mizuki.

'You and Zelphie continue with searching for survivors. I'll go and see what's up,' replied Shiro.

' careful,' she said.

As Shiro headed out of the main building and back to his motorcycle, he took one quick glance back before heading out to where the notice was leading him.

'Where to, sir?' asked Timaeus.

"Haru's" replied Shiro, putting on his helmet.

By the time he got to his destination, a hooded figure stepped out of the old-looking nightclub and bar.

"Who are you?" asked Shiro.

This is probably the shortest post I've done.

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I basically had to cool my head of from today’s little game of cat and mouse. Hayate sent around two mages to follow me around wherever I go. Trying to keep a low profile, I went for a noisy club to cool my head off and hopefully get suspicion off of me for a while.

Just before entering the club I was stopped by the bouncer…I really don’t think this is the right time to bug me…I grabbed my wallet from my pocket and revealed my Section Six ID. He made a shocked expression and immediately let me in.

Entering the bar I wasn’t, to say the least, surprised at how people acted or looked. Tonight it would be just me and a glass of alcohol accompanying me tonight. The bartender tonight was female… not particularly someone I’d be going out with but I have to admit she looked pretty cute.

“Miss… how about some vodka and a kiss?” I winked, just teasing her for my entertainment.

She just went red and lost her momentum in serving people drinks, which in turn I found to be quite amusing. After settling down and getting a hold of my drink I saw two interesting figures fighting just a few feet away from me.

“I said I don’t want the job lady, now will you leave me alone?” The tone was dry, and annoyed. She obviously has been trying to shake her off for some time now.

“And I remember saying that I won’t take no for an answer.” The other figure said, intoning authority in every syllable.

Well someone at least is bossy today… and we look like we have a rebel. If they ever take it outside I’m observing… for fun.

I put my glass back and ordered wine instead… I wanted to be able to enjoy the amusing quarrel they had.

“Think they’re going to take it outside?” I asked the bartender.

“They’ve been here for more than an hour already… they just met about fifteen minutes since you came in.” She replied shakily.

“I see… things could get a bit more interesting if we watch.” I chuckled darkly.

I took a sip from my wine and watched the scene unfold before me.

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Well here you go Lucia... you take over from here XD

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I looked back at that extremely stubborn woman as we walked outside, ''I assume your not going to change your mind about taking no for an answer''

She looked back at me as she replied with an eerily calm voice, ''You assumed correctly..''

This made me let out a sigh in frustration, I wasn't in the mood to fight right now, but, it certainly didn't seem this woman would just let me walk away, I proceeded to draw my device Excalibur as my clothes faded away only to be replaced by my barrier jacket,

''Bring it on then, if this is the only way to get you off my back..'' I spoke as a cyan aura erupted around myself and Excalibur

''Oh, but you aren't going to fight me, she will be your opponent'' the woman said as she pointed towards a girl that looked barely older then 12 with light brown hair and blank looking brown eyes who was holding a pair of swords at the ready.

''You have got to be kidding me, you aren't even going to fight me yourself?'' I snapped at her, it seemed to me as though she was hiding behind that little girl, I am no fool, she looked young, but I could already tell by looking at her that she'd be more then a match for me.

''Why should I fight you, when I have my servant to do it for me?'' the woman replied in that same calm voice.

''Coward..'' I replied bitterly, ''hiding behind the abilities of someone else..''

As I looked to the bar's entrance I saw a young woman with short raven black hair and brown eyes walk out, ''I better keep a close eye on her as well, she certainly doesn't seem normal to me..'' I thought to myself as I once again focused my attention on the older womans servant as she rushed towards me.

I raised Excalibur as it clashed with the young girls twin swords, in mere seconds the force of the attack pushed me backwards a meter or two, I pushed the girl back only to jump backwards about 5 meters to then rush towards the girl as I slammed Excalibur through one of the blades, the girl backed off as, only a second later the girl was once again holding the blade that I just crushed with my own sword.

''What the..'' I said as I blocked another blow and was forced on the defensive by her aggressive and consecutive attacks

Both myself and the girl looked to our side as we heard the young raven heard woman speak, ''This fight is getting very interesting..'' a smirk plastered across her face.

The girls apparent master also looked at the arrogant woman as she spoke, ''Why don't you get lost, I don't think this fight concerns you, Lena, show that arrogant fool she doesn't belong here..''

The girl who was apparently named Lena disengaged me as several swords appeared out of nowhere around her, ''Yes, Precia-sama'', was her simple and emotionless reply as the swords flew at the raven haired girl at an incredible speed, she managed to dodge most of the swords, one however leaving a flesh wound on her right shoulder

The raven haired woman looked at the wound with a very angry expression as her entire appearance became the opposite of what it first was, her hair now a silver color and her eyes blood red, she now wielded what seemed like a two handed sword.

I watched as she rushed straight at Lena and proceeded to slam the two handed sword through the younger girls blades, several pieces of the blades causing wounds in her arms before vanishing, only to once again be replaced by those same blades mere seconds later.

Lena backed off a few meters as again several swords appeared around her and then followed to rush towards the short silver haired woman, this time however she managed to dodge them.

With every second I grew more annoyed at this, ''That brat is MY target'' I snapped as a cyan colored energy beam started to appear in my right hand, ''Holy Blast'' I said as I fired the beam straight towards the silver haired woman, she barely managed to hold it back with her sword as she deflected the beam into the ground, resulting in a smokescreen clouding our vision.

As it cleared away I suddenly found myself with the girls master behind me, I had no time to move as a dagger was plunged into my back, through my heart, I fell to one knee as I coughed up blood, with the strength that I still had left in my arms I slammed the woman away from me in the direction of her servant and her opponent, slowly and agonizingly I managed to pull the dagger out of my back, I threw it to the ground as I slammed Excalibur through it, shattering the dagger into pieces.

Again I coughed up blood as I stood up and pulled my sword back, ''I'm not going to last much longer... I'll be damned to die without taking those bastards with me'' I thought as the aura surrounding me grew larger, ''I'll use the last of my strength to vaporize all three of them..''

''Now that is what I call a cowardly move..'' I heard the silver haired woman say about 20 seconds later as she rushed towards that backstabber with her sword aimed straight forward, only to be intercepted by the servant, her blade impaling the young girl, I wasn't sure but I thought I saw the life return in the girls previously devoid eyes, the silver haired woman was about to back off only to be impaled herself by her opponents blades, the girl held her in place as if ready to take my coming attack head on.

I knew that this was the perfect chance to fire, all three of them perfectly in my firing range, ''Holy..''

And now I hand the stick to you Alicia, also, the attack she is about to fire is her finishing move, the Holy Ravager.

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My senses returned to me as pain coursed through my body. I looked down and saw the tip of a sword plunged through my body. I grit my teeth and glanced up towards its owner and noticed that my own weapons had been plunged into her. Along with the pain, memories began to flood my mind. The time of my creation, the warmth of my mother's embrace, the feel of battle facing Takamachi Nanoha, the last smile my mother gave me when I plunged my sword into her, the birthday celebration I had recently...the moment my grandmother stabbed me with the Rule Breaker...

"Argh...ack...kuhh...!" I gripped the sword that impaled me with my left hand and pulled myself closer to my assailant. I used the last of my power to project a long red spear. I concentrated my magical energy into it as I called out its name "Gae....BOLG!!!" before thrusting it forward and aiming for my enemy's heart.

"Gwah!" the silver-haired girl cried out "damn you brat..."

"Holy...!" I looked over to my left and noticed the other woman raising her sword into the air and gathering all her power for what seemed to be one last attack.

I let my mind separate itself from my body as I thought back to everything.

I'm sorry master...I'm sorry our last meeting had to be one less desirable...

I smiled inwardly to myself

I'm sure you will grow even stronger without me holding you back...


Alicia-oka-san...I'll see you soon...

I closed my eyes as a bright light engulfed us all.

* * * * *

Luci dropped to her knees after the light finally died down. She smiled to herself, victorious, over the battlefield. Her victory, however, was a costly one. even though she did manage to vaporize her opponents, the amount of power used up drained everything she had.

"Excalibur..." she called to her sword that had been with her all her life "I don't want to be part of someone's artificial mage project, nor do I want you falling into someone else's hands." she plunged the sword into the ground before leaning her back on it. "This is my final command: Activate Self Destruct system..." she reached into her pocket and pulled out a nearly empty box of cigarettes "Where did this come from?" she thought to herself, thinking back at some of the old missions she took. "Oh well" she put the last one in her mouth and lit it "Might as well give it a try."

A few seconds later, Excalibur's timer had reached zero and a magic circle formed on the ground before a large quantity of magic gathered at its core...and detonated.


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And with that...the Testarossa Family name has forever been destroyed. Let's see what happens next shall we?

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Spoiler: Final Notes:
Today, a new age has begun! An age of FREEDOM from superhuman characters and god moders! And all the world will know that free men stood against tyrants! That few stood against many! And that 3 "evil" characters...gave their last breath to defend it! *pumps fist into the air*

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" you sense anything?" asked Mizuki.

'Nothing m'lady,' replied the device.

"So we just came over here for nothing?" wondered Zelphie.

"I'm not sure...but it almost seems that way," replied Mizuki.

"So...where should we wait on Shiro?" asked Zelphie.

"Not sure," she replied.


"Who are you?" asked Shiro.

"I'm a friend of Investigator Kuria," he replied.

"How do you know him?" inquired Shiro.

"He found me...lying in an alley after some thugs tried to mug me," replied the hooded figure. "I sense something strong within you, boy. You possess a gem fragment."

"You mean this?" asked Shiro, holding up the shard.

"Yes...that would be it," he replied. "You may not know this but...the person who told you about World No. 2081 Zenaria as well as its magic type happens to son."

Shiro was stunned for a moment before the name escaped his lips. "Andrix."

"That would be him," he replied.

"How do you know that I'm different from other mages?" asked Shiro.

"His mentor told me of you," said the figure.

"Wait...if you're Andrix's father...then why haven't you two met up?" inquired Shiro.

"Simple...if any enemy knew of my son's ability or even knew that his father was alive...they would also know his worth," he replied.

"Are you saying he could eventually be in danger?" asked Shiro. He received a nod. "What's your name?"

"Tenma Zerenkov," he replied.

"Does Investigator Kuria know of your son's ability?" asked Shiro.

"Indeed," replied Tenma.

"What is it exactly?" asked Shiro.

"Not only does he have knowledge of certain civilizations, but he also knows of a certain password that unlocks a door to a certain armor," he explained.

"What do I have to do with a magic type that I have only recently heard about?" asked Shiro.

"You may not know this Shiro all truth...that was just a cover name," said Tenma.

"Then what is my real name?" asked Shiro.

"You will know eventually," he replied. "I must leave now."

" will I recognize you if we were to meet again?" asked Shiro.

"Look for a sparrow with a small pearl tied on its right leg," answered Tenma.

With a sudden gust of wind, the steam from a nearby sewer shrouded Tenma and when it cleared...he was gone.

'Who am I then if Shiro isn't my real name?' he wondered.

Seconds later...a huge explosion caused the ground to shake slightly.

"Wo-whoa...what the hell?" wondered Shiro. He then looked around and then out of the corner of his eye, he spotted a long column of smoke rising into the air.

"Oh great...not another incident. Just when things couldn't get more complicated."

"Your orders, sir?" chirped the device.

"Send a message to the girls that it'll be a bit longer before I return and that I'm looking into what appears to be an explosion caused by some mage," answered Shiro.

'Already sending sir,' replied Timaeus.

A few seconds later...Shiro heard the door open and a familiar voice.

"Shiro...what are you doing here?" asked Rio.

"Investigator Kuria...what a surprise," said Shiro. "Did you feel that just now?"

"If you're referring to that explosion a few seconds ago...then yes," replied Rio. "Care to accompany me?"

"Of course," replied Shiro.

"After and Mizuki are still Ground Forces personnel and are under my temporary care; are to say the least," said Rio.

"Don't remind me," answered Shiro.

"That your bike?" asked Rio.

" is," he answered.

"Nice...did the paint job yourself?" he inquired.

"Yeah...did that too," replied Shiro.

"Very nice. Alright...let's get going," said Rio, heading over to a nearby red convertible.

"That's your car?" asked Shiro.

"Yeah," replied the Investigator. "Let's ride."

"Hey...that's my line," said Shiro.

Seconds later, the two of them headed over to where the source of the shaking occurred. By the time they arrived there, several police cars were already in place.

"Man...whatever did this definitely wanted to leave no trace of evidence," muttered Shiro.

'So it would seem, sir,' chirped Timaeus.