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[RP] The League Of Extraordinary Vivio Killers

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Every generation

A destroyer is created...

Every generation

Defenders must rise...

And for over 130 generations this group of men and women have secretly defended Midchilda from this incredible threat

They are know as...

The League of Extraordinary Vivio Killers

Spoiler: Prologue

"Dont let them escape!" a woman with long silver hair called out to her comrades as she fought her way through the lab, cutting down one opponent after another. "Hurry! We need to get to the unit before it has a chance to make for the surface!" she slashed through another gadget "Zwei! Handle it!"

"Tch, I'm on it!" another woman with ruby eyes spat out as she changed her device into a spear and started to make way towards the hall. Several gadgets began to fire at her, making her advance a little difficult. She pierced through the type-1 unit in front of her before making a break for the hall. "Lena, cover me!" she yelled towards a young child who was fighting in the air space above them.

"Caladbolg!" The young girl called out as her eyes glowed blue. A voluted alabaster sword formed in one hand while a bow formed in the other. She drew back on the bow and fired the said sword through the enemy units that were trying to intercept Zwei. "Route clear" she called back and ducked just in time to avoid a type-2 that was aiming to shoot her head off. "Luci, incoming!" she yelled towards the silver-haired woman who dodged just in time as well

"Get out of my way!" Zwei called out as humans who were the occult followers of this madman called Jail Scaglietti began to pour out of hiding and started firing energy blasts "Dammit!"

Zwei looked over and saw that the rocket containing their objective was starting to power up its engines. She cursed herself for being unable to do anything while she was trapped under the enemy fire. A moment later the eastern wall exploded. Luci ran in and began charging her energy, a cyan aura began forming around her sword.

[Celestial Slash] her device called out. She swung her weapon vertically on one enemy before arching to the left on another and finishing with a downward slash to the side on the third.

"About time you showed up!" Zwei yelled out her thanks in a roundabout way

"You are moving way too slow!" Luci yelled back with a smirk

Zwei transformed Pier into a staff before using it to vault herself towards the next group of enemies. She fired several bolts of magic, taking out three of her targets before transforming it to a 2-handed sword and leaping into the air towards the rocket.

"Guh!" she cried out as a stray shot hit her in the side, sending her against the wall.

"Shit!" Luci swore as she ran to her comrade's aid and pulled the injured woman back several meters against a small barricade "You ok?"

"Been worse" the other answered "We don't have time, we have to destroy it!"

"There are too many of them guarding it" Luci grit her teeth. "Lena, we could really use some support here!" she called through the communication radio

As if on cue, a rain of magical arrows began to fall on the enemy position, hitting some of the humans, destroying some of the gadgets, and creating a dust cloud that served as a smoke screen.

"That's our girl" Luci said to herself as she and Zwei rushed out from behind the barrier and began to finish off the remaining defenders.

Unfortunately, the delay was long enough for the rocket to reach full power and launch. Lena aimed a concentrated shot and fired at the engines, however the projectile was intercepted by occult member who jumped in front of it. The rocket took off and soon reached top speed and was out of sight in mere moments.

"Dammit!" Zwei cursed as she finished off the last occult member

"Sorry I missed" Lena floated down to meet her comrades "I wasn't expecting that to happen"

"That's alright, you did good kid" Zwei patted the little girl in the head

"We can still use the computer to track its trajectory and--" Luci cut herself off when she heard a beeping sound "Dont tell me..."

"Self destruct system for this facility confirmed..." Lena stated calm manner

"Now is not the time to act like a bad-ass!" Zwei complained "let's get out of here!"

Lena took off the ground while the other two grabbed on to her hands. She maneuvered through all the falling debris and other obstacles caused by the battles in their entry, recklessly cutting things close sometimes-much to the unsaid disapproval of her two comrades. They made it out the door moments before the explosion took place. The two women let go of the girl's hands and began running on foot further and further away.

"We wont make it..." the child thought as her mental timer kept ticking down. She landed and turned towards the building

"What are you doing?!" Luci called out "Get moving!"

"Rho Aias!" the girl called out as she thrust her hands forward and focused all her magical energy in front of her. Moments later, seven consecutive prismatic flower petals began to take shape and form.

The building exploded, sending shock waves and debris flying everywhere. The shield put up caught a large brunt of the blast and pushed it and its master back. The other two women rushed in and added their power into the shield while holding on tightly to each other. A bright while light illuminated the area and soon swallowed everything.

Spoiler: Notes:
Well since the three of us are dead and no longer have any roles. We are going to make our own little RP on the sideline. This story has no relationship whatsoever to the main one going on right now. It is a little thing that the three of us decided to do on our own. We wish you all Good luck in the main story.

P.S. Today, a new age has begun! An age of FREEDOM from superhuman characters and god moders! And all the world will know that free men stood against tyrants! That few stood against many! And that 3 "evil" characters...gave their last breath to defend it! *pumps fist into the air*

This casting will be limited to the StrikerS time-line and the 3 OCs created for the League in order to prevent flooding and deliver a more fluid storyline. Thank you for understanding.

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Spoiler: Story
Right after the explosion I wasn’t really sure whether to call ourselves lucky… but we made it. Made it in the sense that we are all tired and want to go home.

“You guys still alive?” It was a standard question I had to ask.

I received nods and we immediately went for our rendezvous. The kiddo was still tired thanks to the round shield all of us had to sustain… considering how close we were to the center of the blast it could have been much worse.

“You wanna ride with either of us today kid?” I asked Lena, knowing that she’ll be flying all the way to base… which could take up fifteen minutes of our time.

She shook her head and said, “I’ll be fine. Thanks for the offer the Sigurd.”

“Oh? I’ve changed back already…” I thought out loud.

“All right… enough chit-chat we have to get moving before the cops arrive.” Lucia stated, obviously wanting to get out of here now.

Lena and I both gave a silent nod to Lucia and we all went on our way back to HQ. Along the way I noticed Lena having a somewhat moody face that just tells me: “Do not disturb.”

‘Looks like this one went to the Andromedas.’ I mentally said to Lucia.

‘No kidding… just when we thought we had it in the bag more drones show up.’ She replied, sounding a bit annoyed.

‘Agreed. Well… I’m going to my quarters and freshen up after this… and then sleep. I’m beat.’ I stated flatly, intoning stress in every syllable.

We arrived an estimated two minutes after I ended the conversation with that. I immediately went to my room and hung up my custom-made “do not disturb” sign and crashed onto my bed, not caring about what I was wearing at the moment.

Spoiler: A/N
Dun dun duh... first reply lolz... well sorry for the shortness... it'll get longer as we progress :3

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Spoiler: Story
As I walked down the street, I heard a humming sound come to my ears. I looked to my left and saw a type of rocket fall from the sky and into the city. An explosion came next, and I immediately ran towards it, ready for action. It couldn’t have been over three blocks away, maybe less. I could get there in maybe seven minutes. If I could fly though, since its illegal to fly in the city, I could’ve gotten there in three.

A screen popped in front of me next, showing Hayate’s stern face. “What’s going on down there?” She started yelling.

“I’m not sure Hayate-Chan, but I’m on my way over there to investigate. If you would, can you tell my forwards that their vacation is over for the moment, and to come down here immediately?” I told her. She thought about it for a second before nodding her head.

“Alright, I’ll contact them, but at the moment be on your guard. Whatever it was that crashed out in the city may or may not be good.” With that Hayate’s face disappeared, leaving me still running over towards the explosion.

As I reached my destination, I noticed that I was not the only one there. Yellow tape was getting put up, and officers were standing guard, pushing the civilians away so they couldn’t see what was going on. I made my way over to them before I was stopped myself.

“I’m sorry miss, but only officers are aloud in there.” The man said in a stern and commanding voice. “I have specific orders that no civilians are to get through.” I looked passed him, and saw a huge crater in the middle of an alleyway. It was a surprise itself that it barely hit the buildings around it. Looking around, I also realized that there were bits and pieces of a metal object, probably the rocket I saw before. The man then blocked my view so I couldn’t see anymore. He looked down at me, giving me a disapproving stare. “Please step away.” I looked at him, finally annoyed. I stood up straight, making him take a cautious step back. “What’s you’re name, if I might ask miss?”

“Nanoha Takamachi, Aerial Tactics Combat Instructor for Mobile Division , Riot Force 6. I am here under orders from Commander Hayate Yagami, to investigate that thing that fell from the sky.” I said, making his face whiten. I leaned forward, so we were eye level. “Tell me Officer, what should I tell my commander if I don’t get what I need?” He stammered out some apologies, while I just smiled away. He took the tape down, and I walked forward before he went back to work, hearing silent cusses.

“Nanoha-san?” I looked to my left and saw Ginga Nakajima, Subaru Nakajima‘s, one of my forwards, sister. I’ve only seen her a couple times. I was truly surprised to see her here. I smiled and walked over to her. “Nanoha-san thought that was you.” She started walking towards me. “Wow what a surprise, I didn’t expect you here.”

“I could say the same to you. Remember? My unit is just a city away, yours on the other hand, isn’t.”

“Oh, you’re right. I’m on a special mission right now. My father put me in charge of it. You know what happened not to long ago right?”

“What do you mean?”
“One of our-”

“Captain!” I heard, making my head to side. My forwards, plus Fate, were running towards me, ready for action. I was so proud. They stopped at me, before saluting and asking for orders.

“Nanoha, what happened?” Fate started before, finally seeing Ginga. “Ginga, it’s been awhile, what a surprise seeing you here.”

“A lot of surprises today it seems.” She looked at my forwards, waved at the excited Subaru, before turning back to me. “First, lets go check the crater…” She paused. “Then I’ll talk to you about what happened when I go visit Commander Yagami.” With that she led us to the crater. Thinking more, I guess it was about right. I think talking to Hayate would be the best. Maybe she already knows about it.

Walking deeper in the alleyway, a pod like shape came into view. Only a few officers were there, and when they saw us, they left immediately. “We didn’t expect this to happen, but yeah, it’s defiantly a pod with a human inside.” She started. I felt Fate stiffen, I looked to her, before stepping forward towards the pod that held a human life. “Nanoha-san….don’t get to close, we’re not sure what’s inside yet.” I waved that off, and got closer ignoring the warning.

I was about a foot away from the pod. I couldn’t see who was inside it, it was too dark. Getting closer I examined it some more before it started to glow yellow. Surprised I fell back, confused. I watched as it glowed brighter and brighter, before I saw a little girl no more then seven. The pod made a popping sound and the girl and water fell out of the pod. I jumped up, and caught her before she could hit the ground. Examining her, I noticed she was okay for the most part. I turned to my group before smiling.

I walked up from the crater, and Fate ran up to me. “Nanoha that was dangerous. You’re all wet too.” I looked down and saw that she was right, I was wet. My training uniform was soaked. I smiled at her, before cradling the girl.

“I’m fine Fate-Chan, now lets get this girl somewhere safe. Where ever she came from, I bet there’ll be looking for her.” I turned to Ginga. “Are you going to stay to investigate?” She nodded. “Alright, thank you. I’ll leave my forwards with you if you need help, or anything. I’m going to go with Fate-Chan to go see the commander. I need to tell her about this girl. I also going to visit Shamal on the way, to drop her off. She needs to be examined properly. I’ll meet you later for more details?” She nodded again. With that Fate and I left the site, passing the rude guy before who saluted us and left for Section 6.


I stood in front of the girl and squeezed her hand. She was so small, I couldn’t help but feel attached. I smiled at her one more time, before leaving the room. I was suppose to be in Hayate’s office, but I thought I should stay with the girl just incase she woke up before Shamal stated she would. I walked around the corner to the snack shop, and picked out a few treats for the long night to come, and paid for them. When I got them together, I turned to leave, but stopped when something furry caught my eye.

A white bunny stood in the corner, staring at me. It was so cute, I just had to buy it. Paying for the cute bunny, I walked back to the room. I sat back in the chair I was sitting in before, and placed the bunny in the little girls hand. Immediately she cuddled next to it, and sighed out. My smiled grew, and I tucked the blanket in more. I leaned back in the seat, and waited for her to wake up.

Spoiler: Note's
There you go~ Gurr-chan...thanks for blowing my cover..>.>

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Spoiler: Story
As we arrived back at our HQ I saw both Sigurd and Lena head straight for their rooms, I could only guess they needed their rest after using so much energy, ''I can't exactly say I am in any better shape right now, I too am exhausted..'' I thought to myself as I walked into the kitchen to grab a drink, I then walked into the living room, sat myself down on the couch and emptied the drink I had in seconds.

''Refreshing..'' I said out loud as I finished the drink, I looked at the clock to see what time it was, ''Hmm, guess it's dinner time soon.. I might as well get started on it..'' I stated as I walked back into the kitchen.


A little bit later found myself and Lena eating dinner and shortly discussing our earlier mission, Sigurd having already gone to sleep.

''I can really only say everything went as we planned it until those unexpected reinforcements showed up, that's when it went downhill to failure'' I said as I looked at Lena, I could see she was still somewhat bothered with the fact that she wasn't able to destroy the target, I let out a tired sigh.

''Lena, you did the best you could, the situation had completely changed when we were once again faced with more enemies, there just wasn't enough time to get past them AND destroy the target in time, we will have to find and eliminate Vivio as soon as we can.''

I continued to eat as I received a nod in reply, ''For now however I suggest we finish our dinner and then follow Sigurd's example, we need all the rest we can get before we continue on our mission.'' I said as I turned the television on, a news report was on concerning a pod crashing in the downtown area, ''Well well, what do we have here..'' I said with interest, ''At least that confirms that our target is most likely still within the city'' was Lena's input in her usually calm tone.

'' remains unknown what was inside this pod'' the news reporter said, ''Off course it remains unknown to your simple mind, whoever found it must have already taken Vivio with them'' I said as I turned the television off, ''I guess this narrows our search down to this city and it's surroundings..'' I spoke as both of us finished our dinner, I cleaned up our plates and glasses as Lena went back to her room.

After I finished up I went to my own room to get some much needed rest myself, ''..and so our mission continues..'' I thought to myself as I drifted to sleep

Spoiler: Notes
A little bit on the short side, even if I say so myself. O.o

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Another small snippet from the Heroes' side

"Is that so?" Hayate put down the report in front of her. "What else can you tell me about the girl in the pod?" she spoke to the monitor

"Well as far as I know, her magical levels are normal for an average child." Shari's voice came through the communicator "So I am leaning more towards the fact that she is an Artificial Mage."

"Where is she now?" The commander asked

"Shes being held in the medical wing for now. Nanoha-san is watching over her I believe" the attendant responded "Also there is one more thing."

"What is it?"

"We found a rather interesting mark on the back of her right hand." she pulled up another monitor to display the image "I've never seen this symbol before, nor what its purpose is aside from a brand."

"Hmm..." the commander stared at the image for several moments "Enlist the help of the Infinite Library." she deduced "I wonder if Yuuno can pick something up regarding that.

"And the two relic items that were with her?"

"Have them sealed and turned over to the proper authorities right away."

"Roger" Shari saluted before cutting off the monitor

Hayate leaned back in her seat and rested momentarily before a knock sounded on her door

"Come in" she called

"Hello, Commander" the person called as they entered the room

"Ginga!" Hayate stood up in greeting "It's been a while! What are you doing here?" she offered the seat in front of her while she went and brewed some tea for them both

"Hai, I came here upon request by Nanoha-san." she sat down "To give you the report regarding the pod

"How is it going?" Hayate placed two cups in front of her and poured

Ginga started flipping through the pages of her report "Its no good. The computer and all the data from the launch were completely destroyed." she shook her head "We have no way of telling where the pod came from nor why there was a little girl inside of it." she took a sip after placing the papers down "We do know that whoever launched it was doing something illegal. The presence of the relics, the girl, and the method of delivery itself is all too suspicious."

"I see" the commander picked up the report and began skimming through it. "We still have to deal with all the gadget drones..." she thought for a moment "Would it be possible for you to help us out on this? I know you must be busy but..."

"No, I would be glad to help out." the younger girl smiled "After all, investigating that issue was my original objective anyway. I'll talk to dad about setting up a temporary transfer later."

"Thanks. That would really be helpful."


"Hmmm~" Fate looked in front of her at the remains of the pod "It almost seems that this was launched in a hurry." she muttered to herself while circling its pieces at the lab

She moved to several locations and analyzed every single piece she could, to get some kind of clue as to the origin of the pod or what its purpose was in carrying that little girl. She rounded the area twice more before deciding to call it a day. She began to leave when something odd caught her eye. She walked up to the item in question and saw a small golden plate that seemed to have an interesting symbol on it. She knit her brow and curiously took it in her hand and stared for a few moments

"I'll have to get some data on this" she muttered to herself "this may be a clue as to where she came from or what she is used for."

She dropped the item into her pocket and looked around one last time to see if there was anything else that would catch her eye. Seeing that nothing else came up, she nodded to herself and left the lab.

"Ah, Fate-san" Shari walked up to the blond "Did you find anything useful?"

"Hmm" she took the item out of her pocket "I am not sure yet, but there is a symbol here that I would like to analyze"

Shari took the item and looked at it, gazing at the unknown symbol

"Looks like some kind of brand for something" she deduced. "I'll look into it for you." she smiled

"I'll do it" Fate offered

"No, no" the aide shook her head "You go home and rest, I'll go look into this."

"Alright, thanks Shari"

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Spoiler: Story

Experiment #536...

I stared up in my plain white ceiling for a few minutes after I opened my eyes. I was trying to remember what I was dreaming about but I completely forgot about it.

I shrugged and got up to stretch my body. A few minutes into stretching a video screen popped out beside me. It was Lena.

"Sigurd-san breakfast is ready." She announced flatly.

"Coming. Hey kiddo what's up for grabs?"

"Omelet, bacon, and french toast." She replied politely.

Well... Hearty breakfast, not a very big fan of bacon but ok. I immediately proceeded to the HQ's dining area.

While helping out on the kitchen, I saw Lucia dressed up and ready to go. It made me curious.

"What's up Luci, going out?" I asked casually.

"Yeah. Our target is alive." She replied.

"Guess it's big news. Need help with the info gathering?" I offered.

"Nah... I'll just contact you guys if anything comes up."

One thing's for sure today... I have free time and lot's of it. I took my glasses out of my left pocket and fixed them on my face. Whenever I wore glasses I never had to hold anything to my face just to see the letters... it was always a puzzle to me why I could see everything while I was wearing my barrier jacket. But it's fine with me to be in the bliss of ignorance as long as it doesn't affect what I have to do now.

"Ready to eat, kiddo?" I asked, ruffling her hair a bit.


"I'll dig in as well." Lucia announced, taking a seat.

Well... today is going to be a long day. "Later today, you want a mock battle kid?"

She gave me a nod. Well, that takes care of my afternoon schedule... I just need to find a way to kill time for the morning.

"Lucia how far into the city are you going into today?" I asked.

"I'll be covering the crash site of the pod. If I have time I'll stop by the military base nearby." She replied.

I took a sip from my coffee. "I see."

Breakfast went on silently. Everyone finished their plates clean and we left the dish-washing to the technology. Thank whatever is up there for technology.

After breakfast I went to the bathroom to shower, Lena went straight to her room, and Lucia left for her recon work.

As for me... the entire morning I'll be jogging and doing some random power concentration exercises. This HQ can pretty much cover what I need for a jog. Maybe 15 laps without breaks is good today.

The mission continues, huh? Well I guess there's no easy way out of anything. In any case we have to be ready for anything.

Spoiler: A/N
A bit short... but I hope this helps lol... and again this is out of the rack writing so yeah .-.

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Spoiler: Story
I got on my motorcycle as I prepared to leave for my reconnaissance work, ''The crash site will most likely still be off limits, so I will need to be careful, as to not raise any suspicion around myself'' I thought as I started my motorcycle and drove out of the driveway heading towards the downtown area crash site.

As I arrived I parked my motorcycle in the nearest garage and started my short walk towards the site, ''Most likely they will still be investigating where the pod originated from.. maybe I can gain at least some information from the policemen or TSAB operatives there, although it is highly unlikely..'' I thought as I arrived at the site.

The crash site was sealed off with several ''do not cross'' lines, I stopped at such a line as I looked around, there were several people still interested in what happened here, and it seems I was correct, the pod was still under full investigation by both policemen and TSAB operatives.

''Excellent.. at least I won't stand out a lot with all these civilians here''
I thought to myself as I turned towards the person next to me, ''Excuse me..'' I said, I received no response, ''Excuse me.'' I said a bit louder, this time the person turned to face me.

''Yes, can I help you with something?'' he asked me, ''Umm yeah, I was wondering if you knew anything about what happened here'' I replied to his question, ''To be honest, not really, I know something crashed here, and that's pretty much it, they already covered it all up before even the press was able to get here, I doubt anyone here knows anything more than I do, well, besides them investigators over there I guess.'' he told me.

''I see, too bad then, you have my thanks either way'' I said as I walked a bit further following the line, ''That was as informative as I had expected it to be, not at all..'' I thought as I came to a stop again.

I looked over as an officer approached me, ''Miss, is there a problem you need help with?'' he asked me, ''No, not really officer, I was just curious as to what was in that pod, but I guess pretty much everyone here wouldn't mind to know what it was..'', I gave my reply, ''Unfortunately, even we have no idea what exactly was in it, although I saw instructor Nanoha Takamachi take a kid away from the site though, an unconscious kid to be exact..'' the officer told me, ''I see, thanks anyway'' I said as I walked away.

''Odd, quite odd, what would a kid be doing at a place like this before anyone else gets here, not to mention the fact that if it was just a normal bystander she would have been taken away by an ambulance rather then a TSAB instructor..'' I thought as I headed back to the garage.

''Excalibur, what is the current time?'', I asked my device while entering the garage, ''Almost one in the afternoon'' was the reply that I received, ''I guess I have time enough to check out the military base as well, although I certainly cannot just walk in..'' I spoke aloud as I got on my motorcycle, ''I guess this is going to be some distant recon, as I lack any clearance to get in a military base..'' I thought as I drove out of the garage

Spoiler: Notes
And another part, sorry for the delay, and the shortness, but right now, my imagination is on vacation as well, also, it's annoying that in programs like Word or Notepad, it always seems longer then it ends up looking on a forum >.>

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Spoiler: Sigurd's day
It’s almost time for my match with the kid. Wouldn’t want to keep her waiting… or maybe that’s just me. But anyway, I just have to freshen up a bit…

… Or maybe not… she’s headed out today.

“Where are you going kiddo?” I asked, putting my left hand on my hip.

“Just taking a walk.” She stated flatly.

Well… Straight-forward kid… then that means the mock battle scheduled to happen in a few minutes is off for now. And that means I have nothing to do… again. Not that I’m complaining.

“Sure thing kid. I'm not stopping you.” I sighed, ruffling the kid’s hair.

Well… back to my bump… I’m beat. I can’t really go out in public since I have a thing for getting angry easily and I shouldn’t risk going into my other more irritable personality in public, not really good for undercover work.


Experiment #536

“The program is progressing as calculations have predicted, sir.”

“Excellent… however, there is a drawback isn’t there?”

A nod. “Its memory of the past 50 or so years will be erased and this is unavoidable, sir.”

“I see… another defect. As soon as it’s awake leave it out on the streets.”


I woke up and glanced at the clock it was almost 5:30 in the afternoon. I once again stared blankly at the ceiling trying to recall the dream I just had; however, nothing came to my head, again.

“Why do I keep on thinking whatever I nap about is important?” I muttered to myself.

A few minutes after I've drowned out the unnecessary thoughts I had in mind I heard noise downstairs. I looked at the clock again and it told me it was 6:30PM... almost time for dinner and looks like the both of them are here already.

Spoiler: Main post
Lena decided to wear a blue-garbed dress with an inside white blouse that covered her body completely. She grabbed her brown school bag and immediately left. However, she was stopped by Sigurd who was wondering why the girl was ready to leave the headquarters.

“Where are you going kiddo?” Sigurd asked, putting her left arm on her hips.

“Just taking a walk.” Came the flat reply.

“Sure thing kid. I'm not stopping you.” Sigurd says, ruffling the little girl’s hair.

Lena didn’t seem to mind the older girl ruffling her hair and simply left.


It’s already 4:43 in the afternoon… and Lena still wandered around almost aimlessly, window shopped, etc. She thought she would go and look for something to do while Luci was out on reconnaissance but here she was bored.

Here she was in a park eating vanilla ice cream observing people while sitting down on a bench.


Her eyes widened. It could be just a mistake but she had to look for the source of the voice to make sure. Lena curiously peeked at the source of the voice.

“Mou… you should eat your ice cream more cleanly.” Nanoha pouted.

But the blond-haired girl replied with a big and happy grin, which just seemed to make Nanoha’s day.

Lena’s curiosity overcame her and she made an obvious gawking stance at the mother and daughter. Nanoha smiled at Lena and stood up.

“Are you lost?” Nanoha asked nicely.

“…No.” came the usual flat reply, albeit a bit more hesitant.

So strong…--Lena thought to herself.

“Ne… Mama… who is she?” The blond asked.

Nanoha leaned a bit closer to Lena and asked, “What’s your name?”

“…Lena.” She whispered.

“Ahhh… Vivio this is Lena-chan. She’s just here for a walk.” Nanoha says, holding both sides of Lena’s shoulders.

Lena isn’t quite sure of how to respond to Nanoha’s cheerful attitude but she went along with it anyway… she needed to look for the ‘brand’ Jail uses to mark his masterpieces as his own creation or invention.

“Ne… Lena-chan… would you like to come eat with us? There’s a nearby café here they sell good cake!”

“I would like to join you.” Lena said.

“Ah! Before I forget… My name is Nanoha Takamachi… and this is Vivio.” Nanoha announced.

Nanoha gave Lena another grin and held both of their hands and headed for the café. It was mostly a quiet walk and Lena couldn’t help but wonder why they were both here. Nanoha obviously just came from work since she was still in her officer’s uniform… but that wasn’t answering Lena’s question.

Lena let herself be treated by Nanoha and ordered some orange juice and a small slice of chocolate cake. Nanoha seemed to be happy that both of them were cooperating with her. Lena didn’t realize how much of a big eater Vivio was.

Didn’t she just have two scoops of ice cream? –Lena asked herself, astounded at the big appetite Vivio exercised.

Then she noticed a flicker of gold from the blonde’s right wrist. She took a look again and confirmed the target for her current mission: Eliminate Vivio.

As soon as they were finished with their snack Lena took a bow and headed back to the HQ. She needed to let the other two know where the target is.


Lucia arrived a few minutes earlier than Lena, thus why the kitchen is busy even if there is a sleepyhead upstairs. Lena calmly opened the door and put her bag on the floor.

“I’m here.” She announced, entering the kitchen.

“Where have you been?” Lucia asked nonchalantly.

“With the target.” Lena replied.

“…” There was a long silence before Lucia could process it fully. “Who was she with?”

“Takamachi, Nanoha.” Came the cool reply.

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Spoiler: Story
''Takamachi, Nanoha''
I looked up with surprise written on my face before it was replaced with a grin, ''Good, very good, then we seem to have indeed found our target, earlier I confirmed that a Takamachi Nanoha had taken a young kid away from the crash site, and from what you just told me, I assume that this kid would be Vivio'' I told Lena as I continued prepping dinner, ‘’That is correct’’ she replied.

‘’I’ll most likely have my go at taking out the target after dinner, even if I do not succeed, it’ll at least give us more insight in where the target is usually located, not to mention who we get to deal with in future clashes.’’ I said, ‘’True, although we should not reveal to much of our own abilities, that would only complicate our mission’’ was Lena’s reply.

‘’Indeed, guess I’ll have to limit myself to using Excalibur then, rather than using magical attacks, I will also head for the TSAB base first, it is the most likely place to encounter the target.’’, I replied as I finished up dinner, I walked into the hallway and stopped at the stairs, ‘’Yo sleepyhead, dinners ready!’’ I yelled up to Sigurd, ‘’Coming!’’ she yelled back.

I walked back into the kitchen and prepped the table, then proceeding to set the pans on the table as well, ‘’So long have we been trained for this moment, and now our target is finally within reach..’’ I spoke as I sat myself down at the table across from Lena, ‘’It would in any case be wise to finish this before things get bad’’ Lena spoke up, ‘’I agree, which is why we shouldn’t waste to much time’’ I said as Sigurd walked in as well.

‘’I see both of you are back’’ Sigurd spoke as she sat down at the table, ‘’Yeah, we both got back a little bit ago, we have the most probable location of our target and also who she is with now, so I’ll be going after her after we finish dinner.’’ I replied as we started on our dinner.

‘’Who is she with then?’’ Sigurd asked after a few minutes of silence, ‘’The TSAB’s famed Takamachi Nanoha’’ I said, ‘’I see, we are making progress then.’’ Sigurd said as we returned to silence, about 15 minutes later we finished our dinner, I stood up with a grin on my face, ‘’Now, for once, I’m going to be leaving the plates to the two of you, I have an assassination to execute, I’ll let you know how it went when I get back’’, I spoke as I walked out of the kitchen.

A few minutes later I walked into the garage and headed towards my motorcycle, I put my helmet on before taking place on my motorcycle, I proceeded to exit the garage and head towards the city, the TSAB base to be exact.

‘’With some luck I’ll encounter the target outside the base… but without some luck I’ll have to use force to get near the target..’’ I thought as I increased speed, about 15 minutes later I came to a stop in an alley, now only mere streets away from my intended destination, I dismounted my motorcycle and took of my helmet, putting it down on the seat as I surrounded myself in a cyan aura, my biker suit being replaced by my barrier jacket, my blade Excalibur in my hand.

‘’First it would be wise to relocate to higher grounds, to assess the situation..’’ I thought as I looked around, spotting an apartment complex with emergency stairs, ‘’Excellent, that building should at least allow me a good view..’’ I spoke as I walked towards said apartment complex, jumping up onto the staircase, then proceeding to walk up the staircase quickly reaching the top, I walked towards the edge of the building , looking down at the area below, about 100 meters away was the TSAB base, besides the guards at the entrance and training soldiers there wasn’t much to see, yet.

‘’Damn it.. I guess I can’t expect anything to go the easy way..’’I spoke as I took another look, however, what I saw now, I liked, ‘’or maybe lady luck is on my side after all today..’’ I said as I watched Takamachi Nanoha exit the base with the kid that I presumed to be the target.

‘’It would be wise not to engage this close to the base’’
spoke my device Excalibur, ‘’I agree, a little bit too close to the base for my comfort, we’ll have to follow them to a location a bit further away’’ I replied as I sheathed Excalibur at my side, walking back towards the stairs and descending it, I hurried away from the alley to catch up with my target, silently walking about 40 meters behind them, I followed them like this for a little while longer until we arrived in what seemed to be a park, ‘’This would be the perfect location to strike.’’ I thought as I stood behind a tree, watching them sitting on a bench, I unsheathed Excalibur as I prepared to charge at my target.

‘’Here goes..’’ I whispered as I charged straight towards my target, halfway there raising my sword above my head, ‘’This is the end, Vivio!’’ I yelled as I slashed my sword down straight towards Vivio, however, much to my dismay, my blade did not reach it’s intended target, instead, it clashed against the head of what seemed to be a horribly oversized hammer.

‘’What the?!’’ I spoke, ‘’Who the hell are you?’’ spoke the wielder of the oversized hammer, a seemingly young girl with red hair wearing what seemed to be something that a lolita would wear, I jumped back only to once again clash with the wielder of the hammer, the one known as Takamachi Nanoha also prepping herself for a battle by now, ‘’Tchh’’ I backed off, keeping my blade at the ready, ‘’Who I am is none of your concern, it would seem I failed in my objective, no sense in continuing a battle with someone who is not my intended target’’, I said as I sheathed my blade, ‘’I will assure you though, this isn’t the last you’ve seen of me.’’ I spoke as I sprinted off, heading back towards the alley I parked my motorcycle in, ‘’Damn it, where the hell did that girl come from?’’ I thought as I continued running, ‘’So close, only to be stopped by a goddamn hammer on steroids’’ I growled as I arrived in the alley I parked my motorcycle in.

I allowed my transformation to fade away, my barrier jacket giving away in favor of my biker suit, walking over to my motorcycle, putting on the helmet as I got on, ‘’Guess I can at least report in someone else we need to keep our eye on when attempting to take out the target, miss redhead with the oversized hammer..’’ I spoke as I started my motorcycle and headed back towards the HQ.

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Fu Fu Fu Fu fu~

Spoiler: Next
"Bwahahahaha~!!" Sigurd was rolling on the floor "You haha...beat by a midget! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!"

"I did not!" Luci responded "I didnt even fight! I got stopped by a giant hammer with feet"

"Hmmm..." I pondered after listening to the story. "They dont know our objective correct?" I asked again

"Right, but they saw me charge at the kid. They may have a heavier guard on her from now on."

"Hmm..." I considered the situation once more while Sigurd continued on her laughter fit. "I should go next" I stated

"Eh?" Sigurd stopped and looked at me "You going to go now? thats crazy!"

"No, not now" I shook my head "In a couple of days." I looked outside the window "Vivio and this Takamachi Nanoha know who I am. I might be able to get close enough to isolate and kill our target"

"What, you going to stab her in the back?" Luci smirked "That's not like you"

"If dire need calls for it, I'll stab her" I projected a small blood red dagger "with this"

"Oooh~" Sigurd rolled over and picked herself up from the floor "The Azoth dagger. Good choice."

"When will you go?" Luci asked as she took another sip from her glass

"In a couple of days." I responded "The security around her might be intense right now so I dont want to risk anything."

"Well now that that is settled" Sigurd raised her glass "Lets eat!"


"Here you go ahhhn~" Nanoha held up a spoonful of icecream in front of Vivio

"Ahhhn~" the blond mimicked and swallowed the snack

Nanoha and Vivio were sitting at a small cafe not too far from the base. The older woman had taken some time off partially because she needed it and partially because of what had happened the other day.

"Who were those people?" she thought "What were they after? If I didnt know any better, I would think they were after Vivio, but why?" She continued to feed the little girl "It didnt seem like they were after me, and they fled when Vita-chan stopped why?"

"Mama?" The bloned looked at her companion with a worried expression

"It's nothing dear" Nanoha patted the girl's head before giving her another scoup of icecream.

*cling*cling* The sound of the door opening announced the arrival of another customer

"Welcome!" one of the waitressess called out "Please sit where you like"

I scanned the room and made eye contact with Nanoha before swinging my eyes to the girl happily eating icecream.

"Ah, Lena-chan!" Vivio waved over to me after she followed the older woman's glance.

I walked up to the table across from them and put by small guitar case down, completely ignoring the kid. Nanoha began to look at me rather strangely and seemed a little confussed as I slowly opened the case and pulled out the instrument inside.

"...?" Nanoha tilted her head a little and looked me square in the eyes as I started playing and drawing the attention of the small group of people around us.

"I can hear what you're thinking~
All your doubts and fears~
And if you look in my eyes, in time you'll find the reason I'm here~
And in time, all things shall pass away. In time, you may come back some day~
to live once more or die once more~
In time, your time will be no more~"

Nanoha's eyes widened in horror as she realized that I had shifted my glance from her to Vivio during the song.

"No way..." she whispered more to herself than to me "why?"

I packed up the guitar after getting several applauses from the other customers listening in, before standing up and giving Vivio one hard stare and exiting the building.

"Vivio" Nanoha smiled at the little girl "stay here and wait for me ok?" she patted the girl's head before ordering another icecream parfait for the girl "I'll be back in a little bit"

She took off after me and existed the cafe, scanning the immediate area before locating me and beginning chase.

"Lena-chan wait!"

I took off in a dead sprint once I heard her voice, smilling at the fact that she took the bait. I continued running some distance till we got to a quiet park. There I sat down under a tree and put the guitar case down through my lap and on the ground.

"...!" Nanoha's eyes widened again as she looked at my projected image "Vivio!" she shouted before grabbing the red orb from around her neck and speeding back as fast as she could.


"Hello, Vivio..." I walked up to the girl sitting happily all alone on the table. "Let's go for a walk..." I offered my hand to her

"But Mama said I have to wait here for her" the blond stated

"She asked me to come get you" I grinned a little bit "She wants to show you a surprise. Want to go?"

"Really?!" the girl beamed, nearly jumping out of her seat "I wanna go!" she grabbed my hand


"Raising Heart!" Nanoha nearly screamed as she ran through the busy city, staff in hand "Where is Vivio?"

[She is moving through the town towards the sea] the device responded

"How could I have been so stupid?!" she mentally kicked herself and poured some magical power into her body to increase her speed "Hold on, Vivio! I'm coming!"


"Mama?! Mama!" Vivio called out as I led her forward "Ne, Mama isnt here" she turned back towards me

"Yes, she isnt here." I projected a scimitar and pointed it at the girl "Vivio" my eyes trailed from her own to the location of the mark "You must die, or the world will be destroyed" I charged up to her and raised my weapon above my head "Rhaaaaaaa!!!!" I yelled before swinging down with all my power

*clang!!* the sound of metal hitting metal echoed through my ears. I opened my eyes, which were temporarily blinded by the impact, and saw a staff connected to a red orb barring my way.

"Tch" I jumped back and repositioned myself

"Are you ok Vivio?" Nanoha called behind her, not taking her eyes off of me for a moment. "Go hide over there" she pointed towards the rocks a safe distance away from the combat field. "I'll come get you once everything is over."

"n...nnn" the shaking, crying girl slowly made her way over to the said location while the older woman and I faced each other off.

"Who are you?" she glared angrily "Why are you after Vivio?" she poised her weapon

"She got here faster than I expected" I noted as I analyzed my opponent "I wonder if I can take her on..." I projected another sword and charged at her

"Axel Shooter!" she called out as several pink orbs charged at me, halting my advance.

I retreated several meters before "slicing" all the oncomming energy orbs with projected weapons, shattering each one.

"Keh" I spat out as the reppurcussion of rapid projection hit me. I raised my hand in the air "Release restraining limiter spell numbers three...two...and one." I lowered my hand and looked at Nanoha "Verifying recognition for situation A, Cromwell Activation." I continued muttering more to myself than to anyone else "Initiating ability usage limiter cancellation until the enemy in front is completely silenced."

"Raising Heart" Nanoha responded "Limiter Release!" she commanded

Nanoha's slim body shoots towards me, straight like an arrow. After our weapons collide her straight line turns into a half-circle. I manage to get her knocked back by the force of the collision and move in to follow up with a circular attack.

“Keh” I spat out as my strike hit nothing but air.

"Divine.." a voice called from above me "Buster!!!!"

I raised a shield to block the attack and grit my teeth as the beam began to pound waves of energy throughout my body. I grit my teeth for several moments while summoning 4 blades above me and ordering them to charge at her.Nanoha stopped her beam and summoned energy orbs to counter the oncomming swords before raising her guard and deflecting my cross strike.

Vivio watches in awe as all she sees are two blurred objects collidnig and separating only to collide once again. At times the rythm of steel striking steel almost sounds as if its been arranged by a musician. However after the 12th clash the rythm falters

"Argh..." I drop down a little bit after the pain settles in "This isnt good...a AA+ fighting an over S without the use of full power is hardly a fair battle." I continued to analyze the situation "There are too many civilians nearby to use any kind of power. Yet, I cannot allow myself to be captured" I summoned a large amount of magical energy and projected 27 weapons around me "If I am to escape..." I aimed them at Vivio "I have to divert her attention!" I fired them all

"...!" Nanoha understood what was going on and put all her power into reaching the child

[Protection Powered]

"Argh!" she braced herself as weapon after weapon crashed and shattered against the large pink wall. She slowly lowered her weapon after the last attack had ceased and scanned the skies looking for me. "Are you ok Vivio?" She turned around and hugged the little girl crying behind the rock "Shhh~ its ok"


"Keh..." I added pressure to my injuries and decended to the ground once I confirmed that I was out of the battlezone "Looks like that woman is going to be a problem for us..." I stated as I began my walk back to the base.

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Spoiler: Story
I heard knocking on the door followed by a loud thud. Either Lena was back or we have unwanted company. My device was always with me wherever I go.

“Pier… can you be on stand-by for me?” I whispered.

The device remained silent but its lights flicker a couple of times which means it’s ready to set up whenever I wanted. I silently head for the door since Luci was probably upstairs doing god knows what.

I peeked a bit and I saw Lena incapacitated on the floor. I immediately checked for any signs of heavy injuries, lucky: her though most of them are light scratches; nothing sleep can’t handle.

Scooping her up from the floor I heard Luci come by from the stairs, our eyes met briefly and then she looked intently at Lena.

“I’m guessing she went against someone who was more than a AA mage.” I announced.

“I can see that.” She snorted.

I chuckle. “Someone’s still pissed.”

“Whatever. So how are you going to take out the target?” She shot back.

Well… it’s not a bomb-proof plan but I was going to try anyway.

“Infiltration.” I stated flatly.

“Sigurd and spying has never been put in a sentence before you know.” Luci replied casually, putting her right hand on her hip.

“Heh. You never know until I try.” I said confidently, pointing my thumb at myself.

Then I started walking to Lena’s room, settling her down on her bed. After that I headed to my room to pack.


Three days have passed since I started my recon. I’ve seen the target a couple of times, as described by Luci to me. She seems to be glued to Takamachi and Harlaown and based from the information I gathered so far… they aren’t to be dealt with when they’re together. Especially. When they’re together.

Although it seems I don’t have to wait that long since lady luck is following me today. What do you know, it’s Harlaown and the target today.

Alone… and it’s perfect to strike, since everybody is on break time today. This opportunity should give me a chance to take out my target. In any case… we can’t let chances like this slip by… if I do then what’s gambling for?

As a standard I saluted the officer. “Good morning officer Harlaown. Headed for the mess hall?”

“Yes… uhm… who are you again?” She asked, a tone of apology evident in her voice.

“Index… would be what most people call me here but my full name is Rosette Christopher.”

“Index-san?” She repeated.

“Yes ma’am.”

She laughed a bit. “Take it easy… you don’t have to recognize me now.”

“Of course I do.” I said darkly.

She paused for a bit examining my tone. Something I expected to happen so I activated my device. Then her stance became defensive and she told Vivio to go and ask for help. She in turn activated her device as well and we took it to the skies.

“This should be fun.” I muttered to myself.

I took the first move and our devices clashed. I tried giving her a roundhouse kick and she dodged, making me miss by mere inches. My guess was she was going to take a ranged attack and attack me in surprise once I’ve dodged her decoy energy balls.

My guess was correct. She did almost exactly as I guessed; however, I wasn’t expecting her energy balls to follow me again after I dodge them.

“Shit.” I said, realizing that I fell right into her trap.

“Trident… smasher!!!” She said, as she pointed her device at me releasing a bright yellow energy beam straight for me.


It was mostly a direct hit. Luckily I was able to block what I can… and made it out barely conscious. It was raining, which was good for me because they’ll have a hard time finding me now. Especially now, since I need to vanish from sight. Looking at a puddle of water, I realized I turned into Zwei while I was fighting her.

“Heh… She’s tough nut.” I muttered.

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Ha-er we go-ez!


"So you failed as well huh?" I noted to Sigurd who came back rather aggitated "Looks like we cant take those mages lightly anymore" I dramatically pulled out a potato chip...and ATE IT!

"Yeah...aparently there is another one we need to look out for" she answered and popped open a monitor displaying the person she was talking about

"Well at least it wasnt a little kid" I smirked and glanced over at Luci

"I heard that!" she called from the kitchen.

"Well at least we can take it easy the next few days" I leaned back on the couch and hugged the pillow in front of me "It would be suicide to attack them when they have their guards up"

"Thats true enough" Sigurd plopped down next to me "Ah! Is that the latest episode of Amigami SS?" she grabbed the remote "Turn it up!"

"I swear you're such a kid sometimes"

"Hey, I dont want to be called that by a little brat" she started ruffling my hair

"Why you-!" I pounced on her and we started struggling all over the place.

"Hey! Thats enough, food is ready!" Luci called after getting things set up. "Since I cooked tonight, you two are on cleanup rotation" she pointed to the list "be sure to clean up well, got it?"



"Hmm..." I looked at the shopping list in my hands "I wonder what some of this even is." I glanced at the list Sigurd handed me that morning. Aside from the usual items like rice, curry powder, meats, etc there were also some strange things I've never seen before like Budweiser, Corona, Guiness, etc.

The light turned green allowing everyone who was waiting with me at the crosswalk to proceed.

"Oh well" I thought to myself "I can get these on the way home tonight, its not like we dont have enough food right now anyway." I walked across the street and decided to head towards the park.

There, sitting on the bench with another person, was the woman that Sigurd had fought. She was talking to some short haired girl in a brown uniform, and they were turned away from me so I couldnt quite use what little lip-reading I knew to piece what they were saying

I didnt give much more thought to it as I left the park to go to the shopping district. I wanted to float around the area a but more, but seeing those people really cut my enthusiasm. I walked into the store and took a basket from the counter before pulling my list out and began roaming around the place. After locating several items, I turned the corner to go to another isle and guess who I just happened to see.

" left the brat home alone huh?" I stated, causing Nanoha to bolt upright and turn around "Maybe I should go pay her a visit"

"...!" her eyes widened and she gripped the gem around her neck

I payed no heed and walked around her to grab a slice of cheese from the rack "What are you so nervous for. I'm not here to kill you...yet" I continued my path towards the end of the isle.

"Stop" she gripped my shoulder "Why are you so intent on killing Vivio?" I felt her grip tighten a litle bit "Answer me"

I released a small aura as a warning to make her let go. It was effetive as she jerked back instead of slowly releasing. I smirked to myself and continued walking.

"Riot Force VI huh" I lifted her ID card over my shoulder "You need to keep these things in safer places" I chuckled and ran off to the counter.

"Hey come back here!" she yelled at me.

I smirked over my shoulder as I arrived at the counter, putting all the grocery items on the checkout table.

"Arent you too young to be buying alcoholic products?" The casheer asked me

"Ah, I was helping out Captain Takamachi who is over there still grabbing some items. I was asked to present this as proof" I produced her ID card.

The woman scanned the card and then the alcoholic products before handing everything over to me in bags.

"Ok there you go" She said "Be sure to have her hold on to the alcohol when you leave the store. It would be really bad if you were caught with them ok?" she warned

"I'll be careful" I nodded and ran out the door.

"Come back here!" Nanoha's voice came from the back of the store

I turned around and pulled the skin under my right eye and stuck my tongue out "Hnnnnndah!" before running out of the building and down the street.


"!" A shadow lingered over me and I felt hands land sharply on my shoulder. I looked back and noticed a rather tired and out of breath woman.

"You need to work out more, Takamachi Nanoha" I stated licking the icecream that I had bought using her ID card.

"You..." she breathed "give me back my ID card!" she sat down on the bench and pinned me down with her weight so I couldnt escape, her breathing rather ragged.

"Lets get started" I said after I finished my icecream


"You followed me all the way out here. Just because I didnt attack you in the store doesnt mean I am going to let you follow me home." I stood up and took several paces forward before projecting a set of katars

"Wait." her eyes became serious "if I fight you, will you tell me why you are after Vivio?"

"If you can defeat me, not a moment before."

"I see" she gripped the gem around her beck and activated her device and jacket. "Are you going to fight just like that?" she looked at me a little worried "Without a barrier jacket you are bound to get seriously injured."

"Fine..." I smirked at her, summoning my armor. I took a step forward, the heavy sound of steel clanking against the ground "Will this do?"

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Part 2 of it~


"Answer me!" Nanoha demanded as the battle continued on "Why are you after Vivio?" she dodged several blades while firing her axel shooters

"You havent defeated me yet!" her opponent shouted back and pressed her advantage.

The two of them moved the battle outside of the city limits and slowly directed it towards the sea. Nanoha seemed impressed that this little AA+ mage was able to keep up with her in combat. Maybe she should have released her final limiter as well.

"I wonder if shes holding back on me" Nanoha thought at the exchange of blows "She seems to be attacking me with everything shes got, but why do I fet the feeling this isnt really 'everything'?"

The older girl continued her attack and tried to outmaneuver her opponent, but despite the heavy looking armor, the younger girl was matching her motion for motion. The combattants struggling to gain the avantage over the other, as well as race against time. Nanoha knew that it was only a matter of time before the base found out about the battle and sent reinforcements in. If that happened, it was more than likely that Lena would escape.

"What did she do?!" Nanoha tried again "Shes just a child!"

"Its what she will do..." came the soft and almost quet response

Nanoha couldnt help but notice the slight change in the girl's expression when she said that. As if the girl knew something all along.

"What do you-?" An explosion interrupted her and caused both fighters to cease combat and look towards the direction of the city. "What the heck?"

[Warning Class 4 Psionic waveform detected] the girl's pendant reacted

"A combat cyborg protptype..." she whispered to herself before charging off towards the source

"A what?" Nanoha just barely heard it "Wait!" she called before chasing after the silver bullet.


"What is going on here?" Nanoha breathed once she arrived at the scene. She flew around and aided people who were inured and trying to escape while contacting the base for help.

Chaos filled the streets as the sounds of explosions rang from the area nearby. The instructor flew to the scene and was astounded at what she saw. There in the middle of the battle were two figures locked in mortal combat landing strikes into each other's bodies as well as projectiles when they were separated.

"Lena-chan!" she called out as the two separated and the girl was thrown into the side of the building. Nanoha aimed her weapon to fire a buster, but found that her target had moved when the girl she had been worrying about zoomed from the ruble and crashed into the cyborg

At this point Nanoha couldnt even get a good lock on the opponent, she was more than busy trying to get civilians out of the area and shielding them from the collateral damage that was stemming from this battle. She was starting to get really aggitated that held had yet to arrive.

"Look out!" She called over to a little girl that was running away but was about to be crushed by a large falling debirs. "I'm not going to make it!" Nanoha cursed herself as she went with all haste towards her target. She was still busy helping out everyone else that she ended up more than several blocks away. "...!"

An explosion and a large dust could formed as the debirs landed where the little girl was. The instructor bit her lip in anger.

"No way..." she breathed when she saw a figure wrapped in silver holding the large debris over her head and barely managing to keep it raised. "Run!" she yelled at the stunned child as she increased her speed.

The child managed to only make it a couple of feet before she was knocked down by the force of the cyborg hitting Lena in the chest, causing the younger girl to fly back several meters and dropping what she held.

"Ugh..." she groaned as red fluid escaped her lips and painted the ground beneath her. "Argh!!" she felt herself being pulled up by the hair before her body was pounded heavily by a sharp knee to the stomach.

The cyborg had sustained moderate injuries during the battle as well, but it was a cyborg. It had twice as much tolerance as well as stamina compared to a normal human. It raised its hand to finish Lena off when it heard the girl crying behind it. It walked up to her and raised both its hands in order to crush her life away

"No!" Nanoha screamed and fired several rounds. The axel orbs were easily deflected and the cyborg went back to its original target.

It raised its hands once more, but the delay was just enough for Lena to act. She grabbed the cyborg by the waist and diverted all of her power to flying. Like a rocket, to the two of them launched into the air higher and higher. The girl's magical energy being pushed to the limits, her armor almost completely shattered. Their ascent peaked out at just above the upper troposphere before they began to plument back to the surface.

"Thats crazy!" Nanoha exclaimed as she watched the ball of light descend back to earth at incredible speed

The two continued to fall and several more blows were exchanged before Lena managed to land a critical strike, allowing her to retain a firm grip on the cyborg and focus her power on diving.

"An abomination like you must not live..." she whispered to the stunned cyborg "Be purified by fire!"

With that, the two of them crashed into the cold hard earth just outside the city limits. The shokwave of the impact reached several hundred yards, shattering glass and spreading dirt across the area. Nanoha reached the impact site minutes later and was awed at the size of the crater. She quickly went down and checked on the two bodies present. One was dead the other...soon would be.


"How is she?" Nanoha asked when Carim exited the room

"Shes in pretty bad shape. The armor she had on saved her life." The blond looked back into the room "I guess she should also be thankful that her powers as an S ran help constitute to that."

"Wait S rank?" Nanoha tilted her head "When we ran the scan on her last time, she only registered AA+" She looked at Carim "Shamal even ran the numbers several times"

"I dont know what to tell you then" The knight shook her head "But when we ran the sensors over her it undoubtly reported a S rank." Her face grimaced "Also...she mumbled something-it was rather weak and I almost missed it-but I am sure she said 'the future'."

"What could that mean?" The instructor asked

"I dont know" the other woman responded "But we found an interesting mark on the back of her left wrist." she opened a monitor "I've seen this symbol before in the archives of ancient Belka."

"What do you know about it?"

"I dont know" Carim shook her head "We cant get her permission, so I would like to ask you for permission to use my powers of prophecy and delve into hers to see if there may be any clues to who or what she is."

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awesome fic.
can't wait for the next part! love reading your stories! xD

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Spoiler: Story
What the... where is she? It's 8PM already! And she isn't back with alcohol! ... I mean food.

"Oi, I'm headed out." I announced.

"Sure, look for Lena while you're at it." Luci said, slouching on the couch even more.

Eh, that was plan B... I was planning on looking for some game as plan A oh well... guess priority changes quite fast nowadays.

"Yeah, yeah."

I grabbed my bike and began riding with the wind. It wouldn't take long before I can reach the main city at this speed but that wasn't exactly my type, I need to fly to see everything first.

I decided to turn my bike towards the forest to conceal it.


Flying all they way up DOES makes life easier. I saw a huge crater not too far from city limits. It looked like an asteroid actually dropped but that kind of thing would be reported all over the news. I decided to take a closer look.

I was walking within the crater, which was bigger than I hoped, and searched for traces of battle or even a struggle. There was almost none.

I stepped on something that didn't feel quite like a rock but maybe, a wire? I removed my foot and checked it out.


Combat cyborgs. Damn it Jail has been busy and we need to kick his ass as soon as possible before he creates any other things like this.


After that I continued my search within the city, hoping to hear at least some people gossiping on my targets. But maybe lady luck is on my side today and she gave me some game to play with.

10PM and I can either choose to play the game dancing around in front of me or look for Lena.

To be honest, the former sounds better so I'm going with it.

Fate Testarossa Harlaown. Well, I still owe her something called payback.

"Yo! How about we get some alcohol?" I asked, grabbing her on the shoulder.

She looked annoyed and she seemed to be in a hurry.

"Eh..? No fancy cars today and no Kiddy... you guys should be tighter on security don't you think? you make the job for us easy." I said, ignoring her struggle.

"I don't have time for this." She growled.

"OOH~ Fierce today, aren't we?" I retorted easily.

She just growled even more. This time I asked seriously, "I have a question, Have you guys taken Lena prisoner somewhere?"

"Lena? The Lena Nanoha was talking about?" She asked.

"I see. Well, since we're here and all I activated my barrier jacket. How about I give you some payback?"

She set up her barrier jacket and led the battle outside city limits, something I wasn't expecting for her to do. not too often people in a hurry would actually be in a hurry but whatever she's going to get served.

Once she was sure enough that no one would interfere or get affected by our battle she stopped. I'm guessing she is more or less pissed at something.

"So, what made the patient impatient?" I asked.

"None of your business." She replied, taking the first move.

This ought to be fun.

Spoiler: A/N
@_@;; I think I'm too sleepy to write anything more X_X >_>~*~<_< forgive me if it feels rushed... I need to re-do this after I've finished typing out something

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Warning...VERY LONG

Spoiler: Next

"Whats the report sister Schach?" Carim asked as she, Nanoha, and Hayate sat around the table.

"Well I did do some searching on the symbol you showed me" shes responded "And I ran across something dating back to Ancient Belka." several monitors popped up "According to this, there is a race called 'Templars' that carry the mark on their bodies." She let them absorb the information before holding up a report "Apparently they were created to serve the last Sankt Kaiser of the Belkan age. They are zealots and will kill anyone who stands in the way of their objectives."

Nanoha's expression saddened a little as she looked down at the table and she muttered something that was understandable only to Carim and Hayate.

"That may be so...but I know at least one who would fight to the death protecting people like us..."

"Nanoha-chan..." Hayate glanced over with concern

Carim caught the notion and decided to cover the issue "Is there anything else?"

"Other than that, we know next to nothing" Schach concluded

"I see, thank you" Carim nodded and turned her attention back to her friends "This situation grows vague" she stated "I wanted to wait till Fate-san got here but it seems we will have to proceed without her." her expression hardened "Nanoha-san, Hayate-san" she stood up and walked several paces from the table before turning to face them "I dont quite understand what I saw when I searched that girl...but you must see it."

"Alright" the other two spoke in unison

Carim nodded and unravled the stack of papers that she used for her fortune telling. The pages began to scatter and form a circle around her, before slowly orbiting and glowing brightly. The knight's eyes began to hollow as she went into a trance.

"On a distant shadowed world..." she began "the Templars will make their final stand. Their heroes will gather, their forces will be marshalled, and they will die bravely. But still...they will die." Her voice saddened "And all the known worlds...will be slaves. All will bow before the power...of the fallen one."

With that, the room began to fill with magical energy sending the three of them into what seemed to be a dream-like state. Their environment changed and they began to float around as if they were viewing someone's thoughts. There they watched the furture unfold...


"Templar brethren heed me!" a young woman spoke.

Nanoha recognized the girl as an older version of Lena. She held a magnificent sword in her hand while her armor seemed old and worn from battle

"The last twilight has fallen! The galaxy burns around us! The TSAB has been destroyed. We are all that stand against the shadow." She spoke to the army that stood before her "But if we are to meet our end this day we shall do so AS ONE! En Taro Aduin!" she raised her weapon and rallied the morale of the forces

A loud roar echoed through the field as thousands of templar prepared themselves for battle. Lena turned to face the enemy line as swarms of type-1 and type-3 gadgets began to advance on their position

"All forces, FIRE!" Lena commanded as hundreds of projectiles began to fire from behind her towards the oncomming swarm of enemies.

A large cloud followed by the sounds of explosions approached from the horizon as the energies fired reached their targets.

"VOLLEEEEY!!!!" She shouted as more artilery rounds were fired.

Wave after wave of enemy forces were decimated, but the advance was all but stopped. It seemed that for every one knocked down, 4 more would take its place. Soon the gadgets were at the defense line

"Charge!!!!" Lena commanded as she advanced from the line and collided with the enemy forces

Physical and magical weapons were all being utilized in battle between man and machine. Those who weilded physical weapons took the brunt of the attack while those who were strictly mages stayed behind and provided support.

"Prelate Lena, the vault is prepared. Guard us while we preserve our knowledge for those that may follow. They must not make the mistakes we did." One of the seers stated.

"We'll do everything we can!" she responded before turning back to the battlefield and issued orders.

"Your efforts are futile. My harbingers will usher in a NEW age!" A dark voice carried across the massive battlefield

As if on cue, seemingly an endless swarm of type-2 flying gadgets began to to fire at the defenders. The ground forces had little choice but to take cover and split their attention between the forces in front of them and the forces in the air. The small amount of defenders that could fly were heavily outmatched and couldnt provide any support.

"Keh!" Lena grit her teeth as she took to the air and began engaging the flying forces. "Not good..."

Before long the defenders were about to have their line shattered when the large portal behind them opened and energy beams began to fire though.

"I have rallied the last of our Aerial Mage Specialists" A voice came through the transmission as hundreds of aerial mages began to pour into the battlefield

A sound of rejoicing came from the defenders as their fellow soldiers joined them. A sigh of relief came from the young commander as the reinforcements began pouring in and pushing the enemy back.

"Your timing is impeccable, Admiral Timil" she smiled "You need to quit cutting it so close Corona" she joked

"I've never let you down before!" the other girl responded "Now lets get these guys! All forces attack!"

The battle raged on as the defenders were pushed to the limits against the seemingly endless waves of enemy gadgets.

"Every hand is turned against you. even the ground beneath your feet carries the seeds of your destruction!" the dark voice carried through the battlefield once again.

"What the hell?!" the ground forces began to repeat to each other as an earthquake began to form.

The ground beneath them soon broke in several areas behind the defense line and gadgets began to pour from them, decimating the trapped defenders and slowly advancing towards the yet incomplete vault.

"Shit!" Corona cursed from her command position "Lena! We cant spare any forces! We're having enough trouble holding the air!"

"Damnit..." the commander turned around before turning back just in time to block an attack and slashing through the gadget

"This is the hour of truth noble Templars!" another voice sounded through the transmissions as the portal activated once again "Let the enemy know the wrath of Aiur's champions!"

Hundreds of warships began to enter the area and rain down destruction on the enemy forces, giving both the ground and air units time to regroup and reorganize

"Better late than never, Executor Wesley" Lena greeted "Unleash the full power of your forces for there may be no tomorow."

"Oh dont worry about that" Lio responded as she stood up and opened all communications to her ships "Everyone will fight with everything they've got!"

"You have no place to hide and nowhere to run..." the voice echoed once again

"We arent going to run nor will we hide!" Lio shouted back "We will stand and fight!"

A large shadow formed in the distance, something enourmous was approaching. Before it came an even larger amount of gadgets, so much so that the defenders were forced to fall back slowly line after line.

"What the hell!! There is way too many of them!" Corona stated as she redirected her forces to cover the retreat

"We'll reform the line here!" Lio responded as her fleet launced their interceptors and slowly halted the enemy advance "The vault's been finished, Lena!"

"Roger that!" the other responded "All ground forces retreat to the FPLs!!!"

The pockets of defenders pulled back to the final protective line surrounding the portal. Its glow begain to energize once more as something big was trying to come though. The energy reading was so massive it shook the very air around the battlefield

"What the hell is it this time?!" Lena turned back and looked at the portal as a single humungous ship broke through the portal and shattered its frame, destroying it completely. "Holy..." she breathed out.

Powerful beams began to fire at the enemy from this large vessel. It made all the other ships that were engaged in battle look like ants. Energy began to gather underneath it as a transmissioned opened from the bridge.

"This is Heirarch Sigurd commanding the Shield of Aiur. Our matrix fields are withing range! Engaging dimensional recall!"

As if on cue, hundreds of thousands of aircraft, ground forces, and mages of all kinds appeared within this massive beam of light and scattered towards the defenseline.

"My brothers and sisters, hear me for there is little time left." Sigurd spoke again "All that remains of our race...our civilization...are all that stand beside you now."

All throughout the field the warriors looked around at each other, acknowledging the fact that there are no more reinforcements, that they are it, that they...were now on their own.

"Trust in each other. Strike as one will. Let our last stand burn a memory so bright we will be remembered forever. En Taro Aduin!"

"En Taro Aduin!" the defenders cried with one voice as their spirits were renewed and began to fiercely drive the enemy back, crushing them with a fury unlike anything seen before.

"Its time I had a personal hand in your demise..." the dark voice stated as its owner reached the front of the battleline.

"Vivio..." Lena spoke as the two commanders faced off in battle.

"Hello, Lena..." Vivio responded "Accept your fate. Throw down your weapons. This is an order from your king."

"You are NOT my king!" Lena spat back "And we will never follow that order!" she poised her weapon.

"Ah, yes" Vivio mused "The Thunderfury. The weapon I passed down to your bloodline so long ago. The ancient royal family weapon rumored to destroy any the cost of its weilder's life." she smiled evilly "So? Can you use it? Can you kill me?" her eyes mocked.

"For the sake of the universe" she gathered the weapon's energy, throwing everything she had-even her own life force-into the weapon's powerful blade "I will stop you"

"Then come..." she stated as the two women charged each other

... ...
... ... ...

Vivio stood over the ruined battlefield and enveloped the world in darkness. She exercised her powers and began do destroy that world

"As I was your beginning" she spoke to all her defeated enemies "So shall I be...your end." She ascended and began to destroy everything "Your light is is finished."


"Carim! Carim!" Hayate and Nanoha snapped out of their horrified trance and ran over to the fallen knight who had collapsed after using her powers

"Get her to the infirmary! QUICKLY!" Hayate ordered


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Truly, I am rendered speechless.
That was awesome.
Siggy commanding the Shield of Aiur though... that, I can't see happening.
But in any case, this prophecy has only ignited our flames even further!
Vivio must die, or the universe will be consumed by darkness.

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Spoiler: story
We've been at this for hours... even I already lost track of time and this is ME getting more fatigue by the minute! Where exactly is she getting all that extra energy from? Guess, I'll have to finish this... she's already at her limit too...

"So... enforcer. Care to explain the extra explosiveness today?" I asked.

It was very dry humor.

She doesn't lower her guard one bit but she talks, "I've been looking for Nanoha."


She didn't need to reply, I could see it. Ms. Wife hasn't returned since yesterday, I guess. I think that she's agitated because of something else though.

"Pier, Spear mode." I ordered.


She readied more yellow orbs and immediately sent them flying towards me. I easily dodged them. I went in for a direct thrust, which was blocked by her dual sabers. Immediately, I followed up a roundhouse and almost pinned her down if only she were slower.

My device read my mind and immediately transformed into a sword for me.

"Say... have you ever heard of Toratsugumi?" I inquired, removing my blade from it's scabbard.

She shook her head.

"Oho~ Hmm... I've been trying to perfect it... seems you're going to be the first sparring partner I'll be using this move on." I said happily.

She seemed to be surprised that I was still hiding something up my sleeve despite the hours of fighting and my magic level.

Holding my sword on my right and scabbard on the left, I charged at my target and my sword clashed againt her scythe. Her guard was almost covered but...

In a series of movements using my left hand I managed to hit her upper torso several times using my scabbard and was able to break some of her ribs. I was surprised she was still standing after that attack though.

Although... I'm about to lose consciousness myself.

"Nnngh... Still awake... huh..." I said.

"Hah...Hah... That was sneaky..." She panted.

"Last one, before I really pass out."

I readied my sword and immediately charged, not letting in a moments hesitation. Slicing vertically and in many directions in a flash.

"Sword Rain: Alpha."

That was the last thing I remembered before I lost consciousness.

Spoiler: A/N
w00t >_> I think I lost most of my sadistic verve... ._.; but anyway... story progress! Alicia your post is awesomez! 8D

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Zomg Sword Rain: Alpha!! XD
Is Sword Rain: Beta gonna show up? Gonna cross it with any abilities? Sword Rain Beast? Hunting Beast? Eternal Devastation? 8DD

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I stared blankly at the wall. I could hear the voices in the background but I ignored them. More things were on my mind now and I had no ideas how to piece them together. I know I should be paying attention to Carim right now, but I just couldn’t think about her. I thought of only one. Vivio.

“ha..-an…” How could I think of anything else? Carim’s prophecy was something I did not expect, I don’t think anyone expected it.

“Nano..-han…” What am I going to do? Do I believe in the prophecy? Should I judge Carm’s intellect and ignore everything that’s happen? So many questions were bundling up…

“Nanoha-chan!” I jumped and nearly fell off the chair I was sitting on. Hayate was staring at me a concerning expression on her face, running her hand back in forth in front of my face.

“Y-Yes?” I simply said. It only made her frown deepen. She sat next to me and clasped her hands together in her lap. I guess she was waiting for me to start.

“H-Hayate-chan…Do you think its true? Do you believe that..” I gulped. “that Vivio will do that?” She didn’t answer right away, it seemed like forever when she did.

“Nanoha-chan…I don’t really know what to tell you…” She looked at me, sadness radiating in her eyes. They glazed over slightly as she told me the truth. “I’m sorry Nanoha…“She whispered. “but Carim’s prophecies have never been wrong before, but you never know…some miracle can still happen.” It was as if time stopped itself. My mind kept repeating over and over again, trying to process the news as plausible as possible. What would you do in this situation? How would you deal with it?

For the time being…I did nothing. I just sat there, still staring blankly at nothing. Hayate noticed I wasn’t going to respond, so she patted my back and left me thinking. Deep water. That’s what It felt like. I couldn’t think, I couldn’t breath, all I could do was wish for some miracle to happen.

However, it would seem like it did the opposite…

Nurses rushed to the entrance trying to assist the doctors bringing in an unconscious person. Yells of commands were made and the nurses went into action. I could see Shamal in the background trying to get near the patient but the ground of nurses was to thick. Somewhere in the back of my mind tried to process the way Shamal kept glancing at me, but my mind was still thinking of Vivio. I did not know that this also involved me.

Finally, the nurses and doctors ran by, carrying the patient to an ER. As they past me I saw a glance of what the person looked like. I froze. I knew that blond hair anywhere. My heart leapt in my chest. I shot up from my seat and before I could get anywhere near her, two large doctors stopped me. It was as if they knew I was going to try and stop them.

They did not know how truly strong I could be though. I elbowed the first one in the stomach and before I could watch him topple over, I slammed my knee into the second man’s groin. This time I did see him fall. I ran passed them, and towards the confused crowd of nurses. I could just barely make out Shamal’s disapproving stare.

“Fate!” I yelled, even though I knew she would not answer back. Just as I was at the first nurse, Hayate was in my way, blocking my view to Fate. “Hayate! Get out of my way!” I growled. She shook her head.

“Nanoha-chan, stop this! This isn’t helping any! I know you’re worried about her, hell I am too, but this isn’t the way to make her better. Let the doctors do their job!” I took a step back at her words. I tightened my hands into fists and closed my eyes, letting the doctors move her. I could feel myself tremble and before I could stop myself, I said.

“Hayate-chan…I know you’re helping…but if you don’t find out what happened to her, I swear to god this hospital and everything in it wont be standing anymore.” I saw shock enter her eyes, before they disappeared into an unreadable expression. She nodded and swiftly walked away leaving me alone with more thoughts to think over.

I sat back down and stared at the floor, ignoring the people around me’s stares. What more could happen? First I found out my daughter was going to run the world, and kill many people, but next Fate was in the hospital, for reasons I did not know. These thoughts scared me. I didn’t know what to believe anymore. How would I treat my daughter after this? How would Fate take news to this new discovery? How will I ever figure out what to do about all this things? I’m so very confused.

Why has my life become like this? It was perfect before. I had everything to wish for. I had Fate the most perfect person in the world. The one that meant everything to me. If she was here beside me right now…I’m sure she’d figure a way to make me feel better. She always did. Then I had Vivio. She was also everything to me. She was so much like me too. Her laugh, her smile, even the way she started to talk. She always tried to cheer me up, just like Fate does to me. I don’t know what I’ll do without them both.

These feeling were just to much. I leaned over the arm of the chair and hurled onto the floor. I let everything out. I just couldn’t take the feelings in my chest anymore. I leaned back against my chair again, slumping slightly when I was down. I ignored the nurses running over to check on me, I just stared blankly at all of them, not even paying attention to what they were saying. I felt my vision fuzzy, but I didn’t care, I just let my mind wonder freely.

I could tell that I would be unconscious soon, so I just let myself. I didn’t care anymore. I didn’t have the power to fight it no more. All these conflicting feelings were too much. I’m sure it was alright to take a small nap…drowsiness was showed on my body and I only thought one thing as I came into complete unconsciousness…

Where is god? Where is god when I need him…?

Psssshaw, ignore grammar mistakes~ *stares at someone* it's not much but *shrugs* there's my contribute.

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*sneezes* Did someone mention me? >_>

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Spoiler: Authors note
Warning, long post ahead, on an additional note, this is my last League post, and also my last RP post in general, it was a fun ride, certainly, but I've come to the conclusion that writing, whether a normal fanfic or an RP, is not my thing, it isn't that I think I can't write, I don't think my writing is that bad at all, but more that I'm not willing to spend the time on it that it demands, as can be seen in my very slow posting speed, I'm a gamer, I'll always choose to game over writing, I hope those that actually follow the RP enjoy this post.

One last thing, Vita is not aware of the vision, yet, nor does Lucia know about it, obviously.

Spoiler: Story
I sat down on a bench in that same park where I had attempted to kill the target earlier, thinking over my failed attempt, and the situation we were currently in, Lena had been missing for nearly a day now, even though I hated to think about it, I concluded that she had most likely been captured, at the moment I was mostly plotting our next move, we had several possibilities, we could try and make another attempt at trying to take the girl out assassination style, which had proven unsuccessful thus far, it seemed all three of us had found our personal enemies when it came to Vivio, Lena seemed to have engaged Takamachi Nanoha several times already, eventually somehow losing, it would be the only explanation for her ''disappearance'', while Sigurd was probably set on a rematch with Harlaown, which I had no doubt was exactly what she focused on rather then what I told her to do, which was looking for Lena, I sighed as I leaned back against the bench,

''How did a simple hit and run on a facility, killing Vivio in the process, end up resulting in the mess we are in now, it's already proven obvious by now that we can't get around those annoying aces that are constantly with the target, and it surely won't be long before that bastard Jail will make another move, Vivio was supposed to already be dead now, and the three of us actually being able to live a remotely normal life..'' I thought to myself bitterly,

''Yes, we were raised mostly for this mission, it's what I've always been trained for, not to mention Sig and Lena, yet I've always just wanted to be able to lead a normal life without having to worry about a walking weapon threatening to destroy everything, no matter, until Vivio is dead and gone, my only objective is the mission, if we actually survive the ordeal, then I guess either we can life earlier mentioned normal life, or we'll be arrested by the TSAB for killing, in their eyes, an innocent girl, either way matters not to us, as long as Vivio perishes, we are content.'' Continued my train of thought, I closed my eyes for a few minutes until I heard a familiar voice.

''Seems we meet again, you are that silver haired swords woman that tried to kill Vivio.'' Spoke the voice, I opened my eyes, looking at that same midget that stopped me from killing the target earlier on, extreme annoyance already starting to overtake me, my anger at having ended in a stalemate with a midget like her had still not subsided, ''That would be me, yes, what about it, miss walking hammer?'' I spoke in an irritated tone, ''Why do you and your.. accomplices insist on attacking Vivio?'' the midget almost yelled at me, it was clear she was as irritated as I was, and very straight to the point of getting answers, ''Why should I feel inclined to tell you?'' I asked, I grinned as I could see her eyebrow twitch, ''Answer me!'' she yelled, pointing her oversized hammer at me.

I still wore that same grin on my face as I suggested the following, ''Why don't we make this interesting, a battle, if you win, I'll answer any questions you have, but if I win, well, if I win, you die, simple enough.'' I spoke, she seemed to contemplate what I suggested for a few moments before nodding, ''Very well then'', ''Good, this'll allow me to vent some frustrations out as well, and with some luck, one obstacle in our mission will be gone by the end of this battle.'' I thought as I erupted a cyan aura around myself, my casual clothes being replaced by a full set of silver colored armor with golden details (Link), I wasn't going to be holding back on this battle, for once I was going to lean on power rather then speed, my device Excalibur appeared in my hand as I prepared for battle, the midget scoffed as she saw my armor, ''A knight eh, I don't remember it being normal for us knights to be sneaking around attacking like cowards when it's least expected.'' she spoke with a voice of disdain, ''I admit, not a way I usually attack my opponent, but whatever it takes to kill Vivio, even if it means giving up my honor.'' I replied, I knew very well the way I attacked Vivio, an unprepared opponent, isn't usually something a knight does.

A few moments passed in silence before we rushed at each other, sword clashing against hammer, it went on like this for a while longer, a melee battle, after a final clash between our physical weapons we both backed of a considerable distance, a few seconds passed as a staring contest of some sort before we took to the air, I saw the midget holding what seemed to be 4 mini red balls between her fingers, -Schwalbe Fliegen-, came a voice, seemingly in german, from the midgets device as she slammed the hammer against the mini balls, the now projectiles heading straight at me, ''Shit, Excalibur'', -Holy Shield- came the trusted voice of my device as a cyan shield raised in front of me, the projectiles slamming into the shield, I backed of as the smoke cleared away.

''My turn..'' I said as dozens upon dozens of cyan colored tiny needle like projectiles appeared around me, -Holy Barrage-, ''Fire away'' I spoke as all of the projectiles shot towards the girl, she raised a shield of her own in response, all of the projectiles raining down onto the shield, the last dozen of projectiles shattering her shield, pushing her back somewhat.

''Not bad, but it's going to take a lot more to beat me and Eisen!'' The girl spoke as she prepared another attack, it seemed similar to her last attack, but different, this time it was only one red ball, and quite a bit bigger as well, -Kometen Fliegen-, spoke the girls device as she once again slammed her attack towards me, in response I once again raised my shield, it slammed into my shield, mere seconds later shattering my shield, I responded by using Excalibur to hold the attack back, it pushed me back about 100 meters until I managed to deflect it into a nearby building, the resulting explosion tearing up half the building.

''Damn, I hadn't expected it would shatter my shield that quickly..'' I muttered as I put my right hand in front of me, energy forming in the palm, ''Holy Blast'' I spoke as I fired the energy beam straight towards the girl, she managed to dodge it, I grinned as the beam took a wide turn, heading straight for the girls back, slamming into her from behind, the attack pushing her down, slamming her into the ground before fading away, I looked down as I watched her get up with a little difficulty, I could see she probably had a minor injury to her leg, judging from the way she stood up, she looked up at me as she spoke, ''That, I did not expect..''

I grinned at that, ''Always watch your back, you can never be sure an attack has missed you just because you manage to sidestep it'', I said as I touched down on the ground, raising my blade in front of me as I rushed in for the attack, once again a grin appeared on my face as she moved to block me with her hammer, a cyan aura surrounded my blade, -Celestial Slash- spoke my device as I slashed my blade forward, releasing a small wave of energy heading straight towards the girl, her eyes went wide as she quickly raised a shield mere moments before the attack hit, the force of it pushing her back about a meter, her shield blocking the attack without any problems, before she could recover my blade slammed into her shield, the pressure slowly starting to crack the shield, moments later the shield shattered as my blade slashed only inches away from the girls face, I swiped again as she backed off, then backing off myself.

''I'm quite enjoying this battle myself, been a while since I've had a decent opponent.'' I spoke as I looked at the girl, who was about ready to start swinging her hammer at me, and sure enough, seconds later I was dodging several swipes of that hammer of hers, after doing this for about 5 more times I took to the air again, ''But I am now growing weary of this, it's time to end this battle'' I said, ''I couldn't agree more on that.. Graf Eisen!'', -Zerstörungform- the device spoke as it grew to insane proportions, also sporting what seemed to be a new propulsion system on it's back.

''Goddamn, how large can that thing get?'' I wondered aloud as I pulled my blade back, my cyan aura intensifying, ''Excalibur, prepare for ultimate attack'', -Yes, my lady, charging for Holy Ravager attack has begun, standby-, about 15 seconds later I allowed a grin to spread on my face, -Charge complete, fire when ready-, ''Let's see you stop this one, HOLY RAVAGER!'' I yelled as I swung Excalibur forward, shooting a huge beam of energy straight towards the girl, ''Zerstörung Hammer!'' I heard the girl yell as she slammed that huge hammer of hers straight against my beam attack, moments later the by now huge ball of energy exploded, damaging much of Graf Eisen's huge frame, while at the same time the immense force of the blast blowing both myself and the girl backwards violently, after a few seconds I lost grip of my blade as I was slammed through tree after tree, eventually being embedded into another tree, it instantly stopping my flight.

It was dead silent for a few moments as the smoke of the attack started to clear away, I noticed blood starting to come out of my mouth while at the same time feeling a sharp pain in my chest, my eyes widened as I slowly looked down at my chest, I could barely believe what I saw, my own blade was embedded deep into my chest, gone straight through my armor, coming out of the back of the tree was the bloodied tip of my blade, ''H-how..'' I said as I coughed out blood.

As the smoke cleared away entirely I saw the girl standing a bit away from me, she too saw what my situation was, she had severe cuts all over her body, most likely from glass, not much was left of her barrier jacket, and it seemed her device was in very bad shape as well, she limped over to me with a look of pity in her eyes, ''This.. certainly wasn't how I expected this battle to end..'' she begun, I let out a weak and bitter laugh as I looked at her, ''it would seem.. I won't be able to answer... your questions'' I spoke weakly as I gasped for air, ''you will need.. to settle for a warning then.. that girl you all so desperately.. protect, if she is allowed to live.. then it will be the end of all, no matter what... Vivio must not.. be allowed to live...'' I by now whispered as I felt the last of my strength fade away, ''Sigurd, Lena, I'm afraid it's up to you two from now on..'', I thought as my vision went black once and for all.

The young silver haired knights eyes closed as her now lifeless body hung limb, only kept in place by the sword still pinning the body to the tree.

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Wow Luci. That was an amazing story and I had to read it. Its a shame you don't want to write anymore, but the need to play video games is great so I can understand. I hope you choose to write in the future.

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Maybe I will, maybe I won't, in the future. xP

But certainly not for a while, I'll stick with reading instead.

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Hoo finally had a break from the busy schedule anyway here we go~

Spoiler: Next!
"And where do you think you're going?" a voice called from behind the girl. "If you are planning on leaving the least you could do is leave a note."

The young girl turned around an looked at the owner of the voice. "Mother" she stated "I am going, with or without your permission."

"If you go, Lena" the older woman spoke "You will only be throwing your life away. I have forseen it."

"I know your ability to tell the future has never been wrong, but I am stil going nontheless." she projected two swords "And I wont let anyone stop me..." she pointed a weapon "even you."

"Humph" the older woman's eyes narrowed before she projected a sword and charged.

"Guh!" Lena raised her weapons in defense, her armor appearing and protecting her body.

The older woman stepped back and swung horizontally while the younger countered with both weapons. Unfortunately for the girl, her weapons shattered like glass and the fragments cut into her body. She managed to survive the attack because her body was just outside of her mother's range.

"Do you really think you are ready?" her mother scoffed "Even with the armor your father created you, you're still no match for what lies ahead." she pressed the attack, side stepping to the left to allow her a better angle of attack

"I want to do this, mother!" Lena yelled as she bit back the pain and projected more weapons and countered. "Father did this, so why cant I?!" she ducked down low to dodge an attack and tried to swing upwards.

"Dont you see?! You are gonig to die!" her mother jumped back and charged. "If you are going to go waste your life like this, then I would rather kill you myself!"

Lena charged as well and the two collided with incredible force. In that moment, the girl saw an image...she saw herself laying in the middle of the field, her body all but destroyed. A woman with mismatched eyes standing over her with a weapon, prepared to plunge it down on to her.

"Kuh..." Lena dropped to her knees after the contact and dropped to her knees, her weapons shattered and she tried to fight the nausea that was trying to overcome her. Her eyes were wide at the vision she has seen.

"You saw it didnt you." Her mother stood with her back turned "That was the vision I have been plagued with since you were born." she gripped her weapons harder "Your father is already you want me to give you up as well..."

"I'm different.." she responded

"That's exactly what he said."

"But he lived his life to the fullest and fought to change the future!" she rose to her feet and turned around "I am my father's daughter! I will do the same!" she charged pushed her mother back with ferocious strikes.

"Still!" she parried and countered effortlessly "Knowing that you are going to die and be unrewarded" the mother blocked the vertical strike with her weapon "Do you honestly still want to become a Templar?!" she pushed her daughter back

"Naritai jyanai! (I dont want to become one!)" Lena yelled back and countered the circular strike with a horizontal slash "Zettai ni narun da!!!!! (I *will* become one!!!!)"

"Then its time I crushed your determination once and for all!" She jumped back and unsummoned her weapons, an act that made the girl shiver. She put her hand in front of her and took in a deep breath. "Rise...THUNDERFURY!" she called out.

The ground beneath them began to shake violently as a large sword appeared and manefested itself on the outstretched arm. She gripped the handle and swung the gigantic blade as if to test its power. The girl began to shake in fear, the sheer power that weapon was eminating was enough to make her skin crawl. It was so powerful a weapon that she would literally kill herself trying to duplicate it.

"Give it up..." the older woman readied her weapon as the girl just shifted her stance. "Do you honestly think you can defeat me now?"

The blue-eyed girl grit her teeth and charged forward, reinforcing the strength of her weapons as much as she could. She leaped into the air and swung down with all her power. The mother countered with a strike upwards, effectively halting the attack. She then pushed back and threw her daughter to the ground. Seeing the oppourtunity she ran forward and swung vertically, horizontally, in a circular arc, repeating the action over and over again. The young girl found herself on the defensive losing weapon after weapon in every strike trying to defend herself. In the end she dropped to her knees in exhaustion as her mother closed in.

"Haaaaaaaa!" the older woman raised the massive sword over her head and prepared to cleave her daughter in two.

Lena braced herself and crossed her weapons above her head in a last ditch effort to save her life. The weapons collided and the area around them exploded in magical energy.

"Are you so dead set...?" the older woman lowered her eyes as she whispered "Are you so determined to rush to the same fate as your father...?"

"Mother..." she tried to look up, but the force of the weapon was still too strong for her to do so. "Father once told me...that we are who we choose to be. So long as that is true...the future cannot be set!" she pushed with all her might and managed to break the connection.

"I see..." the older woman's eyes softened a little "It seems you are determined to go no matter what..." She lowered her sword slightly. "Then allow me to teach you one final technique..." she raised the massive weapon over her head. "Watch carefully, Lena...this is our family's signature attack"

The ball of lightning in the middle of the sword erupted with power. The very air around weapon and master began to electrify with a frightening arua. The master's body began to glow white as seemingly she was giving her energy, if not her entire life force, to the weapon. She ascended slowly into the air.

"Shin...Raikoken!" the command was fired and the massive beam of light engulfed everything in the area.

She didnt know how much time passed afterwards, but Lena slowly opened her eyes and forcer her body to rise despite the immense weight her body was feeling, her armor was all but completely destroyed and was probably the one thing that saved her life. She looked up slowly and saw her mother's figure standing there with her arms streched out in front of her holding the hilt of the sword with the blade plunged into the ground.

"Mom..." she struggled to get closer as her feet and balance would allow "that was an incredible technique!' she started to cheer "I didnt even know we had such a-" she was cut off as she got closer.

The person before her stood with her head lowered, eyes closed in what seemed to be meditation, and a very content smile on her face. However the child new otherwise. She did everything in her power to bite baack the feeling but the stinging in her eyes would not be halted.

"T...thank you..." she manged to say between sobs. "I'll never forget..." she dropped to her knees in front of her deceased mother and cried.


I opened my eyes slowly and began to glance around the area. I dont know why I had such a dream, but it surely was not one I wanted to remember. I tested my body to see how much of its functions were operational an found that movement was possible although difficult.

"I have to get out of here..." I thought to myself "I have to regroup with the others" I managed to force myself up and pull the IVs that were stuck into my arm. I nearly fell flat on my face when I tried to jump off the left side of the bed but somehow managed to keep my composure.

The door opened and as I approached and I slowly made my way down the hall. I had to avoid contact at all cost. People would start questioning me if they saw me walking around in a hospital gown. I managed to get several meters down before I started hearing voices. I hid behind the small soda machine that was nearby and prayed that they would just keep going without turning here. I managed to glance around the corner and saw Vivio walking with a man in a green suit and long blond hair.

It must have been because of the medications I was given, or my level of damage, or just because I coudnt think clearly...but for some reason my eyes just turned red with rage. Before I knew it..I was running at them full speed in order to attack Vivio.


"What's going on?!" Hayate called out as her office erupted with several red monitors screaming 'alarm'

"Hayate-chan!" Nanoha ran into the office "what happened?"

A monitor popped up with Yuuno's image on it "Hayate, Nanoha. I need help in the medical wing right away. I'm under attack by an unknown person that seems to be targetting Vivio"

"It cant be..." Nanoha's eyes widened "I'm on my way!" she took off

"Nanoha-chan!" Hayate called behind her "All units priority 2 alert!" she began yelling at several monitors.


"Rhaaaa!!!" Lena jumped and sent her fist flying towards Vivio only to be blocked by a green barrier. "Kuh" she spat as she was repelled and projected a set of katars before charging again.

"Argh!!!!" Yuuno held firm while in his predicament. He couldnt really attack since he knew very little offensive spells, yet he couldnt properly defend when Vivio was trying to escape his barriers.

The girl charged again and again smashing and breaking her weapons against the barrier. Each time she attacked, the strikes became weaker and weaker as more of her power was being used up to create more weapons. Yuuno realized this and kept stern, he was going to wait till she expended herself and capture her safely. The last set of weapons shattered like glass and were sent back flying to the girl's already weak body. The shards cut into her chest and left arm, knocking her back and causing significant pain. She dropped to her hands and knees as blood began to spill all over the ground.

"Yuuno-kun!" Nanoha came around the corner dashing at full speed "Are you ok?"

"Yeah somehow..." he spared her a glance before looking back at the girl dying in front of him. "We better capture her and-" he was cut off as a surge of energy came from Lena's direction. "What the-?!"

A blue wave of energy formed as she slowly rose to her feet, her left arm dangling freely as if it were dislocated. She raised her right hand and reached over her left shoulder as if to reach for something.

"Come forth! THUNDERFURY!" she screamed at the top of her lungs.

As if on cue what appeared to be a black hole appeared behind her hand and a large handle protruded fom the blackness. She reached back even further and gripped it.

"Rhaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!" she yelled as she began to pull against some powerful force and slowly produced the magnificent blade.

"No way.." Yuuno breathed out

"That is-!!" Nanoha recognized it.

As her mother did before her, Lena raised the weapon over her head as the entire hall erupted with power. A white aura surrounded her body and began flowing into the weapon, even her blood that was spilled on the ground defied gravity and was sucked into the blade.

"For the future..." she whispered as she drew the blade back. "Shin...."

[Sonic Move] a odd voice capped out as a shadow appeared behind the girl and a yellow flash of light came across the back of her neck, effectively knocking her out and stopping the dangerous flow of energy.

Nanoha and Yuuno slowly looked up from shielding their eyes to find Lena laying on the ground unconscious, the massive sword nowhere to be found, and a woman with blond hair wrapped in bandages standing over her.


Spoiler: Notes
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Fate’s POV

I bent down slightly to feel the pulse of the unconscious girl below me. Relief filled me as I realized she was still breathing. I ignored the protesting my body gave me as I picked up the girl and handed her to a nurse that came my way. Feeling weak in the legs and out of breath I sank to the ground only to be caught by Nanoha. I gave her a weak smile before I slumped into her, making her wrap her arm around my waist and lift up most of my weight.

“Nanoha…” I breathed out, resting my head on her shoulder. She hummed a reply and I knew she was weighing options, thinking hard. Slowly she led me to a chair and made me sit down where she then left to check the other girl’s condition. I saw Yuuno for the first time then, picking the girl up and handing her to a doctor that ran to help.

Nanoha whispered something to Yuuno then to the doctor. She nodded and then headed my way, smiling attentively. She sat next to me, and took my hand.

Neither one of us spoke. Finally what to me seemed like a life time; I spoke. “Is she going to be alright?” Nanoha merely nodded.

“The doctor said she will be okay. You only knocked her out nothing too harmful, but with the condition she was in before, doctors don’t know when she’ll wake up. It’s really up to her now…” Nanoha squeezed my hand, and looked at the ceiling.

“I see…” I looked at all the doctors and nurses giving us weird looks but then start to work again when they saw my expression. I squeezed Nanoha’s hand back and leaned back in my chair only to wince slightly. I looked away, not wanting to let Nanoha see me in pain.

The hand I was holding undermine left and I felt the warmth of it touch my cheek. I reluctantly looked back, my eyes avoiding hers.

“Fate-chan, tell me the truth….How much pain are you truly in?” I gulped. Relaxing slowly, I smiled slightly at her.

“It’s not as bad as you think. I’ll be fine.” She just frowned. Her eyebrows scrunched down, and I knew she was debating on something.

“I said to give me the truth…you’re lying.” I winced, not from the pain but from her words. She made a gesture for me to turn around. And so I did. Next thing I know I’m being lifted off the ground and being carried bridal style. Nanoha looked down and smiled. “I won’t let the love of my life walk painfully to her room, I shall carry you there. It’s much easier.” And so I was carried to my room, my face crimson red. I pressed my face into her neck, trying to hide my embarrassment.

I heard a door open, and I was slowly, yet carefully, set down onto the bed. I looked up, slightly confused as Nanoha went and closed the door and locked it. She then went to close the blinds. When she sat down on the edge of the bed, I tilted my head. She just smiled sadly.

“Fate-chan…I have to tell you something.” She started. “I would wait till Hayate-chan got here, but I need to tell you. I feel horrible that you don’t know.” I opened my mouth to speak, but Nanoha put her finger to my lips, telling me not to speak. “Wait, please let me just finish and say it. Every second that goes by makes me just want to wait more.” Her eyes pleaded with mine, and I had no choice but to nod.
“Thank you…Now please forgive me for this, but what I’m going to tell you, you won’t like one bit. It’s about Vivio…”



Throughout the whole story I was telling Fate, not one emotion was seen in her eyes. The only sign that the story was getting to her was her hands clenching the bed sheets and her pale face getting unnaturally paler. She was always good at hiding her emotions, something I was never good at.

I took one of her clenched hands in both my hands, trying to relax her. Her hand felt cold and clammy, something I knew was not good. She squeezed my hand, a little too hard, and moved her hand out of mine. Hurt, I tilted my head slightly, watching her closely.

She put her hands in her face, shaking her head. “I don’t understand…” She whispered to herself. “Why her,” She turned to look at me, her face mixed with emotions. “Why her?” I just shook my head. “I won’t let them Nanoha, goddamnit, I won’t let them touch her. We’ll find a way to make it so that doesn’t happen. I know her, she would never do that!” Tears formed in her eyes, and I felt a sob coming up as well. I’ve never seen Fate like this in a very long time.

I nodded, and balled my fists. “I won’t either.” I said, my voice cracking slightly. “We’ll find a way. I won’t let them hurt our family. If it’s the last thing I do, I will save her. I don’t believe this prophecy will come true, I know Vivio, and she would never do such thing. If anything, stop it.” Fate nodded, and wiped her tears away. She then looked at me again, wiping all emotion from her face, a true enforcer.

“Yes, we’ll find a way.” I smiled at her words, than stretched back hearing cracking noises as my bones popped. Fate laid back against her pillow and closed her eyes, breathing slowly. I didn’t want to bother her, but something else was on my mind.

“Ne, Fate-chan?” She hummed a reply. “What happened to you? I haven’t seen you this beaten up for a long time.” She stiffened slightly, but then relaxed.

Slowly, she opened her eyes. “It-..” Red lights flashed as the alarm started to blare. I shot out of my chair, and ran to the window. I moved the blinds and looked outside. At least three dozen droids were making their way towards the hospital. The sky was filled with at least two dozen hovering in the air, waiting for orders. An explosion came next, and the hospital shook with its blast, nearly knocking me over. I grinded my teeth together.

The speakers came on in the hospital, telling everyone to safely evacuate the premises, and to help anyone who needs it. I looked at Fate and weighed my options. A: I could take Fate along with me as I checked to see what was going on, and to see if anyone was hurt from that explosion, or B: Leave Fate here, and call backup to go get her. I know she could take care of herself, but she was in no condition right now to go overboard.

I made a decision.

I took Bardiche out of my pocket, and placed it into Fate’s hands. I looked squarely into her eyes. “You are not to use him until it’s truly an emergency. Got it?” She stared at me, ready to argue. “You are in no condition to go, so please, stay here. I’m going to trust you in doing so. I’ll call backup to pick you up.” I didn’t let her speak back. I kissed her lips softly before running out the door, grabbing Raising Heart and activating my barrier jacket. I then called backup, just as I told Fate, making sure they’d get her out as soon as possible.

I didn’t even think twice as I ran towards the source of the explosion, my defenses up.

Sorry for the long wait, schools been a b...big meanie. >.> Also I feel like this one was kinda forced, and I believe there were a bunch of grammer mistakes ^ ^; Never the less, hope you like it.

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Spoiler: Story
“What do you mean by ‘defective’ doctor?”

“It’s precisely as I say: it is nothing more but a doll. A failure, a disappointment, need I go on?”

“… It’s sad. We were almost there.”

“‘Almost there isn’t close enough. Kill it.”

What does this conversation have to do with me? It’s not like I need to worry about it, it’s probably someone else.


I wake up to the explosion of the ceiling and slowly get up and carefully examine my surroundings.

There are unconscious people on the doorway, I’m not certain if whether or not they were still alive but I didn’t have time for that if I were to save myself from whatever is happening outside. I removed all of the syringes attached to my wrist and I looked for Pier, who just happened to be on the table beside the bed I slept in.

"Des fichiers datant de soixante-dix ans ont été restaurés, Mon Seigneur."(Files dated from 70 years have been recovered successfully, My Lord.)

Right… I really have no idea why this guy has been spouting all kinds of things. “You’re joking…”


Right… Thanks buddy, for giving me more homework.

Another explosion sounded nearby, signalling me to hurry up. “Argh… complain later, work now! Pier, set up!”


I immediately took notice of the new threads I was in, almost everything was turned gray with yellow trimmings, my cape went to oblivion, and everything else became… well… different. As much as I want to get my old barrier jacket back I didn’t have time for that. I need to get the hell out of here. Taking off from this room, bursting through several layers of concrete to get to the area of combat faster.

Flying up in the air, I close in on the area of the fight. Taking a closer look on the spectator, a girl with purple hair on a gadget drone, and then the combatants: Nanoha Takamachi, a red-head boy, a pink-haired female summoner, a summoned entity, and two cyborgs… Then I saw my target.

This is bad, they already have her! We were too slow on this… Oh well… no pain, no gain.

I head straight for the purple-haired girl on the gadget drone. With Pier on my left hand I executed the first card in my sleeve, “Light Spear Cannon!” Executing a series of lunges with my sword, almost resembling the movements of spears but each attack was blocked by the cyborg who wielded swords on both hands.

“Get out of the way!” I say whilst charging in full strength, executing a powerful aerial move: Havoc Strike. Keeping her blades occupied with mine and kicking her really hard, successfully knocking her out from the sky.

“Pier, staff form.”


I put all of my concentration into this spell, “Sacred powers, cast your purifying light upon these corrupted souls. Rest in peace, sinners! Judgement!”

Dozens of light rays came from the sky, the longer I sustained this spell the more energy it takes out of me so I had at max fifteen seconds to sustain the spell. I focused on all of the people around me: making sure that no one was going to be spared from this spell.

Two… Four… Five…

Wait… there’s someone missing! Where is the cyborg that—


Sigurd was knocked out from the sky by a boyish figure, one of the cyborgs she saw. This gave chance to the people who were escaping with Vivio get away. It took hours for Sigurd to be able to get up again; a new day was already taking place as signalled by the sunrise.

“Damn it. They got away.” She cursed.

Sigurd was almost taken away by a medical team from the hospital, but she protested that she could walk. The medics didn’t have much of a choice but to comply since they just saw the display of power she had just shown. Frustrated, Sigurd walked brusquely to the hospital and immediately looked for the people she needed to see.

Sister Schach met Sigurd part-way and led her to Carim, who was currently talking to a lot of people through the M2D communications screen, along with Hayate who looked a bit regretful over the things that happened earlier.

“First things first: where is Lena?” Sigurd asked.

Hayate flashed a screen showing a sleeping Lena.

“I imagine you need rest.” Carim being kind enough to offer Sigurd a place to stay in.

“I’ll do that later. You need to realize your mistake first…”

Spoiler: A/N
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Spoiler: next part
Sky-blue eyes opened once again as she looked up at a all-too familiar white ceiling. She cursed herself mentaly as the memories of what happened last time she was conscious flooded back to her mind. Her mind raced and put the pieces of information she knew as she planned her escape once again. This time, however, things were a little different. She turned her head to either side and noticed that there were injured people resting as well.

"What happened here...?" she thought to herself as she forced her body up. The weight and agony her muscles were reporting were indicators that she had not fully healed yet. "I better get out of here and soon..." she tested her powers by projecting a small item before letting it vanish. "Good" she thought "At least my powers are nearly at their fullest"

Lena waited till one of the nurses that came to do her rounds passed by before stealing the coat that was left behind on the chair and exiting through the door. She walked slowly though the halls, avoiding eye-contact with all the personnel running up and down the halls carrying papers, moving patients, hauling rubble, and all sorts of other activities.

"It looks like a battle was fought here...if it wasnt me...then who was it?"


"Do you realize what you have done?!" Sigured slammed her hands on Hayate's desk "You just doomed us all..."

"Calm down and explain" Hayate leaned back in her seat. Nanoha and Fate standing in the back near the door listening as well "What do you mean we are doomed? Why are you after Vivio?"

"I cant believe you let Andromeda get their hands on the weapon..." Sigurd continued to mutter aloud "You should have just let us kill her!" She slammed her hands on the desk again and glared at Hayate "Listen carefull since I am only going to say this once" her anger was flaring "That 'kid' you all have been protecting is a biological weapon that my kind has been protecting the world against since the time of Ancient Belka."

"Ancient Belka..." Nanoha spoke out making everyone turn to her "It is the same as that vision..."

"What vision?" Sigurd's eyes narrowed

"We saw a vision of what seemed to be the future when we tried to proble Lena's mind for information as to who she was." Fate answered "I feel bad that we had to do it without her permission but we had no choice."

"You people..." Sigurd was appaled "you're no better than the enemy!"

"I will admit our methods were indeed harsh" Hayate spoke up again "however, its thanks to that we can prevent it from happening." She rested her chin aganst her crossed fingers "We shoudl regroup our forces."

"Prevent what from happeneing? In case you forgot they TOOK the VIVIO weapon!" the Templar explained "Ah! I give up!" she shook her head "Where is the bar?" she looked at Fate "I need to go get a couple drinks to drown out how stupid you all have been"

"I agree, let's take a break" Hayate nodded to Fate "Please escort her to the officer's lounge and-" she was cut off when several screens popped up flashing red with the word "Alert" across it. "What the heck?" she pressed the monitor in time to see Lena walking to one of the training areas

"Hayate-chan!" Nanoha exclaimed "all the base's functions have been buggy since the attack, most of the overrides are not working so all the training rooms have been off-limits since the programs auto-activate!"

They all watched as the girl activated the auto-programs that summoned a alrge amount of gadgets. They were for training purposes, yes, but still a lot of them could kill if left unregulated. Instead of seeing the child run, however, blue light illuminated her body for several moments as armor was donned on her body and a lance formed in her hands.

"She cant be serious!" Fate stated "She's still weak!"

"If thats the case, then she'll be ok" Sigurd smirked "Shes a Dark Templar"

"A Dark Templar?" Nanoha asked

"Even among us Templars, we have several types. She is one of the really odd ones whose power get stronger the closer they are to death." She looked at Fate "Would you mind showing me the lounge? That battle wont last long anyway."

Hayate nodded before opening another monitor "Signum, head to training area B-7. Lena-chan is in there and we need to get her out. Hurry!"

Sigurd shook her head "You're wasting manpower...she'll be fine." she said as she left the room.


"Gadgets..." Lena spat out in disgust as she saw them all appear in front of her. She summoned her armor and projected a lance in her hands.

The gadgets began to run around as they were programed. Not knowing that they were training units, the girl charged at them with the intent to destroy every last one of them. She lobbed the lance at the group in front of her and managed to destroy several of them before it shattered into glass. She produced a set of twin shortswords and slashing at all the enemies around her.

"Complete trace...standby!" she called out as several weapons began forming around her. The gadgets began chargin their beams to fire "Complete trace auto-fire!" she commanded as the 19 projected weapons flew forward and hit their targets. As soon as they were launched, new weapons replaced them and fired, covering the area in front of her in a hail of weapons.

*Warning: Level 5 prototype detected*

"What the-?" she gasped as a giant type-3 looking gadget appeared. It was huge...easily twice as big as a type 3 and the barrier surrouding it seemed to be very powerful.

The girl dodged as energy beams fired from its core towards her. She projected several weapons and fired them but all they did was shatter against the barrier doing little-if anything-to it. She found herself hiding temporarily around the some of the barriers the training program created while she racked her brain for a plan to destroy it.

"What kind of machine is that..." she breathed "It is going to take a lot of power to destroy it." she checked her body "damn" she cursed "I'm not in a state to be able to pull out the Thunderfury" she began thinking of anything else she could use to destroy it, when an image of Luci's weapon came to mind "Thats it!" she spoke aloud, causing the gadget to home in on her location

She rushed out before her hiding spot was destroyed and began to run until she got to the back of the machine. She concentrated her powers and projected a weapon. The item that came out was a beautiful golden sword.

"Haaaaaaa!!!!" she jumped up and slashed down against the barrier.

The two forces fought each other for several moments before Lena was pushed back and the weapon shattered into a thousand peices. She did manage to cut through the shield in the end and lightly damage the gadget, but it just recreated the barrer and fired a beam that sent her flying against the wall.

"Guh..." she spat out "Not good..." she thought as she picked herself up "I still havent mastered this's proof since a sword that shouldnt have shattered was destroyed." she dodged to the side and began running around the gadget once again "One more try..."

Signum burst through the door with her weapon at the ready "Lena!" she called out and began searching before she stopped when her eyes found her target engaged in battle at the center of the area. "What is she doing?" the sword knight couldnt help but wonder

Lena's hands began to glow as she focused her mind in the creation of the weapon once again. "Now..." she spoke to herself as she began sending her power

"Look out!!" Signum called out as the gadget was about to fire, giving Lena just enough time to dodge

"I shall image the framework that will form the base..." she began speaking to herself as light formed in her hands "I shall duplicate the materials of its composition..." the blade and handle began to form "I shall reproduce the age it has accumulated..." the light began to solidify and make shape "I shall devote myself to excell in all processess..." the sword began to erupt with power as it neared its true form. She raised it over her head as if it declare its completion "Let my power and imaginations intertwine together into this SWORD!!!"

Signum stood there, stunned and awed by what she was witnessing. She wasnt as amazed at the sword itself as she was the power the girl was putting into it. It seemed that the girl was betting all her power into this shot

"Ex..." Lena's hands glowed as her energy surged towards the blade, swinging down on her enemy with all her might "CALIBUR!!!!!!"

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Spoiler: Story
I followed blondie to the lounge quietly. It was hard breaking tension given all that happened in the past few hours, after all arguing with all these… ladies is a bit tiring given that they are all good-looking.

“You look like you have a lot of questions.” I stated plainly as she led me through a door.

And I was right, she has questions. “You seem to trust that girl a lot.”

“Lena? You misunderstand. I simply know her capabilities. I don’t trust her or anyone for that fact.” I shrugged.

Blondie led me to the bar and both of us had a seat. I ordered beer just to get some early kicks and blondie ordered whiskey. Blondie played with her glass a little bit until she fixed her gaze on me.

“More questions?”

“Why are you doing this?”

Well… that came out rather directly… “Let me ask you this, why are you an enforcer?”

“In order to protect…” She muttered.

“It’s similar.” I replied casually.

“What is your real name?”

That came out of nowhere. I smirked. “Curious?”

She turned a bit red. “You never told me.”

“Oho~ You’ll have to find that out… later.”

And so I intoxicated myself with alcohol but I was still well aware of my surroundings. Blondie looks like she’s wasted… and I don’t remember much of our conversations, only the fact that they were trivial and most of them were not needed. She knew the answers to her questions since I didn’t need to spoon-feed her information.

“Bartender, you know where the nearest room is?”

“Turn left on this hallway and the unoccupied rooms are on that hallway.” He said while wiping the glasses we used.

She’s wasted. Why do I have to take responsibility for this mess? I carried her in bridal-style and looked for an empty room. I found one soon enough and I laid her down on the bed. Before I could go I felt something tug my polo.

“You still haven’t told me your name.” She says in a very tired voice.

Someone was still alive but terribly wasted. “Fine I’ll tell you… but in one condition.”

She gave me a curious look, which made me smirk. I started unbuttoning her uniform which made her yelp a bit.

“I thought you wanted to know my name?”

No response and the struggle stopped. I continued unbuttoning her uniform and I began kissing her. Surprisingly she kissed back. My hands began groping her breasts, which made her kiss harder as if to imitate a moan. It seems like she likes it so I unclasped and removed her bra and began licking and sucking on her nipples.


Oho~ She likes it.

I kissed her again while removing her skirt, revealing her matching black panties. My hand went down into her pussy which made her moan really hard. As my hand continued massaging her pussy I sucked hard on her breast.

“Mmmn… AAAAHHH…”

I stopped to stare at her figure, which wasn’t bad at all especially when naked. Her face was red as a tomato and I was quite satisfied with licking her nectar from my hand.

I guess play time is over. I sat up. “I’ll say this once only. The name is Sigurd.”

She gave me surprised look and finally let me leave.

Enforcer Harlaown you are quite interesting to toy with.

I head back for the lounge to get more drinks.

Spoiler: A/N
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Next part here we go!

It had been a couple of days since the attack and things were finally starting to get back to normal. The ground forces were recovering, Riot Force IV had gotten a new home on the old familiar Asura, and we had attained new allies.

Fate looked out her window and sighed. She had avoided going home and ended up sleeping in her office because she dreaded running into Nanoha. The memories of her being intoxicated with Sigurd filling up her mind.

"Nanoha is so going to kill me" she sighed to herself "But I cant avoid her forever" she continued. "Ah! I just don't know what to do!" she yelled out to the empty office

"Why dont you just talk to her directly then?" Signum's voice came from the door

"Signum!" the blond faltered "When did you get here?"

"In the middle of your yelling" she admitted "I decided to come in early to review the research data I had received from the Infinite Library regarding the Templars." she looked at her superior "You want to take a look?"

"Sure!" Fate sighed a breath of relief once she was provided an escape route "What does it say?"

"Well" she began "The Templars, like Sigurd calls herself are a race of people that have served the nation of Ancient Belka." she began opening up monitors "They were like the king's personal army. They provided everything from special envoys to guardians protectors. They were a pretty well bred group of people is what the reports have said, they are honorable and upright."

"What happened to them?" Fate asked after scrolling through several reports

"It seems that they were provided a section of land at one point, but during the War of the Three Kings nearly all of them lost their lives." the knight pulled up another monitor "As of now there are only a handful of them left. However, that doesn't mean they don't exist."

"I see" she nodded before something returned to her mind "Ne, Signum...does it say anything about the Dark Templars?" She couldn't quite figure out why Sigurd separated herself from Lena despite them both being Templars.

"There was one thing about it" The pink-haired woman responded and opened yet another monitor "The Dark Templars were one of the outcast of their kind. There isn't much record of them, but there is a name that popped up when their kind was mentioned. The family of the Shinguji was apparently the most prominent of them, to the point where one of them even was the Sankt Kaiser's right hand."

"How is Lena-chan doing?"

"Shes was being scolded by Sigurd yesterday. I don't know where shes ran off to since then."

"Why what happened?" Fate tilted her head

"I had wanted to test her ability so I placed her with a team of students in an exercise field. The only thing was I had told everyone but her that this was a drill." She pulled up the replay "There were 7 of them at the time and I had sent out 50 gadgets to see how they would react" The video began to play "As you can see the correct answer would have been to retreat to the barricades back here" she pointed "and use everyone's firepower to force the enemy into a narrow corridor and take them out easier however...."

Their attention went back to the monitor. Fate's eyes growing wider and wider as the recording continued.

"Did she just-!"

"Yes" Signum confirmed as the scene passed "I don't know why, but instead of retreating with everyone else, she created some kind of weapon and stabbed herself with it. That makes no sense whatsoever, wounding yourself intentionally."

They continued watching as the battle raged on. The kid had created a bow and was unleashing an incredible barrage of arrows over the enemy area, while intentionally letting herself get hit in areas that would not cause critical damage.

"In the end though" Signum commented as the recording completed "she annihilated them all. Not bad for a AAA+ mage"

"AAA+? She was only a AA when we last checked on her." Fate thought some more "Carim even said that she was a S when Nanoha brought her in" she shook her head "This makes no sense." When her aide couldnt give her an answer either she decided to change the question "How bad were the injuries?"

"They weren't too bad. Aside from the stab wound she gave herself, they were all pretty much cuts and bruises." Her face darkened "However, there is something strange about that girl. If i didn't know any better I would say she was looking for a stage suitable enough for her destruction."

*beep beep* a sound rang before a monitor popped up

"Fate-chan, Signum" Hayate's image popped up "We need you all at the command room right away"


"Nanoha" Fate called as she approached the Aerial Instructor "Nanoha...I have to talk to you..."

"What is it Fate-chan?" She tilted her head and led the blond to a quiet location

"The truth is..." Fate began as she revealed her mistake and lapse in judgment that lead to the incident with Sigurd.

... ...
... ... ...

"I see..." Nanoha felt a little sad

"I'm sorry..." Fate stated again, bowing her head as she had learned to in the many years she spent on earth.

"It's alright" Nanoha hugged the shivering blond "I forgive you..."

"You will?"

"Yes" the brunette smiled "You are very important to me and I don't want to break that."

"Thank you..."

"As punishment though" The Ace grinned "You have to show me what you did later on ok~?"

"N-Nanoha!" Fate flushed as she chased after her friend.


"What is happening, Hayate-chan?" Nanoha asked as she and Fate entered the command room. Sigurd, the Vice Captains, and the forwards were already gathered.

"Look at what was just sent to us from the church" the commander pointed at the monitor.

A unusually large ship was flying towards the city, surrounded by a large contingent of gadgets.

"This is called the Cradle" She began "According to reports, it is an Ancient Belkan weapon. Its armor and firepower are unmatched." She nodded grimly from her seat on the bridge "We must stop it along with all the gadgets and combat cyborgs that accompany it."

The entire room nodded.

"The HQ fleet is heading towards the cradle as we speak." Fate spoke up "All other units are helping with the gadgets and combat cyborgs."

"Thats true" Nanoha voiced next "However there aren't that many people who could fight in high level AMF battles. We would all have to split our forces into 3 groups in order to cover all fields."

Discussion began to break out as they all spoke about using each individual's strengths and weaknesses to better fortify each position.

"Commander Yagami!" one of the bridge crew interrupted the conference "A small army has gathered in front of the cradle! Its commander is making a broadcast!"

"An army?" She looked at him "Put it on the monitor"

"This is Shinguji Lena, Prelate of the Dark Templar" the image spoke "Forces of Andromeda, you are hereby ordered to lower your shields and power down your weapon systems or else face destruction."

"Lena-chan!" Nanoha spoke up "How?! Why?!"

"You idiot!" Sigurd yelled at the monitor "What the hell are you doing kid?!" she looked at the units behind her "No way...those are her own personal force of Dark Templar!"

Of course it was only a broadcast so there was absolutely no way for her to hear them. Moments later a large monitor appeared in front of the cradle's battle group.

"Ah, so the Templars finally decided to show up" Jail's amused smile was visible "You all have been causing me problems for quite some time, but no longer..." he laughed "Now that the cradle is in my possession, I will be able to display my power for all the worlds to see! And you...your kind will finally be put to rest with the memories of Ancient Belka. The entire world will know that your age has ended."

"No..." she responded before turning to see her small group of men "A new age has age of FREEDOM!" she used her words to rally the morale of her men "When this over" she turned back "the whole universe will know..." she stepped forward, defiant "that FREE MEN stood against a tyrant! That FEW stood against many! AND THAT WE DARK TEMPLARS GAVE OUR LAST BREATH TO DEFEND IT!!!"

And with a thunderous cry from the army behind her...the battle...had begun.