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[RP] The League Of Extraordinary Vivio Killers

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Spoiler: Story
Amazing girl. She gathered her fellow Dark Templars in order to stop Andromeda… Well… it’s not like I won’t have a show of my own, there’s still a special move I haven’t tried out ever since my device.. uh… restored its own files. It looks like there’s more to what I got from just passing out with my fight against blondie.

“Sigurd can I talk with you?” The pink-haired woman, now known to me as Signum, asked.

“Uh… sure. What do you need?” I replied back casually.

“It seems one of your comrades fought with one of my subordinates and has been terminated.” She said straightforwardly.

“Luci? Against who?” I asked, a bit taken by surprise.

“Vita. I would like to offer apologies—

“There’s no need. We all expect for the same fate to happen to us in this line of work. Liberty and freedom are quite the mistresses.” I joked.

She gave me a solemn look before she let me go.

I approached the brunette, Hayate, who was already taking charge of who and who should go where. Apparently I was assigned with blondie and Takamachi is going over to where Lena is while Hayate supports them from the outside. Blondie and I are going to the source, Andromeda HQ, where hopefully we’ll be able to find Scaglietti and get some end to this.

I’m going to have to count on Lena on terminating the main target.


All of us boarded the Asura and headed straight for the cradle. Blondie and I are dropped at our point of insertion and now we have to move it if we have any chance of getting the scumbag.

Of course, this wouldn’t be Jailbait’s HQ without his drones to block our path which was odd because I'm expecting and AMF right about now. Both of us easily mowed all of them down... that is until we got to two cyborgs blocking our path.

I started on the offensive, going for the girl with twin blades.

"Sword Rain." I said out loud, executing a series of strikes meant to weaken her guard... which wasn't effective since she fought back almost immediately after my attack. Pretty good but not good enough.

"Sword Rain: Beast." I did the same pattern of slashes except for the last one, which I put all of my power into, she didn't prepare for it properly getting her hit... The wench.. she can think under pressure.

I saw Blondie who was almost on equal terms with the purple haired cyborg... then I felt it... the AMF kicking in. Damn bastard activates it when we're tired.

"Where is your boss? Is he too chicken to come out of his rat hole?"

"We came to offer Testarossa to return to her father, if not both of us will have to resort to force." The purple haired cyborg said.

I loosen my grip on Pier a bit. I waited for blondie to make her decision.

Either way, I need answers from Scaglietti no matter her decision.

Spoiler: A/N
Short? Ish >_>; Gah... I dunno... >_> @_@ writing under lots of pressure(AKA SCHOOL) is confuzzling... orz...

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Spoiler: Next
... ... ...

"Unit seven destroyed!" Nanoha communicated as she flew past a group of gadgets and wiped them out "Next!" she called out awaiting further instructions from Hayate.

The chaotic battle that was taking place in this skies above the city was testing the mettle of the defenders. They were slightly more powerful than the gadgets, however they were severely outnumbered and to make matters worse they were human.

"Unit 23, replace unit 47 in section G-5!" Hayate's voice came over the traffic "We need to cycle our units or else we'll all get worn down"

"Where is she..." Nanoha thought to herself as she scanned the battlefield "Sigurd's warning only made me more worried than anything else..." she thought as she replayed the event in her mind

~~~~~ ~xX*Xx~ ~~~~~

"You should stay away from her" Sigurd warned

"Huh?" The instructor looked up from her desk where she was reviewing all the data on Lena

"That girl is dangerous" she chuckeled "then again all of us Templars are dangerous" she shifted her eyes to the girl's data "But not on the level as that girl"

"What do you mean?"

"She hold the rank of Prelate" Sigurd responded "I hold the rank of Executor. Only the most powerful of us are given this rank from the council." her eyes hardened

"So shes powerful? Is that what you are saying?"

"No" the other woman shook her head "She's ruthless. The Dark Templars have a ritual. If you want the job and position that someone has, you battle them for it."

"So you're saying she fought her way to become a Prelate" Nanoha tried to piece everything together

"No...Luci, the one you all killed, and I fought our way to our ranks. Lena did things differently"

"What did she do different?"

"She killed her own mother for it."

"She did what?!" Nanoha's expression turned to complete shock

"I first met her during a council meeting when we were choosing who the next generation of warriors would be." Sigurd thought back "I remember us waiting for the Dark Templar representative to show up since they were the furthest away from the council." she began "The council is a well defended area, so only a limited number of people were allowed inside." a chuckle escaped her lips "I remember seeing the door open slowly and Lena walked in, her body covered in her own blood, her armor shattered to peices, an a gigantic sword in her hand."

Nanoha thought back and wondered if that was the same sword she saw earlier .

"Anyway, the council demanded that she identify herself. When she did, the asked what happened to her mother. Lena simply waved the gigantic sword around and said: She's dead."

"That doesnt mean that she killed her mother" Nanoha reasoned

"No, but she carried her mother's signature weapon." Sigurd responded "That sword is one that kills its master and can only be used by the strongest of the bloodline. The fact that she is holding it means that she had to have defeated her mother to do it." Her eyes narrowed "I dont know what her reasoning is...but if shes gone so far as to kill her own mother to become a Prelate...there is no telling what she is capable of."

~~~~~ ~xX*Xx~ ~~~~~

The battlefield was chaotic with the sounds of attacks, yelling from the defenders, the destruction of gadgets, and the screaming from the evacutaing civilians below. Yet, above all the chaos, Nanoha's ears caught on to a very distinct voice.

"Fight! Fight to the last man! Fight for your lives! Hold your ground! FIIIIIIIIGHT!"

The instructor looked over to where a large number of the gadgets were gathering, There she saw several Templars as well as the person she was looking for. As she approached, she slowed down when she noticed that the girl had gotten some kind of communication that required her immediate attention. She followed the girl to the aft portion of the ship where several Templars and TSAB mages were guarding an entrance.

"Good work" Lena stated "All units head back and hold the line. I'll go in alone and destroy the ship from the inside"

"Alone? You must be mad!" One of the TSAB mages stated

"Watch your tongue!" A Templar stated "We Templars are not as weak as-"

"ENOUGH" Lena broke the arguement "How soon till the mothership is ready for transport?" she asked

"Three hours"

"Thats not enough time..." she grinded her teeth as Nanoha landed behind her "Give me two hours and fourty-five minutes" she looked at her lieutenants "If I fail..."

"Understood" they nodded "Good luck, young Prelate"

"You wont fail" Nanoha walked up and placed her hand on the kid's shoulder "I'm going inside with you."

"Dont slow me down..." she stated as she charged in head first

"All of you return to your post with Commander Yagami" the instructor spoke to the mages "Try to destroy as many as possible"


"You arent planning on going in there alone are you?" Vita landed next to everyone "My job is to destroy the main engine after all" she placed her hammer on her shoulder "Lets go"

The two instructors dove in and were greeted by the sound of metal clashing against metal and the smell of smoke from destroyed machines. Some distance down the hall, the young girl was battling a large array of machines. There were swords, spears, axes, hammers, you name it, all over the ground. The girl was jumping and dodging and running from one weapon to another smashing machine after machine that stood in her way.

"Tooooriyaaaaaa~!!!" Vita cried out as she swung her weapon around and smashed 8 units in the same blow "help has arrived, kid" she grinned

"Axel shooter!" Nanoha fired several orbs and made quick work of the remaining gadgets in the immediate battle area "Lena-chan...where are you going?"

"The Throne room..." the child asnwered after catching her breath "That is where my target is."

"You mean Vivio" Vita stated, remembering her battle with Luci "Ne..." she lowered her weapon "I'm sorry about Luci..." she paused for a moment "No matter how it turned out, I ended up killing her. I'm sorry"

"All Templars eventually meet the same fate. You are a knight, you should know that."

"Lena-chan" Nanoha tried to redirect the conversation "I wanted to ask about something" she looked the girl over momentarily "What happened to your mother?" she finally stated after having no easier way of doing so

"She died"


"I killed her"

"You lie!" Nanoha shouted, scaring herself a little bit too. "Even if you and Sigurd said the same thing, I refuse to believe that someone like you who saved the lives of other people, like you did in that last battle we were in, would kill her own mother."

"Nanoha..." Vita spoke

"That is the truth. The Thunderfury is proof. Accept it. Not all of us are as fortunate as you." The girls cold stern eyes stated that the conversation was over as she turned around and started heading down the hall.

The eyes she saw frightened the instructor, they werent the eyes that she was used to. They werent the eyes of a young girl in a position of leadership, they werent the eyes fitting for someone her age. No, those were the eyes of someone who has taken the life of another, someone who is unwilling to compromise, someone who is willing to kill everyone that stands in their path.

"Nanoha..." Vita spoke again "This is where we separate" she pointed down the other hall "The engine room is that way. I'll leave that kid and Vivio to you."

"Vita-chan..." she hugged the redhead

"O-oi! Now is not the time for this!"

"I'm sorry..." she hugged a little longer before releasing "Good luck"

She watched the hammer knight slowly vanish down the hall before she drew a breath in and flew forward, dropping several Area Search orbs behind to scour the entire ship. As she neared he Throne room she heard a conversation taking place.

"Ah so they send the weakest of all the Templars to take out the Sank Kaiser" Quattro laughed "You will soon learn how dreadful your mistake is"

"Vivio!" Nanoha yelled as she entered the room "VIVIO!"

"Ah~ Look over there" Quattro's voice flowed to Vivio's mind "See those two? They are the ones who took away your mommy" At that, Vivio's eyes widened in shock before turning into rage "Why dont you make them tell you where they put her?"

"Vivio, dont listen to her!" Nanoha yelled out

"Trace on..." Lena stated, knowing that further communication was meaningless. She gave Nanoha her was time now for her to execute her mission...the very reason she was born.

"Rhaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!" Vivio raged as she broke the bonds that were keeping her on the throne and transformed her body into the Sankt Kaiser form. She looked down at the two in front of her and charged.

"To the death..." Lena stated as she projected a giant axe and leapt forward.

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Spoiler: Story
Then I finally get Jail on my sights. Blondie looked resolved until Jail got into view. We're in for on talk show... but I have to get my questions out of the way first. Sorry Blondie that answer has to wait.

"Jail Scaglietti, how involved are you with Project F?"

"Why I only started it! I made the basis for everything Precia completed!" He replied in a proud tone.

That's it. That's all I need to know. He was one of the scientists who founded my creation. My homework is done all I need to do now is complete my mission. I must destroy every inch of Andromeda. Regardless, I must do my duty as an Executor and exterminate all those who oppress what all of us believe in.

Jail's eyes shifted back to Fate. "How about it Fate Testarossa? I mean, why not? You're turning out to be exactly like your mother: adopting children, two... no THREE even! All for your own personal benefit."

That shook her, hard. She saw two children on an M2D flashed a red-headed boy and a pink-headed girl... and Vivio. Whatever her history is I'm not going to care.

"Jail Scaglietti. You are here by sentenced to death by me, Sigurd Alevi, for the crimes of endangering our race and for creating a being that will destroy us all."

He looked amused. "And how exactly are you going to do that, Executioner?"

I don't have this title for nothing. "Here. I'll show you." I formed around 30 balls of magical energy and fired all of it on the two cyborgs standing in my way. Lunging immediately for Jail and almost getting him, except there was this glove of some sort on his hand which blocked my way. That gave way for something to attach on my arms and pulling me away from him.

"Ah ah ah~ Don't be impatient, Executioner. I have to finish my conversation with Testarossa." He mocked.

Goddamnit. Blondie is in a daze and Jail knows he's getting to her. I can't just sit around and wait for the world to end, now can I?

"Oi Blondie. You need to see your girlfriend alive right? You better not be going against her now!" I shouted in an annoyed tone.

Her eyes widened, she's slowly coming back to reality. The two cyborgs are recovering from my little surprise earlier and were again on position to guard their master. It's about time I get serious.



I'm losing myself... I'm going to that other personality again.


Sigurd's hair turned silver and her sword has taken on a new form. She broke free of Jail's bind and began another set of attacks. Fate finally gets a hold of herself and helps "Sigurd" in almost an instant.

"Out of my way!" Sigurd ordered, slashing Sette down.

The #7 cyborg was slashed down to the floor, leaving a crater upon impact. Sigurd wasn't acting like her rational self at all, it was like she's a new person. Her strike became more blunt and agressive, much less like her usual precise and fast strikes. She was now Zwei. Fate was still in a balancing rope, weighing her options.

Then finally Zwei snaps and grabs Fate by the collar. "Listen to me if you aren't going to do your job then get the hell out of here. I don't need you to finish these guys off."

Fate was stunned, and shocked to hear this from Zwei. "I'm not leaving." She said in a firm voice.


Yes, Sir. Shin Sonic Form. Riot Zanber.

Fate's barrier jacket becomes weaker but her speed and attack power have risen dramatically. Her sword split into two, connected by a string of magical energy. She began attacking the cyborgs while Jail was busy with Sigurd.

It looks like an even fight but how long can the two parties keep this up?

Spoiler: A/N
GAH @_@ Am I even making sense anymore? o.o *stares* Oh well post is finally up sorry been really busy with schoolwork x-x

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Ok well this has been put on hold long enough. Its high time we finished the darn thing so we can start the next one. I was going to wait till my new cpu got here...but with all the delays and everything I've just had enough so...

Spoiler: Next
"To the death..." Lena stated as she projected a giant axe and leapt forward.

Vivio reacted almost immediately and slammed her fist into the axe's blade. A large wave of energy boomed from the area, knocking Nanoha off her feet. Their powers meeting each other force for force before the Christmas-eyed girl became bored and pushed with a sudden sure of power. The little girl thrown all the way back, the sank kaiser barely moving a meter from the contact point. Nanoha picked herself up and stood there in disbelief at the sudden exchange that she lost track of for a moment.

"Vivio!" The instructor called out "Dont you remember me? Its me! Nanoha-mama!"

The only response she got was a angry blast heading her direction. The older woman raised a barrier and managed to stop the attack. She pleaded once again to the angry Vivio, but was only met with ruthless force.

"You're wasting your time" Lena breathed as she mounted another attack "We have to kill her...NOW!"

"There has to be another way!" Nanoha responded, dodging a Mysteltiann kick aimed to her face "There has to be!"

"You better find it before I kill her then" the young girl pushed back the kaiser "because right now you are just in the way!" she projected and flung a dagger towards the instructor.

"...!" Nanoha raised a shield and stopped the attack, glaring angrily at the other girl. Vivio took advantage of the situation and land a strike into Nanoha's stomach and releasing a large amount of concentrated magic. "Uwaaaah!" she screamed as she was flung through the wall and then covered by large chunks of debris.

Lena homed in on Vivio and swung her weapon from the side, but found her momentum stopped when Vivio's roundhouse managed to catch her in the face. The kaiser continued her attack and landed several strikes on the chest-plate and shattering the axe into thousands of pieces.

"Guh!" the blue-eyed girl let out a grunt as she landed on the floor, blood trickling from her mouth. She narrowed her eyes and concentrated on making a sword before charging once again. She started dancing around Vivio, trying to use her small frame and speed to find a weakness as she continued battling in a circular motion.

"Haaa!!!!" Vivio shouted as she charged magical power into her hand and punched the gound, sending a energy wave towards the recovering girl.

The area exploded and created a large dust-cloud. Vivio was about to turn her attention to Nanoha, who had just managed to dig herself out of the rubble when a flash of light caught her eyes. Lena had used the momentum of the explosion to launch her into the air and used gravity to enhance her dive.

"Rhaaaaaaa!" she screamed out as she drew the weapon back

"Hrrt!" Vivio raised her left arm in defense, effectively blocking the attack.

A powerful cyclone of energy erupted at the contact point, sending dust, debirs, and magical energy flying throughout the area. Lena glared at her target, half in shock that Vivio had just used her magically enhanced forearm to block such an attack. The kaiser on the other hand just smirked at the futile attempt to pass her defenses.

"Vivio!" Nanoha yelled through the energy chaos

The kaiser wouldnt listen at all, she continued to smirk before finally reaching up with her right arm and grabbing Lena's leg. She flung the girl over her shoulder and slammed her into the ground and repeating the motion 3 more times before spinning on her axis twice and flinging the templar to the wall.

"Uaaaaaaaahhh!" she screamed as pain erupted in her body and her scream was cut off when her motion was rapidly halted by the wall.

"...!" Nanoha rushed over to go check on the girl, but found her path intercepted by the girl she wanted to bring back. "Argh!"

Vivio began to land attack after attack against Nanoha's barriers. It soon became a test of endurance between the two to see if Vivio would collapse first or Nanoha's barriers would break. After several ruthless strikes, the pink wall cracked and the kaiser's fist landed against the instructor's face in a 'Iron Claw' move.

"Guh..aah...argh!" The older woman reached her free hand and grabbed Vivio's wrist in an attempt to free herself.

The younger girl only increased the pressure in her attempt to crush the other's skull. She side stepped to her right, barely dodging Raising Heart who was used as a spear. Vivio then decided to throw her target clear across to the other side of the area. She however, had no time to rest, as Lena had finally regained enough energy to attack once again and tackle the blond from behind.

"Kuh" Vivio spat out as she pulled the smaller girl's hair and used it to fling her to the air before landing a strike square on her stomach and shattering the armor. "...!" she gasped as she felt pink binds wrap around her body. She glared at the originator and began to fight against it.

Nanoha did her best to focus her power on the binds, but found that she was starting to be physically and mentally worn out. Vivio noticed this and focused her power, effectively breaking the binds and sending a small attack in counter.

Lena rose to her knees in pain as her vision started to blur with blood. "Its time..." she thought to herself as she looked at the condition of her body and her armor. She leaped into the air, attracting her target's attention, before spinning round a few times and projecting several items that looked like small curved blades "Rasen Tessa!" (Spiral Iron Curtain)she called out and flung them all around the area.

Vivio dodged them all and decided to charge the little girl, knowing that she was the bigger threat at the current moment. She charged her fist and sent it flying towards the other girl's face. Lena blocked it with all her power and grinned

"You fell for it..." she stated

"...!" Vivio's eyes widened.

"I may not be able to match you in ability...but!" she narrowed her eyes as the daggers started flying back to their master and encircling the two in powerful binds before lodging the combatants together. "At the very least I can stop your movements!"

The kaiser struggled against not only the bind, but the girl she was bound to. Due to the fact that she had to split her power and attention, she wasnt able to break free, but both of them knew it was only a matter of time.

"Now I get to finish you..." Lena stated

"And how will you do that?" Vivio responded, struggling to get any of her limbs free to attack.

Lena simply looked up into the air and Vivio's eyes followed before widening in shock. Nanoha recovered and also looked up. High in the air above the battle ground was a copy of Lena glowing in a light blue aura, above her...the Thunderfury

"No way...!" Vivio recognized the ancient weapon before glaring back down at the original "You'll die as well!"

"I'm fated to die fighting you anyway" The templar responded "Its just this time...its by my own hands"

"Shin..." The copy raised the charged weapon higher over her shoulder "Raiko-!"

"Noooo!" Nanoha fired a beam piercing the copy through the heart.

The copy's eyes widened as its body shattered like glass. The Thunderfury fell and lodged itself blade first into the ground.

"Aaaaaaahh!!" Lena screamed as the backlash of magical energy painfully surged through her body.

Vivio took this opportunity to focus her power and shatter the binds. She grabbed the girl in front of her and slammed her against he wall burying her under mounds of debirs.

[Master] Raising Heart responded. [Target Found]

"Area Search?!" Quattro was surprised as a pink ball flew around her while she was preoccupied watching the battle unfold "No way!"

"I found you..." Nanoha stated to the monitor "Struggle bind!" She ordered as RH wrapped Vivio in restraints once again.

[Clearance Confirmation: Firing lock is canceled] The device started going through its procedures

"Blaster....three!" Nanoha commanded. Several blaster bits appeared and powered up around the main core "Divine...!" She locked on to her target as Raising Heart ejected several cartridges "...BUSTER!!!"

A massive pink beam tore through the ship and made its way towards Quattro, effectively destroying the control module and shattering whatever connection it had over Vivio.

Vivio screamed afterwards, breaking her binds and holding her head in pain and anguish at her own will fully returning.

"Vivo!" Nanoha rushed forward only to be met once again with force "Vivio!"

"Nanoha...mama" she stated, her body acting on its own and raising an offensive attack "Stay away! I cant stop myself! Please!"

[Attention All Personnel...Auto Defense Mode has been initiated...I repeat...All personnel...] The cradle's main computer stated its warning.

"Hold on Vivio!" Nanoha called out as the two of them began another round, exchanging blows. "I'm coming for you!"

"No! Its useless!" Vivio's voice shook "Just leave me...!"


"Its all right..." the blond stopped momentarily "After all, you arent my mothers. I never had one." She looked up as tears streamed down her face "I'm just a key to move this giant machine." she sobbed "I am just a living weapon made to protect the throne room."

"Thats not true." Nanoha stated

"It is!" she screamed "I'm just a created thing implanted with fake feelings and emotions!"

"Thats not true!" the instructor repeated. "Even if you started out with everything fake...the time you spent with us is real!" her own eyes started to water "Now tell me, Vivio...what do you want?"

" me!"

"I will" Nanoha smiled as she created a circle under her feet "No matter what happens, I will always save you!" she charged and sent her fist towards the girl.

Vivio countered on instinct as their eyes locked.

[Restrict Lock] Binds wrapped themselves once again

Vivio struggled to break free before a pink light caught her attention. All around her, in 5 separate locations, Starlight Breakers were charging themselves for a final attack.

"This is going to hurt a little bit..." she stated "But do your best to endure ok?"


Nanoha smiled as she pulled her weapon upwards towards her. "Zenryoku..." her expression changed as she focused her power "Zenkai!" she pulled the weapon over her shoulder as the magic concentrated itself to its purest form

"Starlight..." she swung her weapon towards the mass of energy in front of her


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Spoiler: Story
Devices clashed and the battle continued.

Jail was just amused with the situation and he seemed overly confident of fighting the two. Fate was curious as to why this was. “Jail Scaglietti why do you seem like you have all the confidence in the world this plan would work?”

A mocking laugh came from the scientist. “It’s very simple Testarossa. I have implanted all my clones in all my cyborgs. Should this plan fail there’s always another me in these cyborgs.”

Fate and Zwei looked very annoyed with the situation they were faced with. If they can’t manage to capture all the remaining cyborgs then this would happen all over again. Definitely. Their aggression did not slow, however.

“Light spear cannon!” Zwei shouted and made her blade sword form lunge like a hundred spears attacking all at once. Jail easily managed to dodge most but one he had to block it.

Fate easily caught Sette off-guard and knocked her out instantly. Tre activated her AS and she began to take offensive really fast, literally. Fate easily caught up with her they both clashed, almost equally but Fate just simply overpowered the #3 cyborg.

And at last the battle was at an end. Fate has swiftly knocked out Tre and Sette while Sigurd has finally managed to knock Jail out. Both of them were really drained but Zwei looked really worn out the most as she leaned on her sword for support.

Slowly Sigurd’s silver hair became black again and her eyes returning to it’s normal brown color. Her legs finally gave up and she kneeled, she was nearing her limit.

“Self destruct system activated, all personnel please evacuate the premises immediately.”

“Cazzo(Fuck). I’m out of magical energy because of this stupid AMF.” Sigurd said to herself.

Fate was in the middle of operating M2D screens feverishly, as if there was something else to get from the base. Apparantly she was trying to stop the self-destruct system in order to save the life-pods.


Hearing the big alarm system was nothing new to me, as far as I know Jail is the type of person to set up shit like this. Tricks to the death eh? I’m fine with that.

“Blondie do you think you can stop it in time?” I asked.

She only gave me a nod and returned to typing like there’s no tomorrow. At first I thought ‘Are you insane?’ but then again that’s what I would have done if I noticed these life pods. I finally mustered the strength to stand and I reached for my pockets and grabbed two devices that binds people without having to waste my energy. I bound the two cyborgs together and as I was binding the doctor…

He laughed like a pervert and then it wasn’t long before I finally felt his claws on my stomach. “Wonderful! This wonderful power!—Urk!”

I stabbed him back through the heart using Pier. He coughed out blood before his eyes began to slowly dilate and lose its life. I spat out blood and sat beside Jail’s corpse.

I noticed that blondie stopped typing and was awed with my situation. “Well?! Don’t just stand there! Stop that self-destruct system!” I ordered.

She just nodded and continued typing. I can tell she was worried about my condition but she had to save the life pods first. Of course you can’t always save everyone, in the end someone always has to sacrifice something in order for others to be saved.

My wounds hurt, A LOT and everything else is starting to seem colder. Maybe it’s me losing feeling or maybe just me wanting to sleep. My eyes were getting harder and harder to keep open.

The alarm system has stopped, blondie was successful. My entire body was starting to feel numb; even as blondie shook me awake it was all just starting to turn cold, too cold. I’m too weak to keep my eyes open any longer so I close them.

I guess it’s to time to take a good nap.


The blonde enforcer just stared at her captured prisoners and then to Sigurd who looked like she was sleeping peacefully… but eternally. She waited for her back-up to come and she finally gave exhaled loudly, a sign of both relief and grief. Her mission was over at the cost of an ally being killed and finally the battle at Scaglietti’s headquarters was finished.

Soon back-up was coming and the apprehension of the cyborgs would be her next priority, if the units assigned to apprehend them fail.

The mission was coming to a close. Very Soon.

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Well... This post finally kills Sigurd 8P I managed to kill Jail too 8D Finish it off with a bang Lena! >:)

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Well here you go Siggy, the closing lol

Spoiler: Final

"Warning: Main power system lost. Self-destruct system activated. All personnel evacuate. Remaining Time: 4 Mins. Repeat: Self-destruct system activated..."

"That doesnt sound good" Nanoha's eyes widened as she grabbed a hold of Vivio. "We have to get out of here." she grabbed the little girl and looked around for an exit. She tried to fly but soon found her magical powers blocked by ships automated AMF.

"Mama" Vivio called out, knowing that things were getting grim.

"It's ok, Vivio." The older woman reassured "We'll get out of here."

"Then you best make it fast!" Lena's voice came from under the rubble. She dashed from her position towards the Thunderfury before leaping into the air and plunging her weapon into the throne.

The sword began to glow and seemingly all the lights in the room turned back on.

"Power restored. Self-destruct system paused. Continuing on preset course." The ship stated as it continued its ascent.

"Thank god you're alive" Nanoha breathed. "Come on, we have to hurry before the ship reaches-" she was cut off when she saw no movement from the other girl.

"Takamachi, Nanoha" The Templar stated "Take that child and leave."

"What are you saying?!" The older woman couldnt believe her ears

"The only reason this ship is still in tact is because my powers are keeping it so. If you value your life...leave now."


"The Templar fleet is on its way here to destroy this 'cradle' once and for all." Her eyes moved over to Vivio "This is the weapon our kind has been trying to stop for countless generations."

"So why did you go after Vivio?" The instructor asked

"Because it was easier to destroy the key than to find and destroy the actual weapon." The response came simply. "Even we did not know where this was buried, however we knew we had to stop it no matter what the cost. But now that the weapon is active, the key is no longer necessary"

"..." Nanoha was speechless.

"Thank you" Vivio spoke in the other's inability "for letting me live"

"May this new Era be yours..." She looked the Kaiser in the eyes as if to burn the memory forever "as the old one was mine." she pointed to the door "Leave now...Kaiser of the cradle."

Nanoha slowly took Vivio and ran through the halls in their way to escape. She forced as much of her magical power to activate, but found that she couldnt gather any power at all. She bit her lip and tried not to give up hope as there was yet a way to get out.

"Nanoha-chan!" Hayate's voice called to her left "Nanoha-chan! Are you ok?!" She ran up to the instructor with Vita in her arms

"Yeah" The other woman breathed "You?"

"I'm fine" the commander responded "Look, we have to get out of here while the self-destruct system is-"

"Is paused. I know..." She finished the sentence with a heavy sigh

"What's wrong?"

"A Templar as stayed behind to ensure our escape" she tried to say with a calm demeanor, but found herself choking a bit.

"I see" Hayate looked down at Vivio "So she let you go huh"

The little girl nodded.

"We still need to get out of here" Hayate stated, bringing them back to the urgency of the situation "I dont think we'll be able to-"

A loud explosion came from overhead.

"Nanoha-san!!" Subaru's voice came through the smoke

"Subaru!" The instructor waved "Down here!"

The members of Riot Force VI continued their escape and managed to flee from the cradle just before it started to enter the lower atmosphere. They watched as the ship continued on its treck towards space.


"Admiral, the cradle is entering firing range" One of the officers on the Claudia's deck reported to Chrono. "All ships are preparing to engage"

A loud sound interrupted the conversation

"Admiral! A disturbance!" another officer stated

"What is it?" Chrono asked

"A large disturbance is forming in front of us. Its almost as if ship is warping in."

The crew looked at the forward monitor and saw a gigantic ship materializing in front of their fleet.

"What in the world is that?" Chrono's eyes widened

"Admiral, it doesnt register on any kind of database we have. We have no idea what it is!" The aide responded

"Sir! Its opening transmissions to the cradle" another officer called.

"Intercept and patch" The admiral ordered.

"Adun Toridas, young Prelate" The Templar commander rose from his seat to greet Lena who likewise rose from the throne of the Cradle.

"Adun Toridas" the girl responded "Its been a long time, Preator Fenix." she smiled, not even trying to make herself more presentable than being covered in blood, dirt and debris. "What is that vessel that you have brought with you?"

"This is the Templar Mothership, our greatest and most powerful creation." Fenix responded. "It is the only thing fitting for the destruction of the Cradle" he turned on another monitor which enabled communication to the Claudia. "TSAB warriors, power down your weapons. This is a Templar matter and will be dealt with accordingly."

Chrono looked at both monitors for several moments before nodding. "All ships turn about." he commanded.

"You and the other two Executors have done well" Fenix continued "It is too bad to know that they too have joined the Khala."

"I see..." Lena stated, knowing that it meant both her partners were dead.

"The ship is reaching its final point. We have to destroy it." The Preator stated. "But before we do. Know that millions of lives will be saved due to your sacrifice."

The main cannon of the Mothership began to power up

"Is there anything else you'd like to say, young Prelate?" he offered one last chance as he held the trigger in his hands

The young girl merely smiled, raised her weapon above her head and said aloud

"En Taro Aduin!"

Spoiler: Aftermath

Vivio walked up to a tombstone on a quiet hill. It was the only stone there, but it was important to her. She brought flowers and placed them gently before the rock. She looked at the three names that were written on it:

Executor Luciana
Executor Sigurd
Prelate Lena

She dropped to her knees and bowed before it, her memories from the time she was a Sank Kaiser returning to her.

"Thank you" she stated "Thank you for following my orders all this time. Your kind has always taken my order to heart. When I said that the cradle must never be used as a weapon against mankind, your people protected and obeyed that order for many generations." She raised her head "Thank you very much." her eyes began to water

A small light encompassed her and when she managed to regain her vision, the three people she was talking to stood before her.

"Hey dont sweat it" Luci spoke "It was our job after all" she reached over and patted the little girl's head

"Crying doesnt suit a kid like you, you know" Sigurd grinned

"The future is now in your hands" Lena finished.

"I know" Vivio wiped her eyes and smiled "I promise not to make your sacrifices go to waste." she pledged "So over me"


"Vivio! Vivio!" Nanoha's voice awoke the seemingly sleeping child "Thank goodness you're ok. What happened?"

"Nnnn? Nanoha-mama?" the girl rubbed her eyes "Where am I?" she looked around before her eyes met the gravestone "Oh" she stated "I just came to say my my former self's most trusted knights." She placed her hands on her chest "The Templars."

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