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[RPG] NanoFate High School AU [DAY 2!!]

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Alright, finally finished one day O__O Here's a synopsis of what's going on:

Mane needs to update the synopsis because I'm lazy!!

So, on to the posting!!


Aftrer the battle, Chrono slept. He slept and slept, recovering for a good solid 18 hours. However, there is only so much one older teenager can sleep, especially with the light of dawn hitting him squarely in the eyes.

He awoke to an unfamiliar bed.... was this the nurses office? what was he doing here? He remembered there was cries of someone possibly being injured... Why was he thinking of himself, would they be alright?

He thought to go up and look for someone, but there was a heavy weight on his chast... a female head! In the same bed as him! Her hair was so disheveled! What had he done! Amy was so going to kill him...

His pulse pounding, his mind raced to find an excuse, yet there was none to be found. He was feeling the blade of Amy's vengance for his wrongdoing when he heard the water turn off.

Wait, why did the water turn off?

After a minute of confusion, a small black dog jumped up onto the bed, and started to lick Chrono's moist face... how long had this been going on? Why was such an animal doing that? Just HOW kinky had whatever he did last night been?

He moved over a little to try to escape the dog, but his leg sent a bolt of pain that he could not help but let out in a shrill yell into the nearly-deserted clinic. This woke the girl up with a start, obviously surprised and shocked.

"I'm so sorry, whoever you are!! AAAAGH" he said as another bolt of pain shot up from his exertion, "I'm so very, very sorry... aaaah.,.. " he finished as the pain stole his breath from him.

Yes, that was Isis :P Now poooost.

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Tyro Arthura

Tyro's alarm went off, taking a few moments for him to get up and shut it off. He yawns and stretches as he sits up in bed. He gets out of bed and he goes to get ready for the day, taking a shower, brushing his teeth, the usual stuff. When he got dressed he comes to the kitchen where his mother was putting breakfast on the table. "Good morning Tyro." she says. "Morning mom." he replies. His brother and sister come to the kitchen soon after Tyro sits down. Tyro's dad wasn't the table and Tyro says, "Where's dad? Does he have work today?" "No, he was called in last night saying he had off today. So he's being lazy and staying in bed for now. I'll make sure he gets breakfast when he decides to get up." she says. With that they ate breakfast, the traditional bacon and eggs. When it was time to go, Tyro's mom hands him his bento. "Thanks mom. What is it today?" he says. "It's your favorite. Curry with added spice, cause I know how you like spicy food." she says with a smile. "Thanks mom, I'll be going now." he says as he takes it and grabs his bag and heads out the door. "Take care now, make some friends." says his mother. Tyro waves and heads off.

His first day, he wonders how it'll go. He made sure that he didn't get lost or anything so he'd make it to the school on time. He eventually found other students walking so he figured he was going the right way. He mostly stayed to himself, not wanting to bother anybody else.

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Joseph Hernandez


Joseph grumbled as he heard the alarm on his cellphone ring once more, the digital display told him it was 5:30 AM. Yesterday had taken it's toll on him and he could still feel a bit fatigued. After the fight, he had excused himself from Sayuki and Kiku mentioning that the landlady was quite the busybody and would not tolerate if Joseph stayed out for too long. So he gathered his belongings, bade goodbye to the two girls and quickly made his way back into his apartment.

Once he had gotten home, not without some playful chiding from his landlady however, he took a short bath and got dressed when he got a text message from the class president informing him of what he missed during the day. That, and she reprimanded him for being absent for nearly the whole day. He quickly sent a message back apologizing his truancy and went about his nightly routine, namely doing some light studying and homework before turning in.

His sleep had been a fitful one, despite everything that happened during the previous day. For that, Joseph was grateful because he did NOT want to wake up feeling like a dead man walking. Yawning, he sat up on his bed when a thought occurred to him. His remaining days in Sekigahara MidChilda would never be the same again. He then sighed, knowing that he could not turn back anymore, and got up to start his morning routine. 'Some Miso soup sounds good right about now...'were his thoughts as he headed for the kitchen.

Nothing cures insomnia like the realization that it's time to get up. ~Author Unknown

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Signum awoke at 2:30 in the morning, as usual, scratching her hair and yawning. She looked at Agito who was still sound asleep in her tiny bed. Also as usual her bed was a mess from her tossing and turning all night. Signum covered Agito with her crumpled blanket and made her way to the shower. While it was no where near as relaxing as the bath she had about six hours ago, the hot water made the knight feel like she was in heaven. However, that sadly had to come to an end because she had students to train....Damn that Figio for being the cause of her misery. She'd stab him at least two more times for this.

After drying herself off and putting on her bath robe, the General of the Raging Flame made her way to the kitchen where she fixed a cup of tea and some toast for breakfast. "What's with the damn light," asked Vita, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes with one hand and dragging her stuffed bunny with the other.

"Sorry that I woke you, Vita," Signum apologized to the smaller knight who just stared at her.

"Oh have those punks you need to break in....wait a few minutes while I get ready...." The red haired knight made her way to the fridge, grabbed the carton of milk, and chugged half of it down in three gulps.

"You still cranky until you've had your least that hasn't changed," Signum commented.

Vita just glared at Signum. "Shut the fuck up," she told her colleague, throwing her stuffed animal on the couch and making her way to the bathroom.

While Vita was in the shower, Signum got dressed in her gym suit and put her teaching clothes in her bag. And to finish her readiness preparations, she placed Laevatein around her neck and waited at the door. As soon as Vita came into view, Signum popped the question. "Since we have thirty minutes before we meet these students, do you want to get a few more minutes of sleep and we can drive to school or would you rather jog to school?"

Again, Vita glared at Signum. "Don't insult me by tempting me with such offers as going back to sleep. If I get lazy, I won't be able to kick your ass in the future."

"So I take it you want to run?"

"Hell yeah," Vita responded.

It took the two knights roughly fifteen minutes to run the eight kilometers to the school. During that run, they discussed which activities would be appropriate for Lance and Athrun on their first day of training. Upon arriving at Sekigahara, Signum and Vita made the preparations for their two students to safely do these exercises and drills. When there was about ten minutes left till the deadline, both students arrived on the grounds. Athrun had jogged the way to school, just as Signum had instructed the night before. However, Lance was dropped off, which slightly irritated Signum. That and the boy's grogginess.

"Exiga-san, looks like you need something to get your blood pumping...three laps around the school. The first lap you can jog. The second lap, I want you to go about half speed. And I want you to sprint the final lap. Understood?" Lance moaned and got his hair pulled for the third time in two days for a disrespectful answer. "Vita, can you oversee him and once he's done, he's all yours."

Signum then turned to Athrun. "We'll start the session off with some pull-ups...eighty of them and then we'll get to a bit of sword training."

"Hai, Yagami-sensei," Athrun replied.

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Minato Sayuki

Sayuki woke up at 4am with a headache. That dream... again..." She slowly opened her eyes to see the time then tried to move. But suddenly, a small force made her stop. She realized that there was warmth on her back. She slowly turned around and saw... Kiku's sleepy face. The girl was still sleeping but she was hugging her. Sayuki tried her best not to scream out. "What the... How could she..." Her face turned red. She tried to calm herself down then she removed Kiku's arm from her waist, slowly moved out from her bed. She grabbed her crutches then walked to the bathroom. "What a nice start of a new day... And this is the second day at school and I have a girl who I just met sleeping on my bed..." She looked at herself in the mirror and saw a light blush on her face. Then she heard some howling coming from the hill. "Right... I forgot to bring them food last night... I can't go there right now... Gah... it's hard to to anything without legs" After washing her face and brushing her teeth, she walked out the bathroom and she saw the girl was still sleeping. She walked out of the room and headed to the kitchen where she saw her mother, preparing her and Kiku's bento.

"Good morning, mom."

"Good morning, dear. HOw was the first night with your "girlfriend"?" He rmother turned around and smiled to her. Sayuki blushed then said in anger.

"Mom! She is NOT my girlfriend! Stop that!"

"OK! OK! Just kidding. I already ironed her uniform and hanged it on your wardrobe. You two really looked happy together."

"MOM! Again! She is NOT my type!" Her mother laughed while she was dealing with her red face. When she calmed down, she asked her mother. " Can you feed them for me today? I... um... I sort of forgot to feed them last night..."

"I know. I'll do it. I have a day-off today anyways. But remember to feed them when you can walk again."

"Thanks, mom."

"OK. Go change then come back here to have your breakfast. And seems that your dad hasn't waken up yet. What a sleepy head!"

"Yes, mom."

Sayuki walked back to her room then took her uniform in the wardrobe then went to the bathroom. After she finished changing, she went out and saw Kiku was finally woke up. The girl yawned, stretched her arms then looked at her.

"Good morning Minato-san."

"Good morning Jion-san. Sleep well last night?"

"Mmmm~ Very." Kiku smiled.

"Good to hear that. Breakfast is ready so you may want to get ready for school. Your uniform is hanged on the wardrobe."

"OK. Do you need any help?" Kiku walked out of the bed.

"No thanks. I'm good. Just prepare yourself."

"OK. See you in a minute then." Kiku walked toward to the bathroom and locked the door.

Sayuki walked to the mirror in her room. She sat down on the small chair then combed her hair. Fixing her tie again, checking that she brought the right books for today, grabbed her briefcase and katana then walked to the kitchen.

She sat down on the table then started eating her breakfast. Ten minutes later, Kiku came down in her uniform and holding her briefcase also.

"Good morning, Minato-san." Kiku bowed at Sayuki's mother.

"Good morning. Your breakfast and bento is ready, Sit down, please." Her mother smiled back.

"Thanks for letting me stay here and for all the pleasure."

"You're welcome here. No need to be so polite."

"Thanks again, Minato-san." Kiku sat down next to Sayuki then ate her breakfast.

Sayuki received her bento from her mother with a scold coming along. "Don't exhaust yourself again. You need to rest until you can walk and your power fully returns. Understand, young lady?"

"Yes, mom." Sayuki replied.

"Don't worry, Minato-san. I'll make sure that Sayuki won't do anything to exhaust herself." Kiku said greedily.

"How nice! Please take care of my little child then, Jion-san."

"Mom! I'm not a little child anymore! I can take care of myself!" Sayuki said angrily and embarrassingly. She quickly put her bento inside her bag, carried her katana on her shoulder then walked toward the door. "I'm going!"

"Wait for me, Minato-san!" Kiku quickly finished her breakfast then followed Sayuki.

"Good bye, mom."

"Good bye, Minato-san. Thanks for the meal."

"Good bye, girls. Take care." The mother waved at them when they walked away.

Kiku helped Sayuki to carry her bag when Sayuki didn't allow her to touch her katana. They decided to walk to school since it was only 5am and they enjoyed the scene of the early morning.

Ok ace, your turn to reply or write anything new :P.

Change your thought and you change your world. ~Norman Vincent Peale

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Ion Sierra

It was 2:30am as the alarm clock beeped waking Ion, and Kocata from the slight slumber. Since getting home at 9pm yesterday Ion had did some light schoolwork, washed his Uniform, and read a little more info from the book Lulu let him borrow. He had went to bed around 10:30pm. Thus he was only awake on 4hours of sleep. Getting up from his bed. The boy quickly ducks into the bathroom to take a nice 15min shower. Letting his nerve relax as the hot steaming water fell on his back. Afterwards Ion wraps a towel around himself before sitting on a stool next to the mirror. As he combed his long turquoise colored hair getting it to become straight as possible. The boy then simply returns to his room putting on his uniform, tying up his hair, and putting on his glasses. Before heading downstairs into the kitchen to make his bento. From 2:50-3:30 Ion works on cooking his bento. Which consisted of fried shrimp, some rice, 10piece tamagoyaki, and smoked salmon.

“Mhmm… Ion honey what are you doing up this early in the morning?” entered Marsha voice coming into the kitchen still wearing her pajamas and pink robe.

“I’m making lunch since I got to be at school early today mom,” replied Ion packing up the last of the lunch before tying it up in a white cloth with red roses on it.

“That certainly is a big lunch though. Do you plan to eat that all by yourself?” questioned Marsha knowing that her son wasn’t a big eater and liked to eat light. Except during dinner when he really packed away a lot of food.

“No I plan to share it with a friend…” muttered Ion causing Marsha to look at him in surprise before she started firing off multiple questions. The pure excitement on her face was evident since her son never usually talked about friends.

“So this friend of your honey is it a girl?” asked Marsha who would love for her son to find a nice girl to date. Ion face goes complete red before saying no. Before he quickly went back upstairs to his room to get something.

In the confines of his room once more Ion pull out a book from his bookshelf. It was dark purple in color, and had some sort of magic circle on it that wasn’t Mid style or Belkan. Opening the book reveals that it was hollow inside. While also holding a set of cards in the space that was in the center of it. All the cards at once quickly levitate out of the book circling around Ion. Each card had a singe word or set of words on the bottom part of it, and an image making it look much like a tarot card used in fortune telling.

Closing his eyes a little and focusing. The cards all return to the space in the book, but four cards still remained hovering in front of Ion. The boy simply look at the four left which consisted of Vibration Blade, Defender, Distortion, and Delay. Plucking each one from the space in front of him. Ion place the cards in a card carry holster that was attached to a garter on his lower left thigh. All set for school now Ion says goodbye to his mother before setting out for the subway tram.

“Wait Ion! You said you have to be to school at 4am, but you won’t make it if you take the subway. I’ll drop you off at school myself!” called Marsha causing Ion to stop. A smile soon crosses his face as he thanks his mother saying she was a real lifesaver.

“Come on silly before your late,” replied Marsha as the two got into the car, and drove out of the driveway heading for the school. Hopefully Ion would make it there before Curren-sensei got there.

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Athrun McGibbson, Mia Shizuma, Setsuna Higurashi

After Athrun awoke early in the morning, he turned on a small night light at the corner of his desk and wrote down quickly a note saying that he had gone for morning training and to not worry about making him breakfast or lunch. He then quickly got himself fixed up after a 5 minute shower, got his things ready, and headed out for his jog to school. He was fortunate enough to pack his uniform in a separate bag after the practice he would eventually receive. Eventually, he spotted a red Chevy Camaro pass by as he got close to the school, until he noticed that it stopped there and realized that someone was dropping a student off. By the time he got close to the school grounds, Athrun saw Mia step out of it as she waved goodbye to the person dropping her off.

“Morning Mia,” said Athrun.

“Morning,” she replied, giving him a quick hug.

He then spotted a small bag with some packed food inside. As well as two thermoses and some small cups.

“I presume that’s what Signum-sensei said you could do,” said Athrun.

“You’d be right. My mother wouldn’t stop teasing me about you. I swear, it drives me crazy sometimes,” she said.

“I’m sure it did,” he replied. “Here…let me help you with that.”

As the two headed into the campus grounds, they eventually spotted Signum-sensei with Vita. Signum noticed the way the two were acting and couldn’t help but wonder if they were already close and smirked. The Eternal Child noticed and asked, “What is it?”

“It's nothing Vita,” said Signum.

“It must be something for you to be smirking like that. Did I miss a good joke?” she asked.

“I already said it’s nothing,” came the reply.

As Athrun set down the thermoses, he looked at Mia real quick before turning his attention to Signum.

“Is there something you’d wish to share with me?” asked Signum.

“Not that I would know of…besides the fact I have a request after the practice fight,” said Athrun.

“What would that be?” asked Signum.

“There’s something I need to talk to you about…something…complicated,” said Athrun, a bit hesitant in almost bringing up the event that happened yesterday.

“Alright…I’ll hear it. Meet me up on the roof after your second period class. First…give me eighty pull ups and then we’ll work on swordsmanship,” said Signum.

“Yes sir,” replied Athrun, as he proceeded to do so.

While Athrun was doing his pull ups, Mia stood next to Signum and asked, “Would you like some tea, Signum-sensei?”

“Thank you Mia,” she replied, taking a cup, as she opened a thermos and poured some.

“It’s chamomile,” said Mia.

Signum took a quick whiff and the scent seemed to calm her temporarily as she observed Athrun and Lance.

After several minutes of silence, Signum looked over at Mia and said, “You two seem to be pretty close.”

“Really? What makes you say that?” asked Mia.

“From the way you two were interacting, I’d say that you have a crush on him,” she replied.

“Am I that easy to read?” asked Mia, her face slightly flushed.

“Like a book,” said Signum.

Agito tugged a bit on Signum’s collar getting her attention. She then whispered into her ear about a mark and Signum remembered the letter sent by a carrier pigeon and looked at Athrun for a moment.

"Did Agito mention something to you yesterday?" asked Vita.

“Yes...she did. Something about a mark on Athrun's arm. I'm not sure what it has to do with him though," said Signum.

“All the more reason why he requested that talk with you,” said a voice.

“Last I recall…spying wasn’t one of your usual hobbies…Setsuna,” said Signum.

The two Belkan knights turned and saw the former demon hunter walking onto the grounds.

“How goes things?” asked Signum.

“It’s anything but quiet that’s for certain. There are some details that I didn’t disclose after we had a quick mock fight to assess that he hasn’t rusted up on his skills last night,” said Setsuna.

“I see. That’s not the only reason you’re here…is it?” inquired Signum.

“Sharp as always. I’ve sent an application to try and apply for part-time fight instructor,” said Setsuna.

“We already have a few good ones available…although I don’t see why we couldn’t add one more,” said Signum. “You should take it up with Uno. She is the one who
checks on backgrounds and applications.”

“Thanks. It was good seeing you Signum,” said Setsuna, giving a head bow.

After he left, Vita turned to Signum and said, “I thought you said you’ve only heard of him.”

“I did…for a while,” said Signum.

“Is there something that you’re hiding?” asked Vita.

“Sometimes it’s best not to dwell on things from the past. Let’s just leave it at that,” she answered.

Vita was about to press on but just shrugged it off.

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Lance Exiga

At 2:30AM the alarm besides Lance’s large bed rang off, still tired from yesterday, he quickly hit the snooze button. The events replayed in the sleeper’s head: after the small quarrel in the garden he returned to his classroom and after about half an hour of searching ask asking around he learned the hat he took was from the cosplay club run by Hayate Yagami. He dropped off the hat after finding no one inside and left the school premises.

2:35AM and the alarm sounded off again, and again Lance hit the snooze button. He remembered heading to the local Shinto Shrine to offer the Sakura Box full of sweets to the gods and taking the previous box he left the day before. A small prayer was also given asking the gods to guide the fallen student across the Yomi River and that he may find happiness in his future life. The black haired mage stayed for a bit afterwards conversing with the miko, Micaiah Chevelle, who was stationed there.

2:40AM the alarm sounded off again, causing Lance to fling the alarm clock across to bed so that he may sleep. When he finally reached home, his personal maid, Lily informed him that she received a call from one of his instructors to meet at school at 4AM. After filling in Lily of the events at school, she was happy he was able to make some friends yet scolded him for getting himself injured, after all western demons were in the demon hunter’s jurisdiction while yokai and evil spirits were taken care of the Shinto Priests. After dinner Lance went over his company’s, Fujimura Cake Factory, plans making sure everything ran smoothly.

Several knocks on the door was heard, “Young Master, please get up, I heard you threw another clock.”

“I’m never gonna leave this bed,” the child moaned in reply.

Lily only sighed and walked inside, looking around papers and documents were scattered on the floor, it seemed that he did some research last night. Walking over to his bed she pulled the sheets causing him to curl into a ball from to cold. The brunette couldn’t help but let out a giggle at his reaction, pulling some strands of hair behind her ears she leaned closer, “Young Master,” she whispered huskily, “If you listen to me closely I’ll give you a reward.”

Her voice perked the boy’s interest greatly, before he could even respond he jumped off his bed and clenched his ears in pain. Looking around he saw his maid laughing, tears fell from her green eyes, as she held onto an air horn.

“I hope you enjoyed your reward,I made omurice for breakfast” she smiled as she made her way downstairs. After finishing their food, Lance packed his school bag and sweets bag, today’s offering would be two dozen daifuku, “Shall I drive you to school today?” her eyes gleamed at the prospect.

“Alright, which one day?”

“The black Lotus Elise,” she stated as she ran to get the keys, with Lance trotting behind her. The drive didn’t take long and when they arrived he already saw Athrun, Mia, Signum, and a small redheaded child already there.

“Lily, because of yesterday’s incident, there may be demon hunters around, stay inside the house alright? If for whatever reason you manage to run into one show my family crest to let them know you’re under my care, otherwise they wouldn’t bother you if you’re at home. If we need groceries text me the list and I’ll get them for you.”

“Don’t lump me in with you, Young Master, I’m strong enough to take care of a couple of priests or hunters,” she argued making Lance give her a concerned look, “Yes Young Master, don’t worry I’ll be careful.” With that Lily drove off as he turned to face the pink haired instructor.

"Exiga-san, looks like you need something to get your blood pumping, three laps around the school. The first lap you can jog. The second lap, I want you to go about half speed. And I want you to sprint the final lap. Understood?" the student groaned at the order, he stayed up too late making wards to hide Lily, if he done it before she went to sleep he would’ve been scolded. The tired male also stayed up talking to Firefly, an ally he made in the UG, for information on western demons, only to find out she gave her only book to a friend of hers.

However his lack of enthusiasm did not go unnoticed and had his hair pulled. "Vita, can you oversee him and once he's done, he's all yours."

With a glance he noticed the redhead gave a nod towards Signum and looked at him coldly, believing that keeping his comments to himself would be best, he began his jog without further ado.

Alright since the previous day was closed the first part is what Lance did after the battle with Kai. Also I’ll be posting Lily’s profile and the rest of Lance’s family up on the OOC later. By request I’ve also taken up RPing as Vita, so i’ll be posting hers in a bit.

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Curren Huckbein

It was early in the morning as Curren pulled into the faculty parking lot of the school campus. The sun wasn't quite out yet but a slight sign of dawn was evident as the far off horizon show a speck of orange. Getting out the car Curren grabs her briefcase. Along with a small bag of food that would be used to make breakfast for her, and her pupil Ion. Yesterday had been tiring as she had stayed up most the nigh after getting home. Studying the data that doctor Jail had given her on her pupil. So far the woman had come up with an easy training regime to help the boy build his stamina. Along with a certain magical exercise to test Jail theory on whether the boy had natural magic jamming abilities. After going to the fencing dojo to quickly set up everything. Curren proceeds to the front of gate just in time to see Ion being dropped off. By who she assumed was the boy’s mother.

“Ah so nice of you to join me this fine morning Ion. Your five minutes late but that doesn’t matter. Since I myself only arrived here about ten minutes ago,” chimed Curren with Ion bowing apologizing for making her wait.

“Hahaha don’t worry about it I’m surprised that you showed up at all. I was thinking that you might lose your nerves and skip out, but I guess I was wrong. Oh well doesn’t matter now that you’re here. So lets head to the dojo real quick so I can explain what you’ll be doing then we can cook up a nice breakfast. Before we starts today training. Hope your ready cause if you aren’t then you’ll definitely end up in the infirmary,” explained Curren with Ion gulping a little wondering what she had in store for him.

After dropping of his things and changing into his Gym clothes. Curren and Ion start heading for the main school building, but before that Curren decides to pay Signum and Vita a little visit. Looking on near the gymnasium building the mercenary could see that Signum was having Athrun do pull ups. While she assumed that Lance was probably running around the school campus. Mia looked like she was checking supplies that would be used to make breakfast for the team.

“Hello probation officer!” called Curren walking over to Signum and Vita the former who was giving her a annoyed look

“What do you want this early in the morning Curren. If your here to start a fight I don’t have time for it.” stated Signum not looking once at Curren as a smile appeared on the woman’s. Before giggling a little at Signum remark.

“Well I’m not too surprised Ms probation officer. Sine you have a pack of defects to train this morning. Boy it must really sucks for you since they don’t look like much to improve on,” stated Curren with Signum annoyance rising, but not letting it get the best of her.

“Can it you battle freak or would you prefer to settle this right now,” warned Vita as she didn’t like Curren at all, and would love nothing more than to whack the woman over the head with Graif Eisen.

“Oh so sorry chibi-chan I didn’t know you two were so touchy this morning. Well I don’t really have time for this either. As I got my own pupil to train as well.” replied Curren as Ion looked on at the exchange between the teachers.

“Heh you talk about how your pupil is special battle freak, but she doesn’t really look all that special to me!” countered Vita before Signum could stop her. The pink haired woman turn her gaze to Sierra-san who look at the ground with hurt look.

“Aww look what you two did now you went and hurt Sierra-san feeling. Boy you two don’t really make good teachers now do you,” scolded Curren with Signum standing up getting in Curren face.

“You’re the one that started this Curren-sensei. If anything this is your fault to begin with! Sierra-san please forgive Vita for her rude comment. I assure you that your not someone that I don't deem unworthy of training,” explained Signum however, her words did little to ease the boy hurt pride. As he looked at her with a face of indifference which showed a single tear stinging the corner of his left eyes.

“Curren I'll go to the Home Econ room to get the utensil ready for cooking,” said Ion in a soft voice running off before Signum could say anything more to him.

“Well guess you two didn’t leave a good impression on Sierra-san. Oh well I’ll be going as well. Have fun with your childish training regime Yagami-sensei!” called Curren before running off to go catch up with her pupil.

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It was early in the Morning, only a few Candles lighten Andurions Room in his small Apartment. Each Candle light in a different Color. There was green, yellow, red, blue and some more, each of them stand for an Element. Andurion everytime sleeps when the Candle are enlighten, he praises the Elemental Gods with them even hes asleep.
The Alarmclock starts to rang, slowly wakening Andurion out of his sleep. He turned around in his bed and took the Alarmclock of then looking at the Display "1.00AM".
Andurion everytime wakes up this early, it was branded in his Mind, branded by the Education of the ones who wanted to burn down his Pride and Joy but they paid for it with their lives. Sacrafied to the God of Ice.

Slowly Andurion stands up from his Bed, grabbing for his Glasses, he put them on and adjustet his Device. He shortly reminded on the day when he got it, it gaves him a new life and a mission. Next for him was getting in bathroom so he got up from his Bed and slowly walking towards the Bathroom, blowing out every candle and speaking a short Praise for every God when blowing out. In his Bathroom he washes himself, brush his teeth and shaved his beard away. Then he washed his hair and fixed it to the right Positions. Gladly his Hair is easy to fix, even it is long for a Male.

"Thanks Kolorn, Lord of Water, to give us the Possibility to clean our skin from Mud and impurities." When finished washing he goes to the kitchen to eat a short breakfast and drinking some warm Tea. It was 1.45am when he finished his every morning Ritual and starts to get dressed. As usual he decides for wearing his Grey Robe, paired with grey Shirt and Pants. As he finished dressing himself, he get at his Desk to take his Pride and Joy: The Elemental Bible. The Bible he wrote with his own hands, the Basic of his Believment. The Bible hung on a Chain and the chain was bound around his waist. It was 2.00am time to leave the house and go to the school, or as he calls it, his place of Prayer. He got to this school after his massacre at the Monastary, at first it was mysterious that he got an Invitation in Letter form. And the most strangest was, it reached him in a already left House, he just used as stay for a short while. So he went there since middle school. He prayed there everyday now and then. Hes the shepherd and the other students are his Sheeps, he must protect. The school wasnt far from his Place, well for sure it wasnt cause the school is paying his stay in the apartment.

Finally he reached the school, it was empty, no teacher was there and no student for sure. Hes always First at school, to give it its everyday blessing.
As he reached the Gateway he kneed down, took his Bible in the Hand and opened it.

"Oh Indis, you the God of Eternal Earth, You the one who gave us a Place of Living, you who allowed it to build this School on you. I ask you, pls protect this Place with all your strength, on this school no Harm should happen to the Material its Build on, and everyone who harms this place have to get his punishment."
As his Prayer to the Earth god he wents his way up to the roof of the school.
"Hidian, God of Air, pubescence us with your calming wind."

"There is no life after death. Only one in Death." Garaphor

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Spoiler: Notes
Okay... All of the times messed up with everything? @_@ Why don't everyone put the time fairly close to one another or the same... And not jump from one time forward and backwards... Heeeeadaaaache... I'll start off with the time and hope people wake up the same time or a little after... Not behind.

Why do people wake up at 1 and 2 in the morning?! That's so early to be doing some running and stuff. Anywho, I hope that my time would make people feel like they woke up late since I did end the time at 4:55! So be prepared!! >=I

With that said and done... Chrono-nii-chan! I'm posting since you said that I could yesterday night. :P

Alicia Testarossa

I awoke at 4:00 AM in the morning due to my alarm clock ringing in my ears. Slapping the alarm off, I got up groggily and out of bed. Second day of school and being sick is horrible. What's worse is that I missed first day of school because of this aching fever over the summer.

I woke up early to go sight seeing since we just moved here to Midchilda recently and I never got to go see places around here due to my sickness. Also, I wanted to see the place my sister lives in. It seems like a peaceful place to be living in.

Getting dressed, cleaning myself up, and finishing breakfast was a pain as my body was being weird and wouldn't listen to my commands. I had to practically drag myself everywhere. Saying goodbye to Mother and telling her that I would be fine later on, I walked down the street, down that valley stream where I would just stare at the sun rising the horizon.

I don't know what happened yesterday or what I had missed, but I was willing to make up for what had been unfinished because I wasn't at school on the first day.

"Uwaaaah!~ what am I going to doooo?~" I flailed my arms as I panicked on how to make new friends, get my schedule since we didn't receive it in the mail, and join clubs/activities. Being shy doesn't help my case at all! A sigh escaped my lips in defeat. "I'll probably just have to be by myself again. Reading or writing in the library. Though... that does sound tempting to do."

Looking up at the sky, I noticed that the weather was beautiful along with the blue vast sky with clouds forming many unique shapes. I looked down at my wristwatch and noticed that it was already 4:55 AM. School is such a long way from here, though it starts so early as well! 'Well, I still have time to go cruise around.'

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Lance Exiga & Vita Yagami

As Lance finished made his way to finish his third lap he cursed at the size of the school, and was thankful for Lily’s breakfast and his mother’s training so long ago otherwise he would never had made it.

He could see the teachers in sight and noticed Ion running towards him, “Hey lil princess how’s it going?” the black haired boy asked only to have the girl run right past him, Curren-Sensei waved at him, as she walked past where he returned the gesture. Worried about the coral eyed student Lance picked up a leaf and created a shikigami, the small baseball sized creature looked around in confusion. “Present yourself Ion,” he commanded, “And if he needs anything follow his instructions,” the little creature saluted and flew off.

Vita was already waiting for him in front of the track field where Signum-Sensei, Athrun, and Mia are nowhere to be seen, “Where are the others? And your name was Vita right? Nice to meet you.” he wheezes sitting down in front of the small child.

The male quickly jumped backwards as she slammed the floor with her hammer leaving a crater in its wake, “Hoho this brat really has no manners for his teachers, looks like we gotta teach him some respect Eisen,” her mallet beeped in agreement, “If you have time to be concerned about others you have time to train!”

Lance was forced to jump to the floor to prevent the hammer from knocking his head right off, “Whoa whoa! Watch out I use that sometimes, and sorry Vita-Sensei I didn’t know!”

“Can it kid, you don’t have time to be chatting during a fight!” Again the small redhead effortlessly swung her weapon around, with Lance jumping and diving to avoid a lethal blow, ”Heh, not bad kid you can move, let’s see how you deal with a bit of pain” Again she threw her mallet this time however actually aiming to hit the boy, only for him to dodge again.

Vita stood stunned for a moment before readying her weapon again, ”What was that? I was sure that would’ve hit him.” She studied the boy in question who was breathing heavily, ”Let’s try this again.”

After a few more attacks Vita began understanding Lance’s tactics, he was manipulating her hammer to throw it just slightly off course giving himself a bit leeway for evading. ”So that’s what it was, still just throwing Eisen a bit an inch or two off course doesn’t mean it won’t hit you, looks like he knows what he’s doing just a bit, but this has gone on long enough a greenhorn is still a greenhorn.”

The teacher made a sweep for Lance’s legs making him jump to avoid, predicting this Vita quickly turned Eisen and nailed the student right in the chest making him fly backwards and landing roughly on his back. “That should knock him out until class starts, better check on what Signum is doing.”

“Ugh,” Vita quickly turned around and was astonished that the boy was still conscious, she didn’t put her full power into that swing but it was a direct hit, “I really thought I was gonna die for a second there.”

“What did you do kid?”

“Ah I couldn’t dodge in midair without opening a gate, so I pushed my own body against your hammer to absorb some damage.”

”That’s easier said than done, you either need really good luck or really good timing, this brat isn’t bad at all."

“Looks like you can still keep going so I’ll knock you around a few more times.”

“Wait I’m dead tired give me a break at least!” his plea fell on deaf ears as the little bruiser continued her barrage of attacks, as her paced picked up Lance was forced to open the northern gate calling out Fujin to increase his speed, and maneuverability.

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Ion & Curren

Ion had finally made it to the Home Econ room. As he begin rummaging through the cabinets getting the cooking utensil required to make breakfast. Curren showed up three minutes after him carrying the bag of food with her. Ion sets the pots and pans on the stove with Curren setting the food on the table.

“I got to stop by the doctor’s office for a minute. So why don’t you start cooking and I’ll be back to check on you when your all done,” said Curren leaving Ion alone in the home eco room to start breakfast.

Letting a sigh escape his voice Ion rummage through the bag of food Curren had left. Inside was a carton of eggs, some sausages, bacon, and a loft of bread. Realizing that there wasn’t much to work with Ion turns on the right and left front isles of the stove. Placing two skillets on each one. He decided to go with a simple western style breakfast that consisted of omelet with sausage chucks in it from the sausages he cut up, French toast using the remaining eggs to make it, and fried bacon.

The meal only takes about 20min to make as the clocks reads 4:25am when Curren returns. Ion had also used some of the supplies in the room to make green tea to go with their meal. A smile appears on Curren face as she looks at the lovely breakfast prepared by her student.

“Ah what a lovely feast you have here Ion. Well looks like your first training exercise went pretty well,” said Curren looking at her plate that held the food that Ion had prepared.

“This was a training exercise!?” muttered Ion in surprise wondering how in the world cooking would be useful in battle. Curren just simply smiles at him taking a bite out of the omelet. Before her lips curve into a blissful smile.

“Yea a warrior always has to be able to make do with what he has on hand. I brought little to work with to see how you would use these supplies to make a decent breakfast. Got to say you passed with flying colors boy. This rule doesn’t just apply to food, but also to things like medical supplies, ammunition for weapons and many more things. This also applies to magic as well Ion. Even if you don’t have much magic you must be able to use what magic you have on hand to the best of your ability. This a fundamental fact for any great magus so never forget that.” explained Curren taking another mouthful of her omelet as Ion looked at her in amazement. He would have never guess that a training drill could be hidden in such an everyday activity.

The two continued to eat their breakfast with Ion watching Curren. The woman simply remained silent but her eyes gleamed as she looked at Ion. Curren felt pretty proud of herself for hiding such a great lecture in a simple activity such as cooking. Not only did she teach her pupil something useful, but she also got a free meal out of it as well. Finishing up their breakfast and cleaning up the Econ room. The two quickly exit the room as Curren instructs Ion to meet her at the Fencing dojo in ten minutes. The clock now currently read 5:00am as Ion quickly goes to the ladies restroom coming out three minutes later. The boy was about to make a dash for the dojo when I caught something out of the corner of his eye. Ion simply turns around to see that a fairy like creature was watching him closely. Ion since entering the home econ room had felt that something was watching him, but he didn’t know what it was.

“What in the world are you? Your certainly are a small little thing,” spoke Ion as the baseball size Fairy fluttered around Ion with an amused look. As if waiting for someone to give it an order.

Did someone order you to follow me around?” asked Ion as the fairy type creature simply did a gesture that Ion could only assume was a nod.

“I see well I don’t mind but…” Ion didn’t finish his sentence as he realized that he was going to be late again if he didn’t book it to the fencing dojo fast.

Ion quickly makes a mad dash for the Dojo the Fairy type creature following right behind him. The boy made it just in time as he entered the dojo just as the clock read 5:10am. Curren was in a attire that looked a barrier jacket from his guess. It was a black top with attachable elbow length sleeves, and long black skirt that split into a small opening in the front. The was a belt wrapped around her waist that carried a rapier that was sheathed at the moment. However, what really caught Ion’s attention was the strange book that Curren hands. It was a marble white with a huge cross on the cover. Curren just smiles sweetly at Ion which in turns send shivers down the boy’s spine.

“Finally here Ion that good. Well it time to begin the next part of training which is basic fencing practice. I was going to start with a different exercise, but seeing as the chibi teacher said such a hurtful thing. I thought you might want to spar a little first,” said Curren her grin never leaving her face.

“Isn’t it a little bad to spar right after we just ate?” asked Ion with Curren simply saying that they had eaten beforehand. So that Ion would have the energy to fight with her.

“Ok Ion I assume you brought the cards I asked, but well save the explanation for later. Right now I want to test your fighting ability. So feel free to use any cards you brought during our match, but be warned if you slack off even once while I’m attacking you. Your going to end up in a world of hurt dear,” stated Curren pulling out her rapier and getting into a fighting stance. Ion just looked at her from a distance as if assessing the situation.

The boy quickly pulls out a card from his holster. The picture on it being a picture of a rapier style weapon. It soon however, became a real weapon in Ion’s hand the blade being a crimson red, and the hilt resembling a rapier very much. However, the blade itself was that of a Japanese katana. Ion gets into stance readying himself for any attack that might come. The fairy type creature watch Ion from the entrance worried that the boy might be in trouble.

“That an interesting looking sword Ion. Your definitely my student if your using a rapier. Well then out all do respect throw your hesitation away boy and come attack me,” stated Curren her kind demeanor disappearing leaving behind a menacing looking woman that could kill him easily. Ion knowing that Curren would likely finish him off in one blow. if he didn’t accept her invitation rushes the woman as quickly as possible. Before raising the sword above his head, and slashing downwards with all his might.

Spoiler: battle scene
A clang rings through out the room. Ion attack is repels harmlessly by Curren’s rapier which just as quickly lashes out to slash at the boy’s neck. However, the attack is parried as Ion reels the katana back to himself to guard. The parry did little good as Curren’s sword like lightening instantly recover from being block and slashes out again at Ion. In just a few short seconds sparks fly as the swords crash against each other. Filling the room with the sound of metal hitting metal. Curren looks at the boy in amusement as she swings her rapier once again. Up, down, left, right four attack executed at such speeds that it wouldn't be possible for a novice to block them at all. A ringing sound feels the air as Ion use his Katana to block the four attacks meant to cut him to pieces. Curren looks at him in awe not expect him to be able to block that at all. The boy amazed her by not only repelling her attack, but lashing out at her with a fifth attack.

The two continue to exchange blows Curren’s blood pumping the more her sword clashed Against Ion’s. What was it that was doing all of this? If Jail data was anything to go by Ion shouldn’t be able to fight with this pace. Let alone be able to block her attacks.

“Heh heheh hahaha HAHAHA!!! You truly are interesting boy I didn’t think you be able to fight me like this with such a frail body. I praise you Ion your certainly a very amusing student,” praised Curren as she started to put more effort into the fight speeding up her attacks and uping her technique. Ion grunts as he blocks five more attacks from the woman. Knowing that he was going to be done in at this rate if she kept uping her skills.

Yes it not possible for someone like Ion to match Curren. No to begin with something like fighting Curren even if she was holding back wasn’t possible for him. So how is it possible for him to keep up with this woman? How could he block attack not possible for him, and make attacks not possible for him as well? The only reason Ion was able to last at all was thank to the special effect of his card Defender. It was an equip card that used to repel incoming enemy attacks, but not only that. The card had the power to boost Ion skills in dodging and parrying attacks. To put it bluntly the card increased his fighting skills and knowledge on a level that made it possible for him to survive longer in combat.

The swords fight each other at blinding speeds. They were crashing against each other in harmony. The space between them was full of sparks. However, it wouldn’t last forever Ion could feel his body starting to slow down. He had activated five magic circuits in his arm, and was pumping as much magic through them. To enable him to boost his physical capacity to keep up with Curren. The woman in front of him laughs even more uping her attacks once again.

This was bad Ion was already having enough trouble defending against her. If her attack went up anymore their be nothing he could do to defend himself. The woman in front him had a blood lust look on her face. This was truly bad. Ion could tell that Curren was taking this sparring far more serious than she should, and if that was true then Ion would seriously wind up hurt. The swords flash towards each other Ion being barely able to parry the next 3 attack that came at him with blinding speed.

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Alexis Millan

"Mmm~" Waking up early in the morning, Alis felt refreshed. Putting the books back at their shelves, Alis then decided to have a cold shower to awaken her nerves. After showering, she put on her uniform, got down and bid her mother goodbye.

"Alis! What about breakfast?" her mother asked from the kitchen.

"Sorry Mother, I don't feel like eating today. I'm going now!"

"Take care and have a nice day."

She rode the bus to school, though there are still a few minutes before bell, Alis decided to go to the Library and red some books.

"Oh, seems like no one's here yet too." she said. Picked book and grabbed chair and placed it near the window.

She looked at the weather "Hmm~ Nice weather. I wonder what would happen if its raining hard with lightning storms.~" she joke to herself and giggled.

Finishing the little book, Alis placed it back and picked what to read next until someone bumped beside her without Alis noticing the person.

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Joseph Hernandez


The gaijin yawned as he walked through the quiet streets. He had his backpack along with a sports bag containing his Karate uniform. Ginga had informed him yesterday night that the Karate club held meetings during Tuesday and Thursday club periods. He also learned, by a text message from Tre-sensei nonetheless, that ROTC was during the Monday, Wednesday and Friday club periods. To his relief however, the stern woman had added that there was no meeting yesterday on account of the CO (one Chrono Harlaown) being incapacitated.

It was only 6:15 AM but he decided to get a move on towards school. He was walking briskly through one particularly deserted alley when he saw a group of delinquents, around five of them sporting disheveled high-school uniforms and various improvised weapons like pipes, bokkens, chains and the like, at the other end heading towards him. Thinking quickly, he vaulted over a wall to his right and into someone's backyard. This elicited a cry of "Hey!" from the group as they ran in pursuit.

He scanned the area to see that the place had an unkempt look. There were various objects littered around, the paint on the house next to his right was peeling away and looked faded. His eyes quickly centered on an old man sitting on a rocking chair snoozing with a vicious-looking dog sleeping on his lap and what looked like a double-barreled shotgun at his side. An idea popped into Joseph's head as he dropped his sports bag and crept silently whilst grabbing a few trashcans and placing them where he predicted the delinquents would come.

After vaulting over another wall and outside the old man's yard, Joseph waited for the tell-tale sounds of pursuit as the group attempted to chase after him. The first four had landed without incident when the last member landed on the pile of trashcans, causing a large ruckus and rousing both the dog and the old man. He then heard the boys' cries of fright and the dog barking. Chuckling quietly amidst the old man's cry of "Stupid kids! Get out of my property!" and the report of a shotgun going off, Joseph walked to the end of the alley and into a road.

He glanced to the right to see that the school was only a stone's throw away. He made no intention to loiter any longer as he walked briskly, hearing the thudding of feet amidst the cries of someone barking orders as he strode nearer and nearer. He walked right at the entrance to see Lance and Athurn doing pushups whilst a small, red-headed girl presided over them with a Hammer in one hand. He glanced to the right to see Kiku and Sayuki, the latter still in her crutches and the former chatting with her.

He walked up to the two and greeted them Good Morning. Kiku replied with a smile whilst Sayuki nodded briefly.

"Excuse me Hernandez-san and Kiku-san, I'd like to spend the rest of my morning somewhere quiet", said the raven haired girl as she took her briefcase from Kiku and started on her way towards the building. Joseph and Kiku waved her goodbye before the young man faced the red-headed girl and made small talk.

"So how was yesterday Joseph-kun? You were quite in a hurry to get out" she replied with an eyebrow raised and a smirk on her lips.

"Well, it was a long day for me and I didn't want any more trouble. I hope you'll understand." he replied with a sigh. "Anyways, how about yours?"

"I didn't manage to get back home because it was too late. I asked Minato-san if I could stay for the night and she agreed to let me sleep over."

"You know, if we're going to keep talking like this then we should find somewhere to sit down" said Joseph as his eyes saw a couple of stone benches where Mia was sitting.

"Come on" was his reply as the two headed for a bench adjacent to where Mia was and sat down. Seeing that the girl was preoccupied, the pair continued to chat with each other as Lance, Athurn, Vita and Signum were fighting on the field.

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Minato Sayuki

They arrived at school at 6:30am and it was still early. Sayuki decided to go to the library to read a book that she hadn't finished. She excused herself from Kiku and Joseph, took her briefcase from Kiku's hand, bowed at both of them then walked to the library. As she was walking, she could hear the sound of the special training coming from the gym but she ignored it.

She looked at the shelves for few minutes in the library and then finally, she found the book that she wanted to then walked to the table. She bumped to someone softly but she just gave the person a soft apology then continued her way to the table. She sat down at the table near the window then continued her book. It was a novel, a romantic novel.

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When kiku first woke up Tuesday, it was because she couldn't really get asleep. Minato-san was right there, and shed have no idea where Minato-san would be if she closed her eyes... the only way that would happen is if she put a finger on Minato-san... then a finger became a hand.... a hand became a hug.... and that hug became an embrace. Cuddling Sayuki like a teddy bear, she was finally able to get to sleep.

When she woke, she heard running water... a shower... that's right, she was in Minato-san's bed. The thought made her glow inside. She started to cuddle with the bedding as she had done last night, but heard the water turn off and started acting normally again. When Minato-san stepped out, she was greeted with "Good morning Minato-san."

"Good morning Jion-san. Sleep well last night?"

"Mmmm~ Very." She said, smiling at the lingering tingle from Minato-san's touch.

"Good to hear that. Breakfast is ready so you may want to get ready for school. Your uniform is hanged on the wardrobe."

"OK. Do you need any help?" Kiku said as she reluctantly removed herself from between the covers.

"No thanks. I'm good. Just prepare yourself."

"OK. See you in a minute then."

She disrobed, marvelling at Minato-san's bathroom, trying to take in every detail. She stepped into the shower, feeling the hot water course over her alabaster skin majestically, inhailing the wonderful scent of Minato-san's shampoo... none of it was too girly, but that only made it more arousing to the senses.

She continues marvelling at Minato-san's bathroom, then realised that it would be exremely rude to linger. She panicked at her impropriety and hurried through her shower, cleaning herself both quickly and thoroughly. She used the same sense of urgency getting dressed, and hurried out into Minato-sans room... and saw that she was exactly on time. Wonderful.

She went down to breakfast, thanking the Minatos for their wonderful courtesy for letting her stay here. They ate breakfast quietly and serenely, wondering at the taste of the wonderful breakfast.

After breakfast, the pair headed out; Kiku insisted on varying all of the gear for the injured Sayuki, who insisted on carying her own katana, so Kiku was only allowed to carry their bookbags, which was enough for her. They didn't talk much on the way there, but Kiku didn't mind; her company was heaven enough.


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My deeply apology, ace >.<;;; I'll stop posting anything to let you catch up now... And i won't gonna interacting Kiku anymore >.>;;;;..... You let her stay in my OC's house so.... Sorry again. I won't do that again *bows* >.<;;;

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Ion Sierra

Flashing lights, swords crashing against each other in harmony. Ion was using every bit of the advantage that Defender presented for him to block Curren’s relentless onslaught. However, things were looking grim as the teacher was dipping into more and more of her power and skill. Outclassing Ion more and more. Thus at this rate Curren would completely overpower him, and seriously hurt him if not careful. The clanging sound of metal hitting metal once more. Ion avoids another five attacks that were launched at him. So fast that they might as well be five attacks happening all at once. Ion though luckily was able to block them or dodge but that was it. Since his initial first attack Ion had been completely forced to do nothing but defend. He couldn’t find any opening in Curren’s technique or form giving testament to the woman’s power.

“We’ll this certainly been fun Ion. You’ve lasted at least good twenty minutes which is impressive! I originally thought you wouldn’t make it passed five but you certainly surpassed my predictions. Now it think it time to put an end this,” Said Curren swinging her Rapier with a extreme amount of force. Ion instantly brings back the katana to parry the attack. Since there was no time to dodge it.

“Auraghh!!!” cried Ion as the attack even though he had blocked it. The force send him flying of his feet knocking him to the floor a few feet away from Curren. His arms burned like crazy as the shock from the impact ran right through them. Ion didn’t know if they were broken or not but the pain was unbearable, and he felt like he could barely move them at all.

Curren instinctively rushes the boy to finish the battle for good. However, as she was approaching him the Fairy like creature that was watching the fight from the entrance. Flies at Curren’s face with surprising speed. Seeing it coming straight for her Curren simply focus her mind as the mysterious book that was floating a good distance away from her. Opened itself up before shooting out a single page that flew pass Curren, and severed the baseball looking fairy into two half killing it instantly. All this once done without Curren stopping her run as she brought her sword down upon Ion. The boy quickly roll to the side as the sword hit’s the floor leaving a good size indent on the school floor.

Curren simply tries her attack again but Ion manage the reel the katana in front of himself. Stopping Curren’s attack in its tracks. Ion arms felt like they be crushed apart from the pressure of Curren’s sword pushing against his own. Thinking quickly the boy kicks his foot upward hoping to make Curren retreat. However, his foot comes in contact against something. As he see pages from the mysterious book Curren guarding the area that Ion had attempted to kick Curren in.

“Good Job Ion. You certainly know how to put on a show don’t you, but playtime is over boy,” said Curren in a menacing voice as more pages from the book were hovering above them. All of them aimed at striking the boy like bullets the moment Curren remove herself off the top of him.

“!” There was nothing Ion could do in this situation. The moment Curren moved was the moment the sword looking pages would be shot. Skewering the boy before he could even react at all. Even if he activated delay's full drive he wouldn’t be able to make out of this without taking a couple of hits. Not only that but his body was screaming for him to stop, and that anymore wasn’t possible.

“Well ciao Ion I’ll see you again later once you wake up,” chimed Curren in a sweet voice as she jumped off of Ion ending the stalemate, but launching the pages that were meant to tear him apart. Ion simply close his eyes bracing himself for the pain to follow. It was just then that the door to the Dojo up with Lance coming in first followed by Signum. After Curren’s attack had launched and was only moments away from striking the helpless boy down.

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Athrun McGibbson

By the time that Athrun had finished the pull ups, Signum tossed to him a bokken and suggested that they head elsewhere to practice. As he followed the Belkan knight towards a larger field away from Vita and Lance, she turned and faced Athrun with a bokken as well at the ready.

"You already know the reason for this I presume," said Signum.

"Besides training, there's also discipline involved," answered Athrun.

"That's correct," she acknowledged. "As promised, I'll listen to what you have to say after your second period. Are you ready?"

Athrun had the bokken at the ready facing the right side of his face.

"Ready," he replied.

As soon as a leaf broke off from a branch of a nearby tree, Athrun charged at Signum with impressive agility. She knew that he would try and strike from behind and instinctively turned and blocked Athrun’s attempt and used hers to push it aside.

“Don’t try and wield it like you would a katana. They’re both different in weight and the amount of force needed is different,” she said.

“Because one is wood and the other metal,” answered Athrun.

“Exactly…now, try again,” she said, at the ready.

Athrun thrust forward with the bokken, to which Signum quickly stepped aside and used her bokken to parry the strike before trying to land two quick blows behind him. However, Athrun appeared to be ready for that one and blocked the first blow before trying to thrust forward again. This time Signum parried and then grabbed Athrun’s arm and pulled it back in a restraint, causing him to wince and grit his teeth.

“You’re repeating the same mistake,” said Signum.

As soon as she let go, Athrun heaved a big sigh before closing his eyes and holding his bokken in a different manner. This time however, he could almost see the outcome itself before it occurred.

He stepped forward and went at a downward strike to which Signum answered with a block of her own before Athrun spun and tried to get a blow from behind when she responded by blocking that attempt. Athrun then went with something he would hardly even consider which was doing a backward thrust but not before Signum parried away that attempt. Athrun then went and struck at her right leg but not before it was knocked up and she was about to thrust forward if not for him bringing his down to block and then give it a quick kick, spun and struck at the side. Signum did the same manner that Athrun did a while ago and blocked that attempt, yet that allowed Athrun to get a blow to the head.

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Lance Exiga & Vita Yagami

As the student groaned painfully getting up the fifth time, Lance felt pain in places he didn’t even know he had. The boy held tightly onto the invisible dagger, it took all of his knowledge and skills to avoid becoming a stain on the redhead’s hammer, she really is trying to kill him.

“Heh not bad kid you got some moves there,” the teacher stated as she rested her weapon on her shoulder, the smile on her face proved that she was enjoying this, “this whole time however you had plenty of chances to get a couple of hits in, but you didn’t you could actually hurt me did you?”

“What? No nothing like that, I just don’t like fighting if I can help it, besides even if I did attack I won’t be able to get pass your barrier and make myself open for a direct hit, and I rather like being alive.”

Vita chuckled at his words, “You aren’t as big of an idiot than I thought you were, and it looks like you have some experience in battle.”

Lance took several deep breaths he was exhausted from the lack of sleep, the laps he had to run, and now this extreme training course. Right now he was trying to makethe most of the tiny break the teacher was giving him before she decides to attack again, “I’ll take that as a compliment Vita-Sensei, and yes I occasionally have to fight due to my parent’s line of work but again I try to avoid direct confrontation if necessary.”

Vita on the other hand showed no signs of fatigue, and as Lance tried to drag the conversation out as much as possible to increase his resting time, he went over tiny weakness that allowed him to keep up with the stronger and more experienced fighter.

  • Avoid flying, in the air she gains more momentum thus deals more damage
  • Keep your distance, she so far has not used any long range moves
  • Else stay directly in front, she usually swings downwards, which lags her next attack
  • She usually holds her hammer in a certain way during feints and are usually side swings
  • Vita anchors her foot when putting strength into her attacks dodge it
  • otherwise she holds back use this to advantage
  • use her upward swings to gain distance
  • a well place wind burst slows down her blows

“Alright brat, I see what you’re trying to do, break time is over. We will continue for another 30 minutes or until you can land a direct blow, understood?” Lance nodded and readied his weapon, and with the last ounce of his strength took the initiative charging at an amazing speed thanks to Fujin’s blessing, ”Heh as soon as I mention the training could be over he got reckless”

The small teacher swung Eisen toward the left side of his head and he ducked as she predicted, keeping the momentum she quickly turned the hammer and aimed towards his right side. Managing to jump backwards the young mage decided to put his plan into action.

“I have to ask though, how did a child become a teacher anyhow?” The mallet wielder continued her assault, though the comment evidently stuck on her. “I mean its still quite early you know? Shouldn’t you still be in bed? Children needs their sleep to grow.”

Vita’s onslaught became more reckless, “Shut it, there’s no time for chitchat in a fight!”

“I suppose thats true,” Lance mused avoiding another blow, “Ah! Don’t forget to drink your milk if you want to grow as big as Signum-Sensei.”

His words instantly caused Vita’s to snap as she flailed Eisen wildly around throwing Lance off, “Graaaaaah! I’ll show you who’s a child!” she screamed slamming the hammer as the black haired student continued his charge. It all ended in a moment, Lance crouched on top of Graf Eisen who was embedded into the floor, the direct blow was a poke to Vita’s nose.

“Does this mean I win?”

Vita threw Lance off, making it the sixth time he ended on the floor during the whole session, ”I can’t believe it, he got me angry on purpose. She must never know of this, I’ll never hear the end of it.” she let out a loud sigh and returned her device to its standby form. “You didn’t win, you pass, don’t let it go to your head idiot. That’s enough for today, let’s meet up with Signum and not a word to her about our little training or else.”

He just nodded and collapsed to the floor, it took every bit of his last energy for that last maneuver and was relieved that he can finally just rest.

Breaking it here so Signum and Lance can meet up before we go rescue Ion, hang in there lil princess!!

Also note that all this training is being done before classes even start, the reason being is because of day 1 events, right now there are just bullet points but if you're confused please read the synopsis or ask me. I'll slowly but surely update the syn when i get some time.

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Signum was impressed that Athrun was able to get a clean strike to her head. But at the same time, she had her bokken at his neck, so the match ended in a tie. "Impressive, but you are still over exerting yourself," Sigunm told him. "And while it is good to be focused on the offensive, you should be aware of your environment at all times."

Signum took her bokken away from Athrun's neck and took several steps back. "Now for the next round. This time, I will be attacking more frequently." Athrun gulped, but regained his composure and returned to the guard position.

"Hai Yagami-sensei," Athrun began the second round by thrusting at Signum. The teacher stepped to the side and grabbed hold of Athrun's arm. However, the boy planned for her to do that and grabbed hold of the hand she held her bokken in. He wasted no time in attempting to ram his head into Signum's stomach. However, the she delivered a devastating knee to his face. The boy reeled back, and wiped the blood from his nose. The fact that he did not take his eyes off of her impressed Signum. Again, Athrun lunged at her and she parried, but he dodged her counterattack and immediately went for his own.

"Good! Keep at it," Signum encouraged Athrun, all the while blocking and parrying his attacks. Her words got across to the boy as he raised the intensity of the match. However, his attacks weren't doing anything. Therefore, Athrun threw his bokken at Signum and followed closely behind. Unfortunately for him, the instructor was already onto his strategy and ducked low then when he was close enough, swept his feet out from under him. Still, he wouldn't let the fight end like that and rolled backwards and to his feet.

With a kiai, Athrun struck Signum's bokken and shattered it. Now the battle became one of hand-to-hand combat. He punched at her and she grabbed hold of his arm and flung him over her hip. Again, Athrun stood up and performed a round kick to which Signum countered by catching his leg, closing the distance between them and sweeping the foot that was planted on the ground. For the third time, Athrun got to his feet and returned to the fight.

In every instance, Signum avoided his attack while he managed to, on rare occasion, dodge or block one of her attacks. However, that changed after he took one more of Signum's jabs. Athrun managed to land a punch to the instructor's stomach and made her take several steps back to recover.

Before the two fighters could go back at each other, Mia intervened, telling them that the fight had gone on long enough. Athrun was about to tell her to stop until he saw the tears in her eyes. "Yagami-sensei, please stop," the girl pleaded and went so far as to get on her knees before Signum.

Signum turned away from Mia, making the girl fear that her pleads would not be answered. "McGibbson-san, we will take a few minutes to rest then work on your form and see about correcting your tendency to over-exert yourself."

She turned her head back to look at Mia. "Would you mind helping him wipe the blood off his face," she asked before walking towards Setsuna.

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Lance Exiga

Lance groggily trotted behind the small teacher, his affinity to wind was really high so the cost time and headaches are lower when compared to Amaterasu, but he still wouldn’t be able to smell for awhile and the occasional headaches. His body was sore from the training and his arms felt like falling off as he carried his school and lunch bag, the strain from his magic began taking its toll.

As the two met up with Signum they learned that they too had finished her training, Vita quickly walked over to her fellow teacher and began conversing. Glancing over he found Athrun being affectionately cared for by Mia, and couldn't help but smile at the soft scene. The black haired boy plopped to the ground and decided he deserved a much needed rest.

“So how was your student?” the taller woman asked.

The redhead just scoffed, “The brat ain’t bad, he controls his magic well, knows his limits, and keeps a level head, my only complaint is that he won’t attack unless absolutely necessary, that naivety of his is gonna get him killed one day. How about yours?”

“Athrun showed skill and determination, although he is rather reckless, I see a lot of potential in him. With more training I believe these two could become- Exiga-san where do you think you’re going!” Signum shouted as Lance bolted out the door, “Stay with these two Vita I’ll go get him.” Even with the head start it took little time for the Belkan Knight to catch up with the student, “Stop,” she commanded in an authoritative tone.

She reached out to grab the boy, “Lil Princess is in trouble,” he muttered ceasing the pink haired woman’s action.


“I was worried so I sent a shikigami to watch after her, it was destroyed just a second ago.”

From his words she knew exactly who to blame: Curren. “All the more reason to stop, did you not learn from yesterday? I will take care of this.”

Despite her concern for his safety Lance continued to run. The needles of fatigue stabbed his legs for each step he took, pain swelled in his head as he already released Fujin’s gate for the second time in such short notice, he answered with a grin, “But I know the way, and besides I don’t care all I want is to make sure she’s safe.”

Before long Lance kicked a door open revealing Curren above Ion with killing intent, pages from a book that floated around the blue haired women shot themselves towards Ion. Curren’s magic is too strong and too close to Ion for him to be able to stop it, “Raijin!” he yelled as he flew forward at lightning speed and reckless abandon. The young mage managed to scoop up Ion, he quickly flew back outside with Ion in his arms, leaving Curren to Signum.

After gaining a bit of distance they both dropped to the ground with Lance gasping for air, he didn't get out of it unscathed, a couple of blades manage to wound him. A reddish brown ogre with eight drums in a circle behind it appeared, reaching into his chest it grabbed a yellow orb and disappeared from sight.

Alright this was posted with Lae's permission to move Signum

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Athrun McGibbson, Mia Shizuma, Setsuna Higurashi

As soon as she saw how slightly bruised and beaten Athrun had become from Signum’s attack, Mia quickly intervened to stop the two and pleaded with Signum to stop. Athrun tried to tell her that it wasn’t necessary till he saw the tears in her eyes.

“McGibbson-san…we’ll take a break first and then discuss about your form so that you don’t over-exert yourself again,” said Signum.

Mia then took out a towel and a small bowl before filling it up with water, dabbing it and wiping the blood off his face.

“You alright?” she asked.

“For now…almost felt like I had the wind knocked out of me,” said Athrun.

“All the more reason why you need to brush up on your kali skills, my young pupil,” said a familiar voice.

The two turned to the source of the voice and saw Setsuna coming towards them.

“Omae wa…Athrun no tomodachi desu ka?” he asked.

“Hai. Watashi wa Mia Shizuma desu. Hajimemashite,” she replied, bowing.

“Setsuna Higurashi desu. Yoroshiku,” he replied, bowing.

After Mia finished tending to Athrun, Setsuna tapped him on the shoulder and said, “A word in private…if you don’t mind.”

“Alright,” he said, looking at Mia.

“Don’t worry…I’ll be here waiting,” she replied.

As soon as he got up and walked with his mentor, Athrun noticed a slight smile on his face and raised an eyebrow.

“What’s so amusing?” he asked.

“You and that girl seem to be pretty close,” said Setsuna.

“She just a friend,” lied Athrun.

“Oh…it seems to me it might be more than that,” said Setsuna. When Athrun
didn’t respond, it confirmed his suspicion. “Oh…so you two ARE close…girlfriend…perhaps?”

“Am I that easy to read?” he asked, causing his mentor to laugh.

“Easy to read?! Boy…you’re almost similar to your father in some ways,” said Setsuna, chuckling.

“You knew my father?” he asked.

“Of course…heck, I was his best man at their wedding,” replied the mentor, getting an awkward look at his pupil.

“You…best man, at their wedding?” repeated Athrun, sounding a bit in disbelief.

“Yes…I was. Heck…you could even ask his fellow violinist Alex McArthy,” said Setsuna.

“You serious?” asked Athrun.

“Oh yes,” replied Setsuna. “It was love at first sight for those two. I guess I could say you’re one as well.”

“Shut the front door! You’re kidding right?” asked Athrun.

“Ask your mother…she’ll tell you the same thing,” said Setsuna. “So how do you two know each other?”

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you,” said Athrun.

“Try me,” he replied.

Athrun took a deep breath before explaining the encounter detail by detail while his mentor listened and gave a few nods. By the time he finished, Setsuna was grinning widely.

“What?” asked Athrun.

“That’s good of you to stand up to an upperclassman in order to defend a lady, but you know that your words also apply to newcomers as well. Someday you’ll find yourself in the same position and begin to wonder whether you’re taking your own advice or not,” said Setsuna. “There’s a difference between being helpful and being reckless.”

“I know,” said Athrun.

“That fight from yesterday for example,” said Setsuna.

At that moment, Athrun stopped and stared at his mentor for a brief moment.

“How could know about that? You weren’t even there,” said Athrun.

“I saw a vision while meditating one day,” said Setsuna. “A fight broke out; a demon was let loose temporarily, and was also restricted by chains. I saw you trying to restrain it and then I broke out of the trance.”

“That’s impossible,” said Athrun.

“Not always young one,” said Setsuna. “There’s a little matter I need to talk to Signum about. Let’s catch up later during lunch.”

“Alright,” said Athrun.

After the two departed, Athrun then went back to where Mia was and sat next to her.

“What did he want to talk about?” asked Mia.

“Nothing much,” said Athrun. “Thanks for helping.”

“Sure,” said Mia.

After a few seconds, Athrun said, “Thanks…for the pin.”

“You can keep it…to remember me by,” said Mia, before giving him a quick kiss.

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Alexis Millan


Seeing who she bumped to, it was Sayuki. The girl apologized and grabbed a book and read it in a corner. Alis couldn't care less and decided to go outside and do something.

"Do something....Yeah right.." Alis thought getting bored walking at the garden.

A few minutes the sky went grey and it started raining hard. Alis didn't mind the cold shower, she loved it. Feeling the coldness, the sound and the smell of rain. Looking at the flowers getting splashed by the rain, Alis looked at them adoringly and started humming to herself.

A few minutes passed and the rain still hasn't subsided, she went inside a gazebo and enjoyed the scene right before her, heavy rain falling at every living it its path.

Sorry If I just suddenly changed the weather, tell me If you were doing something outside, then I'll change my post.

Don't be fooled by a fool, you foolish fool!!

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We never really talked about weather change so its good that you brought it up. However changing the weather affects the mood and changes club activities and if everyone has the ability to change the weather people may keep changing the weather to suit their own needs.

Not that I'm saying its you or anyone else here but I want to nip it in the bud before it becomes a potential problem. So the only ones who can change the weather is Ace, as well as Rae and Sayuki who he entrusted the RP to.

As for the your post and the current weather leave it as is, where it began raining around 6:30 am.

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Signum immediately stood between the fleeing Lance and Ion and Curren. A number of bladed pages from the Bible of the Silver Cross launched at the fleeing youths, but Signum had activated Laevatein so she was able to cut through many of the pages. However, she was overwhelmed and was cut by a number of pages. The pink haired knight kept her legs from giving out on her and managed to destroy the remaining pages. Then she went for the Bible of the Silver Cross and destroyed it.

With the bible destroyed, Curren came to her senses and looked around the room. The first thing she noticed was the trail of blood from about three meters from the entrance to where she was. Curren looked down to see Signum resting on one knee while bleeding from numerous wounds. "Sooooooo......what's up probation officer," she asked Signum while raising an eyebrow.

Signum just glared at the woman. "Guess."

"Hmmmm...the Bible of the Silver Cross took over while I was fighting Ion-chan and you intervened so that Ion wouldn't be cut up like a fish....," Curren responded. Signum nodded and sat down on the floor to give her other injured leg a chance to rest. "Let me guess, you now need me to carry your sorry ass to your beloved wife so that she can heal you," Curren asked with a smirk.

Signum's knight armor disappeared and her gym suit was quickly being stained with blood. ".....Yes," Signum mumbled. Already, being assisted by that unbearable woman was getting on Signum's nerves. Unfortunately, Curren noticed and was milking this for everything she could get.

"Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't there a word that's supposed to come after 'yes?' It's a six letter word that starts with a p and ends with an e?" Curren was having too much fun.

"Dammit Huckebein! If this is how you're going to be, I might as well go to Shamal myself!" Signum tried to stand up, but fell back to the ground. She tried again, but this time, Curren caught her before she hit the ground

"Okay, okay, I get it! You're such a pain in the ass," Curren complained, but put Signum on her back and started her trek towards the nurse's office. It took about four minutes for Curren to get Signum to the nurse's office. "Oi, Shamal-sensei, gotcha another patient," Curren yelled, waking Shamal. "Your wife did a stupid brave thing again!"

While the news that she has a new patient would make Shamal get up at anytime, the word that it was her intimate other made her double step. To make it worse, her heart dropped and her face drained of color when she saw how much Signum was bleeding. "What happened to her," Shamal gasped.

"Bible of the Silver Cross...." Signum told Shamal as Curren placed her on one of the free beds.

Shamal was ready to kill Curren for hurting her beloved knight. But now, the Huckebein was useful. "Hold her so that she is sitting up," Shamal ordered Curren. Shamal immediately removed Signum's exercise jacket and shirt then began using her healing magic on Signum's back so that the bleeding stopped. She followed up by placing bandages on the wounds and laid her lover down. "Listen bitch....I would thank you for bringing Signum here, but you are the reason she's in this condition. Unless it's fencing practice, I never want to see you within two meters of Signum."

"Gotcha," Curren responded and left the room.

"Sorry Shamal," Signum told her fellow knight who removed her pants and began treating the cuts on her legs. "Exiga-san and Sierra-san were running away and it looked as if they would be the target..."

"Be quiet, baka," Shamal began crying, a sight that Signum did not like at all. So, the General of the Raging Flame sat up and wrapped her arms around her lover's neck. She then pulled the crying Shamal closer.

"You know I won't die from something like this....I won't leave you, Shamal," Signum and Shamal remained in their own little world for several long minutes.

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It didn't look like the guy was going to wake up anytime soon.

"Anubis, come here," Isis stated quietly. The jackal stop and walked on the bed over to its mistress.
Isis pick up her pet, and held it to her. She felt something was wrong has her eyes flashed again has did her pets's eyes.
She glanced at the clock to see that it was 6:25 am. She glanced around when she hear move meet. She slowly moves to a area block off with white currents. She move so she can see what was going on. What she saw nice shocked and her and worried her.
There laying in one of the infirmaries bed was her Signum some what naked and bandaged up. She had a white sheet over her, but you could make out her body.

Isis felt her face heat up. She back up and out of site As the school nurse started to heal her. Isis stated down in one of the chairs. She then heard them started to talk.
(Laevatein post)

"Sorry Shamal," Signum told her fellow knight who removed her pants and began treating the cuts on her legs. "Exiga-san and Sierra-san were running away and it looked as if they would be the target..."

"Be quiet, baka," Shamal began crying, a sight that Signum did not like at all. So, the General of the Raging Flame sat up and wrapped her arms around her lover's neck. She then pulled the crying Shamal closer.

"You know I won't die from something like this....I won't leave you, Shamal," Signum and Shamal remained in their own little world for several long minutes.

(End Laevatein post)

Isis could almost feel the love the two had for each other in the room.
She could hear the nurse crying.
"I love you my wife," she heard not hers her Teacher stated to the crying nurse. (Her wife)
A single tear fell from her cold Egyptain eys. She glanced outside the window to see that it was raining. She held her pet close.

"At less my flowers well get water today." she thought kindness and lost in her mind.

Isis closed her eyes and smiled at little.
"At less Signum-sensei is happy, and that is all I need to let this go" She thought. Amenhote hummed quity and put its Goddess to sleep again.

It wasn't long before something wake her up. The man in the bed she was trying to wake up before.

(acecipher posted)

After a minute of confusion, a small black dog jumped up onto the bed, and started to lick Chrono's moist face... how long had this been going on? Why was such an animal doing that? Just HOW kinky had whatever he did last night been?

He moved over a little to try to escape the dog, but his leg sent a bolt of pain that he could not help but let out in a shrill yell into the nearly-deserted clinic. This woke the girl up with a start, obviously surprised and shocked.

"I'm so sorry, whoever you are!! AAAAGH" he said as another bolt of pain shot up from his exertion, "I'm so very, very sorry... aaaah.,.. " he finished as the pain stole his breath from him.

[b] (End acecipher post)

Isis just looked at this man that was looking at her pet and her oddly.
Anubis walked back over to her and she pick it up.

"I'm name is Isis and you looked like hell,I'll get the nurse," she told the male.

Isis got Shamal,and noted that her teacher wasn't there. The Nurse thanks her and went to check up on the man. Isis looked at the time and knew that a new school day was about to started and she need to get home to at less shower and change. She turned and left the infirmary.

She exited the school building in the rain with her pet at her feet. she got home and freshen up before heading back to school. As she pasted the grocery store she felt something. She stop and looked around.

"Goddess save," stated Amenhotep around her neck under her shirt.

"I don't knew," Isis stated out load.

The doors to the grocery store open and a pretty young women walked out with some groceries in her hands. She had silky honey brown hair reaches down to her waist, and her green eyes glimmer like crystal. She hides her small yet generous figure behind a long maid outfit which reaches down to her feet.

The women walked over to a black lotus elise. She past Isis on the away and glanced at her, but didn't say anything. It wasn't long before she was gone and Isis just watching where she stood in the side walk.

"Who was that?" she asked in the rain.

She touched her ankh necklace softly. She then turned back to the school. She glanced over her shoulder once more before entering the school once again.

"I pray that I see her again," She stated to herself with Anubis barking at her that it do agreed.


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Minato Sayuki

Suddenly, the sky turned grey and it started raining. Sayuki looked outside and watched the students running to school. "Weird... It's only the beginning of spring and it rains already..." As she was looking, she saw a girl stood in the garden, enjoyed the rain. Looking more careful, she realized that it was Alis. "What is she doing there?... Under the rain? Without an umbrella? And definitely it's cold outside... She may get a cold..." Sayuki looked at the clock, it said it was only 6:40 a.m. She shook her head then stood up. She put the book back to the shelf then grabbed her katana and bag and left the library. "Not like I care about her... It's just because she gave me this ring so yeah..."

When she was leaving, she saw the class president of her class. She walked to the girl and asked her to take her bag and leave it on her seat in class. Fortunately, the girl nodded and took her bag back to the class. Sayuki thanked the girl then walked to the garden. She was on crutches and it was cold outside but Sayuki didn't really care. She likes rain and she always walks under the rain. That is why she never carry an umbrella with her. She walked to Alis and seemed that the girl still hadn't noticed about her existence. She sighed then said softly.

"Why are you standing under the rain like this, Alis? You may catch a cold, you know. You should go inside now."

OK, Kat, your turn to reply. And also, I'll end the rain before lunch. If anyone wants to have some rain during lunch for some occasions, tell Ace, Rae, me, Mane or Lae for permission before changing the weather. We're like the weathermen 8D. *shot*

Change your thought and you change your world. ~Norman Vincent Peale

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Ion Sierra

Ion had his eyes closed. As there was nothing he could do to escape the pages that were launched at him. There were a good thirty pages, and even if he used delay he be only able to dodge about a third of them. Defender’s reflection ability wouldn’t be of use either since those pages didn’t seem magical in nature, and the reflect ability of Defender only worked on projectiles of magical origins. Waiting for the inevitable pain to fill his body. Ion laid there holding Defender in front of him. Hoping that he could block the pages from hitting vital spots. However, the pain never came as he felt someone pick him up. Followed by the sensation of moving at high speeds before the movement finally stopped. The boy simply opens his eyes to see that Lance was carrying him and panting for breath. Ion cheeks go red as he simply was going to tell Lance to put him down, but he didn’t need to as the boy had already placed him back on his feet.

“Thank you for getting me out of there, but you really didn’t need to bother yourself with it,” said Ion suddenly taking notice that Lance hadn’t escaped his teacher’s attack unharmed as there were a few cuts on his arms and legs.

“Lance you baka, look at you! Your wounded and those cuts look a little deep. Seriously you didn’t need to rush in and save me like that when I was the original target to begin with!” yelled Ion feeling horrible that a friend had gotten hurt because of his uselessness

“Sorry Lil Princess. I know you’re a little upset but, I couldn’t stand the thought of you being cut up like that. After I busted in on your little training session,” said Lance trying his best to not let the girl in front of him know he couldn’t currently hear her.

“That not the point here! It not like I didn’t have a way to avoid the attack. It just really strenuous, and wouldn’t have made much a difference. Even if I had used it to avoid Curren-sensei attack.” chastised Ion with Lance saying that it didn’t look like he had way of avoiding Curren attack even after he just explained it.

“Did you not just hear anything I just…” began Ion and stopped. Remembering that something had happened to Lance before when he used his powers to fight yesterday. It dawned on him that the last time he used his power it made him blind, but know something difference had happened.

“You ok there Lil Princess?” asked Lance realizing that the girl in front of him was thinking about something. Ion simply turns back to face Lance once again with a serious look plastered on her face.

“What wrong with you this time? Last time you used that power of yours you became blind. Now it something completely different,” stated Ion Lance not knowing exactly what the girl had said, but was getting uncomfortable As he guessed that Ion had figured out he had lost another sense.

“Um nothing's wrong Lil Princess so don’t get yourself worked up...” replied Lance trying to change the subject away from the fact that he couldn’t hear at the moment. Ion just looks at him the emotion in his eyes unreadable. No it was almost as if they held no emotion at all which was a little startling to him.

Ion simply says nothing before taking Lance’s hand and tugging it with considerable strength. Lance without protest follows the boy without complaint. The two soon return to the gymnasium where Vita and other were waiting. Vita upon seeing Lance’s state rushes over demanding an explanation for what had happened.

“Exiga-san need to be treated as soon as possible Yagami-sensei. I’ll leave him here with you for now. So good day,” said Ion turning to walk away.

“Hey a said I wanted a explanation for what happened! Your not leaving here Sierra-san until you give me one!” yelled Vita rushing over to grab Ion’s arm, but before she could do that the boy had activated the full drive of his delay card. This threw vita off guard as what she grabbed was simply an afterimage left behind by the extremely fast movement magic.

Ion having used his card cleared the distant between the gymnasium and the main school in mere seconds. It was 5:45 now as the boy need someplace to be alone without being bothered. The music room would most likely be locked at this time. So Ion heads up to the roof the only place that would be quiet at this time of day. It takes Ion only five minutes to get to the roof. Upon opening the door the boy sees another person was here on the roof.

The person was significantly taller than him by a good foot. He was dress in gray with a gray robe that covered most the attire that was underneath it. The boy sensing that he wasn’t alone turns to face Ion. Like Ion himself was wearing a pair of glasses, but the most unique thing about him was the fact that he was wearing a golden cross with a x threw it. Along with a book that had a golden chain attached to it. The two just stared at each other for a moment neither one saying anything at all.

Ok Razz Ion is came to roof at around 5:50am. I don't know if Andurion would still be there at this time. So you can change it to Andurion arriving after Ion got there, and i'll edit my post to follow that.

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Joseph Hernandez


Joseph looked up at the clouds to see that it was becoming overcast. He looked around to see that the field had become devoid of any person apart from him and Kiku who was clinging to his right arm. Time had flown by for the two teens and Joseph admitted to himself that it wasn't that bad. His initial doubts of the red-headed diminished the more he talked to her. Once you got past her... eccentricities, she was a pretty affectionate girl. 'A little too affectionate for me, but I can live with that', he added as an afterthought.

"Kiku-san?" he said. She replied "Hmmm? You need something Joseph-san?". He checked his cellphone's clock to see that it was 6:28 AM before pocketing it.

"We should head somewhere else because it's about to rain. As much as I love it, I don't want both of us to get drenched."

"Any ideas where then? I wouldn't mind as long as I'm with you" she said as a warm smile graced her lips.

'Flattering, but no. As much as I like you, I don't like you like THAT.'
"Okay then, the Garden" he replied.

So Kiku let go of his right arm and picked up her briefcase as Joseph grabbed his backpack before the two went off towards the Garden. As the two were walking down the halls, they noticed that students had started to trickle in. Here and there, a few students went about their usual business.

He saw a small, blue-haired girl chatting in one classroom with two other girls; one was a purple-haired girl in pigtails and another who looked to be her sister only with the same shade of hair cut to shoulder length whilst sporting a yellow hairband ending in a ribbon on the crown of her head. He could've sworn they were talking about chocolate cornets or some other snack that he didn't manage to hear.

As they reached the entrance to the Garden, they saw Sayuki heading towards another girl despite the downpour. The two didn't look fazed at all as Sayuki started to speak. 'I think I know this girl... Alis; that's the name.' as Kiku motioned for him to be quiet before leaning on one of the walls to listen in on the two. Joseph just shrugged as he excused himself to get a drink from one of the water fountains.

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