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S4 League

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Not an S4 video, but I did use S4 music. xD

Besides, it shows a game that could very easily be compared to S4 League.

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ne ne ne ne ne ne
satashi if i give you all my hacker videos
and you reported it can you do it? :D

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My name in S4 is Kuritsin by the way

Call me Kharn Valnikov, it is who I am.

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I really need to play more. I should since I recently got a mouse for my mini which is faster than my compy. (I have to get Fate-nya to take a look at my comp since it's a laggy bitch.) But I can only play on weekends (plus P.D. days) since I have school and my mom forbids me to be on the comp, since I sit playing on it for hours into the night. o3o

Tori-san~ *tacklehugs* I really need to catch up to everyone in levels... =A=

Arf~ Arf~ Arf~ I'm amazingly awesome!