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If this isn't jailbait, I dunno what is.

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This cannot be the same 9 year old Nanoha. And I highly doubt it's our more recent 25 year old one. Then.....teenage Nanoha?
Did I miss something?

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What about that Nanoha doesn't look like the 9yr old one.

It's movie 1st Nanoha to be precise...Or that's what the poster said.

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did anyone notice nanoha's long hair? it means its around the time where she's already wearing a lopsided ponytail so i'm guessing her age is around 13-15 yr old.

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Oh, so now the companion to the Fate one that appeared a few weeks ago surfaces.

I like Fate's kimono better. This fabric is too modern for my tastes. Even though Fate's was not exactly traditional the yellow crecents and pink heart outlines on the dark fabric was more subtle.

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Oh... It looks like sexy loli Nanoha.

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I think Nanoha looks really pretty in this one. Though, I'd probably say that for a lot of them... since I kinda favor her over Fate, just a little bit.

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oh! whatever, in this picture Nanoha looks adorable.. <3

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another goddess *-*