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The Secret First Ticket [+18]

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Hello everyone! This Wednesday we are releasing The Secret First Ticket, a new adult doujin made by Katuraya (author of Love Partner Like A Honey). This is a 18 pages long doujin about young Nanoha and Fate having some fun together with some tickets. This is one of those H-doujins that go straight to the point, so there isn't really a plot.

This scanlation is again made in collaboration with Tigoris. We hope you enjoy this release!

Translator: Tigoris (Website) ◄► Editor: ShiroAka


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Nanoha is quite the pervert when it comes to Fate.

Thanks for the relzase, guys !

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Yeah, when Fate is involved Nanoha gets pretty pervy.

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Mahahahahaha! Thanks chu !

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Thank you

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Thanks for release. But I have one question, if that was the 'first' (or rather last?) ticket, then what the hell happened with the rest Nanoha had? xD Fate looked rather anxious about it, then again, I have a tendency to sometimes miss what authors try to convey in short stories...