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Similar Clothes by the Takamachi Family.

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This is just something I noticed while reading the new ViVid Chapters, and noticed something... err.. I find sweet. XDDD! That all three of them have the same pattern work out outfits, or something. Well, normally you won't 'coincidentally' buy it, right? And have them 'coincidentally' the same. XD So yeah, here it is XD


Looks like Vivio's clothes is a combination of her parents. XD!!

And more thing, XD Isn't this image of Nanoha, giving Fate a drink? XD


So Yeah, I think there are a few more NanoFate hints in ViVid, I am too lazy to crop. XD


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Had you not pointed this out, I wouldn't have noticed that their clothes were of the same pattern! how cute!

Long Live NanoFate!!!

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It's a cute how the whole family is wearing similar clothes, you spotted a nice detail there hinachan. It would have been great to saw the three of them shopping together and buying their clothes ^^

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I didn't notice it, you're great XD

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You are very observant. I don't know how many times I have read that chapter and I never noticed that. Its soo cute though!

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same here... i would have never noticed that if i haven't read your post... :p