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Site Loading Slowly

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For the past couple of weeks, the site has been loading slowly for me. I've cleared my cookies and tried using another browser but nothing changes. My internet is fine since other websites load normally. Looking around the site, it seems that I might be the only one having this issue. Did I miss something?

I'm using Firefox 6, Win7 Home Premium, posting from the US...not sure what other info is necessary. lol

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It's not just you, the site is not loading very faster when there is too much traffic in the site. I'll see what we can do about this problem when I have some time.
Still, the web should load fast for you some times in the day. Are you sure it always takes long to load? Your browser and operating system are unrelated to the issue if other sites are working fine for you.

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It's even worse for me!!! Whenever I try to upload an image the site takes forever(I waited for 8 hours to upload my picture but it was only loading)! and the site always loads lamely for me, too! Its really frustrating!

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You are correct Haru, the site is a lot faster when it's more.. calm, then when it's in peak time like now, right now it's slow.

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I noticed that the site started loading faster after the new release was posted and it's been loading at that pace since. It's bearable now but it's been much faster.

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Eh, it was like that for me too. Varies every now and again ^^;

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Yeah I think it went through a rough patch where it slowed down a lot. It's not just you though~ As miniFate said, it seems to have gotten a bit better now. =3

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I thought it was only me!

I think the site started going slow like this when it went down back in August. I remember that, it went down for a couple of days, and when it went back up-- started lagging.