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Soshite, Meguri Aeta (AMV/MAD)

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We're breaking our regular schedule to share not a doujin like usual but something quite out of the ordinary:

Mirrors: NicoNico - YouTube

This is a beautiful and very well made anime music video (or MAD) made by the artist Sawamyau using more than 100 pictures made exclusively for this video. I believe this was made originally for the latest Lyrical Magical event but I'm not sure of the complete story behind this video.

Almost all the individual pictures used in the video are posted in Pixiv too if you're interested: Pixiv gallery


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That was one of the cutest things I've seen. The is for sharing this. I really needed this with the mess that's been going on in my life.

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This MAD is amazing! Nanofate fans do not miss it! Each of those pictures is great, and I downloaded them all.

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They're so cute. Hope for more great MAD like this <3

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This was absolutely adorable glad to see the love for NanoFate is still going strong