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Sweet Sweet Time

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And here is the other Tokoharu doujinshi released during the latest MSLN event. This is a short one, and semi-explicit, if you're familiar with this artist you should know what to expect.

According to our friends from /u/: "Tokoharu had only planned to release Harmony at the event. Sweet Sweet Time was a last minute addition. He/She finished it only roughly a week before the event". So with this, "Naked Feels" should be the only Tokoharu doujinshi still in Japanese, so please look forward to it and to our other upcoming scanlations.

Raws: poun
Translator: Kivani
Proofreading: Kano, raizoo, dokupan
Editor: raizoo


Torrent: NyaaTorrents
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Thank u!!

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Sweet indeed~ Thanks for the good work :]

高町一家. Nuff said.

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Thank you ^^

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Ah thank you sooooo much! *Squeels*

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Very sweet !

Thanks for the hard work on the translation.

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The never ending sweetness. Thank youuuuu <3

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Thank you for all your hard work NanoFate Team. I am really enjoying this doujin :)

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Thank you very much.. it's so sweet.. i hope there is some more.

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Thank youuuu! I was waiting for this ever since I saw the raws! :D!!

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Many thanks for the hard work.
Tokoharu is the best... and this doujin is soo sweet
I hope there will be more Tokoharu doujin.
Thanks Thanks alot everyone (*.*)

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Thank you very much! Can u give us more of Tokaharu doujinshi? I love the drawing and storyline2

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We will! :D

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You could say a lot of things about this doujin, but let's just sum it up saying it's from Tokoharu XD
Thank you very much for your hard work.

So many fanfictions, so little time XD

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XD sankyuuuu too sweet, I could read it again and again X3

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Awwssss!!!! =^___^=

-Nanofate forever!- (Love Jack)

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Always wanted to comment on this one~
Love this Tokoharu doujin so <3 The image heavy content, emotional movement, clear and gentle style...

Yes, it's hot but, there's so much more to it than that X3


Eisen, Usa-mimi Mode!

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The sweetness factor in this manga is... skyrocketing.... I can't get enough of it :3

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