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Sweetest Love [+18]

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"Sweetest Love" is one of the sweetest NanoFate doujins you will ever see. No further description is necessary.

This scanlation is dedicated to our dear friend Satashi in her birthday. We hope yours was as good as Fate's!

For the people wondering for “Das Resultat sagt alles”, the novel probably will be released by the end of the year along with the third NanoFate MegaPack.

Special thanks to Ikka for sharing the raws with us. Please enjoy of this scanlation.

Raws: uno720
Translator: dokupan
Proofreader: Yuki Hinamori
Editor: NaYmCo

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Torrent: NyaaTorrents
Direct Download: FileFactory -

Fate Trulygood
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When will the next doujin translated? T_T
I've been waiting for too long.. T_T

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SUGOIIIII!!! * nosebleed *
This is SO good! Thanks for sharing such beautiful drawing and story with me XD

NanoFate fans please don't send me hate mail... I promise to turn back into a ferret and leave Nanoha (and her waifu) alone XD

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A lovely, cute doujinshi that EVERYONE wishes were canon. (And if not, They'll be forced to wish it was canon.) Simply beautiful, with the depth that makes it have a nice plot, and thus renders it something worth spending time to read, as a good 90% of well thought out Nanofate doujinshi is.

'Tis the will of all things good... to annialate all that oppose NanoFate.(Well, liberate them into our fandom only by force).. from the power (or threat of use of) of the RMZ4 space laser, Ragnarok.