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Tokoharu's Naked Feels [Uncensored MV]

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Hi all,

I'm still continuing my mission to transform Tokoharu-sama's work into music videos for my iTouch. It's taking longer than anticipated - for various reasons. Here is my 3rd MV installment: Naked Feels. Absolutely uncensored! You are warned.

[Naked Feels] wasn't originally on top of my to-do list. I started slicing [Evening Rain] but got distracted by [Love Countdown]. So neither one got through the slicing process.

NF suddenly moved to the top of my list because of the song, Straight to Number One. Haha~ literally & figuratively. I was sorting my old CDs after the holidays and came across the Touch & Go album. Nostalgia kicked in and it is:

Naked Feels by Tokoharu
Scanlations by Team
Straight to Number 1 (DreamCatcher's Remix) by Touch & Go
Post Production by Code537

Thank you, Tokoharu-sama and Team. Always looking forward to Tokoharu's new work!


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Thanks for the new video! It's a pity that you can't upload these to Youtube.

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Thank you, A-san! I'm having fun for now, even though it's harder than I thought.

Someone told me that I can set my channel to private and only subscribers can view my videos. Otherwise, the videos will get pulled in a split second for the explicit content and the music copyright infringement; and I might have to deal with hate comments, etc.

I also made a MV of Imagine Me & You from 3 years didn't survive YT for a month. Paramount went after it for obvious reasons. It was just a 3 minute music video...grief.