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Tokoharu's Sweet Sweet Time [Uncensored MV]

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I just finished putting together a music video for Tokoharu's Sweet Sweet Time. SST is actually my second piece, but it completed before finalizing my first piece, Sweetest Love. I'm just conflicted on some editorial decisions on SL...and boy, there's a lot of "activities" in Sweetest Love.

There are dozens of MVs for NanoFate doujinshi on Youtube. This is hard work for something that is non-paid! The slicing and editing are "challenging" for someone new to Paint and the not-so-flexible Windows Movie Maker (Yeah, I'm not even talking about Photoshop & Premiere here). If Nanoha & Fate-chan weren't so damn kawaii & "hot & steamy" whenever they lay eyes on each other...I wouldn't be as motivated.

All this time, I've been searching on Youtube for a MV of Sweetest Love for my iPod, and the user, YuriMangaRules4ever, mentioned that the lunatics on Youtube complained/pulled it due to...well, whatever. So I have absolutely no intention of posting my MVs to Youtube. BTW, YuriMangaRules4ever does a lot of amazing MVs, transforming yuri manga, such as Girlfriends, to music videos. Unfortunately, her MVs are censored in order for the links to stay alive on Youtube.

I plan on creating a MV for most of Tokoharu-sama's NanoFate doujinshi work - all UNCENSORED - as intended by the artist. Well, maybe not for Koi wo Shiyou and Harmony - it's rated G-ish and looooooong. The choice of music will be biased towards my iTunes library.

Well, here's my version of:

Sweet Sweet Time by Tokoharu-sama
Scanlations by Team
Song by Lyn (Kissing U)
Post Production by Code537



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Hi Code537

I just watched your AMV and it's crazy good! I love it! I agree that Nanoha and Fate are "damn kawaii & "hot & steamy" whenever they lay eyes on each other."

I hope can see more AMV made by you!

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I love your video Code, it's beautifully done, but it's a pity that you can't upload it to Youtube or some other place. Maybe you can try?

Take care~

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Your AMV is sooo sweet. There are no words to describe how much I like it^_^

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Thank you to the first three victims of NanoFate sweetness :P (Mikan 1985; A.-chan; and Shari-chan) Well, four including me.

@A. - I'm not diligent enough to maintain a Youtube account. I don't even remember my password from 3 years ago. Also, I'll probably face the same censorship and lunatic comments because I refuse to censor Tokoharu-sama.

I decided to stop messing with Sweetest Love and release them "as is" later. There will be two versions. Yes, I'm greedy.