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Tokoharu's Sweetest Love [Uncensored MV]

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This is my second release but actually my first NanoFate MV. All this non-profit work started because I couldn't find a MV of Tokoharu's Sweetest Love online for my iPod. One person did but the vid got censored and pulled on Youtube. [sigh]

Well, here it is...Tokoharu-sama's Sweetest Love - absolutely UNCENSORED! There was too much going on (eh-um~) in the story, so some notes for the viewer:

a. Reading time ~ hehe ~ there won't be enough - just go for the images or read the doujin offline first for the "naughty dialogue". I prefer not to mix two songs if I don't have to.

b. Two versions because I couldn't decide between the two songs. I don't understand Japanese (except for maybe 12 words), but the few English words in the chorus helped confirmed that the song was not about heartbreak & betrayal. Can't have any of "that" in our happy NanoFate world. :P

Sweetest Love by Tokoharu-sama
Scanlations by Team
Post Production by Code537

by Nishino Kana

Yakusoku no Hi
by Aoyama Thelma (feat. Dohzi-T)

All of my MVs were intended for Apple iTouch - just drag and drop in iTunes. Sorry if the file size is bigger than necessary. But after watching Nanoha the Movie 1st in high definition, everything else seem so low def.



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Thanks for the new MV Code537. I think the transitions where better made in your previous (your second) one, butt this was an enjoyable video too. When it comes to Tokoharu we can't expect less, I really love this doujin ^^

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I know~ Overall, SL still feels awkward to me. Hence, I released SST before this. SST was easy. When I saw the doujin for the first time, I thought...ooh, Lyn's Kissing U. I ran out of time for SL because I'm jetting off to Asia (including Japan) in 6 hours. Maybe I'll revisit them after I return. I started slicing Evening Rain while trying to pack, and got distracted by Love Countdown...oi, too much sweetness!

Your honest feedback much appreciated! Everyone else, please bare with's a "quick fix" for my iPod so that I can travel with NanoFate :P (If the person next to me on the plane decides peep over at my iTouch~ well....)

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I Like them so much!

*thumbs up* Nice job Code537.

Thank you!

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I really like your work!
The transitions are nice and the way you show the doujinshi is great. Personally, I like the Nishino Kana version more because the song sounds swetter to me.
I'm goin to upload this to my cell phone too, travel around with the marvelous Tokoharu doujinshi xD

Thanks for share Code n.n

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Thank you and sorry for the late reply...was traveling a bit.

Tokoharu daisuki! :D