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Un*requited Love

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Hello everybody! As promised, here we're again with our second release (but not the last!) since the resurrection of our Website.

"Un*requited Love" is a doujin made by the Clo*spitz, about Nanoha and Fate in their teenage days, and the romantic insecurities of our innocent brunette protagonist. Expect a bit of angst, some drama, and sweet NanoFate fluffiness in this 30 pages long doujinshi.

We hope you enjoy this doujin! Comments are welcome as always. Our next release will be "Baka Survivor Returns" this weekend.

Credits: (Lorely)
Raws: ShiroAka
Translator: Hiku08
Translation Check: prime_time
Proofreading: prime_time, Divine Vengeance
Editor: ShiroAka


Torrent: NyaaTorrents
Direct Download:

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Thx ^^
OMG why I am always the first one to comment, makes me feel like I am an addicted lol

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[looks at nym]

[looks at avatar]

[looks at sig] comment.

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Thanks, that's a cute doujin, thanks for the good work, guys ! :3

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Thank you ^^.

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i wish we didn't have to download the doujin cause my computer is going to not start working.

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Thanks for the doujin, this one is really cute :3