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Until I turn at that corner

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Hello everyone! Not wanting to miss the last Sunday of this month, we are choosing this day to bring to you Until I turn at that corner by asterisk, the last doujin we had finished in our release queue (but don't worry about that, we are still working in new scanlations as usual!).

This doujin is a family centric story about Vivio having to deal with one of her mothers being away from their home most of the time. This is a very sweet story, with good art and in character, of the kind that you expect to see in Nanoha Vivid and Nanoha A la Carte.

We hope you enjoy this release! On a side note, the translation of The Legend of the Sword of the Day and the Sword of the Night is temporally on hold (this novel is getting published! More info on the thread). We are still working on the translation of the novel Das Resultat sagt alles ~ Ich danke allen Leuten. ~ as usual.

Raws: uno720 (yamibo) ◄► Translator: moobelle ◄► Proofreading: Crazyla, prime_time ◄► Editor: depression76 ◄► Quality Check: ShiroAka


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Thank you for working hard at these releases! I love these family stories. Always heart-warming...! Thank you once again. ;__;

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Hearts Cross wrote:
Thank you for working hard at these releases! I love these family stories. Always heart-warming...! Thank you once again. ;__;

Yeah, these family stories are the best. Nanoha and Fate adopting Vivio was a real blessing to the story potential.

Thanks for the translation!

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Do you know any way to read the whole story, I'm new here so I don't know.

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thank you guys!

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Sweet, sweet story... I love this artist more and more, but too bad the images quality was so low...
Thank you for the translation ! :D

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Thank you ^^

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Someone give Fate more vacations!! D:

Anyway, ty for the doujin:*

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Thanks for the release, it was a nice, sweet family story. :3

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thank you so much for the release~
I have been waiting for this story >///<. Glad that I can read it now

Thanks to depression76 for the Signature XD

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Aw, that was a cute one, thank you :)

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Gah! Can't believe how many I've missed >_<
Nice family story by the way, been waiting for this particular doujin to be translated actually.
Asterisks definitely god(or goddess?) of NanoFateVivi family combo goodness ^^
Thanks for your hard work, keep your good work

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aww :"> good ! thank you :">