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VERY short little fic..... More of a ficlette you could say

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The TSAB's Ace of Aces was lying face down on the table, on the verge of tears.

"OUCH! It hurts Fate-chan!"

"I know it does, but... OUCH! Try not to think a... OW! about it ok? Here, hold my hand."

"ARGH! I said HOLD it. Not CRUSH it!!"


"You're doing... ah! Doing great Nanoha. Just a little more."

"But it hurrrrrts!"

Fate leaned over and kissed her girlfriend softly to try and distract her from the pain she was currently experiencing. By the time they parted, it was all over.

"There. You're all done." Said the man sitting beside Nanoha.

Not a moment later, the lady beside Fate said the same thing to her. Fate looked down and admired the sight on the table beside her.

"It looks great Nanoha." She said as she gave the area a little pat.

"OUCH! Fate-chan! You meanie!"

"Sorry." Said Fate as she gently kissed the affected area.


Nanoha reached back and gently rubbed her bottom as she stood up.

"I didn't think it would be that painful though."

"Don't worry. Once you have one, you'll want more. It's an addicting kind of pain." Said Fate.

"It was worth it. Wasn't it?"

"Totally. Although, you realize that my mom is going to tan my hide when she finds out right?"

A mischivious grin appeared on Fate's lips as she whispered into her girlfriends ear. "I'm counting on it."


"Jeez, you'd think that with all of the technology on Mid-Childa, there would be an easier & less painful way of getting a tattoo!"

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First I thought it was a splinter, then I thought it was a baby, then I saw it was a tattoo and was like, "Oooo. That works too."
Nice little ficlet. Good work.

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I thought it was a baby, at first.

Nice ficlet.