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We're back!

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After a day in the Web-limbo our site is back in a new server. Hopefully we'll not have any big performance issues now, apparently the chat and the site in general is working faster, or at least at this moment.

Galleries and posting are back to normal, but if anyone experiments something out of normal please don't doubt in reporting your problem.

Thanks for your patience.

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Hello everyone,

This out-of-schedule message is to announce that our hosting is having some resource issues, particularly in the node or machine where our site is hosted, resulting in some recent problems like our site going off-line, and having longer than normal loading times.

For the time being, things are working again, but to avoid further problems our site will be moved to a new node as soon as possible. So, if the Web goes off-line this weekend or in a couple of days, it's product of this migration. We'll try to do it as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Sorry for the problems.

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Thanks and good luck. :D

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gratz and good luck

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Good luck and thank you ^^.

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Well, after 4 days in the new server I should say that this is the first time that I'm really happy with the performance of the Web. Everything seems better than expected, in fact yesterday we had about 150 simultaneous visitors and our pages were still loading smoothly.

I just hope that this lasts. Now I think the only thing we're lacking are some new releases xD