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Which is your favorite Nanoha series?

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For me, it's

1. StrikerS
2. A's
3. first series

It's actually a close call between StrikerS and A's but StrikerS wins out since I love adult Nanoha.

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Same for me.

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In my opinion A's was better than Strikers, but I like more the last one for having adult Nanoha and Fate, and showing us their mature relationship and they forming a family with Vivio, which is what I most appreciate from this series.

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A's definitely have a better story than Strikers, that's for sure, but I prefer adult Fate and Nanoha (and Vivio).

On a side note, I don't seem to enjoy the franchise as much as I do lately, wherever I think of it, I cant' help to have bad memory coming up, all thanks to the Animesuki Tards, which with their actions against NanoFate ("it's fan delusion, NanoFate shippers are delusionned retards", "Yuunoha is love and the only good pairing") , have killed the fun I had in watching the franchise so much it hurts to even think of NanoFate.
At first I didn't even give a damn about them, but in the long run, I ended up hating them with such rage, I almost punch my monitor.
The last straw was their NanohaxFatexYuuno fic, a second-rate fic they consider the eighth wonder of the world and the "new canon" of the franchise, they really transformed the Nanoha forum in an hagiography of Yuuno.
Since the purge of the NanoFate fans, the forum has lost something, but now even I can't stand it since they kill my enjyoment of the franchise (first time I saw a small minority purging the majority of the people of a forum, because this minority ship differently than the absolute majority).
Honestly, seeing some NanoFate always come back all of those awful memories, the bitterness, and I feel sad about, even if it is my favorite (and as close as canon as it is) couple (frankly, there are so much evidence, you could make at least 5 or 6 couple utterly canon with the amount of evidence there is).
But even if my enjoyment have taken a near fatal hit, this site is a safe haven, I know at least, here, the minority will not purge the majority because they have different opinion.

Sorry for the rant, but I needed to evacuate it, because it weigh too much on me, and I needed to tell it to someone (how could you support all the crap they throw I don't know, but I admire your courage in staying faithful to NanoFate against all these idiot, because I don't have as much courage as you do, you have my respect, most people would have abandonned long ago), you don't need to answer to my post, or you can delete it, it's okay, thank you.

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I've been seeing this kind of message frequently lately, people losing their motivation due to the current situation with the fandom and leaving this series. Fans don't used to be this honest. I can't explain why they feel that way, but I understand it, because I feet worse, and I can't explain myself either. I would have leave this fandom long time ago if it weren't for my responsibilities. This isn't doing any good to my health.

I wonder why this happened exclusively with the English community? The Spanish community is my home, and our Nanoha forums are full of nice people determined to help others and support the fandom with what they can do. I've not met anyone who doesn't accept Nanoha and Fate's relationship yet, you can try searching "NanoFate" in Google and seeing how many Spanish content will be in the first pages, or see it in the fics from the Spanish section of Most is harmless NanoFate, or other kind of yuri fics or a few serious fics too. There is even an author who writes about Yuuno like F91 in English, and in my opinion he's the best Yuuno writer I've seen, the difference is that he doesn't pair him with random females, he just has fun writing the character without making the story go against NanoFate.

Normally I check the incoming links to this site, and I've been browsing recently Russian, Chinese and French image boards and forums. I've even got some new material from there, and I couldn't read the text but it seems like those were nice places too with no people against NanoFate either... I envy them.

I was naive enough to think that after Vivid and the latest sound stage this would stop, but actually it was the oppose. I don't know how long I can last in this fandom, they're even asking Satashi to write a YuunoxNanoha lemon now... Sorry for the rant.

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For my case, I think it's all the pent up frustration I've accumulated, that I needed to evacuate, I feeled better after saying what I have kept for myself.

I also made some ligt research on the popularity of NanoFate in Youtube, using "NanoFate" "Fate and Nanoha" against "Yuunoha" and "Nanoha and Yuuno", the result were respectively 92, 1120, 2 and 68 hits, Yuunoha is an ultra minority.

But for AnimeSuki, I think it has to do with the third Megami Soundstage IIRC, with the "Fate is not Fate-mama affair", I think it was the breaking point, when some people (you know who they are), have decreted NanoFate has been sunk, and mentionning it was considered delusion, since then the forum has list its soul (I begun to lurk here since February-March 2007), before it was a good place and I liked it, but after that, it had become progressively worse.
There is only a handful of NanoFate fans at AS now including Nina.Wolken, who kept posting NanoFate pics here and there, except that, there's not much activity nor much people, only an handful.
I saw on some forums on another site (Gamefaqs for instance) that NanoFate is still strong, it seems the problem lies down with AS more so that the English community.
In TV Tropes, were I updated some articles linked to NanoFate, nobody had tried to erase my edit, instead, they were better edited, in a more readable manner.
At AS, they still keep retranslating the same SoundStages over and over, one of my theories is that they know NanoFate is as official it can be (I personally saw most couple in anime and manga officialy confirmed with least than the tenth of the evidence given for NanoFate, and nobody argue against, and more importantly, some guys at AS admitted NanoFate as basically canon), and they do a last stand going down in full glory; or another one, they're afraid to admit they were wrong and fear the retribution of the fans they insulted for the last year.
I think they'll reap what they sowed, AS forum is halfway dead, and Nina.Wolken had said one time that in purging the NanoFate fans, they'll kill the forum on the long run, and it seems to be true.

Just using logic and common sense, I can see that Fate and Nanoha are a couple, or at least, as close as it could, but no, at AS, they're a family but not a couple.
But in my opinion the two are indissociable, it's linked, they're definitely something, it's obvious, but I admit with the comment of the guys at AS, everytime a new evidence shows up, they try to rank it as fanservice, and with the time going it gnaws its way in my brains (at first, I say, "another new evidence", and some days later, it becames "and if was some fanservice after all", or "and if I delude myself and they were right"), and they make me doubt even the most obvious things (frankly, no one can make only fanservice for a couple in a franchise for five years, you can't toy with your fans (who buy your goodies) like that for such a long time, it's ridiculous).

I have seen how they treated you, you were just trying to explain your position, and they gang up on you like a mob, a truly despicable move, with them, you're free to express your opinion, but only if it is in accordance with their vision of the franchise, no respect for opposite views, definitely not the way I see, for me, everyone is free to have is opinion and to express it, even if I don't like it, it serve to elevate the debat and adding other POV help to see the bigger picture.
I don't like how two or three can dictate their law on forums and kill these because of their sheer stupidity.

I think maybe the fans are tired and want an answer, after all for some, they waited for five for a definite answer, I think we approach the end of the tunnel, but you can't help to be discouraged, waiting all this time, they want an absolute answer and not only a implied one

But, don't quit NanoFate Haru !!!
You know, speaking of it helped me lot, it liberates a lot of the frustration I had,
I'll still go to your site obviously, but I don't think I will still lurk in AnimeSuki (not in the Nanoha forum anyway), for the exception of an handful of good people, the rest are just morons.

Also, you speak of French forums and image boards, I can help you if you don't understand French (I'm French).
Sorry for the TL;DR, but when I'm started, you can't stop me.

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What is this.. i dont even ? >_>
woah i was about to post my fav show
anyway tl'but i still read XD (nice point thou +1 for riser-san)
whatever is it im still with NXF.
Even /jp/ is with their nxf *___*
soo dont feel sad or lost your powerlevel by certain fanboiz?trolled//dissapointed fan/ cheap provocative bla bla especially haru-tan
(shuld be proud u wholeheartly build this webbie to share them nxf fandom with us : ) i really appreciate it mkay*
keep it cool :3
If u guys a fan of NXF keep supporting em then :D

Think optimistic NXF is hueg fanbase ..if the show creator gonna keep it cliffhanging like this
sure i dont really mind cuz imho ..i see the creator really give nanoha and fate a special relationship status
*oh cmon i barely see yuuno in 3rd series ,even his fanart is hard to be found .. >_> *

bout those fanfic thing ; / hmm i just think of it as a present for them yuunofag : )
nxf got to many awsm stuff already : )

i dunno bout the 4th mango route.. far as i care
them r still single :)
*please just stop at 4th i dont need 5th nanoha mango*

yuunofaggot can enjoy their delusion too as much as we enjoy our ..mkay
f**ker to those who say nxf is not official ..and whatnot
as if yuunoha is even official to begin with ,
jeez inb4 guy shuld hookup with girls and girls x girls is wrong
that is bullshit ~ mkay

AS is not an entire community yo~
there r other community out there : ) soo dont feel discourage haru and riser-san
the net is big for everyone +1 we haz this board and lotsa nxf stuff to be enjoyed than
compare to those small yuuno ff : )
NVR FGT HARU .. just keep yourself devoted
-for some reason i would like to hav a picture churuya getting a punch-

phew like i say at other forum
nanoha series really r branching out different type of fan @_@

to stick with the topic title ..*lulz poor thread OP XD*
my rank

the Movie look so yen ~ .. thou
+1 does the movie focus on yuuno scene.. NOOOOOO mkay-

*dramatic leave fuck yeah*

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I'm sorry for going off topic, as I said I evacuate all the pent up frustration I accumulated for the last two years on the franchise.
I'm still a fan of NanoFate (I have preordered the ALTER figurines).
I don't know the existence of the other communities (besides this one), AS was the only one I knew.
The recent fanarts of yuuno almost all date from two years ago, he's really popular (sarcasm), for the official artworks he's just in Nanoha and A's artworks in his ferret form, and in much of it, anyway.
I don't hate Yuunoha (uh no, I hate it), but if they let NanoFate in peace, I let Yuunoha in peace, they ship wathever they want, I just don't want they impose their visions on me (if NanoFate is not official, Yuunoha doesn't even exist then, evenmore so Subaru and Teane or Erio and Caro, after all they have less evidence than NxF and they considered by all as canon, escept Yuunoha, you really have to search thoroughly to find anything if there is something, the only one in the five years of existence of the franchise is the scene in the eighth episode of Strikers two years ago, IIRC).
I'm pragmatic and realist, I don't let my dreams interfere with my perception of reality and I still think Fate and Nanoha are a couple (or as close as it can be), it's just the constant attacks against it by a handful of jerks took its toll on me.

Anyway, as far as Vivid go, they seem to be a family (and a couple, for me) who lives together and raised their daughter together, I'm waiting for the next chapter which'll be released at the end of the week-beginning of the next week.

Thank you for your words of encouragment, I mean it.

I think I have derailed the topic a bit too much with my mindstates, angain I'm sorry for going completely off-topic.

And to rerail the topic a bit, from the trailer I've seen, I think the movie will make the battle Macross-style, with some pretty Magic Missile Massacre and Itano Circus, nothing better than taking some inspiration from Macross (I'm a Macross fanboy :3), after all, Nanoha took some from Gundam and Super Robot Wars, time to make an hommage of the other king of mecha franchise.

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Fav series...

For Best character Development it would be the original

For best support characters and almost hidden role swap: Strikers

For best storyline I would say A's

For overall would probably be *gasp* Betrayers!!!!! ok ok I would say StrikerS

As for the ensuing conversation above. Let them be...from the news and little things here and there I recieve from the papers here, its pretty much set that those 2 are together. There was even an article quite some time ago I remember reading in one of my magazines where they interviewed the seiyus and both of them said that Nanoha would play the role of a Mom that stayed near home and took care of Vivio while Fate would play the "father" role and take on jobs from far away. But most importantly, they stated that the family was pretty much set. So, let them talk all they want...they can call a cat a dog all day but it still wont change the fact that, it is, indeed, still a cat.

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You're the voice of reason.

True, A's had the better storyline, and the first series had the most chara development (it helped there was less characters than the following series).
Strikers don't have the best storyline (but it's far from being the worst story I've ever seen, just a normal story).
Overall, I like the three equally, after some good thinking, I realised they all have something the others don't have.

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Wasn't this suppose to be about our favorite series? *sweatdrop*

To be truthful, I can see why many fans drop out of the Nanoha Fandom. I would've too but it's wasn't because of the shipping between NanoFate or Yuunoha; it was due to lack of new materials. I mean, yeah, I would love if Nanoha ended up with EITHER Fate or Yuuno. To me, the STORY is what's important. *shrugs* Call me old-fashion. It doesn't really matter to me who Nanoha ends up with but it's good to see and read something different. That's why I supported Satashi in writing the Yuunoha lemon; there is NOT one fanfiction of lemon between them.





So I was curious about it. I don't mind reading NanoFate (Keep up the good work, by the way :3) but something different would be nice or maybe updates that does not take weeks...or months...or years.

Ahem. Yeah...that was MY rant...

Anyway, back to the topic... :)

1) Strikers (Action; scifi plot and adult Fate, Nanoha and Vivio)
2) A's (More kick-ass loli action!! XD)
3) Original (Classic magical girl series with a demon spawn of a nine year-old child as the main character).

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It's fine if people want something different, not everything can be NanoFate romance, and in fact there are many serious fics out there. But I wonder, there are like 80 characters in the franchise, why do they want to go specifically against Nanoha and Fate? That's like saying that their love isn't real because they're two girls, that their family is something fake and no matter how close they really are or how hard they have worked to be with each other raising their daughter together, because they're just waiting for some male to show up... that's just cruel.

They know that there are fans sensible about the subject, personally this is something that each day is hurting me more, especially after seeing how happy the three of them are together in the latest official material.

Yes, I know writers are free to write what they want, it's up to them to decide the plot of their stories, and I know that we're talking about fictional characters, but our feelings are real, and it's up to the writers if they care about them.

This is turning into a lot of unnecessary drama, we can close the thread if you guys want.

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As I am the one who started this mess, you can close the thread if you want.

Sorry again for derailing the thread. m( )m

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A's of course. Nanoha and Fate, the "dynamic duo" of this part of the series...


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kill it with fire .. ;P

..the 1st series will usually comes in third eh

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Personally I like A's the most. (Hayate ftw! <3)
I really have no problem with the other seasons.
I love the first season because of Fate~
And the third season... well, I only liked it because its twice as long as the other seasons and adult-loli!


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all the nanoha series = D, on nanofate same the 3 series,
1st:(MSLN)The relation starts by a little on the ending
2nd:(A's) Their ralationship grows a lot, ahem example epi. 3 n_n
3rd: Mothers n_n (not biological D= but still good =D) and well more. . .

in other words everything related to nanoha n_n

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as for you guys, "keep on dreaming!" NANOFATE FTW!!!! ^_^

well, mine goes like this:

1. StrikerS
2. A's
3. 1st

But overall all of them are great!!!
I still have NANOHA Fever...

Haru-san, any news for the new doujin? ^_^

I just want to change my avatar... ^_^

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1. StrikerS - Like this one the best because of the sheer amount of power all the characters have, plus adult NanoXFate!!

2. A's - Thought this one was awesome because it introduced Hayate and the others. Everyone living in the same house was so sweet.

3. First season - Very sad about what Fate went through, but for those of us not familiar with the Triangle Heart series, it gave us a nice starting point and introduction to Nanoha and her family.

So yeah, 3rd season is the best IMO. More grown up characters, more action, Vivio's introduction into the series, and of course... THE BED!!! ^_^

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There seems to be lots of comments on AS
I think I went there like a couple of times. Meh...
Won't be voicing my opinion though, cus that would be off-topic..

Personally I like A's the most.
Strikers has too many new characters, seriously, I can't remember everyone's names, but it gets better after a while.
Third place goes to the first season.

i'm bored

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1. A's
2. Tied for first season and StrikerS >_< I really like adult Fate and Nanoha but I feel that A's had a better story and was more thought out.

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1) StrikerS
2) A's
3) 1st season

In my opinion you cant beat seeing adult Nanoha (more gorgeous in adult form, i think), and seeing her be a bada$$ and pwn ppl if necessary! also the mature relationship of nanoha and fate (even sleeping in the same bed!) is the best part out of all three series'. they really took their relationship to the next level.. i was so happy to see that! so these factors make StrikerS win out as my favorite series. although, i feel that A's was a much better anime. the story was excellent, the fight scenes were top notch! (fate vs. signum anyone?) and even the villians were likeable and awesome! (the wolkenwritter! signum, shamal!) in strikers the story wasnt that good and there were waayy too many characters, irritating villians (jail scalliate), and not enough fight scene's.. but overall strikers is my fave because i love adult Nanoha :)

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Sorry to necro this topic but I couldn't help but post my two cents:

For me it would be like this:

A's >>>>>>>>>> Strikers >>>>> 1st season

I love A's the most because it had a good story, excellent pacing, great new characters (Hayate and the Wolks), good characterization, great emotional scenes, and kick-ass action.

Strikers is a distant second. I have my issues with Strikers (e.g., REALLY slow story, Forwards being a "Spotlight stealing squad," Scagletti is an annoying villian) but Strikers had some things that I liked. The only things that I really liked from Strikers are a few action scenes, the "White Devil" scene, Quatrro's pwning, Subaru's pwning of Cinque and the "cute" scenes involving Vivio. There are some other "small" details that I like about Strikers but overall, I thought that the series was not greater than the sum of its parts.

Simply, the 1st season had a slow story, poor characterization, and bland action. It barely had any redeeming value unlike Strikers save for the last ten minutes of Episode 13.

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1) 1st season
2) A's
3) StrikerS (lot of new people, only good thing was NxF and Vivio...)

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1: A's had the best story plus Reinforce was a brilliant character.
2: StrikerS Adult Nanoha, Adult Fate and a lot of badass action from Vita and Signum
3: Original good way to start the series.

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Season 1

In that order, I love certain cast from StrikerS like the numbers, but didn't like the plot much.