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The World Revolves Around You (Update: In My Head and Puzzle Pieces)

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The World Revolves Around You

The Epik Fail of Team GEMINI

I'm leaving little notes to show which update is the newest one.

Yaho! Wait, you're all probably scared now. "Wtf is this weirdo doing here!?" is what you're thinking, but fear not! I have come bearing gifts and other whatnot. Most of you know me as xYuki of Team GEMINI, the current Captain of the S.S A.D.D... lol the Sailing Ship A.D.D is awaiting for a breeze of inspiration... okay off topic there. Sorry.

Anyways, like I said, I am here with gifts. Since my A.D.D prevents me from making regular updates, I have allotted a lot of stories (all unfinished) worthy of one shot status. So as my A.D.D dwindles away at my attention span, I'll post up some here. Now whether I'll continue some... or even post em on depends purely on, you guessed it, my A.D.D.

So here ya go~


This first story is called "Transfer Student Fate". It was originally my English project, but I got lazy and didn't hand it in. LOL

Anyways, this story was supposed to be for a childrens' book, but I somehow messed that up and made it over 3,000 words. My teacher got mad at me and forced me to slice it down to a third of it's length. ): Now since this was a childrens' book I was an idiot and gave Fate and everyone else animal ears and tails, think loveless... ugh.


Transfer Student Fate

“Fate, wake up Fate...” Alicia said trying to wake up her little sister. Tugging on Fate’s bushy blonde tail, the other girl jumped out of bed surprised. “Rise and shine, ground hog.”

“I’m awake!” Fate yelped loudly.

During breakfast, Fate drank her chocolate milk but avoided her toast. She felt a grumble in her tummy, but it was because she was hungry.

“Are you excited for school?” Alicia and Fate’s mother asked. She held a dish with some toast and butter smeared on it for Alicia.

“I am!” Alicia shouted, raising her hand gleefully.

“No...” Fate grumbled whilst drinking her milk.

Crossing her arms, their mother looked at Fate and frowned. “Why aren’t you excited? Don’t you want to make any new friends?” she asked.

“No, my old ones were fine...” Fate retorted rudely. Grabbing hold of the toast on her plate, Fate jammed it in her mouth as a sign for everyone to stop asking her questions.

Sighing, Fate’s mother said, “Chew your food dear.”

After the short walk to school, a reluctant Fate stood behind her older sister Alicia, who was entering her final year of elementary school. Fate whimpered as she stared up at her new school, her ears pressed to the back of her head.

The school was massive, grey and white, with several floors adorned by many windows side by side. There was a large hanging clock at the front of the building, its little hand pointed to the large 8, and its large hand pointed at the number 9.

Over on the left here was a tree standing on a patch of grass that led to the field. Many happy-faced students flocked around the field talking to their friends.

“Alicia,” Fate stared up at her sister who looked down at her with a warm smile, “Are you scared?” she asked.

“No, this is just a whole new experience.” Alicia said positively.

When they entered the brand new school, Alicia pointed Fate towards her classroom and then pointed in the direction she had to go. Fate was terrified of being separated from the only familiar face she knew.

“Come with me?” Fate pleaded, tugging on Alicia’s sleeve. Shaking her head, Alicia nudged Fate to the direction she had to go. “But why?”

“My class is on the other side of the building.” Alicia laughed with a wry grin.

Nodding in acceptance, Fate took a tentative step away from Alicia. She looked back at her sister who stood in the same spot waving. Putting on a big smile on her face, Fate waved back and ran off.

With her sister out of sight, the fear came crawling back as Fate stared at the large brown numbered door.

Gathering up her courage, Fate entered the room and felt even worse. The children talked to each other in little groups, which left many desk empty making the room look even lonelier then it really was.

The first few minutes had been amazing for Fate. She learned many new things, but something was still amiss. No matter how hard she tried, she still could not many any new friends, and so she sat alone with no one to talk to.

Whenever the teacher had called upon her, she would reply with a shy stutter and whimper, scared of making herself look silly in front of everyone else.

“It’s not fair.” Fate grumbled, pouting as she rested her chin on the palm of her hand.

At lunch time, Fate sat beside Alicia, and the new friends she had made.

“How did you make so many friends so fast?” Fate asked with a jealous stare, taking a large bite from her ham sandwich.

Alicia took a moment to think about the question, and when the answer came she said, “There’s no trick to it really.” Alicia took a sip from her juice box and placed it on the ground.

“But there has to a trick!” Fate cried out loudly. Alicia’s ears pressed to the back of her head, scared of her timid sister’s shout.

After calming herself down, Fate turned to Alicia and asked, “You sure there’s no trick?”

“Yep! Just be yourself and have fun.” Alicia and her friends explained with a warm smile.

After lunch time, Fate walked into her classroom with her head held high, bright burgundy eyes bright with excitement; ears twitching to and fro listening carefully, but still no one paid attention to her.

With her ears drooping and tail dragging on the floor, Fate shuffled over to her desk where she remained quiet for the rest of the lesson.

It was just after the math lesson, a girl about her age, walked up to Fate and smiled. She had bright blue eyes and short light brown hair. Her ears where pointed as well as her tail.

“Hiya, my name’s Hayate!” the girl said with a toothy grin. Hayate’s little red ears twitched and her bushy tail swayed. “Me and my friends were wondering if you’d like to come join us?” Hayate asked. Fate nodded her head and was quickly dragged off without replying.

Hayate lead Fate to a table of with three other little girls. One out of the three girls, the lion to be exact, seemed to be having a little problem with a math question. The poor girl roared and roared, complaining about the simple little equation.

Making the first move, Fate told the young lion cub the answer to the question. “4,” she said quietly. The lion looked up at her with an odd look. “2 + 2 = 4.” Looking at the question again, the lion quickly wrote it down and thanked her with a big toothy grin.

“My name’s, Arisa!” the lion proclaimed proudly.

The cat sitting beside Arisa smiled as she introduced herself as well. “My name is, Suzuka. And that there is, Nanoha.”

“H-Hi...” Nanoha squeaked out, her face red for some unknown reason. Fate smiled at the blushing girl and wondered if she had done anything wrong just now.

“Fate’s really good at math, huh?” Suzuka pondered out loud. Everyone else couldn’t help but nod their heads in agreement.

Fate felt a warm fuzzy feeling as the other girls praised her math skills. It was an odd feeling, but it was welcomed none the less. And Fate was happy for once in the short time she had attended this class.

How easy is it to make new friends when you all had a common goal? Very simple.

Fate had learned this lesson very well on her first day of school. She had waved goodbye to her new friends with the promise of seeing each other again the next day. She stood beside her sister who was looking down at her proudly.

“See it wasn’t so bad.” Alicia said with a warm smile.

“Yup!” Fate beamed, “But that sandwich mom made was!”


Hm, when I write a story or a chapter I usually write something else before getting to the actual story or chapter I wish to work on. They're something I like to call
'尖らす (togarasu) moment'. Togarasu means to sharpen (a pencil, etc), so it's like sharpening my pencil for the real task at hand. And yes, I do know that 尖らす has other meanings. >:T Now why I do this is because I use it to calm myself down and hone my focus. During these little moments of reprieve I write down my thoughts and feelings on a character or characters, most of the time it's based on Nanoha and Fate. I bet you noticed why I used the word 'reprieve' instead of something else. Well like I said before, my A.D.D gets the better of me most of the time and I really struggle with staying on track.

I rambled. Sorry. Anyways, this little 尖らす moment was something I wrote before finishing the latest chapter of 'Face Down'.

Fate and Nanoha were very different, that much was obvious. They liked different things, but loved everything about each other. Fate loved how Nanoha twirled her hair when she’s thinking about something or about nothing at all. And Nanoha loved how Fate would make a fake moustache with her hair whenever she was bored in class. It was the little things that made her budding romance so sweet and diverse.

They were happy together, that much was plain to see. Their love was as fierce as a raging hurricane, but as gentle as the sunshine caressing your cheeks on a cool spring day. Nothing was more profound than the love they shared. It was perfect, or so everyone thought. No relationship is perfect, no matter how hard you try to make it be, perfection is but another imperfection.

Nanoha believes Fate is perfect, a Goddess amongst mortals. To Nanoha, Fate’s voice was like a chorus of angels singing from the heavens. Even the shortest of words that escaped Fate’s lips could move a nation to tears. It was the sweetest of sounds and smoother than the silkiest of velvets. Nanoha loved Fate’s voice more than anything, because even when the night was at its darkest, Fate’s voice could always lead her home.

Fate believes Nanoha is the sun, for everything revolved around her. To Fate, Nanoha was the source of life. Without her, the sun, everything would wither away from the cold. Her gentle warmth is what cradles all beings and without it… Fate didn’t want to think about that. A life without Nanoha just wasn’t a ‘life’ at all.

It is in these beliefs that cause Nanoha and Fate to fight. Fate believes her voice pales in comparison to Nanoha’s. And Nanoha firmly believes that Fate is the source of light, heat, and life. They bicker on and on about these differences in opinion that they fail to see how intertwined they really are.


This update is more like a welcome to my new friend and beta-reader, Jokulhaup. I sent him an old dropped project of him to edit, and it was so good I decided to share it.

And it is not a gender bend.

Welcome to the team Jokulhaup.


Manly Boyfriend Fate-kun!

Enter! Sexy Blonde Homeless Girl (Who Lives On Dreary Lane)

I looked up at my boyfriend and grinned deviously. The poor bastard looked so innocent with his neat little suit, spiky blonde hair, and stylish black glasses. He looked adorable as he gazed up at our school—well of course he had to look up and admire it. You see, our school is reserved only for the pompous and the bitches.
The TSAB academy is located on the outskirts of Uminari city, far, far away from the common folk who can’t afford the minuscule tuition fees. Honestly now, is five hundred thousand yen really that expensive? I have nail polish worth more than that!

“This is… a really, really, big gate!” my boyfriend exclaims in sheer awe.

“Well no duh, it is the biggest gate in all of Uminari. You should see the gate for the Tokyo branch,” I said as I patted him on the back.

“Now that gate is a big gate.”

“Can we go see it someday?” he asked me with an excited smile.

I nibbled my bottom lip in contemplation before answering, “Sure!”

“Really?” he replied.


Taking his hand in my own, I pressed the intercom button and stated our names.
“Takamachi Nanoha and Bardiche Zanber present.”


How could they do this to me? Me, their youngest – and cutest – daughter! Couldn’t they dump the scrawny rat on my – much – older sister, Miyuki? I mean, come on! I just entered high school, the last thing I need now is a stick bug for a boyfriend. Seriously, what were my parents thinking!?

“Come on Nanoha, just give the boy a chance!” my father pled.

My mother, who sat beside my father, seemed rather uninterested with the topic at hand. “Nanoha, listen to your father,” she said as she straightened out a coaster, “you don’t even know anything about the boy yet—”

“That’s exactly why I won’t date him!” I shouted with a furious growl, “and what exactly do you know about him, hmm?”

My father took a deep breath and began his tirade.

“Well for one, he’s from an extremely wealthy family. Oh, he’ll be receiving a full scholarship to Tokyo University, and rumor has it that he’s got a ni—”

“Daddy! We’re from an extremely wealthy family—well technically only in the top one hundred—but still wealthy!”

“But he’s wealthier!” my father says with a broad grin, “note the ‘-ier’ at the end there.”

“No, Daddy! I said I won’t!” I screamed childishly.

“He’s cute, but I need someone hot, dashing, charming, sexy, hot, ripped, sexy, hot, smart, sexy, hot, ripp—”

“You just said sexy three times…” My father began counting my repetitions and said, “And you said ‘hot’ four times.”

“Daddy, listen to me!” I shouted as I stamped my foot.

“I want a boyfriend with six pack abs, not one whose ribcage I can see!”

“You can’t see Yuuno’s ribcage!” my father protested.

“I also want a boyfriend with bulging biceps,” I crossed my arms and glared at my father. “Mr. Twiggy, can barely carry one of my handbags.”

“In his defense, your handbags are really heavy.”

“Yeah well, that doesn’t matter. He still can’t carry it.”
My father sighed and ruffled his hair.

“Well, why don’t you go out, find ‘Mr. Perfect’, and bring him back here.”

“I’ll do just that!”

My mother looked up from her mindless cleaning and said, “Have fun, Dear.”
I sighed and got up from my seat. My parents are so weird that sometimes, I wonder how we’re related.

Holding my hand bag to my body closely, I walked down the street in search of my prince. Guy after guy winked and waved at me, but none of them fit my idea of “hot and sexy”. One guy came close, but he turned out to be gay—why are all the gay ones so hot!

“I’m never going to find someone,” I mumbled with a heavy sigh. I looked up at the sky and grimaced, it was getting dark earlier than I expected. “Great, now it’s getting dark…”

“Yes it is,” a husky voice said behind me.

I stiffened and eagerly turned around.

“Yeah, it is—” I stopped mid-sentence and stared up at the stranger.

Long blonde hair, lithe and slender legs, dashing lopsided grin, and the sexiest eyes I’d ever seen, as well as the largest boobs—wait boobs? …Shit.

“You should get yourself home soon, this neighborhood is pretty dangerous at night,” she said as she looked around us. I did the same and noticed that the “wolves” were already out hunting.

“What about you? Shouldn’t you get going too?”

“Me?” she asked, pointing at herself.

“Yeah you, who else?”

She chuckled and shook her head; I was struck by her melodious sound of her laughter.
“I live here and I know most of these guys, that’s why I told you to get going.”

“You live… here?”

“Yes, here. Where else?”

I looked at the gorgeous woman in amazement. She acted so confident, but at the same time she seemed so timid. I was enthralled by the strange contradictions she embodied, but that’s also what attracted me to her-—wait attracted?

“Where do you live?”

“Riiight… there,” she replied, pointing to the alley behind us and grinning.
I did a double-take. Was she implying… that she was… homeless?

“Hey, Fate, who’s the girly?” A grizzled man asked as he walked up to us. The beautiful stranger waved and shrugged.

“She your girl, or is she available?”

“Excuse me?” I deadpanned.

The man chuckled and explained himself, “I’m asking if you’re her new girlfriend. You seem to be her type.”

“Randy, stop it. I just met her…”

“G-Girlfriend?” I stuttered, “as in… gay? As in… you’re gay?”

The beautiful stranger shrugged and began a conversation with the shabby looking man. A plan suddenly formulated in my mind. It was crazy, but it might just work… possibly. I spontaneously grabbed hold of the stranger’s hand—relishing in its softness—and pulled it firmly, yanking her down to my eye level.

“Are you really homeless?” I asked her and she nodded.

“In that case, how about I hire you?”


“You heard me. I’ll hire you. As in pay you money for a service.”

The stranger pulled her hand away from mine and frowned. “I’m not stupid, kid; I know what hiring someone means.”

“Hey! Who are you calling a kid! I’m 16!”

“Really?” the stranger asked, suddenly interested, “So am I.”


Aha~ these new A.D.D pills are starting to regulate my senses... huzzah!

Anyways, I figured I'd rewrite something I wrote on the fly for this picture. I actually liked it, so thought I'd give it a bit more effort. :)

P.s - Has anyone noticed how weird Nanoha's eyes look in that there piccy?


The Lover of the White Devil

It was a grim day today on the memorial grounds of the TSAB soldiers who paid the ultimate price. The cemetery was as still as the proud hearts of the warriors buried below, but the clouds high above were tempestuous, filled with the guilt and the anguish we the living have.

The rain the nimbostratus clouds surged upon our quivering shoulders stung like a million bullets, but the pain in my heart was far worse… far, far worse. The one I love had just died. I received the report in my mailbox and not personally, you could guess how shocked I was when I read each heart rendering word. It was a routine mission my superiors said in an eerily calm voice, they told me it would have been okay to send one of my most powerful comrades in alone, but I should have known better to listen to those pompous bastards. A ‘routine mission’ by their standards usually meant the following: high-ranked mages, no backup, no return, and no goodbye.

Fate was the best soldier out there. She was the strongest, the fastest, and the most selfless person you could ever meet, but because of that, she was weak. She was the weakest one of us all. She had died trying to save a small, wailing child from a crumbling building, unfortunately, they both didn’t make it.

An enemy mage had hidden behind some debris, and when they saw Fate make a mad dash towards the child, they fired a single shot. That one shot was aimed towards Fate, but the trajectory was off and it flew straight towards the child… Fate jumped in the way and it pierced through her heart instantaneously.

My heart twisted in agony as I recalled the reports. I couldn’t bear to read it all, the stupid thing was too detailed, how could I? How could I read the papers that told me how the love of my life had died under my command? Under my foolish command. It was impossible. How could I face anyone as a leader after this indelible sin? It was impossible.

The rains pelted the funeral goers, but none of them cared. Whether they got sick or chilled, they stood there in sorrow. They all shed their tears unabashed, but I think I was crying the most. Even people who didn’t know Fate as well as I did cried their hearts out. She was a hero, the true Ace of Aces, Vice Admiral Fate Testarossa the Armageddon.

Fate’s lover stood by Amy, her eyes sombre and empty as Fate’s coffin. She had her eyes on me, watching me curiously, almost leering at me. I loved Fate more than anything else in the world, and Nanoha knew that, that’s why she took her from me. She refused to let someone have what ‘rightfully’ belongs to her, and I couldn’t disagree more. She had Fate wrapped around her little finger the moment she saved her from Precia. And what did I do? Hah, I almost destroyed the very planet that I loved, but that wasn’t all I did during that incident. I also encased Fate within a dreamlike world where everything was painfully perfect.

The pain in my chest was unbearable, but what was it like to be in Nanoha’s shoes? She and Fate had been together since we were kids, they did everything together. They studied together, fought on the battlefield together, made love together, raised a child together… they would have died together too had it not been for me. Nanoha probably resented me for doing that to her, not that I could blame her… she had the right hate me, but it was fair. She took my prince and I took her happily ever after.

On the sixth day, of the sixth month, of the sixth year of this century, Mid-Childa had lost its greatest hero.

An ironic day to die for the lover of the White Devil.


I like to tease my wife… and she likes to get back at me using my credit card. This is an actual thing I said to my friend Yumi while we played BlazBLue.

“Hey, hey, Hayate!!!” Fate shouted with a gleeful grin. “I saw the cuuuutest girl today at work!”

Nanoha sat beside Fate with the taller girl’s arm around her shoulders. She blushed at Fate’s words and knew that she was talking about her.

“Hm, really? I need details!” The short haired brunette replied with a cheeky grin of her own.

“Well, she walked into the restaurant,” Fate began, “and then Nanoha walked in.”


Anyways, just small test for a writing style I haven’t used in literally a year. Please give me your honest opinion, I’m not used to writing in third person anymore, but I’d really like to try and write like this more often, because I've been told that my first person has been rather... "annoying." So any tips you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

Seriously... been over a year since I wrote something seriously in third person.

Also... this comes with a picture! :D

P.s- Oh shit, it’s Signum—wait wuuuut!? ( ì x î )

Writing time: 1hr at 5:30am... I forgot to sleep again. 8D
Word Count: 1,500words

I'll post this on when I get one of my editors to read it over... or if my wife ever wakes up from her "nap". -.-;


BPM = Beats Per Minute!

You Make My Heart Race

The spectators cheered wildly as a blur of black and gold whizzed through the soccer field. The opposing team chased after the blur with sweat dripping down their faces and defeat etched deeply into the scoreboard.

“Fate, Fate, Fate, Fate!” the fans cheered, their voices towering over the announcer’s booming voice.

Somehow, by a miraculous turn of events, one of the other team’s players managed to slip past the blur’s attention and stood a few feet ahead in a defensive stance, ready to stop the unstoppable force that was Fate T. Harlaown.

“You ain’t gettin’ past me, Testarossa!” the opposing player shouted with a proud smirk on her face. It was plain to see that this player was the team’s ace in the whole, because no one else could keep up with Fate. “We may not win the game, but I can still beat you!”

A flurry of long blonde hair rushed passed its owner as Fate suddenly came to a halt. Rosewood coloured eyes scanned the field cautiously, waiting and watching to see if an opening would arise. Fate rolled the ball gingerly between the tip and sole of her shoe making sure to keep it mobile for a speedy get away.

Fate’s teammates were spread out awkwardly, each one of them struggling to shake off their opponents. Whenever one got close to Fate, the enemy would immediately chase after them, ultimately cutting Fate off from backup.

“Why aren’t you saying anything?” the other player asked with her eyebrow quirked. “Are you scared?”

Fate stuck her head up high and grinned, “Signum Gottschalk, There’s no way you could keep up with me on the field!” And with that Fate dashed straight towards Signum, unafraid that the much taller girl was as sturdy as a brick wall; however, Fate was like a semi-truck with nitrous packs and no breaks she was: unstoppable. Just as Fate and Signum were about to collide, Fate sidestepped just in time to breaking through Signum’s iron defence, shoot the ball directly into the net and win the game.

“And with a landslide victory, Fate Armageddon Harlaown has taken Polaris High to the nationals!” the announcer screamed in glee. “Come on everyone, cheer yer asses off because this is a first for our school!”

The crowd roar in applause as Polaris High-school's victorious soccer team rushed towards their star and lifted her up and onto their shoulders. Fate laughed as her teammates wobbled about trying to carry her. She wasn’t a very heavy girl, but the game had been going on for over an hour and forty-give minutes, everyone was dead tired, including Fate.

Signum fell to the ground out of breath; she had spent the whole match running alongside Fate, battling her desperately to prove a point that she was better, faster, and stronger, but Fate came out victorious in the end. She wasn’t bitter about the loss; it only meant that she had to train harder to achieve her goal.

The soft crunching of crisp green grass alerted Signum. Half-lidded dodger blue eyes stared up into exuberant carmine eyes, a brief aura of competition flourished between the two competitors before a lighter, more enjoyable aura surrounded them.

“Good game, Sicchan.”

“Call me ‘Sicchan’ one more time and I swear I’m telling Nanoha you keep a picture of her in her underwear in your wallet.”

Fate froze and contemplated on the threat before replying, “Who do you think gave me the photo in the first place?”

Signum and Fate chuckled lightly as the latter offered her slightly sweaty hand to help the other stand up. Patting Signum’s back, Fate removed the grass and dirt that accumulated on her friend’s jersey. The two conversed about the game, completely ignoring the fans that cheered for them respectively.

“So are we still on for videogames and junk food later tonight?” Fate asked.

Shrugging her shoulders, Signum said, “Sure, why wouldn’t we be? Unless you have plans with Nanoha tonight.” Ruffling Fate’s hair playfully, Signum pushed Fate and laughed as the other girl keeled over from fatigue. “Hey, I thought she comes homes today?”

“Nah, she called me last night saying the agency wanted to grab a few photos out on a beach near the first site.”

“Aa, the doting life of a wife.”


A well shaped eyebrow arched curiously as Fate stammered about. Patting the other girl on the shoulder, Signum smirked, “Well I don’t think you’ll have to wait much longer for your husband to come home.”


Pointing her chin off into the distance, Signum notified her companion of an interesting occurrence. Turning her head to look at what had Signum to preoccupied; Fate saw something, more like someone, who had made her heart stop and race at the same time.

Sitting on one of the player benches, a pretty young girl waited patiently with a smile on her face. She wore a creamy white, shoulderless dress with a large black, leather belt that had a silver heart for a buckle around her waist; the dress ended just above her knees. The shoes she had on weren’t very appropriate for a soccer field, but the stunning young woman knew she wouldn’t be in the outdoors for very long.

The wind blew, leaving a listless breeze in its wake causing the patient girl’s hair to billow along. Her mahogany hued hair was tied into an off-centered ponytail held up by a black ribbon with two small golden bells attached. As the breeze passed, the girl’s hair went back to its original position, not a single hair out of place.

“Nanoha…” Fate whispered, her breath stolen by the Japanese beauty waiting patiently for her.

“Better go to her now, Testarossa. I see some guys are already moving in on her.” Signum suggested as she pointed to the eager looking boys staring at her friend’s girlfriend like hyenas to meat.

Fate nodded her head and patted Signum on the back one last time before she ran off to be by Nanoha’s side. Nanoha stood up and smoothed out her dress and ran her fingers through her hair, the strands weaving through her fingers like silken threads. She waited and waited for Fate to cross the rest of the field, but the yearning in her heart overcame her desire to keep her new Prada shoes clean.

The two lovers met in a tight embrace, Nanoha’s arms wrapping around Fate’s neck. Fate lifted her up from the ground to keep the shorter girl’s shoes from sinking into the turf, but this placed Nanoha in direct contact with Fate’s sweaty body. She didn’t mind the musky smell that lingered on her girlfriend’s drenched body, she knew full well that Fate had given it her all to win the match against Signum Gottschalk. The scent was an outdoorsy woodsman’s’ smell, it was a mix between fresh cut grass, moist fragrant soil, and sheer determination. It was a slight turn on for Nanoha, but the real kick she received from the hug was the feeling of Fate’s taught muscles against her body.

“I missed you so much, Nanoha…” Fate confessed as she kissed Nanoha on the cheek.

Nanoha giggled when Fate inhaled deeply and nuzzled her nose into the nape of her name. “Ehehe, Fate-chan, that tickles!”

“Mm, I don’t care… I missed you.”

“I missed you too, Fate-chan. I missed you more than you could ever know.”

The fatigue of running around all afternoon had finally caught up to the invincible teenage girl causing her knees to buckle and tumble down taking Nanoha with her. The two crashed into the grass, surprised by the sudden fall, but they couldn’t be any happier.

“Nyahaha, Fate-chan, you really stink.”

“Well, you smell really nice, so we’re even.”

Nanoha leaned in and kissed Fate, their lips melded together, two pairs were soft with strawberry lip-gloss, while the other pair was dry and chapped. But no matter how different their lips felt against the other, the feelings that occurred below the surface were far greater.

The two had been apart for more than two weeks, mostly due to Nanoha’s job as a teen idol. Fate was used to it though; she was used to having Nanoha up and leave her on a moment’s notice. It wasn’t all that bad; Fate still got to see Nanoha every day, whether it was on a bulletin board or during their webcam chats, but the pain and loneliness of being unable to touch the girl she loved was irksome at most.

Pulling apart, Nanoha stared deeply into Fate’s eyes and smiled. “I think you got prettier since I last saw you,” she admitted with a hint of jealous lacing her words.

“Well,” Fate began, “you know what they say about girls in love.”

“And what’s that?”

“They get prettier as they fall deeper and deeper in love.”

Nanoha giggled and rested her head on Fate’s chest. “I guess this means I’m the prettiest girl in the world, huh?”

“I guess it does, I guess it does.”

BPM's Accompanied Image

AAAHHHYYEEEEAAAHHH!!! I used a scanner! 8D

Sorry about my bad penmanship... you can sorta read what it says, I guess. (òε ô )

Sketch time: 30minutes, thus all the strange proportions. And before someone says "Why isn't Nanoha wearing clothes?" She is... I was just too tired to actually put any effort into draw them... It was 4:30am, cut me a little slack, please? 'v'

雄々しい(?)王子/Ooshii Ouji = Manly(?) Prince
ばか姫/Baka Hime = Idiot Princess

Ooshii Ouji sounds kind of like "Oishii" which we all know means "Tasty/Delicious"...

BakaHime is something I call my wifey-chan when we play video games that involve big explosions, death, and my character a tiny smear on the wall. It's actually short for "Bakuhatsubutsu = 爆発物" which means "explosive". So in short, I called Nanoha an "Explosive Princess"... of course I still technically called the oddly proportioned Nanoha in the picture stupid. ( ì x î )

P.s - BPM is a Vocaloid song, and the version I was listening to specifically was by Umineko. I suggest listening to it when you have free time and in the mood for a bubbly song with a nice beat.


On a more useless note... a seagull, ironically enough, died while it was flying and plummeted from the skies and right into... the hood of my car leaving a massive dent. It's beak pierced through the metal and now there's a hole. It gets worse... the little bugger scratched my windshield and a quite a bit of paint. (Un)luckily, my wife had nail-polish that was similar to our Mitsubishi Lancer's cherry red and used said polish to cover it

till we save up the money to get it fixed. >___> So, now like Edward Cullen, my Lancer now glistens in the sunlight... ****.

Shing~ sparkle, sparkle... orz



Another test for third person. Unedited... yet. >__> -summons Jokulhaup-

Hm, recently I’ve been working extremely crazy hours per day, mostly because of my vacation next month. Now on one of those days, I didn’t go home. I felt so horrible that I couldn’t be home with her, but it needed to be done now or I’d have to do it during my break. On the night I didn’t return home, all I could do was look at my wedding band fondly as I typed away and crunched the numbers. Memories flooded back and I thought about my wedding day and immediately felt so much better.

I wouldn’t say my wedding was perfect, because I know it wasn’t. For one, my wife and I both had work that day, it was raining, our car broke down and we had to take the bus, and… well, we were both late cause we got lost. Now wifey-chan and I are both extremely mature ‘adults’ when we want to be… but that day we were acting extremely childish. We couldn’t stop laughing and arguing through it all… probably why I loosely based the start of this one shot on my own big day.

Personally, I believe that a wedding shouldn’t be something you have to rehearse to perfection, but an event where you have nothing but fun and think only of the person standing beside you. You have whole lifetime to act like a stickler to one another, the least you could do the day you become joined forever is to start it off with a bang.

So please enjoy the beginning of “Just Be Friends.” And yes, before you ask, I did translate the song... a long time ago really, but I've only written the story now.

Also, this part here is just the beginning, the actual story itself is quite long... seeing as how the intro was 3,000 words. And... this'll probably be the funniest the story will get. It's quite depressing, at least until the end. orz

Writing time: 2hrs at 6am... I need to stop forgetting to sleep.
Word Count: 3,070words

Just Be Friends

We're Still Happy

Just be friends
All we gotta do is just be friends
It's time to say goodbye and just be friends
All we gotta do is just be friends
Just be friends...

“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to join together this ma-woman and this… woman… in holy matrimony,” The priest shifted his weight from foot to foot nervously, “Within this holy estate, these two persons present before me now come forward to be joined. And if anyone feels that this couple should not be united in Holy Matrimony speak now or forever hold your peace.”

When no one raised their voice, the priest scanned the room with pleading eyes and sighed. Everyone here was in support of the happy couple before him.

“Marriage is the union of hu-husband and wife in heart, body and mind,” The priest froze in fear when he realized he had said the ‘H’ word. “I-It is in-intended for their m-mutual joy, and for the help and comfort given on another in prosperity and adversity. But more importantly, it is a means through which a stable and loving environment may be attained.”

“Through marriage, Fate T. Harlaown and Nanoha Takamachi, make a commitment together to face their disappointments, embrace their dreams, realize their hopes, and accept each other’s failures. Fate and Nanoha will promise one another to aspire to these ideals throughout their lives together, through mutual understanding, openness, and sensitivity to each other.”

Fate looked into Nanoha’s eyes and smiled brightly. Within those stunning indigo hued eyes, Fate saw eternity and blissful paradise. No other moment could compare to the one she was sharing with Nanoha. She was so happy that it made her forget about every single sad and painful moment in her life. The memory of finding out that her twin sister and mother had died in a car accident felt like a cool spring day, mostly because Nanoha was there to console her. It was a twisted and morbid thought, but it was completely true. Having Nanoha by her side through thick and thin made the day seem like a perfect sunny afternoon even though the world, in reality, was torn asunder, racked with thunderstorms and hurricanes.

We are here today to witness the joining of Fate. T Harlaown and Nanoha Takamachi. This occasion marks the celebration of love and commitment with which this ma-woman and this woman begin their life together. And now – through me – He joins you together in one of the holiest bonds.”

“Um, Father,” Nanoha interrupted. “If it’ll make things easier on you, you can just call Fate my husband. It’s okay, really. She is my prince after all.”

Fate leaned in and chuckled as she patted the priest on the back, “Honestly, you aren’t the only one who isn’t comfortable with this, Padre.”


“Nanoha’s parents are the one who are making us get married like this.” Fate explained with a dry laugh. “It’s a trivial formality on my part.” Nanoha swiftly punched Fate in the arm causing the taller girl to flinch in pain. “God damnit, Nanoha!”

“Don’t use the Lord’s name in vain, please!” the priest pleaded with an exasperated face.

“Father, can we just hurry this up? Fate and I have a plane to catch in like,” Nanoha looked up at the hanging clock all the way down by the front doors, “Five hours.”

“Wow, you can see the clock from here?” Fate asked with a quirked eyebrow. Turning her head to peer over to the clock, Fate squinted and tried to read the time only to see the numbers as a mere blur. “Wow, you have really good eyesight, baby.”

“Why thank you! I ate all my carrots when I was young.”

“Hush now, darling, you are still very young.”

“Jeez, Fate, I’m almost thirty-eight, at least give me a little dignity with my age,” Nanoha growled with a pink tint on her cheeks.

Fate smiled at her bride and hummed whimsically. There was a significant age gap between them, but they didn’t care much. Nanoha was an art professor at the University of Uminari and Fate was her prized student. They met at a local art gallery and Fate was the highlighted artist alongside a well renowned artist named Yagami Hayate (a close personal friend of Nanoha’s). It was mere coincidence that they met that day, but the moment they did, it was magic.

“Will you two lovers quit with the babblin’ and hurry up? I want cake!” a distinctive Osakan accent boomed from the front row pews. Both Nanoha and Fate stuck their tongues out at Hayate who, in return, immaturely fired the same gesture back.

“Hayate, maturity please.” the beautiful blonde sitting beside Hayate chided.

The short haired brunette blushed and replied in a hushed whisper, “I’m sorry, I’ll be quiet…”

“By gathering together all the wishes of happiness and our fondest hopes for—”

“Father,” Nanoha and Fate whispered.

The priest rolled his eyes and sighed, “What is it now?”

“Can you just skip to the end?” They both asked at the same time.


“Come on; do a brutha a solid here.” Fate added jokingly.

“What about your vows?” The priest asked. His face went from a pasty white to a shocking red color as the conversation continued. “They’re a very important part of the ceremony! We can’t skip over that.

Laughing haughtily, Nanoha winked at the priest and said, “Oh we’ve exchange them already. But it was under satin sheets, if you know what I mean. And if you hurry this up, my hubby and I can get back to those… vows.”

“Nanoha!” Fate squealed in embarrassment.


The tall blonde haired woman glowered at her lover, “Don’t ‘nyahaha’ me, missy.”

“Okay, fine! You win! Have it your way you hooligans!” The priest shouted angrily as he slammed his leather bound book shut, the sound reverberated across the church hall giving all of the wedding attendees the chills.

An elderly old man stood up flailing his arms screaming, “Oh dear Lordy, the apocalypse is a comin’!”

“Shouji, sit down now before you make Nanoha do something stupid!” his wife growled as she yanked Shouji back into his seat. “She already got a priest angry; you don’t want her to rip open the gates of hell!”

“… I’ll be quiet…”

Fate watched the elderly couple in awe. A single bead of sweat rolled down her cheek as she observed the bickering couple talking about how her future wife had the power to destroy Earth itself.

Nanoha nudged Fate and asked, “Honey, what’s wrong? You look pale.”

“What… have I gotten myself into?” Fate mumbled.


“But Momora, the fact Nanoha’s getting married is a sign that life as we know it is ending!” Shouji wailed, his wrinkly cheeks jiggling as he screamed.

“No, the fact she was even dating was a sign of the world ending!” Momora replied with as much vigour as her husband portrayed.

“Mom, Daddy, stop hassling Nanoha on her wedding day!” Takamachi Momoko whispered to her parents. “We should all be happy we aren’t the ones dealing with her anymore!”

“Oh,” the elderly couple said in unison. “Poor Fate.”

There was an inkling of fear nagging at the back of Fate’s mind. Was she really ready to get married? She was only twenty-two, and as the only living blood related heir to the Testarossa family fortune, Fate was still considered as one of the world’s most eligible bachelorettes. Just as the fear claimed victory over Fate’s nerves, Nanoha placed a tender hand on Fate’s left cheek and urged the younger woman to face her.

“Keep your eyes focused only on me, Fate-chan.” Nanoha said in a confident voice.

Looking at the women before her, Fate felt the fear completely dissipate and in its place, love reigned supreme. “I wouldn’t have it any other way, my dear.” Fate replied with a dashing smile. She turned to the priest and nodded her head, “I don’t think we’ll have anymore interruptions now.”

“Are you sure?” he asked with a quirked eyebrow.

Fate looked at her bride through the corner of her eye and replied, “Yeah, I think so. If we hold this off anymore, Nanoha might pull out her bazooka.”

“I have a bazooka now?” Nanoha asked with a strange expression on her face. “What happened to my grenade launcher?”

“Not accurate enough.”

“Oh right…”

“AHEM! Do you Fate take Nanoha to be your wife to your lawfully wedded wife?” The priest asked. “Will you promise to love her, comfort her, honour her, and keep her in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, for better or for worse, in sadness and in joy, to cherish and to love forever, forsaking all others, and keep yourself only unto her as long as you both shall live?”

“I,” Fate paused and looked at her eager bride as she feigned hesitation. “I’ll think about it.” Nanoha’s eyes narrowed dangerously, her hand curling into a tightly clenched fist. “On second thought,” Fate stammered, “I can’t live without this barbaric woman—oof!”

“Who are you calling barbaric!?” Nanoha roared as Fate fell to her knees in agony. She turned her gaze to the priest and said, “Get on with it!”

The elderly man stood up straight as Fate clambered back to her feet. “D-Do you Na-Nanoha take F-Fate to be your lawfully w-wedded husband?” the priest stammered in fear. “W-Will you pro-promise to love her, comfort her, h-honour her, and keep her in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, for better or for worse, in sadness and in joy, to cherish and to love forever, forsaking all others, and keep yourself only unto her as long as you both shall live?”

“I do,” Nanoha practically barked in annoyance.

A young boy with deep red hair, of about ten or eleven, walked up to the priest nervously, his steps were robotic and his hands unsteady. The boy was so focused on the rings sitting on the little pillow that he didn’t see the small bump on the carpet.

“Erio, look out!” Fate shouted worriedly.

Erio looked down with wide eyes as he tripped on the small bump. He tumbled forward, but thanks to Fate’s investment on his martial arts hobby, he was able to avoid fall face first and dropping the rings. Thrusting his small hand out, Erio used it as leverage to lift his body up land on his feet, rings unmoved.

“That’s ma’ boy!” Fate shouted out proudly. The red-headed boy blushed deeply and scratched the back of his head. “Now hurry up before Nanoha-mama gets angry!” Erio ran towards the priest and grinned at the long haired brunette.

The priest chuckled with an amused smile on his face and continued on with the ceremony. “May these rings be blessed as the symbol of this affectionate unity.” He looked at the smile on Fate’s face and the blush on Nanoha’s cheeks, and decided that they were seemingly and hopelessly perfect for one another. “These two lives are now joined in one unbreakable circle. Wherever they go, may they will always return to one another. May they grow in understanding and in compassion through the years and build a home full of love and joy.”

Grasping hold of one of the rings, the priest looked at it tenderly and read the inscription. A small tear rolled down his cheek as he read the finely engraved words in the golden ring: “Forever yours just call my name and I am there.”

Wiping the tear away, he handed it over to Fate and whispered, “Wonderful choice of words my dear.” The blonde haired woman blushed and nodded her head. Getting back on track, the priest said, “Fate, by placing this ring on Nanoha’s finger repeat after me: Nanoha, from this day forward you are to be my wife, and I give you this ring as a pledge of my eternal love and as the symbol of our unity, and with this ring, I thee wed.”

Nodding her head in complete understanding, Fate accepted the ring in the priest’s hand and offered her own to Nanoha. It was clear to all that Fate was nervous, but they all knew it wasn’t because she was scared, but because she was eager. Nanoha placed her left hand in the one Fate offered and took a deep breath as Fate repeated what the priest had said.

“Nanoha,” Fate began her voice calm and clear, “From this day forward you are to be my wife, and I give you this ring as a pledge of my eternal love and as the symbol of our unity.” Placing the ring halfway through Nanoha’s finger, Fate paused and stared deeply into Nanoha’s eyes, searching for one final confirmation from her bride. “And with this ring,” Nanoha smiled at Fate giving her the courage she needed, “I thee wed.” The ring slipped on the rest of the way seamlessly. It was a perfect fit for Nanoha, just like Fate was.

It was destiny.

The priest smiled at the charming ‘groom’ and her bride as he picked up the other ring on the heart shaped pillow. He looked into the ring eagerly hoping to find another wonderful phrase embedded into the ring. To his elation, there was in fact an equally touching message written into Fate’s ring. He mouthed the words: “You were the one I was waiting for all my life.”

“Nanoha, by placing this ring on Fate’s finger repeat after me: Fate, from this day forward you are to be my wife, and I give you this ring as a pledge of my everlasting love and as the symbol of our unity, and with this ring, I thee wed.”

Taking a deep, relaxing breath, Nanoha accepted the ring in the priest’s hand and reached out for the one Fate held out for her. At first the words wouldn’t come out, but with a gentle squeeze from Fate’s hand snapped her back into reality. “Fate, from this day forward you are to be my wife, and I give you this ring as a pledge of my eternal love and as the symbol of our unity.” Following her wife’s example, Nanoha slid the ring halfway up finger’s finger and paused. Doing exactly what Fate did, Nanoha stared deeply into her lover’ eyes and searched for any residual fear that lingered in Fate’s heart. “And with this ring,” Fate returned the favour and smiled at Nanoha, proving to her that there was in fact no fear lacing her heart, “I thee wed.” Just as the ring glided effortlessly on Nanoha’s finger, it was the exact same effect on Fate’s.

They truly were meant to be together and the rings proved that point.

“May you always share the gifts of love, and be one in heart and in mind.” The priest placed a hand on Nanoha’s and Fate’s back and pushed them a little closer together. “On his hallowed day, Fate and Nanoha have consented together in marriage before this company of dear friends and family, and have pledged their faith and declared their unity by giving and receiving a ring, are now joined.” The observers leaned in eagerly, waiting for the final moments of the wedding. “You have pronounced yourselves as husband and wife, but remember to always be each other’s best friend above all else.”

Nanoha and Fate stood closer together, their eyes locked in place. They shared words that could be heard by no one else but them. Secret promises and sweet nothings were passed back and forth in a silent volley.

“And so, by the power vested in me by the City of Uminari and Almighty God, I now pronounce you… uh…” The priest paused and looked at Nanoha who shot him a curious stare. “A little help here?”

“You can say it; Fate is my man after all.” Nanoha said in a hearty laugh. She didn’t care anymore; all she wanted was to finally be able to say that Fate belonged to her and only her.

“Do you mind?” the priest asked Fate pleadingly. The groom in question smiled at the priest and nodded her head. She knew that he was uncomfortable with the idea of wedding two women, but he pulled through to the end and put up with her and Nanoha’s useless banter. So letting the old coot say his speech the way he was taught to say it was no big deal. Plus, as Nanoha said, she was her “man.”

“Go ahead, at this point I don’t really care anymore,” Fate replied impatiently.

Beaming at the two lovers before him, the priest smiled brightly and said, “Wife and wife, may your days be fill with nothing but joy.” Stopping his speech, the priest cleared his throat and opened his book. “You may now kiss the bride,” he proclaimed with his eyes hidden behind the book. Everyone had her eyes glued to the priest hiding his face. A minute passed before everyone broke into a hysterical laughter. Bringing the book down, the priest glowered at the newlyweds and shouted, “Kiss already!”

The two shrugged their shoulders and complied with the heated priest’s demand. Fate wrapped her left arm around Nanoha’s shoulders and looped her right around Nanoha’s knees and lifted her up, sweeping the shorter girl off of her feet. Nanoha threw her arms around her lover’s neck in surprise and yelped as she was suddenly hovering high above the ground.

Their eyes met again for the millionth time and even though their friends and family cheered loudly for them, all they could hear was the unison beating of their hearts. The smiles on their faces grew larger the longer they gazed into each other’s eyes.

The two meet in a sweet kiss that that bound them together forever. At first it was just an innocent touching of their lips, but the action quickly escalated as Nanoha took control and deepened the kiss. She finally had her prince in her arms at last. It had taken her so many years, and an uncountable number of tears just to finally find the correct kind of pain that told her that this one was the one.

Breaking apart for air, Fate placed a chaste kiss on Nanoha’s forehead and whispered, “You’ll always be mine.”

“Un,” Nanoha nodded her head. “I’ll always be yours.”



Okies~ time to update this page o'mine.

This story is based off of something my silly wife did during the drive home. There is actually more to this story, but I think this is long enough. :P


After a hard day’s work all Fate T. Harlaown wanted to do was get home, take a shot shower, say goodnight to her kids, and curl up next to her wife for a well deserved night of rest. What Fate had in mind was a very mundane thing, a very fitting agenda for a woman who had spent the whole day hunched over a small screen typing away an uncountable sum of numbers and words.

“Ya-ho, Fate-chan!” Hayate greeted with a weary grin on her cheery face. She had spent the whole night working with Fate and all she wanted to do was flop into bed and forget that she had work the very next day. “Day’s finally over, huh?”

“Yeah, you can say that again…” Fate replied with an exhausted sigh. “I just wanna go home and do nothing.”

“Amen to that one…”

“Um,” a timid voice squeaked behind Fate. “Are you sure it’s okay if I get a ride? I really don’t mind taking the bus or walking.”

Fate turned to the shy person speaking behind her and nodded her head in acknowledgment. “I don’t think Nanoha would mind giving you a ride, Tiana.” Fate said with a reassuring tone. “It’s my car, so what I say goes, right?”

“I guess so, but still, I don’t want to intrude…”

“Naaah,” Hayate waved her hand, “Just gotta be careful when you talk to Fate-chan though.”

“Huh,” Tiana quirked her eyebrow.

Hayate walked up to Fate and threw an arm around the taller girl’s shoulder, “Say the wrong thing to Fate-chan and you’ll be flying out the window.”

“U-Um…” Tiana stuttered, her eyes wide in fear. “Maybe I should take the bus after all…”

“Don’t wuss out now, Lanstar!” Fate growled playfully. “You’ve been around my wife, she’s not that bad.”

“She made the new girl cry!”

Hearing Tiana’s comment made Fate flinch and rethink her argument. “Well, she’s pretty to look at.” was the only excuse Fate could think of on the spot.
“That isn’t reassuring enough…”

Shrugging her shoulders, Fate patted Tiana on the head and said, “As long as you don’t get her started on something, you should be fine.”

“In other words, sit still, don’t make eye contact, and if you want to survive the car ride, don’t say a word.” Hayate added to clarify the situation. “If you do that, you’ll make it home in one piece.”

Honk Honk

“Aa, that’s my princess now!” Fate shouted eagerly, grabbing her backpack and practically running out the door. “Hayate, lock up before you leave!”

A pristine cherry-red ‘09 Mitsubishi Lancer rolled into the parking lot and slowed to a halt. The lights went out as the driver killed the engine and got out. Wearing a formfitting black tank top, white daisy-duke shorts, and an incredibly expensive brand of shoe (one that was so expensive it doesn’t even deserve a name), Nanoha got out of the car with a smug smirk on her face and a box of orange juice in her hand.
“Can’t believe you’re leaving work,” Nanoha said dryly as she took a sip from her juice box. “Why don’t you just live there?”

“Well for one, you’d starve to death without me, and two, you know I can’t live without you.” Fate replied coolly.

Quirking her eyebrow, Nanoha nodded her head slowly and continued to drink her orange juice. “There’s something called delivery~”

“Hey!” Fate shouted offended. “My cooking is waaay better than anything from delivery!”

Hayate chose this time to butt in and said, “Whether it’s Fate-chan’s cooking or delivery, it still beats Nanoha-chan burning the whole house down.” Nanoha shot a glare at Hayate, to which the younger brunette countered with, “I love you and all, but we all know it’s possible.”

“Unless you wanna walk home, I suggest you be very, very quiet.”

Hayate’s head sunk into her shoulders, “Yes, ma’am.”

Tossing her emptied juice box into a nearby trash can, Nanoha turned to the young girl who trembled behind Fate and asked, “What’s her problem?”

“You’re scaring her.” Fate replied dully.


Tiana shivered from the cold look in Nanoha’s eyes. She was terrified to move and prayed that her shield wouldn’t walk away.

“Anyways,” Fate said. “We should get going now.”

Nanoha nodded her head and got back into the car and started it back up. Fate pulled open the back doors and slid inside along with Hayate who practically jumped in. Tiana on the other hand was a little hesitant. With the back seats by her two co-workers who had already made themselves at home, the only spot available was the front seat which had an evil aura around it.

“Are you getting in or what?” Nanoha snarled. Tiana nodded her head and eased herself into the seat, making sure not to get too close to the demon driver. “Seatbelts or else!”

“Ehh…?” both Hayate and Fate groaned.

“Just sit still and be quiet…” Tiana whispered to herself over and over in a silent mantra. “Sit still and be quiet…”

Peering over to the overly tense teenager, Nanoha said, “You aren’t doing a very good job of that are ya now?”

“No, ma’am!” Tiana quipped in terror.

With everyone buckled in, Nanoha carefully pulled out of the parking lot and lead the car onto the silent road; no other vehicles were insight other than the vaguely visible cars that were parked nearby. The only sound within the cherry-red Mitsubishi was Hayate’s quiet snoring and the static-y hum of the radio as Nanoha turned the knob to find her favourite station.

“Hey, hey, hey!” The radio DJ greeted with an over the top voice. “Thanks for tuning to TeamG radio, your local source for the epicly awesome and epicly hilarious!
Tonight, we’ve got a pretty silent evening. No traffic, no construction, no nothing! So go out and have a nice evening cruise—on second thought, a nice walk would be good too.”

“So, Tiana where do you live again?” Nanoha asked barely paying any attention to the teen huddling as close to the door as possible.

“I only live a block away from you and Fate-san, so I’ll just point the way.”

Nodding her head, Nanoha leaned into her seat and eased her shoulders. “If you don’t relax, I’m kicking you out of the car.”

“That doesn’t help the situation much, Nanoha…” Fate grumbled.


“We’ve been getting a few calls for this song tonight, so a DJ has to do what a DJ has to do and play the song!” the announcer laughed. “Here ya go folks, ‘In My Head’ by Jason Derulo!”

“Oh my god, I love this song!” Nanoha squealed giddily as she cranked up the volume.
Fate found herself wishing she had brought earplugs or at least go deaf. She loved her wife’s singing voice, but tonight was just not for one of Nanoha’s epic karaoke… especially when it involved unfamiliar people and an awkward song.

“Just leave with me now. Say the word and well go, we can go.” Nanoha sang with a light bobbing of her head. “I’ll be your teacher; I’ll show you the ropes.” Tiana watched the older woman in horror with her jaw to the floor. “You’ll see a side of love you’ve never known. I can see it going down, going down.”

“Nanoha-chan, you’re pitchy!” Hayate mumbled half-asleep, but Nanoha paid no heed and continued to sing.

“In my head, I see you all over me. In my head, you fulfill my fantasy.” Tapping her fingers on the wheel and moving to the groove, Nanoha ignored the frightened stare Tiana sent her.

“Inappropriate words, inappropriate words!” Fate yelped now fully awake.

“In my head, you’ll be screaming no,” Nanoha flashed a cheeky grin at Fate and just sang louder. “In my head, it’s going down. In my head, it’s going down.”

Hayate patted Fate on the shoulder and grinned, “Hey, be glad she forgot about the CD with Rick Astley’s—oh no.”

Leaning her head back, Nanoha stared into the mirror and smiled devilishly at Hayate. “Thanks for the memo, darling~”



Okay this story is a little special. Normally my wife is the source of inspirations, but this time around my twin daughters are.

I finally got to spend a little time with them one night, so I decided I should try and play with them. Now, my idea of play isn't normal for 3month old babies... we ended up playing with a puzzle.

The older twin, Fate, was goofing around and putting the pieces together with her best ability, while her younger sister, Alicia, was playing with me. Fate decides that one piece wasn't important and chucked it at her sister, hitting her on the head. Alicia starts crying her little eyes out making this HUGE racket causing my wife to rush in. She glares at me and asked what happened, but I didn't know what to say. I look down at the puzzle and realized it was complete save for one little piece. Fate had thrown her sister the final piece which made her cry and "summon" my family's version of the White Devil.

So to sum this up, wifey-chan completed the picture. :]

Also this is story comes before Just Be Friends: We're Still Happy.


Walking around town was never a difficult thing, but when you’re walking around with a six-foot tall super model who painted masterpieces for a living, you’d probably turn a few heads.

“Fate-chan, do we really have to go out today?” Nanoha asked with a heavy blush on her face. “Can’t we just stay home and watch a movie or something?”

Fate peered over her shoulder and said, “Is it so wrong that I want to spend this wonderful day with my girlfriend?”

“Well,” Nanoha rubbed the back of her neck nervously. “No, not exactly…”

“Then what’s the problem?”

The crossing signal changed from the green man crossing to a bright red hand causing everyone that walked beside the two lovers to stop and wait. As the seconds ticked by, more and more people noticed the beautiful, young blonde haired woman who stood out like a radiant gem.

Nanoha shook her head defiantly and huddled closer to Fate; she looped her arms around her lover’s forearm and held her hand. “I like spending time with you, but all this extra attention is making me a little uncomfortable,” she mumbled quietly, keen to all of the mesmerized gazes poised on her girlfriend.

“But all we ever do is stay indoors!” Fate exclaimed with a hurt expression. “You know, just once, I’d like to go on a date with you without having to hear a single complaint.”

“So I’m complaining now?” Nanoha asked angrily. “Well I’m so sorry for not being some uber-babe who’s used to all the fame and glamour.”

“…” Fate looked away dejected, now fully conscious of the excited faces all around her. “I’ll take you home now,” she whispered quietly.

Releasing her hold on Fate, Nanoha crossed her arms and walked forward as the crossing sign changed leaving a bewildered blonde behind. She didn’t look back knowing that Fate was most likely following her, but guilt quickly changed her mind and forced her to turn back.

“Fate-chan, I’m—…” Nanoha stood in the middle of the crosswalk flabbergasted. Fate was surrounded by fans screaming and waving with pens and paper in their hands. “…”

Looking up from the crowd, Fate looked at Nanoha with apologetic eyes. She tried to pull away from the crowd, but as she made it through one group, an even larger group joined in.

“N-Nanoha!” Fate shouted as she pushed through a seemingly endless pool of people. “Nanoha, wait for me!”

Looking over to the sign and back to her lover, Nanoha contemplated whether she should go back and wait for Fate to finish signing autographs, or to keep walking and never look back. The pleading look in Fate’s carnelian eyes made the choice obvious. Turning on her heel, Nanoha begrudgingly walked back to Fate’s side… or as close as she could get without getting mauled by a rabid fangirl.

The autograph signing took longer than they both expected, and no matter how many Fate signed, more and more people lined up just waiting to see her; the group had expanded to a point where people were standing in the streets blocking traffic. With so many people endangering their lives and the lives of others, the police rushed to break up the ‘army’ and rescue Fate.

“Okay people, that’s enough!” a police officer bellowed. “Come on, get!”

Two more officers charged into the heart of the mob and yanked Fate out. The fans screamed out in blind fury when their goddess was ripped away from them, but when the officers guarding Fate raised their nightsticks, they quickly settled down and dispersed.

“Damnit Fate, every time! Every time!” the first officer growled angrily. Fate blushed and patted him on the shoulder. “If you weren’t my little sister, I’d leave you to the dogs.”

“Oh come now, Chrono-onii-chan, you wouldn’t leave your defenceless sibling out on her own!”Fate pouted playfully causing a heavy blush to flourish on her older brother’s face. “Plus, if you didn’t save me, they probably would’ve started grabbing clothes…”

“Haha, I still remember that day,” Chrono replied with an haughty laugh. “Seeing you half-naked on the street with a shit load of fans running away with your clothes—good times!”

It was Fate’s turn to blush heavily as the memory of that retched day resurfaced in her mind. “You really know how to bust a mood, big bro!” Fate snarled.

Chrono shrugged his shoulders titled his head towards Nanoha. “I think someone’s feeling a little neglected,” he hinted slyly. “Better take your lady home and give her some lovin’.”

“Chrono,” Fate said in a low voice, “You’re probably right for once.”

Startled by Fate’s choice of words, Chrono scrambled up to his sister and screamed, “I was kidding about the lovin’ bit! You’re too young to do any form of lovin’, I forbid it!”

“It’s too late, too late!” Fate replied in an overly dramatic voice as she trotted over to her girlfriend.

“Big brother forbids it!”

“Shove it!” Fate barked back playfully.

Nanoha couldn’t help but chuckle at the siblings’ interactions. She loved it when Chrono made a random appearance in their lives; it always spiced things up a bit.

“Hey, Nanoha?” Fate timidly inched towards Nanoha, her hand outstretched. “Do you want to just go home and watch a movie?”

Accepting Fate’s hand, Nanoha nodded her head and said, “Sure, but only under one condition.”

“And what’s that?”

“I get to be on top tonight,” Nanoha replied smugly.


Nanoha laid in bed watching her slumbering lover rest under the warm glow of the early morning sun that poured in through the open window. She raised a hand from under the covers and caressed Fate’s exposed shoulder, careful to only graze her fingertips over the creamy white skin to avoid disturbing the sleeping blonde.

The light that passed through the windows was a mix of yellow, orange, and red, but when it struck Fate’s aureolin locks in just the right angle, the silky strands glistened. Nanoha found herself lost in that shimmering light. The hypnotic light from Fate’s hair lulled Nanoha into a state of ease. So many thoughts rampaged through her mind, but the only thought that lasted was the image of Fate staring at her with a tender smile just before she fell back to sleep.


The smell of sweet pancakes flooded the room as it mingled with the robust aroma of Arabica coffee mixed with milk. How the smell of breakfast from the kitchen made its way into the bedroom baffled Nanoha. Normally when Fate made breakfast, the smell would linger in the living room, but today was different.

“Nanoha, sweetheart, wake up.” Fate’s soothing voice cooed.

Begrudgingly, Nanoha pushed herself up with her elbows and grabbed hold of the covers before they slid down her chest. She turned to Fate groggily and grumbled a swift good morning before plopping back down to bed.

“It’s the weekend, Fate-chan… go back to sleep.”

“Nu-uh, at least get up to eat your breakfast.” Fate urged. “I made it special for you!”
Giving up on any chance of beating Fate, Nanoha once again forced herself to sit up. She didn’t care to pull up the covers this time seeing how it was just her and Fate.
Nanoha rubbed her eyes sleepily and peered down at the tray. “Wow, that’s a lot of food… are you trying to make me fat?” she asked with a small smile.

“Eh? You fat?” Fate gasped. “No way!”

Digging into the appetizing meal before her, Nanoha found herself unable to stop. The food was so good and with each oversized bite, Nanoha realized just how hungry she really was.

“Whoa, you should slow down before you choke!” Fate warned. “Here, drink some coffee.” Accepting the beverage, Nanoha threw her head back and guzzled it down. “W-Wow…”
After eating the final pancake, Nanoha pushed the tray back and burped. “N-Nyahaha, I was hungry.” She said shyly. “You should cook more often, Fate-chan.”
“No, you’re the cook in this family.”

Quirking her eyebrow, Nanoha wondered why Fate used the word ‘family.’ She had never referred to them as a ‘family’ before, so hearing the word felt a little awkward to her.
“Anyways,” Fate leaned in and kissed Nanoha’s cheek as she sat down beside her with an arm around the adorable brunette’s shoulders. She carefully cleared the tray and placed the plates on the bedside table nearby.

“Thanks for the breakfast, Fate-chan.”

“I’ve got a present for you.” Fate said with a carefully wrapped box in her hand.

“A present? What for?”

Chuckling lightly, Fate said, “Our one year anniversary of course! Don’t tell me you forget!”

“N-No! Of course not!” Nanoha blurted out.

“Really? Cause the look on your face says otherwise.”


Fate shook her head and placed it on the tray, “Open it, open it.”

Nanoha looked at the pretty box and wondered if she should open it or keep it sealed, but curiosity got the best of her. Ripping the paper off of the box as fast as she could, Nanoha braced herself for the wonderful surprise Fate had in store for her, but found that the contents in the box were plain an ordinary.

“You got me a puzzle?”

“No, not just any puzzle.” Fate smiled at Nanoha as she placed all of the pieces on the tray and took away the box. “Put it together.”

Picking up a puzzle piece, Nanoha immediately knew what it was. The company Fate was signed to had a strange habit of taking photos of Fate and turning them into puzzles with varying difficulty. This puzzle had medium sized pieces and fell into place rather quickly.

“Hm, I’m missing a few pieces here.” Nanoha said with a frown. She pointed at the gaping hole in the middle of the puzzle and turned to Fate for a solution.
“Are you sure it’s missing?”

“Yeah, you dumped the whole thing on the table.”

Rubbing her chin in thought, Fate said, “Are you sure the piece is missing?”
“Yes, I’m sure!”

“Hm,” Fate placed a chaste kiss on Nanoha’s temple before whispering into her ear, “Are you really sure it’s missing?”

Nanoha looked at Fate dully and replied, “For the millionth time, yes!”

Tapping brunette’s shoulder with her finger, Fate revealed a large piece of cardboard paper in her hand and offered it to Nanoha. This piece was twice as large compared to the others but it fit perfectly.

“You’re the missing piece, Nanoha.” Fate whispered. “And you’ve been by my side this whole time.”


“You complete me…”

Dreams do come true! 8D

( ì x î ) I feel sorry for that little girl. Lol

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Awww that was cute! XD I loved little Fate. I also love how you made Arisa into a lion. It speaks so much of her charactor ;) Hope you start this one up agian, I thought it was really adorable ^ ^

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It was just an English Project. xD But I'm glad you liked it.

Dreams do come true! 8D

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This story is adorable, it made me smile today.

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:] Well I'm glad for that. I'll try writing more stories like these... if I can that is. Haha.

Dreams do come true! 8D

( ì x î ) I feel sorry for that little girl. Lol

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It's so cute! The lion fit Arisa so well ^_^

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That was really sweet. Thank you for sharing~

Eisen, Usa-mimi Mode!

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Yaaaay A GEMINI member! Welcome! I'm still trying to keep up with all your guys' stories hahaha. Thanks for sharing this one. Very very well done ^.^

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Not just any member, I'm the -main- member. .-. xYuki <-- head writer, lead idiot. Our other writers work under their own titles such as: smiggers, TruePrime, K.ONano,and Jace-san to name a few. I'm the only one that writes under the Team GEMINI name.

As for keeping up with our stories, I'm sorry. Apparently I'm the only one in the team that can't finish a story, but I'm trying my best to. Only one I finished was 'Melt' but I got distracted and stopped at the sequel, orz.

Anyways, since I'm actually really enjoying my latest piece 'Face Down' I'll probably bring it to completion. Since compared to all of the other stories, I'm taking it very seriously. My A.D.D shall not win this time!

Dreams do come true! 8D

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Hehe Awesome. I havent read anything from Smiggers and Jace-san in a while. Be nice if those two kept posting. Some of the new rules that have been posted have caused a few problems. I know what you mean about not being able to finish stories. I have a bunch of them that I cant bring myself to post since I dont think I will ever end up finishing them XD.

In any case...update when you can! Its the writer's privilege! (I say that but it usually takes mail from readers going "Hey when is the next chapter already?!" before I really start jumping on things again. I guess I just forget about it a lot XD)

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I've been trying to get smiggers to write again, but she's super busy with school atm. As for Jace-san, she's busy with school as well as personal problems. I haven't seen much of her recently.

And what new rules? o.o;


I just saw the new rules, and lulz. >.>; Not like they really will do anything about it though...

Dreams do come true! 8D

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Thanks for sharing Yuki! This was certainly a different kind of fic, very cute I should say. I hope you can keep posting your shorts here~

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o_o Oh mai, Harutan~ since it's a request from you, I'll do just that... just lemme rope up those retarded lil' doggies out from the ranch. I have like... 6gb worth of one shots and chapter stories I never posted. lol

Dreams do come true! 8D

( ì x î ) I feel sorry for that little girl. Lol

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6 GB? wow that's a can't not even think about 6 GB of writing lol
I hope there's more cute one shots.

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Lol yes, 6gb worth of scrapped stories. All together I have around 14gb. .-.

Some of the stories are cute, the others are... weird. Very, very weird. I think I had a Haruhi Cross over where Fate became a man because Haruhi got bored. Idk where I put that, but I'll try to find it and post it.

Dreams do come true! 8D

( ì x î ) I feel sorry for that little girl. Lol

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Yes, I agree. Hope you post more! ^ ^
BTW I love your new story "Face Down" Its simply AMAZING lol

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I will post more. :0 Just special for this site. ^^;; Since I tend to get ignored in the translators' section when I speak up, so this is the least I can do. And yes, your words of appreciation make me type faster. 8D 'Face Down' is definitely my best piece, but I'm afraid to say that it hasn't been thoroughly edited... but when I do finish it, I'll probably post the 'Ultimate Edition' with extended scenes and less... stupid typos! D:<

Dreams do come true! 8D

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Ohh ultimate Edition sounds awesome! Hehe Can't wait till it's finished! ^ ^" Actually no, because then the story would end...but I want to see the Edition too...T.T AHH to hard to choice!

P.S I like stupid typo's there amazingly funny XD

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xD Don't worry, 'Face Down' ends when the white guy stops singin' (with his obscenely long hair). There are a lot of scenes I couldn't fit into the current 'Face Down'. I actually had a few more scenes in chapter 5 that I couldn't fit in because I was either too tired or the scene itself would have had to uproot the other facts laid out in the other chapters. So you can only guess how upset I was with the final result... you probably noticed how rushed the ending was. orz

And you really don't have to worry about it ending since I have actually written ahead in 'Face Down' all the way up to chapter 7, but at this point I can assure you one thing... a sequel shall be had. 8D

Dreams do come true! 8D

( ì x î ) I feel sorry for that little girl. Lol

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Theres only one word I would like to say to that....WOOOHOOO! (wait or is that two words??)

I didn't think the ending was going to fast, on the contrary the only thing I was thinking was "nooooo! Why does it have to end here!" =D Thats what I thought.

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Ahh, well... hopefully I won't disappoint with the next chapter. -.-; When I first started writing this story I had this massive story outline. I literally wrote every aspect down... but after awhile I had my wife run it down and tell me what she thought. She honestly said: "You spelt 'phale' wrong." orz

Anyways, as the story goes on I realized... just how little space I have for it. So from this point on the chapters are just gunna keep getting longer and crazier. .-. But Hopefully when I come up with the 'Ultimate Edition' I can round off the sharp edges of the story and baby-proof it.

Dreams do come true! 8D

( ì x î ) I feel sorry for that little girl. Lol

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Well at least you can write =) It takes me forever to just write one chapter, and after I proof read it, I find so many errors, it makes me wonder how I passed English lol
I bet I'll be happy with what ever you write in the next chapter (unless Fate or NAnoha dies ^ ^")
I bet what ever you write will be as great as the other fantastic stories you've made in the past ^ ^

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._.; Lol aw shucks. I actually still have a long way to go when it comes to my English grammar. My teachers... weren't very good so I had to either google everything or ask smiggers for help. My grammar insufficiency is the main reason why Team GEMINI is such a large group. x_x

I can assure you... the only thing that 'technically' dies in this story was Nanoha's pet ferret.

Dreams do come true! 8D

( ì x î ) I feel sorry for that little girl. Lol

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Hehe poor ferret, and yes I'm still learning english from my teachers, but so far they all kind of suck >.> lol
Didn't think TG was 'That" large ^ ^

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._. You... have no idea. Aside from our writers who were quite few, we had a ton of editors. The most we had a time was well around thirty... but since the TG community was so much fun, we all ended up just talking and being friends instead of doing any actual work.

Ahem, we have four categories in TG (during our golden years). The first was the writers section. Second we have the editors section. Third the 'Anon Nation' who merely kept a watch out for our updates and offered help whenever they can. One of our anons actually found someone who translated one of my stories into a different language. Lol. And forth the 'We're xYuki's friends s we get special privileges' section... this was a very, very, very small section. v.v

._. Even though we had so many members... we ended up talking mostly about video games, anime, gundams, and Will and Grace.

Dreams do come true! 8D

( ì x î ) I feel sorry for that little girl. Lol

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lol wow seems exclusive ;D Though I guess TG really does need all those editors. I mean you guys have sooo many stories! It must be hard keeping track of all of them.

lol the tipical stuff to talk about! Expecially Will and Grace...for some reason that topic always comes up while talking. ^ ^

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Exclusive isn't the word that applies to us. XD We have a crab in the team for Pete's sake!

x_x And yes, Will and Grace always came up. <:

Dreams do come true! 8D

( ì x î ) I feel sorry for that little girl. Lol

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lol yes, I was wondering about the crab you mentioned in the first chapter on FD. There was no crab that showed up in the chapters up now, only a seagull named Squishy XD which apperently lives in Fate's moldy BR ^ ^ You have alot of imagination. Which helps alot in your stories ^ ^

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I said he was a lobster, but I lied. He's a king crab that lives in my aquarium.

Dreams do come true! 8D

( ì x î ) I feel sorry for that little girl. Lol

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Wow you have a lobster, thats actually pretty cool. My mom wont even let me have a dog. (even though I do have one, I had to pay for him T.T (he was truly expencive))

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o_o Oh mai, Harutan~ since it's a request from you, I'll do just that... just lemme rope up those retarded lil' doggies out from the ranch. I have like... 6gb worth of one shots and chapter stories I never posted. lol

Nice, I'll looking forward to your next short then :D