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You Are My....

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This is a short but very touching doujin posted on Pixiv by todo. It recently got translated (and edited) in our galleries by Lightning-1, but to give our users a more direct access to this nice story we're publishing it in our front page.

We hope you like it.


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This is just beautiful.

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This doujinshi made me mourn a while and Nanoha does not tell anything to Fate-Chan.As has a tender side.
The Takamachi Family

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A very touching short, and a very sweet way how telling how much she love Nanoha. X3

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I got mentioned in the front page?! It's an honor! m(_ _)m

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Thank you so much for this. Very cute and heart-warming. I love how well Fate expresses her love for Nanoha in a few sentences <3

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that was very emotional ^^ i loved it *tear* thanks for the translation

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This made me cry! Amazing for such a short story.[img][img][/img][/img]

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That was really touching, short but beautiful, thanks for the translation ^^.

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Link is dead. :(

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Fixed! Thanks for reporting the broken link.