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1st Discovery you're a Fan

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Before I watched Nanoha, I watched plenty action and adventure movies and PMMM,which also my favorite anime cause HomuHomu :3 and after that, I find an anime,which have sense of humanity like Nolan's Batman does but more emotional and the central theme is loneliness, which many Hollywood and Cartoons rarely doing this.

Here my story, I watched Nanoha and my first thoughts is "It looks like Directed by Michael Bay LOL but after the Monster of the Week, we have Fate Testarossa,which I refer her first as Female Megatron but I realized,I was wrong cause she wasn't really evil like her mother does.Then I watched A's both Movie and Series and it was the best season i've watched since The Avengers was an best Comic Superhero Movie and The Dark Knight was also best film I ever watched.

StrikerS, I like it the first half was but it become better on second half. :D

Also I like NanoFate cause Fate.....<3 <3 <3 and also Hayate and her knights. I like Nanoha too.. cause she so BADASS!!!! Until I read 1st MOVIE Manga,which I discovered her tragic Past like Fates' ;-;

-Optimus Prime

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When I first watch MSLN when I was getting bored and had nothing to do I go to youtube and just type the word MAGICAL GIRL I found MSLN that catches my interest so I try to watch it and then BOOM! just like that it immediately became one of my most favorite anime.
After that I started to watch all three seasons of MSLN.

My favorite characters is Nanoha-san,Fate-san,Hayate-san and her guardians..And my favorite pairing is NANOFATE pairing`s....Hehehehe!


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I needed an anime to watch with kill la kill over and rwby on season hiatus. I saw a friend post about how much she loved nanoha, I asked why she loved it so much (her answer summed up to "They're gay, they love each other and they raise a child together and there's lots of action") so I started watching the original series. That was around the 25th of february this year. Since then, I've finished the 3 seasons, read Vivid up to chapter 52, and ordered a copy of the 1st movie on amazon. I also dragged a friend into it (The highlight of that being an angry message sent to me at 4 in the morning "I JUST FINISHED A'S AND I AM SO EMOTIONAL").

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At that time, the 3rd season was being translated, and I thought it would be great to catch up MSLN. The first 3-4 episode of season 1 was really hard to get in for me but I managed to watch it. And that's how I entenred into the Nanoha cycle.

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For me i first found nanoha on a doujin on yurism, checked on anime44 and ignored it at first cause it was magical girl series, then few months after i was browsing some shows on animania to kill time on my day off, then i noticed that nanoha has actually has a high rating, so i tried to check the show i skiped to the last 2 episode on season 1, i got curious cause of the action/sci-fi/magic scene, so i backed tracked and watched the whole 1st season and i liked it, so i ended up watching all 3 season in 2 days with more or less than 3 hours of sleep. Ever since then i became a fan of nanofate ;)