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About RagingHeart/RaisingHeart~!

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I'm curious if anyone has any theories on her, like noone knows her past even Yuunno I think doesn't know, unless I miss some vital parts of info.
I also have another question will Bardiche and Raging/Raising heart ever get human forms such as unison etc? that'll be pretty epic if they do! XD

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On that note, nobody is sure. Raising Heart origins are a mystery specially since Yuuno wasn't able to wield her to the full potential. I do find funny that he lend her to Nanoha and yet she never give it back. I man, he could have gift it to her but I always consider it more fun that Nanoha just forgot about it.

On the latter... I doubt it. Would kind of strange, but maybe a plushy frame like Kris or Teo